10 Recommended Unique Wedding Gift Ideas (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Similar to birthdays, friends or relatives who are getting married should also be given greetings and gifts. However, you must often be confused about choosing the right gift. Of course, there are many gift options that will make the newlyweds happy. However, because there are so many choices, you will definitely get confused. Choosing a wedding gift for loved ones, of course, you don’t need even or branded goods, the most important thing is that the gift is useful and given sincerely. So that the gift you give will be more memorable.

Best Unique Wedding Gift Ideas
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So that the gift you give does not impress the market, this article will help you provide information ranging from tips on choosing a wedding gift, a list of recommended wedding gift ideas to items to avoid for wedding gifts.

Tips for Choosing a Good Wedding Gift

There are several things that need to be the focus of attention to get a unique wedding gift. The following will explain some tips for choosing a wedding gift.

1. Adapt to the Budget

Set a budget before deciding to choose a friend’s wedding gift. Adjust the choice of wedding gifts with the budget that you have set at the beginning. Cheap wedding gifts don’t mean they won’t be memorable/useful for the bride and groom. Cheap wedding gifts can be memorable wedding gifts if you choose the right type of gift. Use price ranges when looking for a friend’s wedding gift. For example, make a budget of IDR 100,000 – IDR 200,000 as a budget for buying a friend’s wedding gift.

2. Bride’s Favorite Item

Choose items that are roughly liked and needed by the bride and groom when you choose wedding gifts. Also consider the types of items she has been craving lately. A wedding present that contains something you really want will definitely make your best friend happier. If you don’t really know about the items the bride and groom like, you can give shopping vouchers as wedding gifts. He can more freely choose the items he likes with the shopping vouchers that you give as a wedding gift. Also consider the motifs and colors that are the favorite of the bride and groom before choosing a wedding gift for a friend. Items with your favorite motif/color can be an unforgettable wedding gift for your best friend.

3. Choose a Useful Gift

Look for items that are useful for those who are married. Items that are useful but rarely owned by newlyweds. By giving gifts that people rarely have, it’s easier for the bride and groom to remember us as gift givers.

4. Find out the needs of the bride

Well, the last thing that must be considered in choosing a wedding gift is that you have to know what the bride and groom need. For example, your best friend still has to work and only has weekends with his partner, so of course he really needs moments together. In order to make this happen, you can give vouchers to stay at hotels and can be used all the time. So that when they want to be alone in a quite private place, a gift from you can of course be put to good use because it is really needed.

10 Recommendations for Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

After knowing the tips for choosing wedding gifts, it’s time for Ainun to provide a list of recommended unique wedding gift ideas that can be used as a reference before buying them. Here are some lists.

1. Couple Items

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Couple Items
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Couple Items

Couple items can be the first choice of wedding gift ideas that you can give as wedding gifts. 
This couple item is very easy to find anywhere. In addition, this couple item has a very affordable price so it doesn’t drain the pocket too much. Not impressed as cheap goods, but couple goods will give a very romantic and unique impression. In addition, couples usually want to wear matching things as an expression of their love and affection.

There are various kinds of couple items that can be used as wedding gift ideas such as towels, mugs, slippers, nightgowns and more. You can also make custom made items by giving a touch of embroidered names of your partner on towels , nightgowns and other types of couple items from other fabrics or you can make individual photos on the faces of glasses, plates and other items. In addition, you can buy couple items according to the favorite colors of your friends or colleagues.

2. Cookware

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Cookware
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Cookware

Cooking is one of the activities that is usually done by everyone, both single and married. 
Well, a set of cooking utensils can be the perfect wedding gift that you can give. Cooking utensils such as 
pans , Teflon, stoves , rice cookers and also spatulas are one of the recommended wedding gift ideas that are very suitable to be given to couples who are about to start married life. Because usually the newlyweds will immediately occupy the new house, of course the presence of household furniture as a gift from you to them will be very useful.

These tools are crucial and much needed at least for cooking the daily menu. There are various brands and prices offered on the market which of course you can adjust to your own budget. You can buy each item separately or there are even several brands that already provide a complete set at once, making it easier for you to buy it.

3. Tableware

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Tableware
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Tableware

The next useful wedding gift idea is cutlery. 
A set of cutlery that is unique and cute can make the newlyweds’ meal more enjoyable. You can also choose cups with cute motifs so that their 
coffee brewing activities are warmer and more intimate. In addition, so that the items given are more impressive, you can embed a couple’s picture or name on the cutlery.

Lately, tableware made of wood or ceramics is becoming more popular in society. Cutlery such as bowls, chopsticks, spoons, drinking bowls, plates and others have guaranteed quality. There’s nothing wrong if you give a set of cutlery. This wedding gift idea will seem unique and look more luxurious than other tableware. Choose one that suits the personality of the newlyweds. Are you interested in giving a set of cutlery as a gift?

4. Bedspread and Bad Cover

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Bed Sheet and Bad Cover
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Bed Sheet and Bad Cover

Even though it sounds mainstream, 
sheets and bed covers are one of the most needed wedding gifts for friends. Newly married couples will feel comfortable with the new sheets and bed covers. Bright colors you can give him for a new sleeping atmosphere. Don’t forget to include the bed cover too. Currently, there are many brands with good quality on the market offering a variety of bed sheets and bad covers at the same time. This will also really help you to buy simultaneously with the same motive.

Sheets and bedcovers will be used instead of routine every month so that the cleanliness of the bed is maintained. Yes. You may not only give this gift, but you also contribute to giving a large collection to the newlyweds. Sheets and bed covers are also cheap and easy to find wedding gift ideas, you know.

5. Vacation Tickets

Vacation Ticket Unique Wedding Gift Ideas
Vacation Ticket Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Well, who is not happy to receive this gift? 
This holiday ticket is an interesting idea that you can try. For new couples, getting free vacation tickets can be their first step to save money after going all out on wedding expenses and being able to refresh themselves after tiring wedding preparations. This once-in-a-lifetime wedding gift idea is an unforgettable moment for friends, relatives or colleagues who just got married.

Find out a favorite tourist destination or a place you’ve never visited before. If the couple likes the beach atmosphere, choose a tourist spot such as the island of Bali or Lombok or others. If he likes the beautiful view of the city, maybe the city of Yogyakarta or other cities that are synonymous with delicious culinary can be tried. However, this gift is not cheap. As a solution, you can propose this idea to other friends or relatives, then invite them to joint ventures. Very brilliant idea, right?

6. Electronic Devices

Unique Electronic Device Wedding Gift Ideas
Unique Electronic Device Wedding Gift Ideas

Giving a wedding gift to a friend in the form of electronic equipment will be a very useful item. 
Especially if the couple has started to fill their new home. Some kitchen utensils such as a 
microwave , blender , oven , rice cooker, or juicer are also wedding gift ideas that you can give. In addition, you can give the choice of an air fryer if he starts a healthy life without frying.

In addition, new homes definitely need cleaning tools, such as vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, and so on. You can give these tools as wedding gifts. Very useful isn’t it!

Newlyweds will usually pay for household furniture. Microwave is one of the most recently purchased electronic devices, because the price is not cheap. Well, if you gift your friend or relative with a microwave, well, surely he will be very happy with your gift. Today there are also many, you know, sophisticated household electronic equipment that can help us speed up activities at home. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for as a wedding gift.

7. Bags and Wallets

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Bags and Wallets
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Bags and Wallets

The choice of wedding gift ideas can also be a bag. 
Of course, a gift in the form of a bag is quite suitable to be used as a gift for your female friends. Besides being easy to find, there are many other advantages that can be an alternative when choosing, such as the availability of various bag brands, models to colors.

Even though there are many choices that can make you confused, in simple terms you can choose a bag that you think is needed and has a function that can be utilized. But still for quality you have to buy a bag with good enough quality so that your gift can be used for a long time.

The bag you buy does not have to be original branded, just choose a local brand bag but make sure it is of good quality. In addition to women, gift bags can also be given to men as a gift for his wife. In addition to bags, other alternative wedding gift ideas can be wallets . Look for wallets with exclusive designs with unique designs. In addition, choose colors and motifs that match your best friend’s personality. Custom designs can also be an option if you intend to give a memorable gift to your best friend.

8. Parfum

Unique Perfume Wedding Gift Ideas
Unique Perfume Wedding Gift Ideas

The scent of the fragrance will also make the chemistry between the new husband and wife increasingly formed. 
Perfume wedding gift ideas can be an option. By choosing a soft scent, 
perfume can please your best friend and partner. A bottle of perfume or perfume will make a memorable wedding gift for a friend, both newlyweds and grooms. Plus, if you can match the scent of the perfume to their taste.

In addition to perfume for the body, you can also provide a set of aromatherapy tools and diffusers. Not only serves as a room freshener, aromatherapy has many benefits for the body, you know! Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell by stimulating the hypothalamus in the brain to produce the hormone serotonin, which is a hormone that can improve mood. This aromatherapy oil can treat various conditions such as morning sickness, stretch marks, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression. In addition, aromatherapy can also make the body more relaxed, improve sleep quality, help reduce stress, and increase the body’s immunity.

9. Personal Care Supplies

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Self Care Supplies
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Self Care Supplies

Trivial, but important. 
So busy taking care of big things, it’s not uncommon for newlyweds to forget about self-care equipment, you know. Providing a package of soap and shampoo to put in their bathroom will be very meaningful, you know. If you want more complete, add 
conditioner , facewash, mouth wash, and body lotion . I’m sure they will like it.

Apart from that, you can also give hampers filled with self-care items, be it skincare products. There are several stores that provide hampers packages like this and are already wrapped in attractive boxes. No hassle and the price can be adjusted according to the ability of your pocket. The most important thing, items like this will definitely be used. Just make sure if your friend or relative has a preference for a particular brand or scent.

10. Miniature Bride Statue

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

A unique wedding gift idea can also be a couple prayer rug. 
One of the prayer rugs that is quite interesting is the Turkish couple prayer rug which is packaged in an attractive box like a gift. In addition to its unique design, this prayer mat will certainly be useful for your friends who will be married. On the marketplace itself, there are many different designs and sizes of prayer mats that you can choose from and make as gifts. Choose a nice and neatly wrapped prayer mat, if possible add a greeting card so that the wedding gift ideas you give are even more unique and memorable for them.

Wedding Gifts to Avoid

The following are some gifts that need to be avoided when giving wedding gifts

1. Items Reminiscent of the Ex

As a good friend of a married friend, of course, you know more or less about the love story of your former best friend. Giving items reminiscent of his ex is not a wise thing to do.

This will only make you insensitive to the happiness of your best friend’s marriage. Especially if the item is too specific to characterize the hobbies or hobbies of your friend’s ex-lover who is getting married. So, don’t tarnish your best friend’s happiness by reminding him of your past with your ex, OK?

2. Controversial Items

Actually there is nothing wrong with giving controversial items as a gift for your best friend’s wedding, such as giving strong medicine or underwear. Of course this is meant to be funny and to impress the important moments of a best friend’s wedding.

However, before giving the gift, first make sure your friend’s personality is fun enough and has one humorous frequency with you. If it turns out that you are offended by the gift given, wow, that could be bad. The intention of pleasing friends will actually be a disaster.

3. Giving Inconvenient Goods

Avoid giving troublesome items such as giving gifts in the form of pets or plants to those who have no experience raising animals or caring for plants. In addition to being a hassle, it will create a burden when the items provided cannot be maintained and cared for properly.


That’s an explanation of wedding gift ideas starting from tips on choosing wedding gifts, a list of recommendations for unique wedding gifts and wedding gifts that need to be avoided. Hopefully the information presented above can help you. To find out various information about recommendations, you can visit other article pages.

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