15 Best Cat Snack Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Not only humans who want to eat delicious snacks, beloved cats at home also need to be given good cat snacks. So, these snacks can be given directly, used as a topping for the main food, or mixed with cat supplements. That way, your beloved cat’s appetite and health can be maintained.

Who doesn’t like being given a snack, including cats. By providing snacks, the cat will be more eager to play and especially eat. Not only eating heavy food all the time, snacks can also be complementary foods that can please cats.

Snacks for Cats
Cat Snack Illustration Image / MSN

You don’t need to worry about choosing the right brand of snack for your cat, currently there are also many variations of cat snacks so you can give them alternately so the cat doesn’t get bored quickly.

This snack can also be used as a complement to nutrition and vitamins to support the health of the cat’s body. Currently there are several well-known brands that provide the best cat snacks, including Temptations, Sheba, Dentalife, Friskies, Vitakraft, Me-O, and many more.

Tips for Choosing Good Snacks for Cats

You need to know that choosing cat food should not be arbitrary! Choosing careless products will invite disease to come to the cat’s body. Therefore, here are some tips for choosing a good snack for cats.

1. Determine the type of cat snack you want

There are two main types of cat snacks, namely dry and wet snacks or commonly called liquid. Dry snacks are usually in the form of small cookies, while wet snacks are shaped like pasta which can be used as a topping for main meals.

Some brands also make snacks with a crunchy texture on the outside but soft on the inside. Of course this is done so that the cat feels happy when eating it.

2. Adjust the weight of the snack as needed

If you are just experimenting, you should choose a good cat snack in a mini package size with a light weight. Of course these products are much cheaper than kilo packages.

When the cat responds well to the snack, then you buy a large package of products to stock up at home. That way, every time you are about to eat, you can give it more quickly.

3. Adjust to the Age of the Cat

The number of cat snacks on the market often makes you tempted to buy them without paying attention to the description of the snack. The cat snacks that are sold are also very varied, there are for cats that are still young and there are also for cats that are older.

Therefore, now it’s even more observant in choosing cat snacks. Because each snack for a different age must have a different content and texture. If you buy offline, information about these points can be seen on the packaging. But you can read the product description column when buying online.

4. Content of cat snacks

Usually this point is related to a good cat snack variant so that it can make it easier for you to choose your cat’s favorite product. Well, the description of the variant is written on the front packaging so that it is clearly read.

For example, Vitakraft Cat Yums Salmon means the main ingredient is salmon. From there, you can think about whether cats like salmon or not and that also applies to other cat snack products.

In general, cats need protein from food in the form of animal protein derived from fish and meat. In addition, it also requires a low intake of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to keep cats healthy.

Meat in cat snacks usually contains amino acids and taurine which can prevent cat vision problems.

The Best Cat Snacks
Cat Snack Illustration Image / Thecatcare

5. Avoid giving seeds and preservatives

Just like humans, cats also need healthy food that comes from natural ingredients. Therefore, avoid giving food to cats that contain preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring in large doses.

In addition, also avoid giving sweet foods and seeds. This can cause diarrhea, allergies and even obesity in cats.

6. Know the main benefits provided

Each snack brand for cats will usually make several products with different main benefits so they can meet the various needs of cats.

So, there are cat snacks that make you fat, clean your teeth, increase your appetite, and many more. By knowing this, you can choose products according to the cat’s needs at that time.

15 Best Cat Snack Recommendations

Here we go

After knowing how to choose cat snacks that are beneficial for your cat. The following are 15 recommendations for the best cat snacks that you can add to your wishlist.

1. Kibble Ikan – Winky Cat

Best Cat Snack Fish Kibble – Winky Cat
Snack for Cats Kibble Fish – Winky Cat

For you cat lovers, the Winky Cat brand is no stranger to you. 
This best cat snack brand is a cat dry food product that is highly recommended for consumption by all cats of all types and ages, both old and young cats. This best cat snack is rich in nutrition and has a trusted source of protein that comes from hygienically selected ingredients. Manufactured using international standard technology. This cat snack consists of 27% crude protein, 5% fiber, 8% crude fat and 7% water content.

Cats’ favorite snack with a rich and crunchy taste of tuna for every bite so it’s not only delicious but also safe for cat teeth. Made with tuna, this best cat snack contains Yucca Extract, multi vitamins, Omega-3, Taurine so that cats stay healthy both in terms of their coat and body. The kibble shape is also made in 2 variations of fish and heart shapes, not too big and thick so it’s easy to chew. Able to increase the cat’s appetite and body immunity.

2. Partymix Cat Food Friskies

Best Cat Snacks Friskies Partymix Cat Food
Snacks for Cats Friskies Partymix Cat Food

Friskies Party Mix is ​​the best cat snack that you shouldn’t miss to pamper your beloved cat. 
No need to worry about the quality, this cat snack consists of 32% crude protein, 4% fiber, 11% crude fat and 10% water content. It is made from a variety of the best selected fish such as salmon, tuna and snapper so it is certain that this snack is very good for your cat to consume and the taste of the fish meat that it has will be very liked by cats. In order to make the way of consumption even more impressive, this cat snack is made in various shapes, such as donuts, fish, cat heads and stars.

You will get quality delicious food with high protein from this snack. In addition, make sure that you give these snacks according to the daily rate, no more than 10 items per day to maintain the health of your cat’s skin and body. The best cat snacks are available in various options such as Friskies Party Mix Cheesy Craze, Friskies Party Mix Classic, Friskies Party Mix Grill Crunch and Friskies Party Mix Beachside.

3. Me-o Creamy Treats

Me-o Creamy Treats Best Cat Snacks
Snacks for Cats Me-o Creamy Treats

Who doesn’t know the Me-O brand. 
This brand is one of the best cat food producers that has been highly recommended with the best reviews it has. Apart from producing dry food, this best cat snack brand also produces creamy treats which are currently on the rise. Therefore, make sure that your beloved cat also enjoys this creame treat. Me-o Creamy Treats provide various flavors that your cat really likes, such as Tuna with Scallop, Bonito, Chicken & Liver, Maguro, Crab, Katsuo and Salmon.

This best cat snack is made from natural fish-based ingredients which contain Omega 6, Vitamin C, DL-Methionine, Turine and Zinc which are very beneficial for healthy eyes, increasing your cat’s appetite, boosting the immune system and healthy skin and fur of your beloved cat. This snack is also designed with an elongated flat shape so you can help hold the snack when the cat eats it while pampering your cat.

4. Temptations Tasty Cat Treats

Best Cat Snacks Cat Snacks Temptations Tasty Cat Treats
Snacks for Cats Snacks for Cats Temptations Tasty Cat Treats

The best cat snack that has a delicious taste with a double texture, crispy and tasty on the outside but soft on the inside, you will get this Temptations Tasty CatTreats snack. 
Available in various flavors, such as Creamy Dairy, Tasty Chicken, Tempting Tuna and Seafood Medley, you can customize your choices according to your cat’s wants and needs. This cat snack consists of 28% crude protein, 4.5% fiber, 21% crude fat, 10% water content and 3939kcal ME/Kg calories, 368 kcal ME/Cup.

All ingredients used in the production of this product are natural without any added artificial flavors. It contains a variety of vitamins and the amino acid taurine which supports the health and well-being of cats and can increase your cat’s appetite. Give this best cat snack to pamper your beloved cat.

5. Ori Cat Kitten Dry

The Best Cat Snacks Snack Ori Cat Kitten Dry
Snack for Cats Snack Ori Cat Kitten Dry

Including premium quality dry cat food, Ori Cat Kitten Dry is specifically designed for cats aged between 2-12 months. 
This best cat snack is made using carefully selected natural ingredients so that it is able to produce food with complete and balanced nutrition to meet the needs of your beloved cat. This cat snack consists of a nutritional content of protein > 30%, fiber 5.5%, Vitamin D3 > 12000lu/kg, Vitamin A > 13000lu/kg, Vitamin E > 500lu/kg, Omega 3 > 0.43%, Calcium 1% -2.5%, Taurine > 1.5%, Methionine > 0.29%, Phosphorus > 0.9%-1.6%, Moisture < 10%.

When talking about benefits, this best cat snack has many advantages, starting from maintaining digestion and boosting your cat’s immune system, maintaining healthy cat fur and skin, containing complete daily nutrition and strengthening cat muscles. This snack is designed to have a dark brown fish shape with a crunchy, dense and soft texture in the middle, making it easier for cats to chew and digest the snack. In addition to an attractive shape, this snack also has a very delicious aroma and taste so that it can support your cat’s appetite.

6. Kit Cat Breath Bites

Best Cat Snack Kit Cat Breath Bites
Snacks for Cats Kit Cat Breath Bites

If you are looking for a snack that can complement your cat’s body’s nutrition while keeping your cat’s teeth shiny, then the Cat Breath Bites Kit is the right choice. 
This best cat snack is deliberately designed to clean cat teeth by reducing tartar and plaque when eating every day. Because dental plaque is also clean, we can be sure that this snack can also freshen your cat’s breath. The crunchy texture helps cats to easily chew snacks and is also easy to digest.

Offered in various flavors such as Chicken Flavor, Lamb Flavor, Salmon Flavor and Seafood Flavor making it easier for you to choose a snack according to your cat’s preference. The best cat snack packaging is also made very friendly because it is attached with a resealable clip so that it keeps the snacks fresh. The composition of protein and fat is also very adequate to maintain the health of the cat’s body.

7. Luna Cat Snack

Best Cat Snacks Cat Snacks Luna Cat Snacks
Snack for Cats Luna Cat Snack

Is your cat having a hard time eating? 
Like picky food? Luna Cat Snack is the right choice for you. No need to bother looking for food bribes to increase your cat’s appetite, this best cat snack can be given to cats because it tastes good and also of course stays healthy. This cat snack is available in 2 flavors, namely Original and Turmeric (Turmeric). The original flavor is made with dried chicken breast fillet and the turmeric flavor is made with a mixture of dried chicken breast fillet, turmeric and basil.

It is very safe for your beloved cat to consume, because this best cat snack is made directly after ordering without additional flavours, preservatives and coloring. This dry snack lasts for 1 month at room temperature. Can’t wait to order it? Please look for this product in various online shop options at very affordable prices, of course.

8. Vitakraft Cat Stick

Best Cat Snack Vitakraft Cat Stick
Snack for Cats Vitakraft Cat Stick

Apart from being creamy, cat snacks in the form of sticks are currently very popular, you know! 
You can get this stick-shaped cat snack at Vitakraft Cat Stick with very high quality. This snack is made using ingredients with very high and high quality chicken liver and meat content. In addition, this snack is also free of sugar so it tastes more natural, unique and attractive because it doesn’t use additional flavor enhancers.

If you want to pamper your beloved cat, then this Vitakraft Cat Stick snack can be given as a delicious and healthy gift. This best cat snack is provided in various flavors such as rabbit duck, cod pollock, salmon trout, turkey lamb, and poultry liver. In each snack sachet there is just one stick, making it easier for you to give snacks to cats.

9. Cat Mint Catnip Powder

Best Cat Snack Cat Mint Catnip Powder
Snack for Cats Cat Mint Catnip Powder

The Catnip brand is one of the brands that produce cat food which is very well known in terms of taste quality and benefits. 
This brand has issued a lot of cat food, one of which is Cat Mink Catnip Powder. This cat snack is very safe for consumption because it has non-addictive properties. Apart from being consumed as the best cat snack, it can also be used as medicine, you know. This snack can cure scabies experienced by cats by grinding catnip and then rubbing it on the skin affected by scabies.

This snack is made with a blend of herbal plants so that it can help cat digestion. Make sure your beloved cat stays happy, excited when playing and practicing, stays strong and healthy at all times. Get this snack soon before it runs out of stock.

10. Dentalife Dental Chicken Cat Snack

Best Cat Snack Dentalife Dental Chicken Cat Snack
Snack for Cats Dentalife Dental Chicken Cat Snack

For you cat lovers, the name DentaLife must be familiar to hear. 
This brand is one of the best cat snack suppliers with proven quality. One of their most popular products is the Dental Chicken Cat Snack. This cat snack product has been scientifically tested with a porous and crunchy texture that can reduce the formation of flak and tartar in cats when eating food. This snack also contains calcium and taurine which are able to treat cat teeth to stay healthy.

For daily care of the cat’s mouth, you are strongly advised to give Dental Chicken Cat Snack. Each snack pack contains a nutritional composition that is useful for cats as follows, Moisture (max) 11%, Crude Protein (min) 32%, Crude Fat (min) 10%, Calcium (Ca)(Min) 1.0%, Taurine ( min) 0.15% and 7% crude fiber (max). Apart from that, this best cat snack is also made using selected natural ingredients such as ground corn, processed fish and chicken, animal extracts, glycerin, vitamin E and others that support the health of the cat’s body.

11. Sheba Melty Wet Cat Snack

Best Cat Snack Sheba Melty Wet Cat Snack
Snacks for Cats Sheba Melty Wet Cat Snacks

Not all cats like dry snacks, so Sheba produces wet snacks to increase cat appetite. 
Even though the product is premium, the price is still relatively affordable. So, cat snacks for cats over 12 months old also contain protein, fat and fiber. There are no added coloring agents and artificial flavors so they don’t affect the health of cats.

You can spend time with your beloved cat by giving snacks, each piece of which has a calorie count of 8 kcal. If your cat weighs 1-3 kg, it is recommended to give 1-2 sachets per day with 12 grams each. Meanwhile, cats weighing 3-5 kg ​​may be given 2-3 sachets per day. This good cat snack variant has chicken for green packaging, chicken & whitefish for yellow packaging, tuna for orange packaging, tuna & seafood for purple packaging, and so on.

12. KITCAT Snack Kucing Dental Breath Bites

Best Cat Snacks KITCAT Cat Snacks Dental Breath Bites
Snacks for Cats KITCAT Cat Snacks Dental Breath Bites

Not only humans, cats can also feel bored if given food with the same variant continuously. 
Therefore, KITCAT provides snacks with various delicious flavors, namely Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Tuna, Salmon, and Seafood. Well, this cat snack also serves to reduce plaque and tartar so that the teeth can be cleaner.

The shape of the dry snack is designed to have a crunchier texture so that the cat likes it. Some of the ingredients in KITCAT’s good cat snacks include Corn, Corn Flour, Rice, Fish Meal, Fat, and many more. Of course there is Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B2, Vitamin K3, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, and some minerals.

13. Kuraun Liquid Snack

Kuraun Liquid Snack Best Cat Snack
Snack for Cats Kuraun Liquid Snack

The next cat snack recommendation is Kuraun Liquid Snack with a weight of 15 grams per package. 
Because it is in liquid form, this product is very creamy and tastes delicious. Of course it is very safe for cat digestion because there are no artificial flavors in it. You can add snacks to the main food so that the cat feels happy and has a good appetite.

The product, which is stored in a white-based packaging in the form of a stick, has a variant of tuna flavor. It’s no secret that tuna is a favorite variant of many cats. When buying it, this good cat snack is usually immediately packaged per 4 pieces to be wrapped into one.

14. Ciao Grilled Chicken Crab

Best Cat Snack Ciao Grilled Chicken Crab
Snack for Cats Ciao Grilled Chicken Crab

Ciao is a cat snack brand from Japan with one of its products called Ciao Grilled Chicken Crab. 
Several other products are indeed packaged in pouches that can be closed again, but this cat snack is best used for one meal. As the name implies, chicken meat and crab extract powder are the main ingredients for making this pasta-shaped snack.

Just like other wet food, products from Ciao are also easily digested by beloved cats. This is also supported by the presence of vitamins and minerals that are good for digestive health. Not only given directly, this good cat snack can also be used as a flavor enhancer for cat food or supplements to increase appetite.

15. CPPETINDO Kitchen Flavor Cat Wetfood Tuna, Chicken Meat, Pumpkin

Best Cat Snack CPPETINDO Kitchen Flavor Cat Wetfood Tuna Chicken Meat Pumpkin
Snack for Cats CPPETINDO Kitchen Flavor Cat Wetfood Tuna Chicken Meat Pumpkin

The next cat snack brand, namely CPPETINDO Kitchen Flavor Cat Wetfood Tuna, Chicken Meat, Pumpkin. 
If some of the previous products were specifically for cats of a certain age, this wet cat snack can be given to all ages. That’s because this product is Grain Free, Holistic Wet Food, 90.2% Fresh Meat, and contains Green Tea.

The complete composition is Chicken Meat, Chicken Stock, Tuna, Pumpkin, Goji Berry, Plantago Seeds, Seaweed, Konnyaku Flour, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Choline Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride, Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS), Sodium Tripolyphosphate, and Locust Bean Gum. The net weight of this great cat snack is around 190 grams so it can be stocked up for some time.

Types of Cat Snacks

You need to know that cat snacks also have various types. Not only dry snacks, but there are also wet snacks. Therefore, here are several types of cat snacks that can add to your insight about cat snacks.

1. Jerky

Who has ever heard the word Jerky? Yes, this type is another name for dendeng. Jerky is a processed food that cats really like because it comes from natural meat that is cooked until dry so that it lasts longer. This cat snack is perfect for training the strength of cat teeth because of its quite hard texture.

2. Freeze-dried

If you are a cat lover who is very concerned about nutritional intake for your beloved cat, then giving Freeze-dried snacks is the right choice. This is because the process of making Freeze-dried cat snacks uses very low temperatures so that the nutrients and minerals in the preparations are still maintained.

3. Wet Food

From the name alone, you can already guess that this type of cat snack has quite a lot of water content. Due to the high water content, the texture is definitely softer and runny. Therefore, the wet type is also very easy for cats to eat and digest.

How to Store Cat Snacks so they Last Long

Sometimes cat snacks are not consumed immediately after they are given, so they need to be stored properly so that they last longer. So, here are some ways to store snacks that can be done.

1. Dry Snacks

If, for example, you bought a wet cat snack and haven’t opened it yet, it’s best to store it in a dry place with a temperature below 38°C except on the floor directly. Choosing a product with a pouch-shaped packaging that can be closed again will be very profitable for you to store what has been opened.

But if the cat’s snack has already been poured into the cat’s food container, then one of the best storage options is to move it. You can use a tightly closed container made of glass to maintain its quality.

2. Wet Snack

You can store the cat snack in a place where the temperature is below 38℃, such as in the refrigerator, other than the freezer, if the package has not been opened at all. This is done so that the quality of the texture and taste of wet snacks can be maintained properly.

Actually, this type of product would be better if it was consumed immediately because it doesn’t last long. However, there are some things that make cats not want to finish their food, so they need to be covered with plastic and stored in the refrigerator at 4-7 ℃ to last up to 5 or 7 days.


Based on the explanation above, you can provide snacks for cats according to the daily dose of protein, carbohydrates and others for cats. Balanced doses will give balanced results as well.

Favorite cats at home also need to be given good cat snacks, whether they are given directly, used as a topping for the main food, or mixed with cat supplements so that their health is maintained. Therefore, be observant in choosing cat snacks according to the type of texture and content in the snack.

You should consider several things when choosing, such as the breed, the weight of the food, the ingredients in the product, the age of the cat and its benefits. There are ten recommendations for good cat snacks from various brands. After successfully finding the product, you also need to know the types of cat snacks and how to store the snacks so they last longer.

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