10 Best Golf Bag Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – As a golf player, of course, there are some equipment that you must prepare, such as some golf clubs, golf balls, tees, and golf bags. In addition, you also need to wear golf clothes, gloves, hats, and special shoes like any other sport. Then, how to choose a good golf bag so that it can carry all your needs? Come on, see the following article review!

Best Golf Bag
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Every golfer wants to have good or even the best quality equipment. What’s more, the equipment must be adjusted to the needs and type of exercise to be performed. Therefore, there are several things to consider when choosing a good golf bag.

How to Choose a Good Golf Bag

Below are some tips when choosing a golf bag, of course you can apply it before you buy it.

1. Pay attention to the parts of the golf bag that will be selected

One of the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a good golf bag is the parts. In a bag, you need to know the number of pockets it has to store several items. Then, the number of dividers to be able to store golf clubs neatly and easy to find. Well, the other parts of the bag are the straps and handles, as well as the rain hood.

2. Adjust the size of the golf bag according to your needs

The majority of brands that sell golf bags come from abroad, so the size is written in inches and lbs or pounds. Some of the bulkheads on golf bags are made of the same size and some are different.

In addition, there are bags that are light in weight but have large capacities, heavy weights with large capacities, and so on. Or there is even a small golf bag option that you can make as an option. Just adjust to your function, style and comfort.

3. Make sure to buy a golf bag that is priced within your budget

It is undeniable that golf is an expensive type of sport which can be proven from the cost of renting the field and the price of the equipment that must be provided. Well, the price of golf bags sold in the market has at least reached millions or even tens of millions. The better the quality of the product, of course the price will also increase. So, make sure to buy a golf bag that fits your budget.

10 Good Golf Bag Recommendations

You certainly know that there are many types of sports that require special equipment according to the type of sport, as well as golf. Well, here is Ainun, which reviews ten recommendations for good golf bags from various brands to meet your needs when playing on the green.

1. Tas Golf R Callaway Chev Stand Bag

Tas Golf Terbaik Callaway Chev Stand Bag
Tas Golf Callaway Chev Stand Bag

One well-known brand that provides golf bags and other sports equipment is Callaway. 
The product has been widely used by golfers from various countries, so there is no doubt about its quality, as well as the Callaway Chev Stand Bag. This golf bag which is a type of stand bag has a slim size and a fairly light weight, which is 4.3 lbs or the equivalent of 1.9 kg. In addition, this golf bag with an attractive design can also store the various equipment you need.

That’s because Callaway’s golf bag has six pockets, including velor-lined pockets for storing valuables, large clothing pockets and insulated water bottle pockets. The main body of the bag is divided into four sections, which are elongated and medium in size. If it feels like it’s going to rain, you can use the rain hood provided to protect your bag from rainwater. You don’t need to worry because you can get this Callaway Chev Stand Bag at a lower price than other bags.

2. Tas Golf Titleist Cart 15 Stadry Bag

Best Golf Bag Titleist Cart 15 Stadry Bag
Tas Golf Titleist Cart 15 Stadry Bag

Sometimes rain is unavoidable, especially if you are exercising in an open field, such as playing golf. 
All items stored in a golf bag must of course be protected from rainwater. However, you don’t need to worry too much because the construction of the Titleist Cart 15 Stadry Bag, which weighs 6.5 lbs, is designed to be waterproof. In addition, this product is also equipped with a closed zipper that makes your belongings safer.

As the name implies, this golf bag by Titleist has 15 full compartments with a total of 9 velor-lined pockets for storing valuables. In addition, this product also has a single strap to make it easier for you to take it to the field. You can also be more flexible when choosing this product variant because it is available in six choices, where each color combination is also attractive.

3. Tas Golf TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag

The Best Golf Bag TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag
Tas Golf TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag

Another good golf bag recommendation is the TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag with its premium design so you can feel confident when you take it to the field. 
There are a lot of things that can be stored in this golf bag because it has a total of 12 pockets. Well, these include 2 velor-lined pockets for storing valuables, 2 pockets for clothing, 2 accessory pockets with a hard shell for added protection.

In addition, this golf bag also has 2 pockets for other accessories, 2 insulated cooler bags, 1 bag for storing balls, and a tee box. No need to worry because each of these sections is equipped with a zipper that will secure your belongings. Meanwhile, the golf club storage area is divided into 6 sections with a size of 8.5 x 11 inches, which are also covered with velor. Of course, the velvet-like velor fabric will feel soft to the touch due to the short and dense hairs.

4. Tas Golf PING DLX

Best Golf Bags PING DLX

If you’re looking for a golf bag that has multiple compartments and pockets, then this PING DLX is worth choosing. 
That’s because this product has 15 bulkheads and 15 zippered pockets to store various kinds of golf clubs and other playing needs. With the many partitions, of course, golf clubs will be stored neatly, not mixed, and easy to find.

Sports shoes of course have been designed to suit the needs and conditions on the field. Therefore, golf players should also use special golf shoes so that they can play the game better. If you only want to use them when playing, then you can store the golf shoes in a special bag that has been provided on the PING DLX when you get home.

5. Tas Golf Sun Mountain C-130 Cartbag

Best Golf Bag Sun Mountain C-130 Cartbag
Tas Golf Sun Mountain C-130 Cartbag

Are you bored with the same colored golf bag? 
If that’s the case, you can choose the Sun Mountain C-130 Cartbag which has many choices, such as a combination of black-carbon-red, sand-camo, navy-red-white, and many more. Interestingly, this golf bag also has a total of fourteen compartments that can neatly store several golf clubs for easy identification.

In addition, there are also thirteen pockets which include a pocket for storing clothes, a ventilated cooler pocket, a velor-lined pocket, one of which is waterproof, and so on. This golf bag which weighs 7 lbs with a single strap is equipped with a Smart Strap System to attach the bag to the stroller with two Velcro straps. Because it is a type of cart bag, it is not surprising that you can take or store things in this golf bag even if the bag is on a trolley.

6. That Golf Decathlon Inesis Ultralight Stand Bag

That Golf Terbaik Decathlon Inesis Ultralight Stand Bag
This Golf Decathlon Inesis Ultralight Stand Bag

The next recommendation for a good stand bag type golf bag is a product from Decathlon with a weight of 1.5 kg. 
Of course, this will not burden you when carrying this golf bag to the field. Although this golf bag is quite light, you can still carry seven golf clubs more easily in this golf bag that reaches 84 cm in length. Another thing that makes you feel comfortable while using this bag is the 10 mm double density foam padding on the back panel and shoulder straps.

If some of the previous golf bags had a single strap, it is different with this Decathlon product whose shoulder straps are connected from four points. Even so, you can adjust the strap according to your needs so that it is not too loose or too tight. This Decathlon Inesis Ultralight Stand Bag is also resistant to abrasion, you know. You don’t need to worry if there is damage because you can take advantage of the warranty provided when buying this golf bag from Decathlon.

7. Tas Golf Mizuno Tour Cart Bag

The Best Golf Bag Mizuno Tour Cart Bag
Tas Golf Mizuno Tour Cart Bag

Have you ever heard of a brand from the USA that provides a variety of golf sports needs? 
Like several previous brands, you can find good quality products from Mizuno in various countries. One of its products, namely Mizuno Tour Cart Bag with a variety of attractive color choices. Well, the color choices of this golf bag include black-gray, blue-white, blue-white-red, green-white-orange, staff, and white-red.

This golf bag, which is a type of cart bag, can store your golf clubs in 5 sections that measure 10 inches. Apart from that, there are also five zippered pockets whose design has been adapted to the use of a trolley. It is possible that you will feel thirsty, hot or rained while playing on the field. Make sure to always carry drinking water and an umbrella, OK?

8. Tas Golf Cobra Radspeed Tour Staff Bag

Best Golf Bag Cobra Radspeed Tour Staff Bag
Tas Golf Cobra Radspeed Tour Staff Bag

The next recommended golf bag that you can choose to carry your needs while on the course is the Cobra Radspeed Tour Staff Bag. 
The newest product for 2021 is equipped with ten pockets that can be used to store sportswear, shoes, balls, tees, hats and other needs. No need to worry because there is also a special place to store valuables such as cellphones and wallets that have zippers.

Golf clubs are one of the equipment that is quite important to carry. Well, you can store them neatly in six main sections that are the same size. If it rains, you can use the special cover provided to keep these items safe. This collaboration product between Cobra and Vessel, the body parts are made using Polyurethane material, while the lining parts are made of Polyester material.

9. Tas Golf NIKE Sport Lite Golf Bag

Tas Golf Terbaik NIKE Sport Lite Golf Bag
Tas Golf NIKE Sport Lite Golf Bag

You must be familiar with this famous brand from America. 
It is undeniable that NIKE is indeed able to provide good quality products for its consumers. Well, one of the products that you can choose from is the NIKE Sport Lite Golf Bag which weighs 4.1 lbs. The material chosen to make this men’s golf bag is polyester with one of its properties that is resistant to bacteria.

This golf bag has a shoulder strap connected from four points that can be adjusted according to your needs. In addition, the presence of aluminum legs on this cheap NIKE stand bag certainly makes this bag have good durability. The NIKE Sport Lite Golf Bag is also equipped with six waterproof lined pockets. Your belongings will remain safe even when it’s raining.

10. Tas Golf ONOFF OB0221 15 Golf bag

Best Golf Bag ONOFF OB0221 15 Golf bag
Tas Golf ONOFF OB0221 15 Golf bag

The last recommendation for a golf bag from the ONOFF brand is suitable for use by both men and women. 
Just like some of the previous products, this bag is also made using polyester material so it can be resistant to bacteria. In addition, this material also makes it not easily damaged, water-resistant, and not stretchy. This beige caddy bag has a single strap that makes it easy for you to carry it.

In addition to golf clubs, this ONOFF product can also store sports shoes, gloves, and other necessities. In order to be easily recognized by many people, ONOFF has put its logo on one part of this golf bag. You can buy this product by going to a sporting goods store or buying it online.

Great types of golf bags

Basically everyone has different needs so a brand will provide various types of choices. Likewise with brands that provide sports equipment, such as golf bags. Well, here are some good types of golf bags for you to choose according to your needs.

1. Cart Bag

The first type of golf bag that you need to know is a cart bag with a large amount of storage. In addition, the design of the bag is also attractive and has been adjusted so that it can still be used even though the bag is still on a trolley or cart. Of course, you can also store drinking water in this type of bag so you don’t get thirsty while playing golf on the course.

2. Staff Bag/Tour Bag

Apart from cart bags, there are also types of golf bags commonly known as staff bags or tour bags from various brands. Usually professionals use this type of bag to carry all the equipment needed because it has a lot of storage space. No wonder the weight is heavy. Of course the quality of this type of product is also directly proportional to the selling price set.

3. Carry Bag

As the name implies, this type of golf bag will usually be brought directly by the owner. Therefore, the average weight is quite light and easy to transport. However, this is also one of the reasons that carry bags don’t have as much storage space as other types. So, don’t be surprised if the carry bag is set at a lower price.

4. Stand Bag

Slightly different from the carry bag, this stand bag type golf bag still has more storage space even though it is a travel light. You can store shoes, spare golf balls, drinking water and so on. Interestingly, this type of golf bag can stand on its own because it is equipped with legs that can be extended as needed so that the bag does not get dirty easily.


After reading a review of ten good golf bag recommendations, hopefully you can find the right product to make the bag really useful. You will also find it easier to carry the equipment you need when playing on the field.

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