10 Recommendations for Delicious Nugget Brands (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Who doesn’t know nuggets? Nuggets are one of the most popular foods, especially children. This is because, the taste is delicious and also the cooking method is very easy. Therefore, currently there are many different brands of nuggets on the market.

Delicious Nuggets
Illustration of Nugget / Foodnavigator

The number of delicious nugget brands on the market raises a new problem, namely confusion in determining which one is the best. But there’s no need to be confused, because this article exists to answer that confusion. The reason is that below have provided 10 recommendations for nugget products from the best brands.

So what are the 10 recommendations for these delicious nugget brands? If you want to know, then continue to follow the explanation below.

Tips for Choosing a Tasty & Right Nugget Brand

Before knowing the recommendations for nugget brands, you should first understand how to choose nuggets that are delicious and of course safe for consumption. The reason is, currently there are still some rogue producers who sell dangerous nuggets. So, you have to really pay attention to the following tips for choosing delicious nuggets.

1. Pay attention to the expiration date

The very first and most important tip to consider when choosing a nugget is to pay attention to the expiration date . If you intend to buy a good brand of nuggets to stock for a few days or a few weeks, it’s best to choose nuggets with an expiry date that is still far away. Don’t be influenced by fresh packaging while in the refrigerator, make sure to look again at the expiration date .

2. Make sure it is BPOM certified

After confirming the expiry date of a delicious nugget brand, it is mandatory to ensure that the product has BPOM certification. This BPOM certificate ensures that the nuggets being sold are safe for consumption and harmless. If you buy nuggets without a BPOM certificate, then cleanliness and safety will not happen. So it’s best to buy safe nuggets by looking at the BPOM certificate.

3. Choose according to the flavor variant

Tips for choosing the next good nugget brand is to choose the preferred variant. Apart from choosing variants of types of nuggets such as chicken nuggets or chicken and beef nuggets or beef nuggets. You can also choose original and spicy flavors . If intended for children, maybe you should choose the original. However, if you want to consume it yourself, then spicy nuggets can be the right choice.

Best Tasty Nuggets
Best Tasty Nugget Illustration Image / foodman

4. Select according to the desired texture

Generally, nuggets have a crunchy and tasty texture on the outside and soft meat on the inside. To get nuggets that have a texture like this, you have to make sure the brand of good nuggets you want to buy has a coating of breadcrumbs or panir flour on the outside. Even though they look similar, bread flour and panir flour are different flours. If you don’t want a lot of oil on the nuggets, it’s best to choose one that uses panir flour.

10 Recommendations for Delicious Nugget Brands

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After understanding how to choose good nuggets, then you can listen to recommendations for various nugget brands. Below will be presented 10 recommendations for nugget brands that you can consider. Each brand certainly has its own characteristics regarding taste, so make sure to choose one that really suits your tongue. Let’s look at 10 recommendations for delicious nugget brands below.

1. Belfoods Brand Nuggets

Belfoods Best Nuggets Brand
Belfoods Best Nuggets Brand

The first recommendation for a delicious nugget brand is Belfoods. 
This nugget brand is selling well because it is the best-selling in one of the marketplaces. This nugget product from Belfoods has a unique shape, namely a 
stick that makes it comfortable to hold with two fingers. In addition, the shape of this stick is very suitable as a snack by dipping it in sauce.

Not only in stick form, Belfoods is famous for chicken nuggets with unique shapes such as stars, numbers, fish to elephants. Therefore, Belfoods is also suitable as a side dish for children to want to eat. Apart from that, Belfoods can also be obtained at relatively cheap prices.

2. So Good Brand Nuggets

The Best Nugget Brand So Good
The Best Nugget Brand So Good

Maybe you are already familiar with this one brand. 
How could it not be, So Good is one of the well-known brands in Indonesia with a variety of frozen food products such as sausages, sliced ​​chicken to nuggets. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the safety and BPOM certificates from this one nugget brand.

For nugget products, this delicious nugget brand releases a lot of products such as So Good Chicken Nugget Original, So Good Chicken Nugget Premium, So Good Chicken Nugget Hot & Spicy, So Good Chicken Nugget Spicy Garlic and many more. All materials used in this manufacture, guaranteed to use quality materials. So, you just have to choose the variant that best suits your taste.

3. Champ Brand Nuggets

Champ's Best Nuggets Brand
Champ’s Best Nuggets Brand

The next nugget brand you should consider is Champ. 
This nugget brand is famous for its low price, so it is a prima donna. Even though the price is quite cheap, it doesn’t mean that the nuggets from Champ are dangerous. All ingredients used come from fresh ingredients and are also of course BPOM certified.

There are several choices of nuggets from this delicious nugget brand, namely chicken nuggets and seafood nuggets. For the chicken nugget variant, it is made from fresh chicken that is processed cleanly and free of preservatives. Meanwhile, seafood nuggets are made from fish and shrimp which are rich in omega acids.

4. SunnyGold Brand Nuggets

SunnyGold's Best Nugget Brand
SunnyGold’s Best Nugget Brand

SunnyGold is a new brand that produces nuggets. 
Therefore, maybe you are still not familiar with this one nugget brand. SunnyGold is a brand that produces various 
frozen food products such as sausages, karaage, chicken tempura and also nuggets. Even though it’s new, this brand of nuggets already has permission from BPOM and also MUI.

One of the nugget variants that is worth trying from this delicious nugget brand is Sunnygold Chicken Karaage. This variant presents a very typical Japanese taste with spices and aromas that will make you addicted.

5. Fiesta Brand Nuggets

Fiesta's Best Nugget Brand
Fiesta’s Best Nugget Brand

Fiesta is a nugget brand that you should consider next. 
Maybe many of you are very familiar with this one brand. This is because the nugget brand has been appearing in advertisements on various television stations for a long time. In fact, there is a very famous slogan, namely Fiesta chicken nuggets, I want them every day.

If you are a cheese lover, then a variant that is worth trying is the Fiesta Cheesy Lover. The reason is, Fiesta Cheesy Lover is made from selected chopped chicken meat and then inside there is cheese and smoked beef filling. When you fry this delicious brand of nuggets, the cheese inside will melt and when you bite into it, the melted cheese will flood your mouth.

6. Nuggets Brand Kanzler

Kanzler's Best Nuggets Brand
Kanzler’s Best Nuggets Brand

The recommendation for the nugget brand is worth considering next, namely Kanzler. 
Maybe many of you know Kanzler with its delicious sausage products. But in fact, Kanzler also produces nuggets by releasing the Kanzler Crispy Chicken Nugget product, which of course is BPOM certified.

This nugget product from the delicious nugget brand offers a new sensation when eating nuggets. This is because the nuggets produced by Kanzler are given extra crispy bubble crumb. With this addition, the nuggets from Kanzler will taste very crunchy and crunchy and also last a long time. Even though it is crunchy, when you bite it, you will feel the chicken meat which is very soft and chewy.

7. Goldstar Brand Nuggets

GoldStar's Best Nugget Brand
GoldStar’s Best Nugget Brand

If you feel the nuggets from Fiesta are too expensive, then try these nuggets from Goldstar. 
Many have mentioned this nugget brand as a cheap version of the Fiesta because it has a more affordable price. Even though it’s cheaper, you can’t look at it in a matter of taste.

This nugget product from Goldstar is made from selected chicken meat with an original taste. The addition of spices and pepper makes the taste very tempting. Not only that, this delicious brand of nuggets is also coated with selected breadcrumbs so that the texture is very crispy and tasty when fried.

8. Nugget Brand Ciki Wiki

Ciki Wiki's Best Nugget Brands
Ciki Wiki’s Best Nugget Brands

If you want cheap nuggets, but still delicious, then you can consider this nugget brand. 
This is because Ciki Wiki has released a chicken nugget product at a fairly affordable price, around Rp. 13,000 to Rp. 15,000 for 250 grams. So, for boarding house kids or those who want to sell nuggets, this one is definitely very suitable.

Even though the price is cheap, it doesn’t mean that this delicious brand of nuggets is dangerous for consumption. This is because Ciki Wiki already has permission from BPOM and also has a halal certificate from MUI. Not only that, these nuggets from Ciki Wiki are also quite delicious for a fairly cheap price.

9. Rainbow Brand Nuggets

Pelangi's Best Nugget Brand
Pelangi’s Best Nugget Brand

Is your child lazy to eat vegetables? 
Maybe these nuggets from Pelangi can be the right choice. The reason is, this one nugget brand is slightly different from nugget products from other brands. The nuggets produced by Pelangi are made from a mixture of chicken meat and grated carrot. So, by consuming these nuggets, you can get nutrition from chicken and carrots at the same time.

In addition, these nuggets from Pelangi are also safe for consumption by children because they do not contain MSG and preservatives. The crunchy and delicious taste is also very liked by children. So as a parent you can be more relieved to give this delicious brand of nuggets to your child.

10. Nuggets Brand Eat Joy

Eat Joy's Best Nugget Brand
Eat Joy’s Best Nugget Brand

The last nugget brand recommendation is Eat Joy. 
Maybe some of you are not familiar with this one brand. Even so, there’s no need to doubt it because this nugget brand is BPOM certified and also MUI Halal certified. So, this nugget product from Eat Joy is safe for consumption and should be considered.

There are several variants offered by this delicious nugget brand, including Eat Joy Chicken Nugget Original, Eat Joy Chicken Nugget Ball, and Eat Joy Chicken Nugget Love. Each variant of Eat Joy is made from selected chicken meat and contains vegetable protein and vegetable oil.

Tips for storing nuggets so they last longer

After knowing 10 recommendations for good nugget brands, you should also understand how to store nuggets so they last longer. Of course you don’t want nuggets that have just been bought for a few days’ stock to end up rotting and have to be thrown away, right? Therefore, it is mandatory to pay attention to several ways to store nuggets so that they last longer.

1. Store it in the refrigerator

The very first thing to do after buying a good brand of nuggets is to store them in the refrigerator. This is because nuggets cannot last long at room temperature. So, after you get home from buying the nuggets, please put them in the refrigerator so that the microbes in the package don’t grow and eventually the nuggets will rot.

2. Store in an airtight place

If you’ve opened the packaging for nuggets that are delicious for frying, and there are still a few pieces left, it’s best to store them in an airtight container first. There are various kinds of airtight containers that can be used, such as glass containers, plastic containers and others. This airtight container aims to prevent bacteria from entering the nugget so that the nugget tape is safe for consumption.

3. Do not open the package when not in use

If you don’t want to cook the delicious nugget brand you just bought, you should not open the package and put it straight in the fridge. This is to avoid the entry of bacteria into the packaging which makes the nuggets spoil faster. You can open it when you want to cook it, if there is still left, store it in an airtight package.

4. Store in a container filled with ice if you do not have a refrigerator

Maybe some of you don’t have a fridge or freezer, so you’re confused about how to store nuggets so they last longer. Actually, you can also store delicious brands of nuggets so they last a long time without a refrigerator. The trick is to put the nuggets into a container filled with ice cubes. But before putting the nuggets into a container of ice cubes, make sure to store them first in a watertight container because the ice cubes will melt.

The essence of making nuggets last longer is to minimize the entry of bacteria by storing them in an airtight container and keeping them cool. If you don’t have a refrigerator, it’s best to buy good brands of nuggets in small quantities so they can run out once you buy them.


Maybe that’s enough explanation about 10 recommendations for delicious nugget brands. It should be noted again, before buying delicious nuggets, make sure you have applied the tips described above. Not only that, also apply some of the tips for storing nuggets that have been described.

If you decide to buy a good brand of nuggets at an online shop, make sure you have seen reviews from other buyers so you don’t get fooled by fake products. Hopefully this information can be useful for those who want to buy delicious nuggets.

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