10 Best Cooker Hood Recommendations (2024 Latest)

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Best Blog Review – Completeness of kitchen equipment is one of the important factors that increase the enthusiasm for cooking. One of the most important kitchen equipment components is a cooker hood, especially if there is very little air circulation in your kitchen. The cooker hood itself is a tool that is installed on the stove which has the function of absorbing the smoke produced by the stove when cooking.

The Best Kitchen Smoke Suction Cooker Hood
Kitchen Cooker Hood Illustration Image / Pinterest

Usually cooking smoke will make the air in the room more stuffy and not fresh. Therefore it takes a smoke suction device. Currently there are many kinds of cooker hoods circulating in the market. Each cooker hood has its own function and advantages. This needs to be considered so that you can adjust to your needs. Therefore, this time, the Ainunarticle will provide you with some information about cooker hoods.

Tips for Choosing a Good Kitchen Stove Hood (Cooker Hood).

There are many offers on the market, not all of them are exactly what you are looking for. Here are some tips to consider before buying a cooker hood.

1. Features of the Cooker Hood

Knowing what features a cooker hood has is one of the important things to pay attention to. Some of the important features are the Control Panel, Grease Filter, Power Settings, Light Features, and automatic sensors. The existence of a control panel on the front of the cooker hood makes it easier for you to reach or operate it from the inside or bottom of the cooker hood.

The grease filter is useful for sucking up fat particles when splashes occur during cooking. Power setting is useful for adjusting the speed of smoke suction. The light feature can provide more lighting for you when cooking and the automatic sensor aims to make the appliance work immediately when smoke is detected without the need to turn it on before cooking.

Cooker Hood for Inhaling Kitchen Stove Smoke
Illustration of Kitchen Stove / Thekitchencarestore

2. Noise Level

It only works to suck in smoke, but don’t get me wrong, the cooker hood also produces quite a noisy sound when operating. If you don’t want the kitchen situation to be too chaotic, it is necessary to pay attention to the noise level of the appliance when buying.

Make sure you choose a cooker hood whose noise level is below 60dB so it’s not too disturbing even when you want to talk while cooking.

3. Smoke Suction Power

Each cooker hood must have a suction power that is different from one another. If you like cooking, then you should buy a cooker hood that has a strong extraction rate.

The higher the extraction rate which is measured in units of m3 / hour, the stronger the tool’s suction power against smoke. However, if your cooking intensity is moderate, then you can only use a cooker hood with a power of 700 m3 / hour.

Cooker Hood Stove Smoke Sucker
Illustration of a Stove Vacuum Cleaner / firstgradeappliances.com

4. Model Cooker Hood

Before choosing a cooker hood model, make sure you pay attention to the model and size of your kitchen because not all cooker hood models can be applied to all kitchens. This Chimney Hood or Canopy Hood model is a traditional model for country-style kitchens.

This model has a chimney so it must be mounted on the wall. For this Glass hood model, it gives the impression of a modern kitchen model. The Islamic cooker hood model must be placed in the middle of the kitchen and usually the kitchen space must be wider. However, if your kitchen is relatively narrow, it is better to choose a Fully Integrated model that is installed together with the kitchen set.

10 Best Suction/Cooker Hood Recommendations

Here we go

There are some recommendations for the best cooker hood / cooker hood that you can use as a reference in buying a cooker hood.

1. Electrolux – Cooker Hood Island

Stove Suction Equipment - Elextrolux Cooker Hood Island
 Elextrolux Cooker Hood Island

Kitchen smoke extractors that are widely recommended are products from Elextrolux. 
The Elextrolux Cooker Hood Island, measuring 90 cm, requires electricity consumption of 220-240 Volts with a frequency of 50 Hz. There is also a multi-layered grease filter that can effectively remove smoke during cooking and remove hot, oily air to keep the air in the kitchen fresh. The time to clean the air is also shorter because it is inspired by a professional adpur, this tool is equipped with a strong airflow so you will still get maximum freshness in the kitchen.

The surface of the Electrolux Cooker Hood Island is made of stainless steel so that it looks more premium and makes the kitchen look more luxurious. This kitchen smoke extractor is also equipped with a reminder feature to clean the appliance. There is a carbon filter to remove odors and smoke when cooking so that the air stays fresh. There is also a light on the device with 4 LED lights.

2. Rinnai – Cooker Hood RH-126B

Stove Suction Equipment - Rinnai Cooker Hood RH-126B
Rinnai Cooker Hood RH-126B

The next product that can be included in the list of options is the Rinnai Cooker Hood RH-126B. 
This kitchen smoke extractor has a super thin body and black color so it looks elegant and beautiful for your minimalist and modern kitchen. This cooker hood is also without a chimney so it doesn’t really need a lot of space. There is a double exhaust system feature with a choice of recyle or ventilation mode where the data is set as needed.

It has 1 charcoal filter which allows this kitchen smoke extractor to filter odors, easy to clean and reassemble. The presence of a sirocco fan makes the sound quieter, smoother but still has strong suction power. Equipped with 2 LED lights to add lighting to your cooking space. No need to worry, because this tool requires a low watt, only 74 watts. It has complied with SNI standards so it is guaranteed safe and comfortable when used.

3. Modena Cooker Hood Diva CX 9330

Stove Suction Tool - Modena Cooker Hood Diva CX 9330
Modena Cooker Hood Diva CX 9330

Having a luxurious and classic appearance, the Modena Hood – Diva CX 9330 kitchen fume hood uses a series of stainless steel materials and tempered glass in the tool. 
This tool uses a chimney to dispose of cooking. Equipped with LED lights that save electricity to support a modern impression. Using carbon and vitamin C filters which are very effective at absorbing smoke while cooking and also absorbing unpleasant odors so that the air in the kitchen area remains fresh and clean.

This kitchen smoke extractor is also equipped with germinator technology to spread active ions that are able to clean dirty air to eradicate bacteria and germs. There is an electronic control button so that it can be easier to operate. This cooker hood is equipped with 3 exhaust fan settings that can be adjusted to your liking. The suction power of the tool is also faster, not 900 m3 / h.

4. Beko – Slim Cooker Hood

Stove Smoke Suction Equipment - Beko Slim Cooker Hood
Beko Slim Cooker Hood

The following kitchen fume hood without a chimney comes from the highly recommended Beko slim cooker hood. 
There are 3 power levels to adjust the suction power from high to low. There are LED lights for lighting 2 x 2 watts and 2 x 100 watt motor power. This cooker hood does not use a chimney so it only has a size of 898 x 500 x 100 mm.

Carbon filters that can absorb odors so that the air remains clean and fresh. Apart from that, there is a safe grease filter which is also safe to use in the dishwasher. Because of the carbon filter, the air can be re-circulated. Equipped with mechanical control buttons that can facilitate use.

5. Midea Cooker Hood MCH-60MF1-B

Stove Suction Tool - Midea Cooker Hood MCH-60MF1-B
Midea Cooker Hood MCH-60MF1-B

Midea Cooker Hood MCH-60MF1-B is also one of the most widely used kitchen hoods and has the best reviews. 
This cooker hood has several features such as the SS hood body. There are 3 fan speed controls that can be selected as needed. Also equipped with a 2 watt LED lamp. The smoke filter uses carbon fiber so that the air is fresher and cleaner.

Have obtained CB, GS, REACH, ERP, RoSH, SAA and CE certification. Air suction power is faster, up to 250 m3 / hour, so there is no need to worry that the air in the kitchen will be filled with smoke, even though there are no air vents. This kitchen smoke extractor machine requires 125 watts of power with a noise level of 61 dB. This tool is produced using stainless steel material so it is resistant to rust.

6. Franke – Cooker Hood FD6002 904 XS Double Motor

Stove Suction Tool - Franke Cooker Hood FD6002 904 XS Double Motor
Franke Cooker Hood FD6002 904 XS Double Motor

One brand that originated in Switzerland since 1911 is Franke. 
This brand has produced many product categories to complement your kitchen needs. One of the best products is the cooker hood. This kitchen smoke extractor will make the room design more elegant and tidy. This tool is also equipped with an optional feature, namely 3 modes of smoke suction speed.

There are 2 lamps with a power of 40 watts to add lighting in the kitchen area. The material used in the kitchen fume hood is made of stainless steel and is painted. The smoke inhalation speed reaches 440 m3 / hour with a total required power of up to 280 watts and the noise level is only 53 dB(A). The aluminum filter and charcoal filter can make the kitchen air fresher and cleaner. In addition, this cooker hood uses a slide switch control.

7. Hafele – Down Draft Cooker Hood Munchen Series

Stove Suction Equipment - Hafele Down Draft Cooker Hood Munchen Series
Hafele Down Draft Cooker Hood Munchen Series

The Hafele Down Draft Cooker Hood Munich Series is one of the best kitchen smoke extractors that has been widely recommended. This cooker hood uses stainless steel and glass panels in piano black color. The feature for its smoke absorption is reticulates extraction or suitable deducted. The electronic adjustment button uses glass touch so it looks very luxurious and expensive.

There are 3 choices of intensive power settings that can be adjusted to your needs. The resulting noise level is only 38 – 48 dB. The carbon filter in this kitchen fume hood can produce air that stays fresh and clean. Using 21 watt fluorescent lighting. This tool has a width of 875 mm, a height of 742 – 1042 mm and a depth of 120 mm. the maximum speed of absorption of smoke reaches 930 m3 / h.

8. Teka – DBB 70 INOX 70cm Wall Mounted Pyramid Cooker Hood

Stove Vacuum Cleaner - Teka DBB 70 INOX 70cm Wall Mounted Pyramid Cooker Hood
Teka DBB 70 INOX 70cm Wall Mounted Pyramid Cooker Hood

One of the kitchen smoke extractors that has a shape like the Teka DBB 70 INOX 70cm pyramid Wall mounted pyramid Cooker Hood has also received the best reviews. 
The control panel is used with push buttons. There is a lamp for the operating pilot light. Available in 3 kitchen smoke suction speed settings that can be adjusted to your needs.

This kitchen smoke extractor has a height of 749 mm – 1049 mm, a width of 700 mm, a depth of 480 mm and a weight of 8.1 Kg. The filter used in this tool is the D4C charcoal filter. the motor on the machine works with a power of 230 watts. There are 2 aluminum filters equipped with incandescent lamps as lights. The generated noise level is around 48 dB – 56 dB.

9. Linea  Slim Hoods LSH-601

Stove Smoke Suction Equipment - Linea Slim Hoods LSH-601
 Linea Slim Hoods LSH-601

Linea Slim Hoods LSH-601 is a kitchen smoke extractor that is equipped with an optimal system to circulate air out of the room without having to use a carbon filter. 
This smoke remover uses a recirculation system that is able to produce healthy and hygienic air. Produced without a chimney, this cooker hood has a slimmer design with a size of 600 x 500 x 80 mm so that the kitchen is prettier and remains spacious.

Made of stainless steel with stainless color itself. The control panel uses push buttons. There are charcoal and aluminum filters for air filtration. There is a lamp with a power of 40 watts. The smoke absorption rate reaches 300 m3 / h. The noise level of the kitchen fume hood is only 40 dB(A).

10. Delizia – Cooker Hood DSH DST 9A7 IX

Stove Suction Tool - Delizia Cooker Hood DSH DST 9A7 IX
Delizia Cooker Hood DSH DST 9A7 IX

This Delizia DSH DST 9A7 IX cooker hood is one of the most recommended kitchen smoke extractors. 
This cooker hood only has a thin rubber hood measuring 90 cm. The type of work you can choose is recirculation or ducted. The type of grease filter is an aluminum baffle filter. The maximum absorption of smoke reaches 480 m3 
/ h.

The control panel used is a push button model. There are 2 lamps with a power of 40 watts each. The air inlet has a diameter of 120 mm. The power required for operation is 170 watts with a voltage of 220-240 volts and a 50/60 Hz cycle. So what are you waiting for. Have this kitchen smoke extractor right away for a more elegant and tidy kitchen.

How to Clean Equipment for Inhaling Kitchen Smoke (Cooker Hood)

One of the things you can do to make your cooker hood last longer is to clean it. Here are some ways you can follow to clean the cooker hood. You can also read the care instructions available on the purchase package.

1. Removing the Cover

So that you can clean all parts of the cooker hood evenly, make sure you remove the cover at the bottom of the cooker hood. Unscrew the clamp on the wire filter section attached to the inside of the cover.

2. Soak Filter

After Sudha’s exhaust filter was removed, the next thing that could be done was soaking it in a detergent solution for a few moments. After that, rub it evenly using a sponge. If there are stubborn stains like oil, you can brush them off with a soft-bristled brush.

3. Dry the Filter

After washing and cleaning, then you dry the filter by drying it in the sun to dry. Then reinstall the cooker hood as usual.

4. Clean Body

You also have to clean the body parts as often as possible after use. This is done so that the stains that splatter when cooking will not stick any longer making it difficult to clean. You can use a damp cloth with a little cleaning fluid when wiping it. After that rinse with clean water then dry with a dry cloth.


This cooker hood really has the benefit of keeping your kitchen healthy and clean. If you want to install a cooker hood, then you can follow some of the tips given above, starting from how to choose, how to clean, to product recommendations. Hopefully the information provided can help with all your questions.

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