10 Recommended Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children (Lates 2024)

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Best Blog Review – When children enter preschool, such as kindergarten, or maybe have started their learning activities in elementary school (SD), you certainly don’t want them to snack randomly, which has an impact on their health. For this reason, some parents prefer to bring their baby food from home. But, do you already have a Lunch Box or a place to eat for children?

In the city, it is very easy to find places to eat. Manufacturers create dining places from different materials, such as plastic, stainless steel, and wood. The shapes, sizes, and designs that are formulated for each of the output products are varied. Are you confused about which one to choose? Don’t worry, we will help you find the best place to eat for children in this article!

Tempat Makan (Lunch Box) untuk Anak Lucu UnikUnique and Funny Lunch Box Illustrations for Children

How to choose a Lunch Box for children

The first thing we will describe is how to choose a place to eat for children. As we discussed earlier, there are many choices of places to eat, starting from the material used, body shape, size, and so on. So that it is not difficult to find, we will share what points you need to pay attention to when looking for a place to eat for children below.

1. Places to eat made of plastic, cheaper and often found

In Indonesia, we can easily find places to eat for children and adults using plastic material. If you are interested in bringing food to your child in plastic food containers, you must make sure that the plastic is heat-resistant.

The main requirement for a plastic dining area is to have heat resistance properties. In addition, you also have to find out whether the dining area can be heated via a microwave or not. Of course, the better the quality of the product, the higher the price offered. However, the average plastic eating place is sold at a friendly price.

2. Stainless steel dining area, also heat resistant and more durable

The ability of each material to trap heat in food is different. Stainless steel utensils are considered to be better at locking in room temperature than plastic utensils. Not only that, stainless steel dining places have also been proven to be stronger than plastic or wood.

If you want to buy a child’s lunch box made of stainless steel, of course you need to prepare a large enough budget because the average price is high. However, remember the added value of the characteristics of this lunch box, which is that it is easy to last. So, you don’t need to spend money more often because it is not easy to rust and is durable for long-term use.

3. Wooden eating places, simpler but difficult to find

Some manufacturers present children’s dining places made of wood. The wood used has gone through a trial process so that it has a fairly high heat resistance. The main advantage of a wooden dining table is that it is also able to maintain the warmth of food well.

Not only that, another characteristic of wood materials is that they do not absorb much moisture. Thus, the rice that you bring for a child’s lunch will remain fluffier during recess. Children will be more enthusiastic about spending their luggage. Even though it has several advantages, wooden places to eat in Indonesia itself have begun to be difficult to find. On average, manufacturers produce more food containers from plastic and stainless steel.

4. Even though it is expensive, it’s good to consider products that come with rubber on the lid

At one time, you might bring your child a lunch of soupy food, whether soup or something. This type of food should be placed in a place that has a very tight lid. You can use a food container with a rubber lid so that the soupy food inside doesn’t spill into the bag and spoil the child’s mood at school.

Meanwhile, a place to eat that is not accompanied by rubber on the lid will make it easier for food to spill. For this reason, this aspect is important if you are someone who wants to introduce children to soupy foods because, generally, more vegetables can be added so that children get used to eating vegetables.

10 Recommendations for the best Lunch Box for children


Based on the previous explanation, we assume you already know what kind of place to eat your baby wants to take to school or when traveling. In this section, tomslead.com will outline ten choices of the best places for children. Are you ready to choose? Come on, just get started!

1. Square Double Layer Japanese Lunch Box

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Square Double Layer Japanese Lunch Box
Square Double Layer Japanese Lunch Box

At certain grade levels, it is not uncommon for schools to hold activities outside of school, or better known as field trips. You can provide your child with light or heavy meals using this 2-layer feeding tray. Each compartment is large enough to fit multiple layers of bread, cake slices, or other snacks.

In the other compartment, you can also use it to put sweet foods such as candy for your child to suck on or share with other friends. This dining area is equipped with a fastening strap that will prevent food from spilling easily. Measuring 12 x 12 x 10 cm with a weight of 190 grams, of course it won’t take up much space in the vehicle.

2. Torune Lunch Box Panda

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Torune Lunch Box Panda
Torune Lunch Box Panda

At the time of purchasing Torune Lunch Box Panda, you will get a bag or drawstring to store a place to eat. Both the storage bag and the dining area itself have a cute panda face character design. This product is very suitable to be given to boys or girls because of its unisex character.

The Torune Lunch Box Panda is very easy to carry thanks to the included drawstring. There is only one compartment provided, so that it will be perfect for storing rice and side dishes to eat at lunchtime or during children’s breaks. With a volume of 370 ml, this place to eat is more suitable for kindergarten age children.

3. Lunch Box Tomica Patrol Car 3D

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Tomica Patrol Car 3D
Lunch Box Tomica Patrol Car 3D

In kindergarten, not a few teachers ask parents to prepare lunches to eat together during recess. For those of you who have a son, of course, this place to eat will suit him. Designed with a 3D lid in the shape of a police car, your child will be excited even if they have to bring lunch every day.

Designed in 80 and 280 ml sizes, this feeding holder is ideal for your child who hasn’t eaten too much. The presence of a 3D cover on this product is used to provide 2 places to eat that are stored in it. The two places to eat have different sizes. You can also bring a more diverse type of food, from heavy to light food.

4. Pot De Miel Korea Lunch Box

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Pot De Miel Korea Lunch Box
Pot De Miel Korea Lunch Box

A very minimalist body shape makes this place to eat suitable for your sons and daughters to bring. There are a variety of color choices that can be adjusted to your child’s preferences. As the name implies, these products imported directly from Korea are made of very high quality materials to maintain good food quality.

Manufacturers provide 2 places to eat that are separated by a partition. When put together, this dining area can be carried because there is a handle at the top. That way, your child can carry the product without having to put it in a bag. Not only 2 eating places and a divider, but the manufacturer also equips this product with spoons and forks so that your child doesn’t have to wash their hands after eating.

5. Kokeshi Bento Lunch Box

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Kokeshi Bento Lunch Box
Kokeshi Bento Lunch Box

With the concept of an all in one design, this product will make it easier for you to bring your child’s lunch to eat at school. Children will also be protected from diseases caused by germs from the results of indiscriminate snacks. This dining area allows you to give your child soupy food without fear of spilling.

The Kokeshi Bento Lunch Box consists of 2 places to eat. Each dining area has a capacity of 200 ml. Besides consisting of 2 stacks of eating places, this product is also equipped with a head that can be used as a bowl. This product can also be heated in the microwave because it is made of a material that can conduct heat well.

6. Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter
Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter

If you want to bring food that is more delicious to eat warm, of course you need a lunch box made of material that is able to lock in the temperature optimally. The Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter is the right choice for you. If it is made of stainless steel, rice, side dishes, or other snacks in it will keep their warmth until rest time.

This product has 5 compartments in it. You can place a variety of foods in each of the provided compartments. With the partition between each compartment, you don’t have to worry about food being mixed into other compartments, thereby reducing your child’s appetite for food.

7. 2 Layer Bento Lunch Box for Kids

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children 2 Layer Bento Lunch Box for Kids
2 Layer Bento Lunch Box for Kids

Is your child among those who like to eat large portions? If so, then it is certain that this one product is perfect for your baby. The 2 layer bento lunch box for kids was created with a size of 18.2 x 8.5 x 10 cm, so it is quite large to store food portions in it. Not to mention the 2 levels that can be used for children’s lunch several times.

In the upper compartment, the manufacturer provides a partition that you can adjust so that the number of dishes you want to put in can be easily adjusted. While on the lid, there is a lid to prevent food from spilling, even the gravy one. Inside the dining area, there is also a spoon and a spoon holder, which makes it more practical when you want to use it.

8. Uchii – Lunch Box Japanese Wooden Bento

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Uchii – Lunch Box Japanese Wooden Bento
Uchii – Lunch Box Japanese Wooden Bento

This is a place to eat that was formulated by a Japanese manufacturer. Uchii – Japanese Wooden Bento Lunch Box is made of quality wood. You don’t need to doubt the quality because this product has been tested for a long time to ensure it lasts a long time.

This dining area has dimensions of 19.5 x 13 x 7 cm with removable partitions or partitions. The main compartment itself actually consists of 3 parts, where 1 large part is for placing rice and 2 other smaller places for various side dishes.

9. Technoplast Lunch Box Set Puzzle

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children Technoplast Lunch Box Set Puzzle
Technoplast Lunch Box Set Puzzle

Want to introduce children to the world of animals at a young age? The following dining products will be the right choice for your little one. The Technoplast Lunch Box Set Puzzle is presented in many animal character designs, such as penguins, owls, frogs, bees, koalas, rabbits, and many more, each of which is wrapped in bright colors.

This lunch box provides 2 main compartments measuring 630 ml and 310 ml. This product is sold as a set. One set consists of 2 main eating areas, a plastic spoon, a plastic fork, and even 1 water bottle measuring 500 ml. Manufacturers do not forget to give buyers a bag to store this lunch box in. With a low selling price, you will not feel disadvantaged when choosing this product.

10. The Fruits Lunch

Places to Eat (Lunch Box) for the Best Children The Fruits Lunch Box
The Fruits Lunch

Box You can choose the Fruits Lunch Box as a place to eat to store supplies for children to eat at school or traveling. This product, with a size of 12 x 12 x 8 cm, has a cute and adorable design. Each design variant has a different color so that it can be adjusted to the gender or personality of the child.

The Fruits Lunch Box provides 2 main compartments to put rice along with side dishes or fruits as snacks. This product is also equipped with 2 pieces on the right and left sides of the lid that are easy to open or lock again. One more thing, this product also has a minimalist design. It comes in a calm color combination, so your child is guaranteed to like it.


Children’s eating desires can indeed change. That’s why it’s important for you to buy several places to eat for children that are tailored to the type of food that your little one wants to bring. By preparing their own food from home, your child is not only kept away from the risk of disease due to snacking. More than that, he will also learn to save his pocket money!

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