Review of 10 Best Digital Piano Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Until now, there are quite a lot of choices of digital piano brands on the market. But playing the piano is still not so much in demand. In fact, playing a musical instrument can be the best choice to fill your spare time when you are at home. A digital piano may be a musical instrument that accompanies you during your stay at home. The best digital piano brands will help you get started with this musical activity by buying the right piano.

Best Digital Piano
Kawai Digital Piano Illustration / Pianomax Gambar

If you are just starting to learn or want to just play but are afraid to disturb the people around you, a digital piano can be the best solution. The sound produced can also be adjusted and you can even use a headset if you are still afraid of being heard and disturbing others. For that, here we will recommend some of the best digital piano brands that can be an alternative for you.

How to Choose a Good Digital Piano

How to choose a good digital piano to fit and be comfortable when you use it? Below are some tips that can be done before buying the piano of your choice.

1. Pay attention to the number of keys or piano keys

Digital piano brands may supply products with varying numbers of keys . You can choose a digital piano that has 88 keys or more. If you buy a digital piano with a number of keys below that, some notes will be missing. This may affect your game later.

2. Sensitivity and Weighted Keys

Sensitivity here means how the sound produced corresponds to the pressure we give. Weighted keys itself is a term used to describe the weight of the key pressure when we play the piano. Most of the best digital piano brands already use these weighted keys and also have good sensitivity.

3. Key Size

Look for a piano that has keys that match the standard width, height, and depth of classical pianos. So that you are used to playing it when you are going to try the classical piano. Sometimes there are digital pianos whose key sizes do not follow the standard, so that when played you will feel the difference. Most digital piano brands have made their products based on classical pianos.

4. Piano Sounds

For this point you can follow your heart, because everyone has different tastes. If you are confused about finding the best digital piano brand for you and you have the opportunity to choose right away, you can test the piano and listen to the sound it produces. Choose a digital piano with the sound you want.

Those are some tips that can be a reference when you want to choose the best digital piano brand. In addition to the four points above, you can also consider the metronome or the sound of each beat, and also consider the ports on the digital piano brand.

10 Best Digital Piano Brand Recommendations

As for some of the recommendations for the best digital piano brands, Ainun can be an alternative for those of you who are looking for a digital piano. Here are the recommendations.

1. Yamaha

Yamaha's Best Digital Piano
Yamaha Brand Piano

The first choice for a digital piano brand fell to a well-known and familiar musical instrument brand worldwide, namely, Yamaha. 
Besides being famous for the quality of its guitar products, this digital piano brand is also one of the best digital piano producers. Yamaha P45 can be a pretty good choice for those of you who are still beginners because it has all the criteria from the previous tips on choosing a digital piano. Yamaha has a large selection of digital pianos that you can customize to your needs.

Of course you don’t need to doubt the quality of this global digital piano brand, even though the price is quite pocket-friendly. The design is elegant and minimalist, so it is pleasing to the eye. With this Yamaha digital piano brand, you can easily compose and play a variety of musical arrangements.

2. Roland

Roland's Best Digital Piano
Piano Mark Roland

The next digital piano brand recommendation is still a brand from the country of the rising sun, namely Roland. 
Roland is a 
pioneer in the formation of the digital piano. Being one of the biggest musical instrument brands, you shouldn’t hesitate to choose it as the best digital piano brand. Roland is famous for its digital pianos that sound like an acoustic piano due to the touch feature that is present in each of its products.

Roland is a digital piano brand because it has a sound engine on a piano that is superior to other types of digital pianos. This is because his voice modeling makes voice changes sound more natural. That’s because Roland pianos use a superNATURAL sound engine that allows subtle changes in pitch. Therefore, this best digital piano brand with advanced technology is one of the best recommendations for you.

3. Korg

Korg's Best Digital Pianos
Piano Mark Korg

Korg, which is the second largest digital piano brand after Roland in Japan, can be your choice as the digital piano brand of choice. 
Korg that has an attractive appearance can be an additional value in addition to its good quality. Many of the products produced by this musical instrument manufacturer already have the five criteria in tips for choosing the best digital piano brand. The 
hammer action feature makes a Korg digital piano feel like an acoustic piano.

In addition to the digital piano brand that is multifunctional in its field, the design of this Korg piano is said to be more innovative than other types of digital pianos owned by its competitors. This is the best digital piano brand that has a minimalist and sleek design that tends to take up less space. Korg also has a variety of colors, such as jet-black, white, and others, which you can choose according to your wishes.

4. Just

Kawai's Best Digital Piano
Piano Merk Kawai

If you want to have 
a grand piano or classical piano but still can’t due to one or more factors, you can choose a Kawai digital piano as a replacement. Recommendations for the best digital piano brands this time as much as possible to make their products like classical pianos. The sound and touch of the keys produced by this digital piano brand are also quite similar to classical pianos, even the material also uses real wood to give a more classic impression.

Kawai as the best digital piano brand focuses on both home and performance customers, has a rich piano tone, and an authentic touch. Digital pianos issued by kawai are grouped into several series, each series has its own uniqueness. One of the digital piano brands that is quite well known is KDP which has the main characteristics of a wooden cabinet full of three pedal systems, key covers and music tables, as well as some other details.

5. Casio

Casio's Best Digital Pianos
Merk Casio plan

When you hear this brand, maybe the first thing that will immediately come to mind is a calculator or other electronic product. 
Even so, it turns out that the Casio brand has been producing digital pianos for a long time and produces piano products that are worth considering. It is said that this best digital piano brand first produced digital pianos from the 80s, so there is no need to doubt the quality and quality. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a digital piano, these recommended digital piano brands might be perfect.

If you are still in the beginner class, the Casio CDP-S350 type released by the best digital piano brand can be your best choice. CDP-S350 has interesting and unique features. It is also quite easy to use for beginners. One of the features is that you can choose a variety of sounds and rhythms according to your wishes with the sound categories that are already available on the digital piano brand itself.

6. Alesis

Alesis's Best Digital Piano
Alesis Brand Piano

The sixth digital piano brand is Alesis which is a digital piano manufacturer with its flagship series Alesis Recital. 
This series has everything you can consider when buying a digital piano. The price is quite affordable compared to other best digital piano brands, as well as the quality that is no less good makes it at number six. This digital piano is suitable for those of you who are just starting to learn or who are already proficient at playing the piano.

In addition to Alesis recitals, the digital piano brand also releases several other similar products, such as prestige, prestige artist, concert, Virtue , and many more that can be tailored to your needs. To find out more, you can visit their official website, e-commerce, or ask the experts.

7. Nord

Nord's Best Digital Pianos
Piano Mark North

The next digital piano brand recommendation is the Nord brand. 
Its very attractive appearance makes this the best digital piano brand that is perfect for those of you who like to be the center of attention. The reason is, Nord packs his digital piano with a striking red color but still 
classy . Apart from the appearance, the quality provided by Nord has also been recognized worldwide.

Nord as a digital piano brand offers digital pianos that have a Keybed Hammer Action type that makes articulation and sensation almost as accurate as playing an acoustic piano. Nord which ranks seventh as the best digital piano brand, recently released its newest product Nord Piano 5. Nord Piano 5 features quite a lot of new features compared to the previous generation. These features will make your music playing experience even more enjoyable.

8. Nux

Nux's Best Digital Pianos
Piano Merk Nux

This digital piano brand recommendation allows us to feel like we are touching a classical piano. 
With features that are quite complete and the most variety of sounds makes you feel at home and want to keep playing it. With a fairly affordable price, Nux provides a look that is not inferior to other digital piano brands. Although this digital piano brand doesn’t sound like the previous brands, you can easily find it on various 
e-commerce platforms or at various musical instrument stores.

Nux has the feel and sound of an authentic grand piano that is of great value but is also practical and therefore very well suited to be recommended for the best digital piano brand. Moreover, coupled with a fairly affordable price and a low-profile design but still stylish. The piano notes from this digital piano brand are sampled from the 5 dynamic levels typically found on grand pianos .

9. Artesia

Artesia's Best Digital Piano
Artesia Brand Piano

The elegant and practical design is an illustration of the product display offered by this digital piano brand. 
Artesia’s digital piano weighs just under 20 lbs or approximately 9 kg, making it a perfect fit for those of you who often carry musical instruments with you everywhere. Even its simple design will help you to choose the features you want without feeling confused. Like other digital piano brands, you will be able to easily find this digital piano in the market.

This best digital piano brand is equipped with 3 layers of rich grand piano samples for realistic grand piano sound results . In addition, there is a USB/MIDI port for easy connection and operation of smartphones, tablets and laptops. There are still other features that make Artesia able to compete with other digital piano brands.

10. Fort

Best Digital Piano Fort
Piano Note Cont

If you want to support and prefer domestic products, then Fort might be the right choice as the best digital piano brand. 
This relatively new brand has launched 4 types of designs that you can customize to your home interior and your wishes. So, in addition to playing and filling spare time, this digital piano brand can also beautify the room.

Four types of designs from the best digital piano brands are named after the names of forts in Indonesia. Each type of piano issued by this digital piano brand has its own characteristics that can be adjusted to your taste. One of them is the Fort Kalamata type which is taken from the name of a fort in North Maluku, this type has a Tuts Counterweight Hammer Outwards model and is equipped with dual headphone input.

Those are the 10 best digital piano brand recommendations that you can choose to become your favorite digital piano later. After getting the right digital piano, of course you have to take care of it so that the sound produced remains good and long lasting. To support this, the following tips can be done so that your digital piano still has good performance.

Tips for Caring for a Digital Piano

Below are some tips to keep the digital piano that you have so that it is durable and always excellent when used.

1. Putting the Digital Piano in a Safe Place

The best digital piano brands need the best places. You can put it in a place that is not too humid, not too dry, and try not to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

These tips actually aim to avoid the expansion of the wood if your digital piano is made of this material. In addition, the correct placement can also prevent you from falling down the piano, it could be due to unstable placement, wind, or other possibilities.

2. Always Keep the Digital Piano Clean

It’s a good idea to always clean your digital piano immediately after playing it or you can also set a regular time yourself if you are busy having to clean your digital piano all the time.

You can use a soft cloth dampened in water to clean the keys and body of the piano. Then it must be immediately dried with a dry soft cloth to keep the musical instrument from the digital piano brand from being easily damaged.

3. Avoid Over Pressing the Piano Keys

Although most of the best digital piano brands have products that feature weighted keys that give a heavy sensation like pressing a classical piano key, that doesn’t mean you can over-press the piano keys.

Exaggeration here is like the habit of pressing the piano keys with all your might. Use and use your piano wisely to keep your digital piano in top condition at all times.

4. Using Stabilizer

The use of a stabilizer in this case is intended to keep the incoming electric current in your digital piano just right, not excessive or lacking. The use of this stabilizer is also intended to prevent the piano from being shorted because the incoming electric current is not appropriate.

You can use a 1000Watt stabilizer that is easily available in the market. Usually the stabilizer that is suitable for digital piano brands is with a voltage of 220V.

5. Using a special socket or power plug

The use of a special electric socket here means that the socket is only used for digital pianos, not for other electronic devices. Apart from being the best digital piano brand, the reason is to avoid shorting the instrument. However, if you already have a stabilizer, maybe you can skip these tips.


That’s the discussion about digital pianos that you need to know, starting from how to choose, 10 recommendations for the best digital piano brands, to tips on caring for them. After getting the best digital piano that fits in your pocket and in your heart, then keep practicing to hone your piano playing skills.

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