10 Best Box Gifts Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Towards certain holidays, for example Eid al-Fitr, Ramadan, Christmas, New Years, and so on, sharing hampers is a trend in itself. Apart from buying them directly at various stores in e-commerce, you can actually make your own hampers, so they can be more to your taste.

To find beautiful and attractive hamper boxes to wrap hampers for your loved ones, let’s find out the tips and product recommendations in the following Ainun article !

Tips for Choosing Good Box Hampers

Best Box Hampers
Illustration of Box Hampers

Hampers actually refer to the English word which means basket, so food or goods called hampers are placed in large woven baskets. In contrast to parcel which refers to packages wrapped in paper with more diverse types of filling.

But in Indonesia, the meaning of parcel and hamper is no longer distinguished and the packaging is adjusted to the type of goods sent. To get the best hampers on the market, you can pay attention to the following things.

1. Choose a box based on the material

One of the easiest box hamper materials to find in Indonesia is cardboard because it is easy to shape into a variety of cute and attractive designs. Various colors and low prices also make cardboard in great demand by many people as hampers wrappers.

The choice of cardboard colors as box hampers can be adjusted according to the occasion you are facing. For example, choosing red boxes and ornaments for Chinese New Year and Christmas celebrations. As for Eid al-Fitr, you can choose boxes and ornaments in shades of green, blue and white.

The appearance of the hampers sent will certainly be even more attractive if they are wrapped in woven boxes . Usually , this type of box hampers is made of two kinds of materials, namely bamboo and rattan because of their flexible nature. However, because it is a little stiff, usually woven bamboo baskets will look more tenuous compared to baskets made of rattan.

Other advantages of these two materials are that they are light, sturdy, durable, and present an authentic hampers impression . Hampers boxes made of woven will be very suitable as a wrapper for wooden cutlery, diffusers , various tea products, and various other items with a traditional feel.

If you are going to put a lot of items in hampers, there’s nothing wrong with choosing hampers made of wood. Hamper boxes made from this material are known to have strong durability and are not easily damaged. Some manufacturers of wooden hamper boxes also add a layer of glass on top to give the hampers a luxurious and elegant impression . Not only luxurious, this box can also be reused by the recipient, so it’s arguably more environmentally friendly and worth the price which is quite expensive.

2. Choose the appropriate size and shape

After getting the right ingredients, you also need to make sure the size of the hamper box is sufficient to accommodate all the stuffing that will be put in. A size that is too small or too large will certainly make the hampers not good. So before ordering a hamper box, make sure you have determined what the contents of the hamper are then try to arrange the items first to get an idea of ​​the size needed.

There’s nothing wrong with considering the shape of a suitable hamper box , because hampers on the market are not always square, but some are available in round, rectangular, oval, triangular, and other shapes. Square shapes are the easiest to find, but consider other shapes to make the hampers look more interesting.

3. Adjusting the design to the occasion

If you have found the right material, size and shape, don’t forget to adjust the hampers box design to the occasion . If you are going to use it as Eid or Christmas hampers , there’s nothing wrong with choosing a basket model to show some of the contents inside.

This aims to make the recipient more curious about the hampers you send. As for Chinese New Year hampers , try choosing the box model with mica because usually Chinese New Year hampers are filled with pastries , sweets, and can even contain red packets.

Make sure to also adjust the box hamper ornaments, for example diamond, drum, or mosque ornaments for Eid and Ramadan hampers, pine tree ornaments and bells for Christmas hampers , or fireworks ornaments for New Year’s hampers . To make it feel more personal and touching, complete the box hampers with certain writings that you arrange yourself. So hampers are not just an ‘obligation’ or ‘return of favor’, but also a link between you and the recipient.

10 Best Box Hampers Recommendations

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Hamper boxes that are ready to use are now very easy to find on the marketplace, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. The following are recommendations for various hamper boxes that can be purchased through Shopee, Tokopedia, or other e-commerce .

1. Libby Baby Gift Box + Giftcard

Box Hampers Terbaik - Libby Baby Gift Box + Giftcard
Box Hampers – Libby Baby Gift Box + Giftcard
Made of cardboard and has a simple design, the Libby Baby Gift Box can be used as a gift box for various occasions, such as birthdays, new borns and baby showers . Every time you purchase this hampers box , you will also receive a gift card which can be delivered via notes, so later Libby Baby just has to write it down But if you want to be a little fussy, just leave the writing on the gift card blank so you can convey the sentences you have prepared yourself. For the price, Libby Baby Gift Box is priced very cheaply, only 7000 rupiahs.

2. Hijabwanitacantik Packing Box Exclusive Rustic

Box Hampers Terbaik - Hijabwanitacantik Packing Box Exclusive Rustic
Box Hampers – Hijabwanitacantik Packing Box Exclusive Rustic

Want to send a hijab gift to a friend who is having a birthday or on Hari Raya? 
Try wrapping the headscarf using this Rustic hamper box from 
Hijabwomanbeautiful . If you haven’t prepared your own hijab product as a filling, you can also choose various hijabs from Hijabwanitacantik in the window. The size of this hampers box is quite large, which is 25 cm x 18 cm x 4.5 cm which fits 1 dress or 1-5 hijabs.

There are several variants of the HijabWomen ‘s hampers box to choose from, there is Something Special for 1-3 pcs of hijab, Leather Pouch for 1 pcs of hijab, and Rustic Cardboard Box for 1-3 pcs of hijab. The price for this hampers box is also quite affordable, only around 20 thousand rupiahs and can be ordered directly through the official Hijabwanitacantik store . Every purchase of a box also comes with a free gift card that you can write yourself or have the message written by Hijab Wanitacantik.

3. Nice Kids Hard Box Bonus Greeting Card

Box Hampers Terbaik - Nice Kids Hard Box Bonus Greeting Card
Box Hampers – Nice Kids Hard Box Bonus Greeting Card

If you want to send gifts to friends or relatives who have just given birth, there’s nothing wrong with wrapping them with 
these hampers boxes from Nice Kids. Having a book-like design, the Nice Kids Hard Box measures 32 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm which is sufficient for 5-7 items of baby products . So in this box, you can roughly put 2 bodysuits , 1 bay suit, a pair of shoes and socks, 1 swaddle, and a pair of booties mittens. Sold at only 30 thousand rupiahs, every purchase of Nice Kids Hard Box also includes a bonus greeting card that you can write yourself or write it by Nice Kids.

4. Bambi Gift Box for Hampers

Box Hampers Terbaik - Bambi Gift Box for Hampers
Box Hampers – Bambi Gift Box for Hampers

To send various types of Eid pastries, you can 
wrap them using these hampers boxes from Bambi. At first glance, Bambi Gift Box looks like wood, but it’s actually made of cardboard covered with PVC sheet to make it water resistant. This product has a size of 28 cm x 14 cm x 15 cm and on the front there is a printed image with the nuances of Eid al-Fitr.

Even though it is made of cardboard, it is still possible for Bambi Gift Box to be reused as a storage box. Pretty eco-friendly, right? Available in four color choices, namely pastel green, medium green, yellow, and brown wood, these box hampers are sold at IDR 28,000. Interestingly, for every purchase of 3 Bambi Gift Boxes you will get 1 free gift box of random color.

5. Papyrus Gift Box

Box Hampers Terbaik - Papyrus Gift Box
Box Hampers – Papyrus Gift Box

Box hampers
 from Papyrus are made of hard board with a size of 29.5 cm x 29.5 cm x 9.8 cm and a thickness of up to 0.5 cm. Equipped with a luxurious ribbon, this gift box is perfect for wrapping expensive hampers to make it seem exclusive. Papyrus Gift Boxes are available in a choice of blue, navy, black, cream, gray, and are sold at 60 thousand rupiah.

6. Haveltea Gift Set Hamper Packaging

Best Hampers Box - Haveltea Hampers Gift Set Packaging
Box Hampers – Haveltea Kemasan Gift Set Hampers

If you want to give 
hampers in the form of food products, drinks, aromatherapy candles, or similar items, Haveltea Gift Sets can be the right hampers box choice . The box itself is made with a size of 24 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm and can roughly fit 4 to 6 mini tins or 3 big tins. To make filling easier, you can also buy the tin directly through Haveltea.

Like some of the previous box hampers , every purchase of Haveltea Gift Set includes a free greeting card for messages of up to 10 words. This product is sold at 49 thousand rupiahs. You don’t only get hampers boxes, but also ribbons, shredded paper , and Haveltea stickers.

7. Little Palmerhaus Palmerhaus Box Large

Box Hampers Terbaik - Little Palmerhaus Palmerhaus Box Large
Box Hampers – Little Palmerhaus Palmerhaus Box Large

Palmerhaus Box by Little Palmerhaus has a design that is quite unique and resembles a house. 
The size of this 
hampers box is quite large, around 36 cm x 25.5 cm x 41.5 cm and is sufficient for food, such as chocolate, pastries, and the like. Sold for 20 thousand rupiah, every Palmerhaus Box by Little Palmerhaus purchase will be assembled, so you just have to use it.

8. Cocohanee Yellow Wardrobe Gift Box

Box Hampers Terbaik - Cocohanee Yellow Wardrobe Gift Box
Box Hampers – Cocohanee Yellow Wardrobe Gift Box

Cocohanee Yellow Wardrobe Gift Box is made of 
hard box material with a size of 26 cm x 21 cm x 7 cm. The design of these box hampers makes it more suitable for use as a new born or child’s birthday gift box. One box of Cocohanee Yellow Wardrobe Gift Box is enough for 2 pajamas, or you can replace it with another item that is the same size as the pajamas. This product can be purchased through the Cocohanee official store at a price of 77 thousand rupiah.

9. Nadastore Box Anyaman

The Best Box Hampers - Nadastore Woven Boxes
Box Hampers – Nadastore Box Anyaman

To wrap gifts in the form of drinks or cutlery, woven 
hamper boxes from Nadastore can be the right choice. This product is made in dimensions of 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm and can fit around 11 small glasses or several cutlery. The unit price is also relatively cheap, around 39 thousand rupiah, it can even be cheaper if you buy more than 10 pcs.

10. Foxandbunny Packaging Hampers

Box Hampers Terbaik - Foxandbunny Packaging Hampers
Box Hampers – Foxandbunny Packaging Hampers

Foxandbunny also offers woven 
hampers boxes that are very beautiful and can be customized according to the wishes of the customers. The product selection is also diverse, there are mesh fabrics, card boards measuring 28 cm x 23 cm x 18 cm, hard boxes measuring 24 cm x 29 cm x 9 cm, rattan, and utility bags. Each type of gift box has its own use, for example hard boxes for busybooks, babybooks, contrast books, smart busy books , blankets , and clothes.

To make it easier to choose items, you can order box hampers through Foxandbunny, so you don’t have to bother choosing items from other places. The price for Foxandbunny Packaging Hampers is quite varied, around 27 thousand – 69 thousand rupiah, depending on the type chosen.

How to Make Your Own Hampers Box

Some hampers that are sold in the market may seem quite expensive for some people. It’s quite difficult to find interesting hampers that sell for under 100 thousand rupiah, either directly or through the marketplace, because some box hampers are priced up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. One way that can be used to overcome this is to make your own hampers box using the steps below.

  1. Prepare a plain brown cardboard box, because the price is affordable, looks classic, and is suitable for any decoration It’s best to choose box hampers made of quality materials, for example corrugated materials so they don’t get damaged when shipped.
  2. Insert a greeting card inside or outside the hamper box to make the hamper more memorable to the recipient. Use a greeting card that has an attractive design. To make the hampers look more attractive, complete them with funny stickers.
  3. If there is still empty space in the hamper box, try filling it with shredded paper so the items inside don’t move. Another function of shredded paper is as a substitute for bubble wrap to protect the goods inside so they are not damaged in shipping. Materials used as shredded paper are not limited to one type only. You can use newsprint, colorful HVS, or old cardboard.
  4. Give the finishing touch to the hamper box using certain decorations on the cover, which can be ribbons, hemp rope, or small dried flowers placed inside the hampers .

After preparing the box hampers well, don’t forget the stuffing inside. The contents in the hampers can be very diverse. You can fill it with food, drinks, cutlery sets, diffusers, aromatherapy candles, dry snacks , various types of tea, religious supplies, books, facial care sets, perfumes, reading books, baby equipment, and much more. The contents themselves can be adjusted to the reason why you sent the hampers .


In sending parcels or hampers, the hamper box is arguably the most important component because it is used as a place for the items to be sent. If you are looking for a hampers box product with an attractive design, this article has discussed product recommendations.

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