Review of 10 Best Manual Breast Pump Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who are confused about whether you need to use a breast pump to breastfeed your baby, the following information will explain. Baby pumps are usually used by mothers who really can’t be next to your baby all the time. Whether it’s for work reasons that require you to be far away or have to travel a lot for a long time. Using a quality breast pump will help you maintain your milk supply while you are away from your baby. Another reason is if your baby is too premature or sick to breastfeed.

Best Manual Breast Pump
Manual Breast Pump Illustration / Lineme

In addition, there are also some women whose milk production is not so much that they must be assisted with this breast pump. Whatever the reason you use a breast pump, in fact as a mother, of course you want to want the best for your child.

One of the breast pumps that are widely used is the manual version. Curious why many mothers use it more than an electric breast pump? The following will discuss how to choose and the benefits of using a Manual breast pump. In addition, we will also discuss the Best Manual Breast Pump Recommendation products that you must know. So, you can listen to the following explanation!

How to Choose a Good Manual Breast Pump

As a smart mother of course you want the best for you. Likewise in choosing products related to the heart. Therefore, the following will explain how to choose the best manual breast pump.

1. Choose a Breast Pump With a Soft Funnel

The Manual Breast Pump that you should choose should have a soft funnel. This can not be separated from keeping your breasts hurt due to frequent pumping. Many mothers also experience severe swelling that even hurts when touched. Don’t let this happen to you too.

2. Choose Easy to Clean

To maintain the health and safety of your baby, you need to be a little careful in choosing breast pump products. You should choose a type that is easy to clean so that the milk your baby receives is hygienic.

It should also be noted that each product has a different method of sterilization. It should also be noted that products with a lot of spare parts require more time to clean.

3. Choose With Your Needs Features

The current breast pump has been designed with additional functions that you can of course take advantage of. For example, a breast pump equipped with massage pads makes it more comfortable to use when pumping your breast milk.

There is also a breast pump that is designed with a breast protector for those of you who often experience sores on the nipple or areola . In addition there are also features with Natural Nursing technology . This technology makes pumping feel like baby sucking.

Next, you will be given a list of the 10 best manual breast pump recommendations along with reviews from the AinunThis will certainly make it easier for you to decide on a Manual Breast Pump that suits your needs.

1. Manual Breast Pump With Bottle from Philips Avent

The Best Manual Breast Pump With Bottle from Philips Avent
With Bottle from Philips Avent

When pumping breast milk many mothers try to bend over so that more milk comes out. 
This will certainly make your body sore, especially if it is done repeatedly over a long period of time. With this in mind the Philips Avent is designed in such a way as to help you get out of this trouble. With the Philips Avent breast pump, you can pump your milk by sitting comfortably and relaxed so that milk flows more easily.

In one package, it is equipped with massage pads with a velvety texture so that it feels warm on the skin. This is able to stimulate the flow of breast milk to be smoother and is very suitable for those of you who prioritize comfort. The sterilization method is simply boiled and can accommodate as much as 125 ml of breast milk.

2. Medela Harmony Light Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pump Medela Harmony Light Breast Pump
Medela Harmony Light Breast Pump

The next manual breast pump product is the Medela Harmony Light Breast Pump. 
This breast pump is designed for mothers who travel a lot. This is because this breast pump is comfortable and elegant with an ergonomic swivel handle. Durable to use at a fairly affordable price. In addition, this pump is very helpful for mothers who do not have a lot of milk because in fact it is able to increase the production of the amount of milk by up to 18% with double pumping.

3. Manual Breast Pump LG 88005 from Unimom Mezzo

The Best Manual Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump LG 88005 from Unimom Mezzo
Manual Breast Pump LG 88005 from Unimom Mezzo
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The next manual breast pump is the LG 88005 Manual Breast Pump from Unimom Mezzo. 
The mouthpiece has a silicone coating that makes it feel as comfortable as being massaged. It also stimulates breast milk so that it runs more smoothly. It is suitable for beginners who want to use a breast pump.

The shape is designed as well as possible so that it can be placed on a flat plane. In addition, you can also change the bottle according to the size you want. Purchasing a set of manual breast pumps from Unimom Mezzo, you can get breast guards, silicone diaphragms, levers, valves, funnels, bottle handles, nipple covers etc.

4. Convenient Manual Breast Pump G2026 from Claire’s

The Best Manual Breast Pump Convenient Manual Breast Pump G2026 from Claire's
Convenient Manual Breast Pump G2026 from Claire’s

This manual breast pump is quite unique because it does not have a lever to pump. 
This is because this pump is used using a kneaded pillow when pumping the breast. The advantage of this manual breast pump is that it is easy to install and clean. It has a green and clear color that is safe because it does not contain BPA at a fairly cheap price.

5. Manual Breast Pump from Bambi

The Best Manual Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump from Bambi
Manual Breast Pump from Bambi

Bambi Manual Breast Pump may only be found in some stores. 
But now you can find it easily in the online marketplace. The Bambi Manual Breast Pump may be less popular but you need to know that the quality is no less competitive. The price is also quite affordable and can be relied on on all sizes of milk bottles.

Available in a beautiful blue color is also very suitable as a gift for family or friends who have just given birth. The result of its use is quite effective and easy to clean. This product is designed with a funnel lid that is useful for more hygienic breast milk.

6. DODO BABY Manual Breast Pump DAC055

The Best Manual Breast Pump DODO BABY Manual Breast Pump Breastpump DAC055
DODO BABY Manual Breast Pump DAC055

Who doesn’t know the Dodo brand? 
Yes, this is because the dodo is known for its baby gear. Dodo also issued a breast pump product that you should try. They are economical and easy to find in baby supply stores. There is no need to doubt its safety because the plastic material is made of food grade BPA free. Easy to use with one hand and can be carried anywhere because it looks like a trumpet.

7. Manual Breast Pump from Pigeon

The Best Manual Breast Pumps Manual Breast Pumps from Pigeon
Pigeon Manual Breast Pump

Pigeon Manual Breast Pump is highly recommended for those of you who feel that their milk production is lacking. 
This is because this breast pump is equipped with two technologies, namely stimulus mode and milking mode. The first mode, namely the stimulus is useful for stimulating the breast, while the milking mode is useful for maximizing the milk that comes out.

Designed with a soft lever so you are more comfortable when using it. It also helps reduce hand strain when pumping. Equipped with a valve feature to hold breast milk back out of the bottle when pumping so you will only get pure breast milk that has not been contaminated.

8. Manual Breast Pump from Real Bubee

The Best Manual Breast Pumps Manual Breast Pumps from Real Bubee
Manual Breast Pump from Real Bubee

Real Bubee is a breast pump brand that is quite well known and used by breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia. 
The main reason is because the price is very economical and even cheaper than other brand manual pumps. At an economical price, you also get a baby pacifier. In terms of quality, don’t ask because it’s quite good even compared to other expensive brand breast pumps.

The advantage of a breast pump from Real Bubee is the bulge in the funnel of the pump. Usually useful as a massager at the time of pumping. This silicone massager does not separate so it is easier to carry or clean than other manual breast pump designs.

9. Hegen PCTO Manual Breast Pump

The Best Manual Breast Pump Hegen PCTO Manual Breast Pump
Hegen PCTO Manual Breast Pump

This manual breast pump has already received international health certification for food and medicine grade FDA. 
This is certainly not separated because the plastic and glass materials used are free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates. Although the material is made of glass, this product is shockproof and not easily broken.

This product is designed similar to the breast with a super soft silicone nipple. This allows mothers to directly breastfeed their babies from the bottle. Mothers also don’t have to bother moving breast milk to another storage bottle.

10. Tommee Tippee Breast pump Manual

The Best Manual Breast Pump Tommee Tippee Breast pump Manual
Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Manual

The last recommended product on the list is . 
This manual breast pump is designed as closely as possible to the baby’s suction while being pumped. It is very comfortable to use and also the task is ergonomically designed according to the needs of nursing mothers. It has 3 parts and is easy to assemble so it is suitable for mothers to use at home or while traveling.

Purchasing a set, you can get six breastpads, 2 breast milk storage containers, a sterilization box and also a valve. This breast pump is widely used by mothers and also child nurses in the UK.

That’s a list of the 10 best manual breast pump recommendations that you need to know. Then, do you already know which manual breast pump product to buy? If so, don’t forget to order at your favorite store both online and offline.

The Benefits of a Manual Breast Pump You Must Know

Some of you may often ask why mothers who are breastfeeding need a manual breast pump? The first thing that might be one of the reasons is because the manual looks quite easy to use.

Apart from that, what are the other reasons that make mothers choose manual breast pumps over electronic ones? Let’s see the following explanation of 6 reasons breastfeeding mothers should have this manual pump!

1. Can be Pumped Without Electricity

The first reason is because you only need your hands to run this manual breast pump. No need to look for a power outlet or worry if you don’t have access to electricity. The freedom you can pump anytime, anywhere, is really the main reason why you need a manual pump.

Using a breast pump is very appropriate because it is quite difficult to find a place that provides electricity in public places. For example, taking it to the tailgate of a football truck, to a wedding, on a trip, to a concert, and more.

Of course, if you’re willing to bother a little, you’ll probably be able to find electricity in most of these places. However, if you have an easier or more practical option, that is to go where you want and not have to look for a power outlet. So, why choose another option that requires greater effort, right?

2. Small Size So Easy To Carry

Manual pumps are much smaller and easier to build than electric breast pumps. You can put it in a small bag (for example using a cosmetic bag) and carry it in your purse.

No one will ever know it’s there and you can go for pumping easily without getting caught. If you travel, there can also bring a small milk storage cooler. That way you can make sure the ice pack is frozen when you leave and it gives you a safe place to store the milk until you get home.

3. Helps Reduce Breast Swelling

After you give birth to your first child you may experience using a Breast Pump to understand the aches and pains. However, later births may make you think the breast pump alone is making the breasts of nursing mothers sore. The tricky thing about the early days of bloating is that your body is really trying to understand how much milk you need.

Breast milk works on the supply and demand system, so the more milk that is removed from the body, the more milk the body will produce. That is why most lactation consultants and breastfeeding professionals will advise you against pumping until your milk supply is regulated. However, using an electronic pump makes you have to pump more so you can take your milk anywhere.

Using a manual pump to get as much milk out as you want without being overly pushy will certainly make you more comfortable. It is a quick and easy way to relieve engorgement and soften breasts.

4. Helps Remove Blockages  

A manual pump can be a great tool to help remove clogged drains. Since you have more control over the pumping position and speed, you can use it to help clear the blockage. Simply position the flange toward the clog using a long, slow pump to remove the plug.

5. Pumping More Milk  

All women have different amounts of breast milk, of course, but some find that they can actually get a greater milk production when using a manual pump. Some women’s breasts respond better to manual pumps than to electric breast pumps.

If you are struggling with your electric pump or having trouble getting a good output, I highly recommend that you try a manual pump. This could be the answer to your breastfeeding woes by pumping breast milk.

As pumping moms, we need all the tips we can get to make breastfeeding easier. Breastfeeding and pumping are big commitments and take a lot of time and energy. Having a manual pump can help you deal with swelling, pumping at work, and pumping in unusual places.

So many reviews about the Best Manual Breast Pump. Hopefully it adds information for you and don’t forget to visit other product recommendation articles.

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