Top 10 Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Complementary foods such as baby porridge spilled on baby clothes often trouble parents. If you want your child’s feeding activity to be quieter and free from homework, changing clothes due to spilled food or drink, you can use a baby apron. An apron, or cukin, is also known as a baby bib.

A baby aprons is useful for preventing dirty baby clothes from being exposed to spilled food, drinks, or saliva. The presence of this item is very helpful for parents. If until now you didn’t have one, we recommend buying a baby apron to go with it to accompany your little one’s eating and drinking activities.

Celemek Bayi Terbaik Berdasarkan Usia Terbaru 2019Illustration of a baby using an apron


to choose a baby apron. There are various designs and models of baby aprons for you to choose from. Ranging from simple to cute and attractive designs, they are all available on the market. However, before deciding which product to take home, you should consider the following points when choosing a baby apron.

1. Choose materials that are safe for babies

The most important element to consider is the materials used by manufacturers in designing baby aprons. At the age of a baby, the skin texture is still very soft and smooth. In order not to cause problems such as allergies to sensitive baby skin, you need to make sure the baby’s aprons are made of safe materials for their skin.

The most suitable material for all babies’ skin is a soft and lint-free textured fabric. Because if there are fibers on the surface of the cloth, the apron will interfere with the comfort of the baby. Especially in the neck area where it directly touches the skin. In addition, pay attention to the rope material used to glue the apron not contain ingredients that cause itching.

2. For ages 0 – 3 months, choose a baby apron with a soft texture.

At the age of 0–3 months, babies don’t salivate much from their mouths. However, at this age, babies are also prone to vomiting or spitting up when given breast milk. If you do not want to change clothes that are exposed to the vomit of breast milk, you should attach an apron to your baby. Provide a few pieces of aprons made of soft, so you can wear more than one in a day.

4. For ages 3-4 months, make sure the baby’s apron is large enough.

Regular breastfeeding will support optimal growth of the baby’s body. When going through the first phase (0-3 months), the baby begins to enter the advanced phase (3-4 months), where the body size is also getting bigger. In addition, the habit of salivating is also more frequent. During this period, you will need a large supply of baby aprons. Look for an apron with a loop of strap that is large enough to fit comfortably around your baby’s neck.

5. For ages 5 months and over, use a small baby apron.

If at the age of 0-4 months, a baby apron has a size that covers the front of the baby completely, it’s different when your baby enters the age of 5 months and over. The baby begins to move actively and the neck circumference is also getting smaller than before. Replace the baby apron that you wore for the previous period with a new one. Use a smaller apron size so it doesn’t interfere with your baby’s movement.

10 Best Baby Aprons Recommendations 2021


The cute and attractive design of the apron might make your baby happy when fed. But what does it mean if a baby apron is not accompanied by good quality anyway? Therefore, will introduce the best baby apron product brands that you can use in this section. Please choose the one that suits your baby’s needs!

1. Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs
Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs

If you want a baby bib designed by an experienced manufacturer, then Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs are worth considering. This Pigeon baby apron is made of an ultra absorbent material, so it can absorb dirt or milk spills well. There is a Velcro strap around the neck, so you don’t have to bother tying it.

In addition to promoting the element of convenience, the Pigeon Disposable Baby Bus is also ideal for you to take with your baby. With this item, you don’t have to bother cleaning baby clothes because they are exposed to porridge or baby milk spills. These aprons are disposable, so when they are worn and dirty, you can throw them away and get a new one.

2. Baby Bee Triangle Bibs

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Baby Bee Triangle Bibs
Baby Bee Triangle Bibs

Newborns up to 3 months old need a baby apron to prevent continuous spillage of breast milk onto their clothes. You can use Baby Bee Triangle Bibs, which are easily purchased through baby supply stores. By applying this product to the child’s body, the risk of rash due to leftover breast milk that is not cleaned off the skin can be prevented.

Baby Bee Triangle Bibs use soft cotton on the surface so that it can absorb breast milk optimally. On the back, this baby apron is made of soft towels so it won’t cause itching or discomfort on sensitive baby skin.

3. Waterproof Baby Bibs

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Waterproof Baby Bib
Waterproof Baby Bibs

An apron with a large size from Waterproof is suitable for babies aged 0-5 months when their bodies are not actively moving. You can cover the baby’s chest with waterproof baby bibs when you want to feed your baby breast milk. This product, which is installed on the baby’s front body, will prevent food or milk from spilling and causing stains on clothes.

Not only that, waterproof baby bibs also apply EVA foam and waterproof material so that when there are stains, the stains don’t easily seep into the fabric fibers. This advantage will make it easier for you to clean baby’s apron without having to go the extra mile to remove stains.

4. Silicone Baby Bibs

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Silicone Baby Bibs
Silicone Baby Bibs

Some brands have spawned baby aprons with simple and minimalist designs. If your child is not happy with things that look ordinary, then you can find them an apron with a cute and adorable design, like these Silicone Baby Bibs. It comes in a minimalist form but carries a cute design and a variety of colors.

This baby apron is made of silicone material with a very unique motif. There are illustrations of animal faces with a creative touch to make them look funny. Besides having an attractive design, Silicone Baby Bibs are also equipped with 3 hook holes to adjust to the size of your baby’s neck circumference.

5. Long-Hand Baby Bib

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Baby Bib Long-Hand
Long-Hand Baby Bib

For babies who move a lot, the Long-Hand Baby Bib is here as a solution for parents who are overwhelmed when breastfeeding or weaning their child. This baby apron is designed in a shape resembling a shirt but without the back cover. This product can be used for babies with a chest circumference of up to 8 cm or children aged 2 years.

This Baby Bib Long-Hand is presented to perfectly cover all your baby’s clothes. With this large baby apron or smock, baby clothes will be protected from spills, even in the hand area. The material used to make this baby apron is also not easily see-through or wet when exposed to spilled drinks or food.

6. Baby Bib Triangle 3 Dimensional

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Baby Bib Triangle 3 Dimension
Baby Bib Triangle 3 Dimensional

The line motif carried by Baby Bib on this baby apron makes it suitable for both baby boys and girls. The different color choices also make it easier for you to customize the product to your child’s preferences. There is a choice of black, pink, blue, and other vertical stripes with cute animal accents on the neck.

This baby apron will enhance the cute look if you take a picture of it to upload to your social media like Facebook and Instagram. Besides being equipped with a cute 3-dimensional motif, this apron is also made of quality cotton, making it itchy when worn on a baby.

7. Miabelle Baby Bandana Bib Set

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Miabelle Baby Bandana Bib Set
Miabelle Baby Bandana Bib Set

A baby apron model that is quite unique is one that adopts the shape of a bandana, making it unique and different from the others. Miabelle Baby Bandana Bib Set is sold in a set with a variety of color choices. Although from the appearance of this apron it seems ordinary, because of the bright and warm colors it has, your baby will look beautiful when wearing it.

This product can be used for baby boys aged 0–3 months when they haven’t salivated much. In one set of purchases, you will get 4 bandana-shaped aprons in different colors. This apron is made of soft material with 2 different layers, namely cotton fabric for the front and soft towel material for the back.

8. Kiddy Bib Parasheet

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Kiddy Bib Parasheet
Kiddy Bib Parasheet

Still haven’t found a baby apron that suits your taste buds? Try this Kiddy Bib Parasheet. It comes with colorful motifs, so your child will look more cheerful when wearing it. This apron from Kiddy is sold in packages where 1 set contains 2 ready-to-use products.

The use of cotton as the base material for this apron makes it safe and comfortable to use. Especially for baby’s very soft skin, Kiddy Bib Parasheet will not leave red rashes or itching due to allergies. This baby apron comes with an adhesive on the back, which makes it suitable for even babies over 5 months!

9. Lusty Bunny Road Sign Bib

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Lusty Bunny Road Sign Bib
Lusty Bunny Road Sign Bib

At the age of 3-4 months, babies have started to salivate more often. But at this stage, the baby is not able to straighten his neck so that the neck circumference is still large. For that, you can buy this baby apron from Lusty Bunny because it is equipped with a strong and soft strap whose size can be adjusted to the width of your baby’s neck.

The Lusty Bunny Road Sign Bib is not only suitable for children aged 3-4 months. But as long as the baby’s neck circumference is not too big to fit this apron, the Lusty Bunny Road Sign Bib is still ideal for use. That way, you can save more without having to buy another apron as long as this Lusty Bunny baby apron is still worth using.

10. Marcus & Marcus Baby Bib Giraffe

Recommendations for Baby Aprons by Age Marcus & Marcus Baby Bib Giraffe
Marcus & Marcus Baby Bib Giraffe

Giraffes are generally liked by children. That’s why it’s not strange that many baby equipment products adopt designs that are inspired by giraffes. Marcus & Marcus is one of the manufacturers that releases baby aprons with cute giraffe face motifs. The giraffe is made with a cute and cute look. Your child will surely love it!

This baby apron can be used for children from the age of 6 months to protect clothes from spills of solid foods such as organic porridge. This product is made of high quality silicone, which is guaranteed to be safe for every baby. Another advantage of the Marcus & Marcus Baby Bib Giraffe is the presence of a pocket on the front to prevent food or drink spills from hitting the floor.

Conclusion The Best Baby Aprons Based on Age

If you want breastfeeding or weaning a child to feel more fun, then use a baby apron. Besides being used for personal needs, you can also make this item as a gift for your friend who is pregnant. Make sure the product you buy has materials that provide comfort as well as safety for the baby. Yes!

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