10 Recommendations for the Best Blood Pressure Measuring Devices (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The importance of checking blood pressure regularly will reduce the risk of heart disease which often takes many lives. You can check yourself by buying a blood pressure meter. This tool comes in many types, such as a rubber cuff that is wrapped around the wrist or upper arm.

In Indonesia, several blood pressure measuring devices or sphygmomanometers are quite easy to find. Manufacturers such as Omron , Beurer , Family Dr , and so on have developed this tool to help people check their blood pressure independently. You already know which one to choose? If you don’t know it, then you can listen to this article until the end.

Tips and How to Choose a Good Blood Pressure Measuring Device

Pictures of Good Blood Pressure Measuring Devices
Illustration of Blood Pressure Measuring Device / Clinicalomics

As a very important tool to monitor the health of our heart organs, then you need to have this tool yourself at home. When it comes to stores that sell them, you may be confused about which one to choose. That’s why, in this article, we also describe a guide to choosing a sphygmomanometer that you can follow. Here’s the explanation!

1. There are three types of sphygmomanometer, choose the one that makes it easier for you

Broadly speaking, blood pressure measuring devices are divided into three types, namely the type of cuff that is wrapped around the wrist, wrapped around the upper arm, and tucked in the upper arm. The last two types are different, you know. So, which one should be used? This goes back to everyone’s preference. Read on to find out!

Tensimeter whose cuff is wrapped around the wrist is considered easier in terms of use. Its small design also makes it easy for you to use and store it. Even so, this type of blood pressure gauge is not good or accurate in generating tension reports. You also need to sit still while positioning your wrists at the same level as your heart.

Another type of blood pressure gauge is a rubber band that is wrapped around the top of the arm. This type is widely used by health institutions because it has better accuracy of results than the previous type. While the last type is rubber tucked into the upper arm. How about how it works?

For the third type, it is very easy to use. It’s just that you have to sit in the same position while directing your hands in the direction of the tool. Compared to the other 2 types, this tucked cuff type sphygmomanometer shows the most accurate measurement results when compared to the previous two types. However, this type of tool is generally large in size so it takes a lot of space to store it.

2. Choose the size of the rubber so that it fits and is comfortable on your arm

Whether wrapped or tucked around the wrist or upper arm, we recommend choosing a tension gauge with a rubber-coated strap that fits comfortably in your hand. Usually, the cuff on the wrist type has a width of 13-22 cm while the upper arm type is about 20-32 cm.

Each manufacturer may provide several choices of cuff sizes, so you can adjust them to your hand size. If you don’t find the right size, you can buy it separately. However, also make sure that the rubber on the sphygmomanometer that you have purchased can be removed.

3. If you want to make notes more practical, look for one that is compatible with a laptop or smartphone

In hospitals or community health centers (puskesmas), the results of the patient’s blood pressure measurement must be recorded so that changes in the patient’s physical condition can be continuously monitored. You can record these measurement numbers on paper or a smartphone.

However, recently many manufacturers have created a sphygmomanometer with a recording feature that is synchronized with the storage memory on a smartphone or laptop. Some even designed their output with a recording system directly on the USB memory or connected by bluetooth. If you don’t want to record your measurements on paper, then consider buying a blood pressure meter that has this feature.

After reading these tips, we are sure you have understood what type, cuff size, or additional features to buy a sphygmomanometer. Next, Ainun includes ten of the best blood pressure measuring devices that are designed in a modern and simple way. Choose according to your needs!

1. Omron HEM 7320

Omron HEM 7320 . Best Blood Pressure Meter
Omron HEM 7320

Omron released a blood pressure measuring device that can provide the latest information for those of you who are worried about heart disease. 
This product is quite sophisticated because it is not only able to measure blood pressure, but also detects heart rate! To find out, Omron includes report results via a warning icon that appears on the tool screen.

This Omron output device is equipped with cuff wrapping guide technology, which is a technology to inform the user when the cuff is installed correctly. Interestingly, this tool has been equipped with a storage memory that can record up to 90 measurement data complete with date and time information.

2. OEM Digital Tensimeter

Pictures of Best OEM Digital Tensimeter Blood Pressure Meter
OEM Digital Tensimeter

If you have a budget that is not too big, then we highly recommend this OEM Digital Tensimeter. 
This blood pressure gauge is powered by two AAA batteries. Small in size and wrist cuff type, you are not only easy to store, but also to use.

But remember, because this tool uses such a measurement mechanism, to get accurate results, you must place your hands in line with your heart and don’t make a lot of movement. For operation, you only need to turn on the instrument by pressing the on button and wait for the measurement results to appear on the indicator screen.

3. Family Dr AF 701 F

Pictures of Family Dr AF 701 F . Best Blood Pressure Meter
Family Dr AF 701 F

Unlike the previous two products, Family Dr adds advanced features to this tool. 
The existence of a technology called real fuzzy ensures that every user gets very accurate systolic and diastolic pressure results. Not only that, for people with small or large arms, this product provides a cuff that is the right size.

Equipped with storage memory that can record up to 120 data for 2 users, you can use this tool together with one other family member while knowing the results regularly. Amazingly, this tool is also equipped with the facility of displaying the average of the last 3 times the measurement results, you know!

4. Beurer BM5

Beurer BM5 Best Blood Pressure Gauge Pictures
Beurer BM5

The Beurer BM5 is a sphygmomanometer imported from Germany. 
Having a unique oval shape, this tool will certainly never make you bored every time you use it. Comes with additional lights and touch sensors, you don’t need a better effort to see the panel or indicator screen.

Apart from being unique in terms of design, Beurer has also designed this tool with a start and stop button which makes it easier for you to use it. The good news again, this product is compatible to be plugged in with a USB cable. So, you can connect the device to a laptop, for example, if you want to do neater notes.

5. Family Dr TD-3124

Pictures of Family Dr TD-3124's Best Blood Pressure Measuring Instruments
Family Dr TD-3124

Another collection from Family Dr is perfect for those of you who want to measure blood pressure regularly every day. 
This product will report blood pressure numbers periodically up to 100 times reporting results. Both the main gauge and the cuff, both components are small. It is ideal for you to carry it in your bag without taking up much space.

Family Dr TD-3124 offers a feature in the form of comfort inflation which can inflate the cuff automatically according to the size of each user’s arm or wrist. Equipped with a state-of-the-art air control system, you don’t have to worry about the product inflating beyond its ideal limit.

6. Omron JPN 1

Image of the Best Omron JPN 1 Blood Pressure Gauge 1
Omron JPN 1

When you have more funds, you can invest in your health. 
One of them bought a blood pressure measuring device from Omron. As a sphygmomanometer produced by a Japanese manufacturer, Omron JPN 1 is certainly superior in terms of quality.

This sphygmomanometer is not only capable of reading blood pressure accurately, but also able to read heart rate up to a maximum of 180 bpm. This product can be operated by taking power from 4 AA batteries which can last up to 1500 times of measurement. Equipped with a storage pocket, you don’t have to worry about things being tucked away and lost.

7. Dr Care HL 168

Best Blood Pressure Meter Dr Care HL 168
Dr Care HL 168

Dr Care offers a sphygmomanometer at a very affordable price compared to other products. 
Designed with a large indicator screen, you can read the measurement results more freely and easily. This product can be used by 2 people, each of which can record the measurement results up to 60 times.

When measuring tension with this tool, you are made easier thanks to the tool’s activation buttons, which only amount to 1 piece. When pressed, this tool works automatically as long as the cuff is perfectly attached. Besides being able to read blood pressure, of course, Dr Care HL 168 can also report the results of arrhythmia or heart beats, you know!

8. Omron HEM- 7322

Omron HEM-7322 . Best Blood Pressure Gauge Pictures
Omron HEM- 7322

If on the seventh product recommendation you are shown a sphygmomanometer at a very low price, it is different from the Omron HEM-7322 which is set at a fairly high value. 
Although the price is quite fantastic, you will feel very accurate measurement quality thanks to the intellisense technology embedded in it.

Similar to several other Omron sphygmomanometer collections, this series is also equipped with a feature to check whether the cuff or rubber band is properly installed or not. Powered by a battery that lasts up to 1500 measurements, you can take your blood pressure more often. This product can calculate the average tension in every 3 times the last measurement result.

9. Zappie B02R

The Best Blood Pressure Monitor Zappie B02R
Zappie B02R

The size of the writing on the indicator screen of this blood pressure meter may appear small, making it difficult for some people who have vision problems. 
However, those of you who have low vision can still get the measurement results without having to look at the screen.

With auto inflation technology in the form of voice in English, you can find out the systolic and diastolic number reports without having to read the numbers on the indicator screen. In addition, this battery powered device can also be recharged using a USB-connected smartphone charger.

10. Omron HEM 8712

Omron HEM 8712 . Best Blood Pressure Gauge Pictures
Omron HEM 8712

Products from Omron are well known for their advantages. 
That’s why in this article you see quite a number of sphygmomanometer recommendations from Omron. In the last row, you will get acquainted with the Omron HEM 8712. This product that has been equipped with intellisense technology is able to display very accurate measurement results.

The specialty of this one device is that it is able to turn on a warning indicator when the systolic or diastolic pressure exceeds the normal number (above 135mmHg/85mmHg. Thanks to this feature, those of you who don’t know about normal blood pressure measurements will still know the condition of your heart. Very interesting, isn’t it). ?


You or other family members can monitor their blood pressure if you have your own blood pressure measuring device at home. For additional information, for healthy adults blood pressure ranges from 90-120 mmHg for systolic pressure and 60-80 mmHg for diastolic pressure.

Systolic is the pressure that indicates the work of the heart in pushing blood into the arteries. The systolic pressure can be seen at the top and the diastolic pressure at the bottom. Diastolic pressure is the pressure that occurs when the heart is at rest and gets oxygen-rich blood from the lungs.

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