Review of 10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One way to pass the time in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is to play musical instruments. Playing a musical instrument is believed to relieve stress and can be a way of expressing yourself. The electric acoustic guitar is one of the most popular types of guitars for beginners and professionals alike.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Illustration Picture Using Electric Acoustic Guitar / Indyguitarschool

This electric acoustic guitar recommendation is to make it easier for those of you who want to buy this popular musical instrument. The reason is, the popularity of this electric acoustic guitar, makes there are so many models and types of electric acoustic guitars on the market, so anyone who just wants to buy a guitar will be confused. In order not to be confused about choosing the best electric acoustic guitar for you, it’s a good idea to listen to some tips from the following Ainun.

How to Choose a Good Acoustic Electric Guitar

There are 5 important things that you must do before deciding which guitar to buy, even if you get the best acoustic electric guitar recommendations from relatives or from other media.

1. Start With Research

Start by getting to know things about electric acoustic guitars such as guitars with what kind of material is good, the price of a guitar with its quality, what brand of guitar is good, and things that you think about when choosing a guitar. This way you will know which electric acoustic guitar is right for you.

2. Determine the Material and Type of Guitar Size

After doing your research, you can determine the material and design of the guitar you want to use. Materials usually use mahogany, rosewood, nato, spurce and others. Each ingredient has its own advantages and disadvantages, just adjust it to taste.

In addition, electric acoustic guitars also have several types of sizes. Four of them are the most common dreadnought type and are commonly used in music class, the folk type which is slightly smaller and suitable for women or small people, and the mini type which is smaller than folk and suitable for children or traveling.

3. Determining the Price

Everyone has a different budget to buy the guitar they want. There are so many guitars with different specifications and prices on the market, so in addition to the right specifications, it must still be adjusted to the budget you have.

The reason is, it will be useless if you have found your version of the best acoustic electric guitar but it turns out that the price is not in your pocket, so you still can’t have it.

4. Tried And Tested Guitar Sounds

If the above is still confusing you to determine the best acoustic electric guitar for you, trying to play the guitar before buying it will make you more confident to buy the guitar.

That way, you can feel the sensation for yourself. Is this guitar right for you or is it the other way around? Sometimes just by trying it yourself, then something can be understood.

5. View Reviews

If you buy a guitar online and can’t do tip number 4 or you’re still confused about choosing the best electric acoustic guitar, you can look at reviews on the internet.

You can read blogs or watch video reviews on Youtube. Usually when people review, they will give the impression, advantages, and disadvantages of the guitar you are looking for.

After understanding the 5 tips above, it’s time to choose the acoustic electric guitar of choice for you. Here are 10 recommendations for the best electric acoustic guitars that you can buy to accompany your days at home.

10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Recommendations

1. Yamaha FX310

Best Yamaha Electric Acoustic Guitar FX310
Yamaha FX310 Electric Acoustic Guitar

The first choice for electric acoustic guitar is a guitar brand that is very familiar among guitar lovers, namely Yamaha. 
The FX310 series has a 
fingerboard width that is narrower than normal guitars, making it easier to switch keys, especially those with slightly short fingers.

In addition, this best electric acoustic guitar is perfect for those of you who are just starting to learn guitar because the guitar body is not too big and not too small. For the specifications, the lower body of the guitar uses mahogany wood, the upper body of the guitar is spurce wood, nato wood for the guitar neck, and rosewood for the fingerboard .

2. Cort SFX-MEM OP

Best Electric Acoustic Guitar Cort SFX-MEM OP
Cort SFX-MEM OP Electric Acoustic Guitar

For those of you who like a guitar with a more classy and elegant model, you can choose this Cort guitar as an electric acoustic guitar to choose from. Cort is a guitar brand from South Korea, you know, so for those of you who like Korean pop , you can choose this guitar so you can feel more when playing Korean songs.

In specifications, the Cort SFX-MEM OP series uses mahogany material from the top to the bottom of the guitar. The size of the best electric acoustic guitar this time is a superfolk which is not too small and not too big. The single cutaway design on the guitar makes it easier for you to play higher notes.

3. Fender CD140SCE

Best Fender Electric Acoustic Guitar CD140SCE
Fender CD140SCE Electric Acoustic Guitar

The next recommended electric acoustic guitar is the Fender CD140SCE which is produced by one of the best acoustic electric guitar brands in the world. If you are ready to allocate more money to buy a guitar, you can consider this guitar because the price for this CD140SCE series is around 5 million rupiah.

The material used for top to bottom is Mahogany, which makes the guitar a bit heavy but more durable. In addition, the sound produced is very loud and bright , and the quality is unquestionable.

4. Anderson AFE12N

Anderson's Best Electric Acoustic Guitar AFE12N
Anderson AFE12N Electric Acoustic Guitar

The Anderson AFE12N guitar is one of the recommended acoustic electric guitars that you should consider because it is considered a guitar with more specifications than a Yamaha guitar for the same price. However, it all comes down to personal taste, as everyone has their own version of the acoustic electric guitar.

However, the best electric acoustic guitars have another advantage in the form of using strings, making them comfortable when used for fingerstyle . Not only that, this Anderson AFE12N guitar also has a tube that is large enough so that the sound produced is quite loud and strong.

5. Ibanez AEG8TNE

Best ibanez AEG8TNE Electric Acoustic Guitar
ibanez AEG8TNE Electric Acoustic Guitar

In fifth place is the Ibanez AEG8TNE electric acoustic guitar with specifications that can produce clear sound in any room because it is equipped with Ibanez Preamps and Sonicore Pickups.

In addition, this Ibanez series is perfect for those of you who like to band , no need to be afraid if the sound of your guitar is blocked by the sound of other musical instruments. For the guitar material, it is made of mahogany for the entire lower body and fir for the top of the guitar.

6. Taylor Academy 10E

Taylor Academy 10E's Best Electric Acoustic Guitars
Taylor Academy Acoustic Electric Guitar 10E

Without a doubt, Taylor’s guitar has become one of the best acoustic electric guitars in the world. The guitar design is very modern and the sound quality is worth the price it takes to get this guitar.

If you want more quality when you’re in a band and are willing to shell out big bucks to buy a guitar, you can opt for the Taylor Academy 10E. As the name suggests, the famous singer Taylor Swift also uses Taylor’s brand guitar in every concert

7. Cowboy GWC240NS

Cowboy Best Electric Acoustic Guitar GWC235NS
Cowboy Electric Acoustic Guitar GWC235NS

Another one of the cheapest and cheapest electric acoustic guitars is the Cowboy GWC240NS. Cowboy is a guitar brand from the bamboo curtain country, aka China. Although the price is relatively cheap for the size of an electric acoustic guitar, the quality of this guitar is unquestionable.

This electric acoustic guitar is famous for its anti-rust strings, so you don’t need to change the strings often if they don’t break. Specifications for the best electric acoustic guitar, made with basswood material and for the fingerboard made of mahogany.

8. Sungha Jung Signature Lakewood

Sungha Jung Signature Lakewood Best Electric Acoustic Guitar
Sungha Jung Signature Lakewood Electric Acoustic Guitar

For those of you who like Korean pop or KPOP and guitar, you must be familiar with the figure of Sungha Jung. A reliable guitar player who often uploads videos of him playing guitar on his own Youtube channel, which now has approximately 6 million followers.

The best original Lakewood brand electric acoustic guitar for this series is for sale at a fantastic price. In addition, this electric acoustic guitar is unquestionable for its quality. The guitar specifications are Grand Concert  and the material uses rosewood wood with a single cutaway design that makes it easy when you want to play high notes.

9. Gibson J200

Gibson J200 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Gibson J200 . Electric Acoustic Guitar

The next recommendation for electric acoustic guitar comes from an American acoustic electric guitar brand that has been in the making of various musical instruments including for almost a century. This brand is very well known among musicians so there is no doubt about its quality.

The sound produced by this Gibson guitar is very strong and clear, perfect for those of you who like to play classical music or just sing with friends. For the design of the Gibson J200, it is elegant because the company pays more attention to each model and design of the musical instrument they issue.

10. Yamaha APX500II

Best Yamaha Electric Acoustic Guitar APX500II
Yamaha APX500II Electric Acoustic Guitar

The recommendation for an electric acoustic guitar that can be your final consideration is the Yamaha APX400II. This guitar series is famous among beginners to professionals because of its quality and elegant appearance, and has even become the best-selling guitar in the world.

In addition, Yamaha is the easiest guitar brand to find in the Indonesian market, both offline and online. This guitar is perfect for playing in the studio or any room. Another advantage of the Yamaha APX500II is that it is easy to change strings and customize the guitar.

Those are the 10 best acoustic electric guitar recommendations that you can make a choice when you want to buy a new guitar. After you buy a guitar, of course it must be stored and cared for properly so that it can last a long time. Next there are tips and discussions on how to care for the guitar. Let’s continue to see more detailed explanations so that your electric acoustic guitar can last a long time.

Tips for Caring for an Electric Acoustic Guitar to Make it Durable and Long Lasting

Below are some tips that can be done so that the guitar you have remains durable, not easily damaged and so durable to use.

1. Storing the Guitar in a Safe Place

It’s a good idea to buy a hardcase guitar or buy a storage case to keep your best acoustic electric guitar more secure. The guitar case can protect the guitar from dust, scratches, and even damage due to impact. But if you don’t want to buy a guitar case anymore, just make sure your acoustic electric guitar is in a place that doesn’t fall easily and in a room that isn’t too humid.

A room that is too humid can cause the wood to shrink easily. In addition to a room that is not too humid, keep the guitar out of direct sunlight for a long time. Too hot sunlight can make guitar glue melt.

2. Cleaning Guitar Strings

The next tip in caring for your best acoustic electric guitar is to clean the guitar strings after using it. Although it sounds trivial, this can make the strings more durable and not rust. This happens because, after you finish playing the strings may be dirty because of dust and sweat so they must be cleaned immediately.

How to clean it is very easy, just use a soft cloth that is wiped on the guitar strings, you can also buy a string cleaner for more optimal results if you have an excess budget .

3. Cleaning Fingerboard

It’s not just the strings that need to be cleaned to take care of your best acoustic electric guitar, but the fingerboard as well. The sweat and dust that sticks to the fingerboard when playing will become crusts if you don’t clean it.

If you find it too much of a hassle to clean your fingerboard after each play, you can clean it when you change strings. Keep in mind, use a blunt object when cleaning the fingerboard such as a guitar pick .

4. Change Strings Periodically

Although guitar strings are cleaned frequently, it is possible that your guitar strings are damaged. So changing the strings regularly is also very important in maintaining the guitar. For best results, you should replace all the guitar strings, not just broken strings or rusty strings. The better the strings used, the better the sound produced by this best electric acoustic guitar.

5. Loosen the strings

Often guitar owners forget to loosen the strings after use. To care for the strings of an electric acoustic guitar, it would be nice before storing the guitar loosen the strings first.

Strings that are loose will last longer than those that are not loosened all the time. The reason is, the strings that are rarely loosened can cause the shape or structure of the guitar to change and can even affect the sound produced by the guitar.

6. Avoiding Collisions

The last tip in caring for your electric acoustic guitar is to keep the guitar from impact. This is because, even expensive guitars will be damaged if they are frequently hit, so it is very important to avoid collisions with these acoustic electric guitars. Impacts that often occur, can make the guitar body change and even affect the resulting guitar sound.

Those are tips for caring for an electric acoustic guitar so that it is not easily damaged, durable and long lasting. Musical instruments that are cared for properly will produce good quality as well. It doesn’t matter the price of the guitar is expensive or cheap and branded or unbranded. Guitars with prices under 1 million are no less good if cared for properly.

Well, we have finished discussing the electric acoustic guitar this time, starting from tips before buying a guitar, 10 recommendations for the best electric acoustic guitar, to tips on caring for the guitar so that it is durable and long lasting. If you are just starting to play the guitar, the most important thing is action and persistence in learning. Happy guitar playing!

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