10 Best Duckbill Mask Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The use of masks is one that must be used especially when you are sick. Mask is a tool that can protect the breathing of each individual from harmful substances that come from free air. Using a mask also does not mean that you will avoid disease, but protects you from particles and aerosols that are harmful to breathing. Currently, there are many mask variants on the market, one of which is the duckbill mask.

Best Duckbill Mask
Illustration of Duckbill Mask / Sensi Mask

A duckbill mask is a face covering mask that has a duck-like shape to protect the risk of exposure to dust, pollution and vehicle fumes. This mask is very popular among teenagers, but can only be used once. If you want to find out more information about masks, then this article will provide information about duckbill masks for you.

Tips for Choosing a Good Mask

Each type of mask certainly has its own function according to its type. Here are some tips that you can use to choose the right mask for you.

1. Adjust to Needs

During this pandemic, of course you really need a mask to be able to do your activities as usual. Make sure the mask you use is according to your needs.

If you are people who work as medical personnel, then make sure to use an N95 mask because it is very effective in preventing transmission of the corona virus. This type of mask is very effective at blocking small particles in the air.

2. Select According to face shape

Disease transmission can occur through the nose, mouth and even the eyes. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen the right mask according to the shape of your face. Make sure that the mask you use is able to cover from the nose to the mouth so that it avoids the spread of the virus.

Apart from that, you need to learn every good type of mask so that it can function optimally when used. Using a mask when it doesn’t fit your face is also not effective.

3. Color According to Clothing

At this time the use of masks is needed to support every daily activity. Masks also offer several color choices that you can use according to the color of your clothes so that the appearance is far more optimal.

For example, when you wear patterned clothing, choose a plain mask so that the color blend is better and not too tacky. If you work in a company that has a dress code, then it’s better to use a mask with a neutral or solid color. Masks with cheerful motifs you can use when relaxing.

4. Use of Cloth Masks

If you find it difficult to find a medical mask, then using a cloth mask can be an option, you know. Cloth masks are also highly recommended for use by the Indonesian Ministry of Health because they can block splashes of saliva when talking, coughing and sneezing. You can pay attention to the materials used for comfort when you wear a mask.

Masks made of stiff and thick materials are better than masks made of T-shirts. Masks made of satin or silk are not able to absorb the oil and sweat produced by the skin. Choose a cloth mask with filters and an outer area that is comfortable to use when breathing.

10 Best Duckbill Mask Recommendations

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Currently there are more and more duckbill masks being produced. In the following, checklist.id provides recommendations for the best duckbill masks that have received many positive reviews.

1. Duckbill Sensi Mask

Best Duckbill Mask Brand Sensi
Duckbill Mask Brand Sensi

Sensi is a brand from PT Arista Latindo which has produced a lot of fresh products ranging from baby diapers, gloves to masks. 
One type of mask is the duckbill face. Sensi’s best duckbill mask is available in several color choices, namely black, white, brown, gray and green. Designed with 2 layers of protection with a double filter layer. Highly efficient at protecting 98% of bacteria up to 3µm in size, small particles such as dust, pollen and others up to 0.1µm in size.

This best duckbill mask has a 3-D design that fits perfectly to cover the face, whether it’s bigger or smaller. Soft, latex-free earloop straps for a comfortable fit. This Sensi mask is one of the medical masks with permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. You can have this mask with the contents of 1 box of 50 seeds or a sachet containing 6 masks. You can get this mask at the nearest online store or supermarket such as Alfamart or Indomaret.

2. Duckbill Pokana Mask

The Best Duckbill Mask, Pokana Brand
Duckbill Mask Pokana Brand

Pokana is the best duckbill mask, besides that it includes fashion masks with 4 filter layers which are available in many colorful choices, namely white, lilac beige, black, gray, pink, dark gray black, and navy soft blue. 
This Pokana mask is able to protect your face from exposure to ultraviolet light, air pollution, small particles such as dust, viruses, vehicle fumes and also bakeries. This mask is equipped with High Performance BFE which is effective at filtering all types of particles with a frequency of 99%.

The duckbill Pokana mask brand is produced using a lot of non-woven composition, nose piece, high permeability, meltblown and earloop so it is definitely very soft, safe and comfortable when used. The material used is also very hygienic and also definitely free from allergies. The box of this Pokana mask contains 25 sheets. Make sure you don’t use this mask several times, because the Pokana mask can’t be washed.

3. Duckbill Softies Mask

Best Duckbill Mask Brand Softies
Duckbill Mask Brand Softies

The Softies brand has been on the rise since the pandemic started. 
Softies is a health care brand from PT Softex Indonesia. Softies products have several mask variants, one of which is the duckbill mask. The best duckbill softies mask is produced using 3 layers which can only be used once. This mask is designed to follow the shape of the bottom and not touch the mouth when used.

This best duckbill mask is able to filter as much as 99% BFE bacteria, 99% PFE nanoparticles and 99% VFE viruses. Duckbill Softies masks are also resistant to splashing water. Even though it has 3 layers of filters, it is still easy for you to breathe by breathing clean and healthy air. The material used is non waven so it is soft and comfortable to use everyday. You can find these masks at Indomaret, Alfamart, and other stores.

4. Duckbill Kingmask Mask

Best Duckbill Mask Brand Kingmask
Duckbill Mask Brand Kingmask

Kingmask is the best duckbill mask that has been recommended by many users and has also received the best reviews from several online stores such as Shopee, Tokopedia and others. 
This mask consists of 3 protective layers so that it can protect the air that enters the breath from all types of air pollution. The shape is perfect for the face, so that the mouth and nose are completely covered.

But even if you cover your face, you can still breathe freely. This face mask uses disposable non-woven which is very effective at filtering all pollution. In 1 box of masks, you will already get 25 pieces of masks at a very affordable price. You can find this product at the nearest online store or supermarket such as Indomaret or Alfamart.

5. Duckbill Bioaqua Mask

Bioaqua Brand Best Duckbill Mask
Duckbill Mask Brand Bioaqua

Masks from the Bioaqua brand are also very well known for their good quality and are safe to use. 
Entering one of the medical masks, the best duckbill mask for the Bioaqua brand has received official permission from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. The hook strap used in the ear is very comfortable and will not hurt the ear. When buying it you will get a mask with each piece sealed in 1 plastic so that it is definitely clean without being polluted by outside air.

This Bioaqua mask consists of 4 layers of masks to filter all impurities in the air. The first layer of the mask uses 25 gram non-woven material, the middle uses 25 gram melt blown for an anti-bacterial filter and the inside uses a 25 gram non woven layer which is also very soft and comfortable. This best duckbill mask is available in several colorful options such as matcha, khaki, shrimp red, light matca, black, white and others.

6. Alkindo Duckbill Mask

Best Duckbill Mask Brand Alkindo
Duckbill Mask Brand Alkindo

The best Alkindo duckbill mask is one of the health masks available in several color choices such as yellow, pink, blue, red, black and others. 
The price offered for 1 box of masks containing 50 pieces is very affordable. This mask can protect your face area from various pollution, viruses, dust and others that can cause disease because the air you breathe can be cleaner.

Filtration on Alkindo masks is very efficient and works with maximum protection. It is 3D in shape so that the breathing process can also be carried out comfortably and safely. The elastic, flexible, thick and strong hook rope is very soft if it touches the ear area so there is no need to worry about irritation.

7. Duckbill Healthylife Mask

Best Duckbill Mask Healthylife Brand
Duckbill Mask Brand Healthylife

Healthylife 3D duckbill mask with 95% BFE using a meltblown filter layer. 
This mask is able to provide superior protection against small particles up to 2.5 microns in size, air pollution, vehicle fumes, dust, germs and viruses. This respirator mask protects every wearer from every droplet to aerosol.

Perfectly fits the size of the face by covering the nose and mouth. The 3D appearance of this mask makes it easy for you to do the breathing process. The rope used is very elastic and made of cloth so it is very comfortable and the pressure that occurs will be reduced so that there is no irritation to the ears.

8. Duckbill M+ Mask

The Best Duckbill Mask Brand M+
Duckbill Mask Brand M+

The next best duckbill mask is the M+ Duckbill Face Mask brand. 
This mask is produced by having 3 layers of filtration which are able to filter all types of bacteria, viruses or germs. You can use this mask for a long time. It is made of non-woven material so it is water-repellent and has elastic earloop talos.

This mask can also be used by medical workers for maximum protection because it has received permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. In 1 box of masks, you will already get 50 pieces of masks. Even though the price offered is relatively high, the quality that will be obtained will be comparable to the price. So what are you waiting for, use the best M+ duckbill mask right away.

9. Nice Duckbill Mask

Best Duckbill Mask Good Brand
Good Brand Duckbill Mask

Bagus Surgical Mask Duckbill is one of the surgicall grade masks that you can also include on the list of masks that can be used everyday to carry out activities both outdoors and indoors. 
This good mask brand is produced using 4 protective layers, so of course all types of viruses, dust and bacteria can be filtered before being inhaled. The earloop strap is very comfortable to use because it won’t hurt your ears.

Fine particle screening with 98% BFE. Equipped with 2 layers of meltblown Non-Woven to filter bacteria and viruses. Attractive designs, ergonomic prices and maximum health will be obtained with the help of the best duckbill masks from Bagus. This mask provides 3 color choices, namely white, pink and black.

10. Duckbill Madame Mask

Madame's Best Duckbill Mask
Duckbill Mask Brand Madame

Who else doesn’t know the Madame brand, yes this brand is the product of an artist, namely Gisel. 
There have been many products that are trusted for their quality, ranging from beauty to health products. One of their products is Madame Gie Protect You, the best duckbill mask that has received good reviews. This duckbill mask is definitely very comfortable when used for daily activities.

It consists of 3 layers of filters, so it is definitely efficient for filtering bacteria as much as 95% of free air. Its 3d shape makes you more comfortable to breathe. The hook strap between the mask and the ears is thick, elastic and flexible. This best duckbill mask is resistant to splashes of water, macro particles and dust.

Types of Masks to Prevent Viruses

Here are several types of masks that are useful for preventing viruses from entering the respiratory tract.

1. Surgical Mask 2 ply

It is said to be a 2 ply surgical mask or commonly referred to as a 2 ply surgical mask because the mask consists of an outer layer and an inner layer only without a middle layer as a filter. This mask is only recommended by WHO to be used for healthy people only. However, to prevent transmission of the virus, you cannot use just one different 2 ply mask, you have to use it double with one of the masks being a cloth mask or a 3 ply mask which has a filter inside.

2. Surgical Mask 3 ply

Just like the previous type of mask, this mask is also referred to as a 3-layer mask which has a high-density filter in the middle layer. The outer layer is a waterproof layer and the inner layer is able to absorb large quantities of fluids such as when you cough or sneeze. This mask is highly recommended by WHO to be used by people with symptoms of diseases such as coughs, flu and others. Apart from people who have complaints of such diseases, this mask must also be used by people who are over 60 years old or for those of you who have a profession as health workers.

3. Cloth Mask

For those of you who have a healthy body, you can use a cloth mask as a last resort when the medical masks run out. You can use a cloth mask with 3 layers made of polyester on the front to make it water resistant, polypropylene in the middle to filter and cotton-like material on the back to absorb water.

4. N95 masks

This type of mask is the safest mask because it not only protects you from droplets but protects you from small liquid particles such as aerosols. This mask is highly recommended for use by medical personnel.

5. Reusable Facepiece Respirators

This type of mask is more effective than type 95. This type of mask can filter small particles to gaseous forms. This mask is highly recommended for use for those who have a high risk of contracting the virus in their activities. This mask can also be used repeatedly until the filter doesn’t work properly anymore.


That’s some information that can be presented about masks. Hopefully the information presented above can help you to find the best product. If you want to find out other information about recommended products, you can visit the available pages.

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