10 Best Dishwasher Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Having a shape that is almost similar to a clothes washer, the presence of the best dishwasher can make it easier for you to finish household chores quickly. For those of you who already have children and are doing business, of course you don’t have time to wash cutlery and kitchen utensils manually. Therefore, a dishwasher can be used to finish pending work.

Best Dishwasher
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However, with so many dishwashers or dishwashers that are sold in the market, it can make you confused when choosing the best one. But you don’t need to be confused, because in this article, we will present 10 of the best dishwasher recommendations that you can consider.

Tips for Choosing a Good Dishwasher

Before entering the discussion about the 10 best dishwasher recommendations. You should know some tips on choosing a dishwasher beforehand. Here are tips for choosing a good dishwasher that you need to know.

1. Check the Type of Machine Used

Before deciding to buy a dishwasher, you need to pay attention to the type of dishwasher first. If you need the best dishwasher at a low price, minimalist and small capacity, maybe this type of portable machine will suit you.

Apart from being portable, there are also the best types of countertop and built-in dishwashers with their respective advantages. The portable and countertop types are suitable for those of you who have a minimalist home and are still contracting, while the built-in types are usually more expensive because you can adjust them to the shape of your kitchen.

2. Adjust to the size of your kitchen

To get the best dishwasher, try not to rush and don’t focus too much on design. You need to consider whether your kitchen area is sufficient or not to install a dishwasher. The best dishwasher sizes are available from 18 inches, 24 inches and other large sizes.

The small size of the dishwasher is suitable for those of you who have a small number of family members or around 1 to 4 people. However, if you have many family members and a culinary business, choose a large dishwasher.

3. Consider Color and Material

When you want to buy the best dishwasher, you also need to consider the material and also the color. You can choose a dishwasher made of stainless steel because it is stronger, rust resistant and durable.

If you are not careful in choosing the material for the dishwasher, the machine you get will be easily damaged, thus increasing your household expenses. Apart from materials, you also need to consider the best dishwasher color that matches your kitchen concept.

4. Long Washing Process

The length of the washing process is no less important for you to pay attention to when buying the best dishwasher. For you culinary business owners, the speed of washing is very important for you to pay attention to, so that dirty dishes can be cleaned quickly and you can use them again to serve customers.

Not only that, the faster the washing process, the less power and time spent. In general, the best dishwashers have washing speeds ranging from 80 minutes to 140 minutes in one wash.

10 Best Dishwasher Recommendations

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After you know the tips for choosing a good dishwasher above. Next you need to know some of the best dishwasher recommendations that you need to consider. The following is a brief review of Ainun for 10 dishwasher recommendations that you can consider as an option.

1. Artugo CD 1742 AB

Best Dishwasher Artugo CD 1742 AB
Artugo CD 1742 AB Dishwasher

If you want a dishwasher with a small size, then Artugo CD 1742 AB is the answer. 
Even though it is small and the price is relatively cheap, the Artugo CD 1742 AB dishwasher is quite in demand, especially by those who are not married and are still in college. The small shape makes this dishwasher easy to carry anywhere.

Artugo CD 1742 AB is a dishwasher that can accommodate up to 10 dishes and some additional glassware. In addition, the best dishwashers have 7 program menus that you can adjust to your needs, and are supported by a sterile feature to remove bacteria that are not visible on plates or glasses. You don’t need to worry about how many watts of power this machine requires, because this dishwasher doesn’t consume too much power.

2. Colcom Portable Dishwasher

Best Colcom Portable Dishwasher Dishwasher
Dishwasher Colcom Portable Dishwasher

If you are looking for a dishwasher that is portable and does not require a complicated assembly or machine installation process, then the Colcom Portable Dishwasher can be one of the dishwasher recommendations for you. 
Colcom Portable Dishwasher has 6 dinner sets and a water capacity of up to 5 liters which is useful for cleaning your dirty dishes with 4 program options.

Even though it’s quite small, you don’t have to worry about the dishes you wash that aren’t clean or hygienic. Because the best dishwasher supports the sterilization process by heating plates and glasses to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. To use this dishwasher requires 900 watts of power with 110- to 240 volts.

3. Whirlpool Dishwasher With Cycle Sensor WDT710PAHZ

Best Dishwasher Whirlpool Dishwasher With Cycle Sensor WDT710PAHZ
Whirlpool Dishwasher With Sensor Cycle WDT710PAHZ

The dishwasher that you must know next is the Whirpol Dishwasher With Sensor Cycle WDT710PAHZ. 
This dishwasher has sensors that can automatically adjust the washing and drying modes appropriately. In addition, the Whirpol Dishwasher With Sensor Cycle WDT710PAHZ is equipped with two temperature sensors, which allow this machine to show the amount of dirt on the dishes and the size of the load before washing.

This dishwasher has a relatively fast washing speed, making the Whirpol Dishwasher With Sensor Cycle WDT710PAHZ recognized as one of the best dishwashers. If other dishwashers take a long time to wash, this machine only takes an hour or half the time of other brands. In addition, the advantage possessed by this dishwasher is that it saves energy because it is supported by energy star technology.

4. Ariston Dishwasher LPC3C26X

The Best Dishwasher Ariston Dishwasher LPC3C26X
Dishwasher Ariston Dishwasher LPC3C26X

The next dishwasher recommendation came from the Ariston brand, which is a company that sells quality products such as pumps, stoves and heaters. 
One of the dishwasher products, namely the Ariston Dishwasher LPC3C26X, is a dishwasher with a larger capacity to wash dishes when compared to other dishwashers.

As the best dishwasher, the Ariston Dishwasher LPC3C26X is equipped with 14 washing slots, so you can group the cookware you are going to wash. Not only plates, spoons or bowls, you can also use this dishwasher to wash cooking utensils such as pots, pans, knives and cutting boards.

5. Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHPM65Z55N

Best Dishwasher Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHPM65Z55N
Dishwasher Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHPM65Z55N

The recommendation for the dishwasher with the next best review is the Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHPM65Z55N. 
Dishwashers have amazing features with some of the best reliability. With the 
auto air dry door, the dishes you have washed dry faster. In addition, Sanitize in this dishwasher is able to clean dishes thoroughly and hygienically.

In this best dishwasher you can choose the washing mode and temperature level of the last rinse to remove bacteria attached to the dishes. With a fairly low noise level of 44 Db (decibel), it keeps the house quiet. Even though it sounds quiet, you can still see the machine is working or not through the red indicator light.

6. Modena Valido WP 600

Modena Valido WP 600 Best Dishwasher
Modena Valido WP 600 Dishwasher

Modena Valido WP600 is a dishwasher equipped with Overflow Protection, 6 programs (Intensive, Eco, Normal, Cystal Rapid and Pre-Rinse), Rinse Box, Detergent Box, Adjustable Feet and Basket. 
In addition, this dishwasher is also equipped with additional functions such as Child Lock, Delay Start, additional accessories (1 Cup Rack, 1 Set Upper & Lower Basket and 1 Fork Basket) and many more.

This dishwasher has a gray finish and stainless finish on the door. For the outer material is made of metal while the inside is made of stainless . Apart from its sturdy material, the best Modena Valido WP 600 dishwasher has a large cabin so you can wash dishes and glasses at one time.

7. Modena WS 1020G Portable Dishwasher

Modena WS 1020G Portable Dishwasher Best Dishwasher
Dishwasher Modena WS 1020G Portable Dishwasher

The Modena WS 1020G Portable Dishwasher has a mini shape, but is effective for cleaning your cutlery. 
Not only dishes, you can also clean baby bottles and fruits in this dishwasher. Equipped with anti-bacterial technology, this dishwasher is able to thoroughly clean dirt and bacteria from cutlery.

Before washing dishes in the Modena WS 1020G best dishwasher, you need to prepare dishwashing soap first. We recommend using dishwashing soap that is safe for food or fruit, so you don’t get the wrong soap when washing fruit in this dishwasher.

8. Electrolux ESF7552ROX

Best Dishwasher Electrolux ESF7552ROX
Electrolux ESF7552ROX Dishwasher

No less sophisticated than other dishwashers, the Electrolux ESF7552ROX is also equipped with sophisticated technology that will make it easier for you to wash all dirty furniture. 
This dishwasher, your work will be much easier, practical and fast. The air dry technology in this dishwasher is able to thoroughly dry cutlery and cooking utensils using hot air so that the results are cleaner and more hygienic. In addition, the dishes and glasses that you wash in this machine will not break, because they are equipped with 
soft grips and soft spikes that can protect all your glassware.

Having a large capacity and an easy-to-adjust arrangement of shelves makes this dishwasher able to clean large pieces of furniture easier. Besides being able to clean thoroughly, the best dishwashers are also equipped with auto sense or automatic auto flex which can adjust the washing process (water, temperature and duration) by effectively detecting the level of dirt on the furniture.

9. LG LDT 7808ST Smart Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher LG LDT 7808ST Smart Diswasher
Dishwasher LG LDT 7808ST Smart Dishwasher

Who doesn’t know the LG brand? 
The LG company not only released HP products, but also launched the LDT 7808ST Dishwasher dishwasher which is equipped with 4 
lower spray arms which are lower than other dishwashers. This spray will rotate and direct water to every corner of your dirty plates and glasses. . Then the trusteam technology will fill the machine with steam to clean plates and glasses thoroughly.

Known as a smart dishwasher, this one dishwasher can still compete with the other best dishwashers. This LDT 7808ST dishwasher is also equipped with the LG Smart Diagnosis application that you can install on your cellphone. LG’s Smart Diagnostics app will help you troubleshoot if something goes wrong with your dishwasher. This application will also notify you when the washing process has been completed with the help of Google Assistant.

10. Undercounter Dishwasher G-Tek GT-U1M

Best Dishwasher G-Tek GT- U1M
Dishwasher G-Tek GT-U1M

Undercounter DishWasher Ware Washing Machine G-Tek GT-U1M is a dishwasher from Singapore and has a capacity of up to 35 liters, making it suitable for those of you who have a restaurant business or household needs on a large scale. 
The dishwasher is also made of 
stainless steel making this dishwasher more durable and anti-rust. The results of the laundry are much cleaner and more hygienic because it is supported by standard ensure hygiene technology and powerful wasting pressure technology.

Dishwashers work semi-automatically, so when you have the washing tank filled with water up to the required level. You close the door, then press the button to start the machine to process all the laundry, then rinse until all plates and glasses are clean of dirt. This best dishwasher will really help your work to be more practical, maximum and energy efficient.

How to Use the Dishwasher

Now that you know some dishwasher recommendations, you also need to know how to use them. Here are some steps you can take when using the best dishwasher you have.

1. Put Dirty Plates Into The Machine

The first step is to put plates, glasses, forks, spoons and other dirty kitchen tools into the best dishwasher. Before you put dishes and other dirty kitchen utensils into the best dishwasher, place all the dishes to be washed under a running faucet to reduce stains on the equipment.

2. Fill the lower and upper shelves

The next step, which is to place all objects such as bowls, pans and plates on the bottom rack of the dishwasher and make sure they are all facing the spray which is in the best dishwasher you have in an inclined position.

You can fill the top rack of the dishwasher with glasses or cups. Place the glass or cup upside down so that the inside of the glass or cup can be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Use enough detergent

After you put all the plates, glasses and other dirty utensils in the best dishwasher you have. Use enough detergent to clean all dirty equipment. After that, water with a certain temperature through the nozzle will sweep all the equipment you wash in the dishwasher that you have.


If you are looking for the best dishwasher, the 10 recommended dishwashers above can be a consideration for you. Before buying, you should consider some of the tips for choosing the best dishwasher above so that the product you buy does not disappoint and suits your needs.

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