10 Best Cool Bike Helmet Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cycling is a fun activity. Exercising on a bicycle in the morning or during the day will help the body stay fit. When cycling, apart from paying attention to the quality of the bicycle, you should also start thinking about safety by always wearing a bicycle helmet. Many people still neglect wearing bicycle helmets, hope you don’t!

A bicycle helmet will protect your head from impact when you fall. In addition, bicycle helmets can also protect hair from getting dirty by being damaged by dust and vehicle pollution. If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet, through this article we will invite you to choose the right bicycle helmet. Not to forget, we also provide recommendations for the best bicycle helmets for you to choose and buy!

Best Bike Helmet
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How to Choose a Good Bike Helmet?

Bicycle helmet manufacturers, such as Polygon , Cairbull , and Avand are competing to create the best quality products. Because there are so many choices, those of you who might be buying a bicycle helmet for the first time will be confused. That is why, we will first explain the points of consideration in choosing a good bicycle helmet. Let’s see more in this section.

1. Choose the entry or head hole that matches the shape of the head

Because helmets are designed for safety purposes when cycling, the model or design is a factor that must be secondary. You should prioritize the quality offered by each helmet in terms of safety. This will certainly provide extra protection for your head in the event of an accident.

The entry helmet model is the main point that is very important to consider when choosing a bicycle helmet. The entry or hole that will become the shell for your head must be adjusted to the shape of the head. Currently, manufacturers present helmets with entry models for round and oval heads.

According to a website, it is stated that most Indonesians have an oval head shape. The good news is that there are plenty of bicycle helmets with holes designed for oval heads. However, those of you who have round heads don’t need to be discouraged because bicycle helmets with round types are also widely produced.

2. If you look at the design, choose an attractive one

When speeding on a bicycle, people may notice not only the bike you are on, but also the helmet on your head. If you want to look like a good cyclist, wear a helmet designed for aerodynamics. This kind of helmet usually looks more attractive and cool.

However, it should also be noted that bicycle helmets that are cool and fashionable models are generally complete with additional features. Then, usually helmets with attractive designs are sold at high prices above IDR 200,000. So, be prepared to spend more if you pay attention to the style aspect when cycling.

3. Choose a helmet that has good air ventilation

Only a few Indonesians actually choose to ride a bicycle to come to the office, campus, or to the nearest minimarket/supermarket. However, wherever the destination is, wearing a helmet is actually an obligation so that the risk of direct collision with the road is minimized when wearing a helmet.

For example, if you want to get used to wearing a helmet while cycling, make sure the product you choose offers comfort. In this case, the aspect that needs attention is the presence of air vents on the helmet. After checking for ventilation, also make sure that the air vents are good at circulating air. This way, your hair won’t get drenched from sweat.

4. Want to take part in a competition? Choose an official bicycle helmet

Have you decided to take part in a marathon bicycle race held downtown? Of course, a bicycle helmet is the main requirement to participate. When choosing a helmet, pay attention to the certification that each product has pocketed.

A bicycle helmet that has been accredited by JCF or SNI labeled will ensure your safety. These specially designed helmets generally have a light weight to reduce fatigue during long-term use. In addition, the helmet shell is also stronger from impact so that the risk of leaks is even smaller.

10 best bicycle helmet recommendations

Ainun has prepared below the ten best bicycle helmets as your reference if you want to buy them online. Some are intended for children so those of you who are married and have children can be calm even if you let your children cycle alone. Happy choosing, yes!

1. Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange

Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange
Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange

In the first place, we recommend a bicycle helmet formulated by the well-known brand Polygon. 
This helmet is designed for the needs of children from the age of 3 – 8 years. Besides being suitable for cycling, Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange is also ideal for other activities such as skateboarding.

Polygon ensures that this product is safe and comfortable to use thanks to its glue-on-shell technology. With this technology, the helmet shell and the soft and light EPS foam will bond tightly. In addition, EPS or expanded polystyrene is a foam that can reduce injury in the event of a collision.

2. Genio G16 Bike Helmet

Genio G16 Bicycle Helmet
Genio G16 Bicycle Helmet

The attractive impression shown by this helmet will make you more confident in pedaling the bicycle. 
Genio claims this product provides optimal protection for the head in the event of an impact. Not only that, this helmet is also able to protect your face from sun exposure.

To block direct sunlight from hitting the face, the Genio 16 has been equipped with a visor. This product comes in all sizes so you need to adjust it first until it really fits. The entry can be adjusted for tightness by simply turning the knob.

3. Rockbros WT012 Bicycle Helmet

Rockbros WT012 . Bicycle Helmet
Rockbros WT012 . Bicycle Helmet

Rockbros WT012 can be an ideal option for those of you who have a large head size. 
The entry on this helmet can be adjusted according to the head circumference from 57 to 62 cm. The dominant red color with a touch of white produces an attractive impression.

Rockbros believes in EPS and PC materials so that it gives a cool impression on the outside and comfortable on the inside. The holes that make the unique design of this helmet work as air vents. So, even driving in the middle of the day doesn’t make your hair hot because the air is well circulated.

4. Inbike MX-3 Bike Helmet

Inbike MX-3 Bike Helmet
Inbike MX-3 Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that is suitable for women, of course the color factor can be the main aspect that needs attention. 
The Inbike MX-3 comes in a variety of color options, starting from black, yellow and blue which blend with the basic gray color. If you are a woman who has difficulty finding a helmet, Inbike also offers a pink color so that it still looks feminine.

So that the eyes are not easily exposed to dust or glare due to sunlight, this helmet has been equipped with a visor that you can use as needed. This product is available in various sizes, starting from M for head circumference 56 – 59 cm and L size which can be used by head circumference 59 – 62 cm.

5. Limar 778 Superlight Bike Helmet

Limar 778 Superlight Bike Helmet
Limar 778 Superlight Bike Helmet

Casual cycling at the foot of the 
mountain or taking part in a race on a car free day requires you to wear a helmet. In order for your desires to be fulfilled, the Limar 778 Superlight is here as the best option. This product is equipped with an insect repellent net that will prevent insects from landing on your head and destroying your concentration.

Limar includes in-mold monoshell technology that is durable and comfortable even if you wear this best bicycle helmet for hours. Not to be missed, 24 air vents scattered at several points ensure your head is free from heat and itching due to sweat due to lack of air circulation.

6. Cairbull 04 MTB Bike Helmet

Cairbull 04 MTB Bike Helmet
Cairbull 04 MTB Bike Helmet

Cairbull 04 is widely used by cycling activity enthusiasts. 
We also recommend this product for those of you who want to take part in bicycle competitions. Designed with a round entry, this helmet is also composed of strong and impact-resistant material.

Whether you are participating in a race or casual cycling, you can use the included goggles to protect your eyes from dust and direct sunlight. To ensure user safety, Cairbull uses EPS foam weighing 108 grams so that the head does not hurt from the impact of the helmet when passing through turbulent roads.

7. Endura Luminite Helmet Bicycle Helmet

Endura Luminite Helmet
Endura Luminite Helmet

This product has been certified to CE standard EN10778:2012 + A1:2012. 
In other words, the trial process to ensure its resistance to all levels of impact has been proven. In addition to ensuring safety, the Endura Luminite Helmet is also released in various sizes, starting from S – L.

This round bicycle helmet is equipped with a visor that can be removed if you are not using it. The LED light on the back can be a signal as a marker that there is a cyclist when used at night. One more thing, this product is also equipped with anti-bug and anti-bacterial nets.

8. Bicycle Helmet Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US

Bell Bike Helmet BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US
Bell Bike Helmet BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US

At first glance the Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L14 US looks simple. 
However, when you tap on the top, a strong material covers the entire body of the helmet. Of course, the strength of this product has been tested regarding the quality of the material and its resistance from impact.

SNI standard, this product is suitable to accompany touring activities with your bicycle club. For this series, Bell chose a dove gray color all over the surface so it’s not too eye-catching. Perfect for those of you who like simplicity!

9. Aerogo Gloss Titanium Bike Helmet

Aerogo Gloss Titanium Bike Helmet
Aerogo Gloss Titanium Bike Helmet

You’re on a tight budget but still want a bike helmet that guarantees optimal protection? 
We recommend that you choose this Aerogo Gloss Titanium. Not up to 400 thousand rupiah, you can use this product wherever you want to drive your bike.

This helmet with a cellulose structure on foam made from polyurethane not only acts as a pain reducer when an impact occurs, but keeps the scalp fresh because it contains millions of small cells that act as air vents.

10. Avand A-20 . Bicycle Helmet

Avand A-20 Bicycle Helmet
Avand A-20 Bicycle Helmet

The Avand A-20 contains a distinctive black dove material surface, perfect for those of you who don’t like helmets with a shiny appearance. 
This best bicycle helmet is designed for the average Indonesian who has an oval head with a head circumference of 57 to 61 cm.

The minimalist design is even better thanks to the comfort support from within. To make sure cyclists feel comfortable wearing it for a long time, Avand relies on a combination of materials in the form of EPU styrofoam, foam, and 300D fibers so that it is so soft and doesn’t cause excessive pain when you fall and cause your head to hit the road.


A bicycle helmet with an entry that fits the shape of the head will certainly avoid the many gaps that make the helmet loose. Even so, you should not forget the role of the locking rope. We recommend that you choose a locking system that can be extended and shortened to make it more comfortable because it adjusts to the size of your head.

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