10 Best Digital Thermometer Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review Since the pandemic, the use of thermometers has increased, especially digital thermometers which can be used to measure body temperature more easily and quickly, compared to mercury thermometers. It’s no wonder that several well-known brands, such as Beurer, Omron, and Krisbow, have released their best digital thermometer products. If you are looking for a digital thermometer product, both for measuring body temperature and for other purposes, find a selection of recommendations in this article.

Overview of the thermometer

Best Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer Illustration Image

Basically, a thermometer is a tool for measuring temperature, be it body temperature, room temperature, and other objects. Before the existence of digital thermometers, the thermometers that were popular for various purposes, especially for health matters, were mercury thermometers. The thermometer was widely chosen because the price is relatively cheaper compared to other types, but the level of accuracy is quite good.

However, mercury is known to be a toxic substance, so the use of this thermometer must be accompanied by extra caution. Storage of mercury thermometers must be in a place that is completely safe and cannot be reached by children. This safety reason is also what makes medical device manufacturers now tend to choose to produce digital thermometers. In addition, the scale shown by a digital thermometer is also much easier to read than the scale shown by a mercury thermometer.

Apart from digital and mercury thermometers, there are other types of thermometers, especially those used for medical purposes. The types of thermometers in question are special pacifier thermometers for babies and toddlers, ear thermometers, and infrared thermometers. When taking your temperature using a thermometer, make sure you don’t eat or drink hot or cold drinks, don’t smoke, or don’t exercise or take a warm bath.

Tips for Choosing a Good Digital Thermometer

Now there are indeed many brands of digital thermometers being sold in e-commerce, even starting at just tens of thousands of rupiah. But to get the best thermometer product, you should pay attention to some of the things that are discussed at Ainun below.

1. Confirm the measurement method

Based on the measurement method, digital thermometers are divided into two, namely thermistor and infrared types. How to use a thermistor thermometer can be clamped in the armpit or put in the mouth. Thermistor thermometers are also divided into two more types, namely thermometers that directly display the highest temperature when measurements are taken, as is the case with mercury thermometers, and thermometers that calculate and estimate the equilibrium temperature when first in contact with the body.

The two types of thermistor digital thermometers above have their advantages and disadvantages. A thermometer that displays the highest temperature is accurate, but it takes a long time to perform. On the other hand, a thermometer that estimates the equilibrium temperature does have very fast performance, but the accuracy is not as good as the previous type. However, in recent times a thermistor thermometer has been available which combines the two types of thermometers above, so body temperature can be known quickly and accurately.

Another type of digital thermometer is the infrared thermometer, which displays temperature by measuring the infrared radiation emitted by the body. This type of thermometer does not require contact with the skin and can take temperature measurements in just 1-2 seconds. To obtain accurate results, the position of the thermometer must be on the right side. For example, when taking a temperature measurement through the ear, make sure the tip of the thermometer is in a straight line with the eardrum.

Best Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer Illustration Image

2. Adapting to the user’s age and purpose

The most appropriate digital thermometer for babies or toddlers is a thermistor thermometer which is attached to the armpit when measuring temperature. If your child is too young, choose a soft thermometer with a curved tip so you can help hold the thermometer from above. The choice of an infrared thermometer that is applied to the ear or forehead is also not a problem, if the thermistor thermometer is too difficult to use. As for babies, thermometers are usually designed without any sound so as not to disturb them.

For use by many people, for example in companies or public facilities, an infrared digital thermometer can be the right choice. There is no contact between the thermometer and the skin so that it can remain hygienic for a long time. In addition, infrared thermometers also provide accurate results even though the measurements are carried out in just seconds.

A woman’s fertile period can also be checked using a digital thermometer , you know, more precisely a basal thermometer. The main use of this thermometer is to measure a woman’s lowest body temperature each month to estimate her fertile period. Using a basal thermometer is not difficult, place the thermometer in your mouth for 5-6 minutes every time you wake up to get accurate results.

3. Check the additional features available

Several brands of digital thermometers, especially those that require contact with the skin, are generally equipped with waterproof features to maintain their hygiene. So after use, be it through the mouth or underarms, the thermometer does not need to be washed too often. Just wipe it using a wet tissue or cotton soaked in an antiseptic solution.

Almost all digital thermometers use a battery as a power source, which can run out at any time. If you want to avoid a battery that suddenly runs out, you can buy a thermometer product that is equipped with a battery level indicator. This feature will certainly be very helpful for using a thermometer, especially in emergency situations.

Other features to consider with a digital thermometer are the size of the screen and the presence or absence of a backlight. This feature will make it easier to read the measurement results even if you are in a dark room.

10 Best Digital Thermometer Recommendations

Here we go

Many digital thermometer products are now quite easy to find on Shopee, Tokopedia, and other e-commerce with various prices. The following are recommendations for these various products in full.

1. OMRON Digital Thermometer MC-343

Best Digital Thermometer Price - OMRON Digital Thermometer MC-343F
Termometer Digital – OMRON Digital Thermometer MC-343F

OMRON Digital Thermometer MC-343 offers a very fast and accurate measurement of body temperature, only 20 seconds by mouth, 10 seconds by rectum, and 25 seconds by armpit. 
The scale displayed on this thermometer can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit, just adjust it to your needs. The thermometer measurement is completed with a 
beep for 1-2 seconds.

Using an LR41 type battery, the Omron Digital Thermometer MC-343 already has a waterproof feature so it’s quite easy to clean after use. This product can be ordered through the Omron official store for only 86 thousand rupiahs.

2. POLYGREEN Termometer Digital Flexible Tip KD133

The Best Digital Thermometer Price - POLYGREEN Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer KD133
Termometer Digital – POLYGREEN Termometer Digital Flexible Tip KD133

The Polygreen KD133 Digital Thermometer can also be used in the mouth, armpits or rectum, and will display measurement results in just a few seconds. 
Like the previous product, this thermometer is also equipped with a waterproof feature and has a flexible tip. When the measurement is complete, a 
beep will sound and all you have to do is check the measurement results. The Polygreen KD133 Digital Thermometer is sold for only 50 thousand rupiahs and has been registered with the Ministry of Health which guarantees its accuracy and quality.

3. Sinocare Termometer Infrared AET-R1D1

Best Digital Thermometer Price - Sinocare Infrared Thermometer AET-R1D1
Termometer Digital – Sinocare Termometer Infrared AET-R1D1

Sinocare AET-R1D1 is an infrared type digital thermometer specifically for measuring body temperature, so the measurement range is only 32°C – 42°C with an accuracy of ± 0.2°C from the measurement results. 
How to use this digital thermometer is very easy, just place it 15 mm – 50 mm from the forehead for a few seconds until the results appear.

Sinocare AET-R1D1 is powered by 2 AAA batteries and will turn off automatically if not used for 60 seconds, thus saving resources. This digital thermometer can be ordered directly through the official Sinocare store at a price of 140 thousand rupiah.

4. MIISOO Thermometer Digital Infrared IT-122

The Best Price for Digital Thermometer - MIISOO Digital Infrared Thermometer IT-122
Termometer Digital – MIISOO Thermometer Digital Infrared IT-122

If you’re looking for a digital infrared thermometer at a fairly affordable price, the MIISOO IT-122 could be the right choice. 
There are two scales that this thermometer can display, namely in Celsius or Fahrenheit, just adjust it according to your needs. To make it easier to read the measurement results, there is an LED 
backlight feature on this product. MIISOO Digital Infrared Thermometer IT-122 is priced at only 90 thousand rupiahs at the MIISOO official store .

5. Berrcom Thermometer Digital Infrared

Best Digital Thermometer Prices - Berrcom Infrared Digital Thermometer
Termometer Digital – Berrcom Thermometer Digital Infrared

The Berrcom digital thermometer can not only be used to measure body temperature, but also the temperature of rooms, liquids and other objects. 
This product is made using a high-precision sensor from the Hyman brand, so it can display measurement results with an accuracy of 0.2ºC in just 0.5 – 1 second without touching the skin.

Made of ABS material, this digital thermometer is equipped with a large LED that will make it easier for you to read the measurement results. Berrcom Infrared Thermometer can be ordered via e-commerce and costs around 160 thousand rupiah.

6. Yuwell Thermometer Digital YT-1C

Best Digital Thermometer Price - Yuwell Digital Thermometer YT-1
Termometer Digital – Yuwell Thermometer Digital YT-1

Yuwell YT-1 Digital Thermometer also relies on infrared light to measure body temperature. 
Interestingly, this product can be used in silent or vibrate mode, so it won’t disturb your baby when taking his temperature during a fever. How to use the Yuwell YT-1C is the same as any other thermometer, just point it at the forehead within 3 cm then wait for it to vibrate or 

The Yuwell YT-1C digital thermometer displays measurement results on two scales, namely Celsius and Fahrenheit with an accuracy of up to 0.1 degrees Celsius. This product is also CFDA approved, so there is no need to doubt its quality. Sold at a price of 200 thousand rupiah, the Yuwell YT-1C is powered by two AAA batteries.

7. Infrared Thermometer Krisbow

The Best Digital Thermometer Price - Krisbow Infrared Thermometer
Digital Thermometer – Krisbow Infrared Thermometer

Apart from producing various household appliances, Krisbow also produces a digital infrared thermometer that can be used to measure the temperature of objects and your body temperature. 
There are two measurement modes that can be used, namely mode A with a range of 32.0-42.5 degrees Celsius and mode B with a range of 0-60 degrees Celsius. The level of accuracy offered is in the range of ±0.2 – ±0.3 degrees Celsius, depending on the temperature range being measured.

How to use this digital thermometer is the same as other products, just turn it on and point it at the forehead within 5-15 cm then wait for a few seconds. For its power source, the Krisbow Infrared Thermometer uses two AA batteries. You can buy this thermometer at the pharmacy or Krisbow official store at a price of 600 thousand rupiah.

8. Beurer FT 09 Thermometer Digital

Best Digital Thermometer Price - Beurer FT 09 Digital Thermometer
Termometer Digital – Beurer FT 09 Thermometer Digital

The Beurer FT 09 is a digital thermometer made in Germany which is specifically for measuring body temperature and offers an accuracy of around 0.2 degrees Celsius. 
The operation of this product is supported by an LR41 battery which can last for several months, depending on the frequency of use of the thermometer. To support its performance, the Beurer FT 09 is equipped with various features, such as water resistance, large screen, automatic shutdown function and battery indicator. Even though the price is around 77 thousand rupiah, this product offers a guarantee to buyers for up to 5 years 
, you know.

9. Omron Ear Thermometer TH-839

Best Digital Thermometer Price - Omron Ear Thermometer TH-839
Termometer Digital – Omron Ear Thermometer TH-839

To take temperature measurements on children or babies when they have a fever, the Omron Ear Thermometer TH-839 can be the right digital thermometer. 
This thermometer is designed to measure body temperature through the ear and the measurement results are displayed on the Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.

One of the superior features of the Omron Ear Thermometer TH-839 is the presence of a fever detector which is indicated by a beep, so you can more easily decide when your child needs to be taken to the doctor when their temperature rises. This digital thermometer can be ordered through the Omron official store at a price of 580 thousand rupiah.

10. Nankai Digital Thermometer

Best Digital Thermometer Prices - Nankai Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer – Nankai Digital Thermometer

Apart from being used as a body temperature gauge, there are many other uses for the Nankai Digital Thermometer, including checking hot spots from electrical equipment, checking hotspots for firefighters, and checking the temperature of areas around volcanoes at certain times. 
All of these things are possible because the measurement range is very wide, starting from -58 – 550 degrees Celsius with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. For the scale, it is displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit, just adjust it according to your needs.

To support its operations, the Nankai Digital Thermometer has various other features, such as auto power off and backlight to make it easier to read measurement results. Sold at 380 thousand rupiahs, this digital thermometer uses a 9V battery as its power source.

How To Measure Temperature To Be Accurate

Actually, the working principle of any thermometer is the same, namely detecting the temperature or degree of heat of an object. In order for the temperature measurements made using a digital thermometer to be accurate, you can do the following methods.

A. Measure body temperature in the mouth


  1. Wash hands with soap and running water until clean.
  2. Place a clean thermometer in the center of the lower jaw.
  3. Hold the thermometer by tightly covering the upper and lower lips, but do not bite.
  4. Leave the thermometer for a few moments until the signal sounds.
  5. Take the thermometer out of your mouth and check the temperature readings.
  6. Clean the thermometer again to keep it sterile before using it again, then store it back in its container.

B. Measure body temperature in the armpit


  1. Wash hands with soap and running water until clean.
  2. Position yourself comfortably, either sitting or lying on your back.
  3. Place the clean thermometer in the middle of the armpit, lower the arm, and cross the arms together.
  4. Leave the thermometer for a few moments until you hear a beep.
  5. Clean the thermometer and reset it back to 0.

3. Measuring body temperature in the anus


  1. Wash hands with soap and running water until clean.
  2. Adjust the position so that it is comfortable, you can sleep on your side with your upper leg bent towards the stomach for adults, or on your stomach or back for babies.
  3. Lubricate the clean tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly , about 2-3.5 cm or 1.5-2.5 cm.
  4. Open the anus by raising the upper buttocks or stretching the baby’s buttocks, asking him to take a deep breath, then inserting the thermometer into the anus.
  5. Hold the thermometer in that position for a few moments until you hear the signal that the measurement is finished.
  6. Clean the thermometer again and reset it to 0.


Compared to a mercury thermometer, a digital thermometer can display the measured temperature more quickly and accurately. If you are looking for digital thermometer products that are worth buying, this article has discussed the recommendations in full.

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