Review of 10 Recommended Famous Branded Hat (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Hats can be one of the fashion items that can make a man’s style look cooler while protecting his head. Various hat products can actually be found easily on the market, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah, depending on the brand.

Merk Topi Branded TerbaikCap Illustration / Under Armor Brand Image 

branded as a complement to your outfit, read this article to the end. There are several things to consider when choosing a branded hat, for example, the type of hat, the material it is made of, the suitability of the hat to the shape of the face.

How to Choose a Good Hat

So that you don’t choose the wrong one, try to follow the steps below to choose a good hat.

1. Identifying the types of men’s hats

First, there are types of hats that have been around since 1880 and were very famous for their glory in the 1920s to 1950s. Fedora hats are characterized by an elongated indentation at the crown and brim or circular edges. Although it is an old hat, the fedora hat returned to fame after being worn by Bruno Mars. Fedora hats can be worn for a semi-formal look by pairing them with a leather jacket or blazer.

Furthermore, there is a snapback type with a crown consisting of 6 panels and a flat and hard visor (tongue). Hat this model has a slotted buckle that functions as a hat fastener. Snapback hats are often worn with the visor facing back or sideways, all of which gives an outfit .

The baseball cap model branded is the baseball cap, which was originally worn by baseball players. At first glance, the shape of the baseball cap resembles a snapback, but the visor of the baseball cap is curved. At the back, there is a strap that functions as a fastener. This hat is perfect for outfits and can be worn by women too.

For smoother air circulation inside the hat, you can choose a trucker hat type. Initially, this type of hat was a giveaway from a feed and agricultural equipment supplier company, and at that time it was called “Feed Cap.”  Then the truck drivers in America liked to wear it in the 1970s until it became known as the trucker hat until now.

The characteristics of the hat This type has a back panel made of mesh fabric to facilitate air circulation in the hat. The hat also looks similar to a snapback with a foam layer on the crown in the  The visor of the hat is sometimes designed to be flat, but it can also be curved.

Then there is the beanie type hat, or better known as the skullcap by Indonesians. Hat This type does not have a brim or visor, but only a hood that is fully coiled up to the ears. The material used to make a beanie is usually knitted yarn so that it can stretch to follow the circumference of the head. Compared to tropical countries, beanies People in countries with four seasons are more familiar with it, especially during winter.

There is also a bucket hat type that has a shape resembling a bucket. In the 1980s, this type of hat was popular among rappers and became a trend when worn by Rihanna. Hat The bucket hat is similar to the jungle hat that adventurers usually wear, but without the chin strap.

Finally, there is the type of flat cap hat that was worn by manual laborers and thugs in the early twenties. The flat cap type has a small and stiff brim at the front. Currently, flat caps are better known as “artists’ hats” because they are worn by many musicians, painters, and writers. This hat will give the wearer a classic and classy impression.

2. Choosing the most suitable hat material

Most of the branded men’s hats on the market are made of cloth, but some are made of knitted wool, such as beanie. The fabric used to make this type of hat is also varied, such as twill, wool, ripstop, famatex, laken, drill, denim, and canvas. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of fabric, just adjust it according to your needs.

3. Adjust the hat to the shape of the face

A hat that looks good worn by others is not necessarily good when worn. One of the factors that influences this is the shape of the face. For owners of oval faces, it will be suitable to wear various types of hats. Just adjust to their individual tastes.

Meanwhile, if you have a round face, avoid hats that have round tops because they can make your face look rounder. Instead, you can wear a fedora and a flat cap. If your face is square, you should wear hats that tend to be round, such as bucket hats, baseball caps, snapbacks, and tucker hats.

For people whose faces tend to be oval, hats like fedoras and bucket hats are the right choice. As for the owner of a heart-shaped face, beanie or baseball caps can be an alternative choice. Lastly, for a triangular face, you can wear quite a few types of hats, be it a flat cap, fedora, snapback, tucker hat, or bucket hat.


Hat brands are usually sold for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the material and type. In addition to buying directly at the outlet, many branded men’s e-commerce. Here hats are branded for men.

1. Puma Hemp BB Cap Men 02 12

Famous Branded Hat Puma Hemp BB Cap Man 02 12
Puma Hemp BB Cap Men 02 12

Puma Hemp BB Cap Men 02 12 is made of a cotton blend with an eyelet and a curved peak. Because it is made of cotton, the brand can absorb sweat well. The design itself has a monochrome nuance and will be suitable for those of you who like a street look with a classic impression.

On the front of the hat is an embroidered Puma logo. As with branded , on the back there is an adjustable velcro to adjust the hat to the size of the head. Puma Hemp BB Cap Men 02 12 can be purchased at the online official Puma

2. Hamlin Desh Sells Fiery Baseball

Famous Branded Hat Hamlin Drsh Hat Baseball Sells Fiery
Hamlin Desh Sells Fiery Baseball

The brand name of the hat is Hamlin Desh Sells Fiery Baseball Cap, which is made of cotton combined with polyester. The design looks simple but   so it is very suitable to be combined with casual outfits. This product is actually unisex, so it can also be worn by women.

The circumference of the hat is about 540 mm x 590 mm, with a length of 90 mm and a depth of 115 mm. No need to worry that brand will be too big or too small, because it is equipped with a resizable strap. abonus keychain and sticker for every purchase of Hamlin Drs Baseball Cap Sells Fiery.

3. Timberland Men Cotton Canvas Hat-TB0A1E9M949

Famous Branded Hat Timberland Men Cotton Canvas Hat-TB0A1E9M949
Timberland Men Cotton Canvas Hat-TB0A1E9M949

The Timberland Men’s Cotton Canvas Hat is made of 100% cotton canvas, which is strong and comfortable to wear. The hat branded and looks elegant with a 3D embroidered tree-shaped logo detail on the front. At the back of the hat, there is an adjustable leather back strap with a metal buckle to adjust the size of the hat to the size of the head.

The hat branded in blue and can be worn by both men and women for casual style. The Timberland Men’s Cotton Canvas Hat can be purchased online at the official store.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch Core Turn Up Script Beanie Men 02

Famous Branded Hat Abercrombie _ Fitch Core Turn Up Script Beanie Pria 02
Abercrombie & Fitch Core Turn Up Script Beanie Men 02

Looking for a simple but fashionable beanie hat? This Abercrombie & Fitch Core Turn Up Beanie product could be the right choice. hat branded has a turned up hem monochromeOn the front of the hat, there is a small Abercrombie patch.

Like other beanies, the Abercrombie & Fitch Core Turn Up Beanie can also stretch according to the size of the user’s head. You can get the best quality beanies that are perfect for cold weather.

5. Under Armor Trucker Blitzing Cap

Famous Branded Hat Under Armour Hat Man UA Trucker Blitzing Cap
Under Armor Trucker Blitzing Cap

hats branded , such as pre-curved visor and structured front panels that keep their shape for a long time. The crown hat brand is designed to be slightly higher than other products so that it gives a modern impression. In addition, there are trucker mesh sides and back panels to facilitate air circulation inside the hat.

This hat brand is also equipped with a Built-in HeatGear® sweatband to keep your head cool and dry even when the weather is hot. Not to forget, there is also an adjustable snapback closure to adjust the hat size to the user’s head size. If you want to have this Under Armor Trucker Blitzing Cap.

6. Spyderbilt Men’s Blue Javon Hat (MCAP164-BLU) The Planetsurf

Famous Branded Hat Spyderbilt Hat Man Biru Javon (MCAP164-BLU) Planetsurf
Spyderbilt Men’s Blue Javon Hat (MCAP164-BLU) The Planetsurf

Spyderbilt Javon is made of nylon material with a casual blue design. On the front of the brand, there is a 3D embroidery in the shape of a spider. There is a stainless steel adjuster to adjust the size of the hat to the user’s head to make it more comfortable to wear.

Spyderbilt Javon is made with a hat circumference of 57 cm, so it can be worn by teenage boys or adults. hat branded can be purchased from the official store on e-commerce.

7. La Sportiva Rage Trucker – Cloud/Carbon

Famous Branded Hat La Sportiva Rage Trucker - Cloud Carbon
La Sportiva Rage Trucker – Cloud/Carbon

Need a brand that can be worn for morning runs or other high intensity ? One of the right choices could be the La Sportiva Rage Trucker. Made of 100% PES material, the brand is designed with small holes all over the hat to make it easier for air to circulate inside the head when sweating.

It can also be worn by women because it has a neutral color, which is a combination of white and gray.

8. Arcteryx Bird Head Toque

Famous Branded Hat Arcteryx Bird Head Toque
Arcteryx Bird Head Toque

The Arcteryx Bird Head Toque is made of a 50/50 merino wool and acrylic blend. The material itself is a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers, so it is safe and comfortable to wear but is still stronger than hats made from 100% natural fibers. The branded hat will be very suitable to help warm the ears when the weather is very cold.

The Arcteryx Bird Head Toque is available in several color choices. They are blue, red, light blue, and gray. However, because it is quite thick and made of quality materials, the brand name is relatively more expensive than the previous product.

9. Adidas Run Rt Cap AR Unisex Sports Accessories Cap – Black

Famous Branded Hat Adidas Run Rt Cap A.R. Unisex Sports Accessories Cap - Black
Adidas Run Rt Cap AR Unisex Sports Accessories Cap – Black

Apart from shoes, the brand also produces hats that are no less cool than its shoes. breathable mesh material. Another advantage of this product is that it is made with primegreen or a series of recycled materials but has high performance, a curved brim that protects the eyes when running in the sun, and the presence of AERO READY fabric to overcome excessive perspiration.

With the various advantages listed above, the Adidas Run Rt Cap AR is perfect for use when the weather is hot. A hat branded by Adidas. The original products can be purchased at resellers’ official Adidas e-commerce.

10. Hugo Boss Tover Honeycomb

Famous Branded Hat Hugo Boss Tover Honeycomb
Hugo Boss Tover Honeycomb

The hat’s brand is Hugo Boss Tover Honeycomb. This product is made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Designed in white with additional logo artwork on the front, this hat conveys a modern and classy feel.

The adjustable closure hat is laser-made and labeled with BOSS branding. For those who want to have a Hugo Boss Tover Honeycomb.

How to Clean a Hat According to the Material

Various brands are priced quite expensively, so they need to be treated properly so that they last a long time. Even though they don’t look dirty, hats that are often worn still collect a lot of dust, coconut oil, and dead skin cells, so they still need to be washed regularly.

How to wash brands actually varies, depending on the material used to make the hat. Since most hats are made of cotton, here is a review of the steps for washing them.

  • Soak the hat in the detergent solution for 30 minutes.
  • Immediately rinse the hat with tap water until it is completely clean.
  • Place the hat on a clean towel and gently pat until all the drops disappear
  • . Dry the hat in a cool way without needing to be exposed to direct sunlight.

One of the materials of branded hats that requires special care is leather. For example, hats only need to be wiped with a wet cloth and soap without needing to be washed, because that can actually damage the skin texture. In addition, men’s hats made of leather require regular application of conditioner to keep the material soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.


Hats branded are not only comfortable to wear but also bring value to the wearer, so they are still in demand even though the price is quite expensive. This article has discussed several brands that are easy to find in e-commerce as well as a brief review of hat care.

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