10 Best Hybrid Bicycle Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Do you already know why the best hybrid bicycles were created? This is done so that there are bicycle products that can be used on various tracks or in other words bicycles that have high endurance, however, hybrid bicycles are usually ridden more for daily activities.

Best Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid / B’twin Bike Illustration Image

Well, the form of this hybrid bicycle itself is a combination of a mountain bike or mountain bike with a racing bike or road bike that can be used comfortably, especially when driving at high speeds. Then, do you know the characteristics of the best hybrid bicycles that distinguish them from other types of bicycles? Check out the following article reviews, yes!

Characteristics of hybrid bicycles

The best hybrid bicycles, of course, have differences with other types of bicycles both in terms of shape, materials to make a hybrid bicycle body . Well, here are the characteristics of a hybrid bicycle so that you can identify and distinguish this type of bicycle from other types of bicycles.

1. Hybrid bicycle tires are a mix between racing and mountain bikes

One of the parts that is the result of a combination of racing bikes and mountain bikes is the wider tire size of hybrid bikes, almost like mountain bikes, but the type of tires is the same as racing bikes.

In addition, the tires on the best hybrid bikes are not thicker than mountain bikes, but still thicker than racing bikes so that the tires can run stably when crossing bumpy roads and speeding on straight roads. Have you started to understand the difference between hybrid bicycles and other bicycles?

2. The handlebar or handlebar of a hybrid bicycle is straight and elongated

Another distinctive feature of hybrid bicycles is the shape of the handlebars or handlebars which are straight and elongated so that they can keep you in an upright position when riding a hybrid bicycle.

It’s different if you ride a racing bike that has to make you look down all the way. By looking down sometimes it can increase speed, but especially for this one hybrid bike, stay upright so that your position can remain balanced when traversing steep terrain.

3. Hybrid bikes don’t have suspension like mountain bikes

One of the things that makes hybrid bikes cheaper than mountain bikes is that hybrid bikes don’t have the suspension that mountain bikes usually have. The function of the suspension installation is to reduce the shocks that occur when crossing steep roads.

The way the suspension works is by holding the pressure generated due to an impact, then storing it and then releasing the energy through damping, so the energy generated from the collision does not hit the rider.

For cycling safety, you have to be careful when driving using the best hybrid bike of your choice, even if you don’t cross the steep roads on the mountain, okay! This needs to be done because the bumpy road due to damage will also make you feel the shock.

10 Best Hybrid Bike Recommendations

Hybrid bicycles are also sold online through various platforms, such as marketplaces, websites, social media, and so on. However, it’s a good idea to check in detail if you’re going to buy it online. So, here are ten of the best hybrid bicycle recommendations from Ainun which can add to your reference.

1. Decathlon B’TWIN Riverside 100 Matt

Decathlon B'TWIN Riverside 100 Best Hybrid Bike Matt
Decathlon B’TWIN Riverside 100 Hybrid Bike Matt

One of the products that has a new geometric design that provides comfort when cycling. 
It has excellent wear flexibility and is suitable for riding on paved roads and trails.

In addition, it is equipped with a steel saddle mount with a quick release clamp for added safety. Decathlon B’TWIN Riverside 100 Matt can be the best hybrid bike option for those of you who consider comfort and safety when cycling.

2. Sepeda Polygon Heist X2

Best Hybrid Bike Polygon Heist X2
Sepeda Hybrid Polygon Heist X2

Are you looking for a safe, lightweight and professionally assembled hybrid bicycle product from Polygon? 
If so, Polygon Heist X2 could be the option for you. One of the most popular hybrid bicycle products from Polygon and combines the most urban features and is widely used throughout the world.

Polygon Heist X2 is equipped with  a fairly standard brake  disc  , which makes this bike very safe for beginners to ride. Not only that, this bike already uses a  hydraulic  feature which brakes almost the same as a motorcycle. Polygon Heist X2 is one of the best hybrid bikes recommended for you.

3. Sepeda Thrill Volare 1.0

Best Hybrid Bike Thrill Volare 1.0
Sepeda Hybrid Thrill Volare 1.0

Another bicycle brand that also produces hybrid bicycles is Thrill Volare. 
The first generation of Thrill Volare is Thrill Volare 1.0. This series of bicycles has been equipped with Shimano 
Hydraulic Disc Brake for the braking system, making Thrill Volare even easier to use for novice users. It has a black and cool design, with a  flatter fork  , which makes it look more sturdy and  aerodynamic .

With a 10 x 3 speed option, it can overcome various sloped terrain and provide comfort in cycling. Equipped with  cables on the inside to make it look neat and stylish , as well as wheels that can be disassembled easily and quickly without using tools. The use of hydraulic  disc brakes  for optimal braking.

The ergonomically shaped bicycle handler adjusts to the shape of the palm of the hand to increase comfort, especially when riding for a long time. Thrill Volare 1.0 is one of the best hybrid bikes recommended for those of you who want to ride on varied incline terrain.

4. Sepeda Polygon Heist X7

Best Hybrid Bike Polygon Heist X7
Sepeda Hybrid Polygon Heist X7

Like the Polygon Heist X2 or X5, the Polygon Heist X7 is a durable city bike from Polygon that provides comfortable city riding with the durability of a mountain bike for light off-road adventures.

The highest series of Polygon Heist X Series is Polygon Heist X7. The design of the Heist X7 is not too prominent but has a fairly concise appearance, carries a stylish and modern black color, Polygon Heist X7 has a very elegant looking appearance.

Polygon Heist X7 is one of the best hybrid bikes that is recommended for those of you who want to ride casually on city streets or cycle on light off-road terrain.

5. Decathlon B’TWIN Riverside 500 C1 bike

Decathlon B'TWIN Riverside 500 C1 Best Hybrid Bike
Hybrid Decathlon B’TWIN Riverside 500 C1 . Bike

Another Polygon or another Thrill also this one product. 
Riverside Decathlon for regular driving up to 50km on highways, pavement & gravel. Exit with Riverside 500.

Optimized for ease of handling. It has 9 speeds, disc brakes and front suspension ensures a safe & comfortable ride. You can make it one of the best hybrid bicycle choices if you are looking for a hybrid bicycle that can provide comfort in cycling.

6. Sepeda Polygon Heist X5

Best Hybrid Bike Polygon Heist X5
Sepeda Hybrid Polygon Heist X5

Another product released by Polygon that can be an option for you is the Polygon Heist 5.0 which can go quite fast on paved roads, but is still easy to drive on difficult terrain.

The presence of Polygon Heist X5 is an ideal solution for urban bikers who want the comfort of cycling on roads with varied contours. The Polygon Heist X5 hybrid bicycle is a combination of features for cycling on urban roads and adequate resistance on offroad terrain.

The Polygon Heist X5 bike is one of the best solutions for you urban bikers who are looking for the best, durable and slick hybrid bike that provides a comfortable riding position and enjoyable weekend trips.

7. Sepeda Thrill Volare 3.0

The Best Hybrid Bike Thrill Volare 3.0
Sepeda Hybrid Thrill Volare 3.0

After the release of the Thrill Volare 2.0, Thrill released a new generation, namely the third generation with the name Thrill Hybrid Bike Volare 3.0 
 which is designed to be slightly upright, so as to provide comfort in using this bike.

This hybrid bicycle is perfect for those of you who want to ride a bicycle with daily activities, but still prioritize comfort when using a bicycle.

Because it is undeniable that discomfort when cycling can occur anytime and anywhere, for this reason, choosing a bicycle needs to consider its comfort.

This Thrill Volare 3.0 bike can be used as the best hybrid bicycle recommendation for you bikers who are looking for comfort when cycling.

8. Polygon Path Bike 2

Polygon Path 2 Best Hybrid Bike
Polygon Path 2 . Hybrid Bike

Polygon is back to presenting the latest series for their hybrid bicycle collection which is specifically for teenagers or adults, namely the Polygon Path 2 Bike. This type of bicycle is equipped with a lightweight 
alloy frame , as well as quality control from the experienced Polygon manufacturer.

Has an 8×3 speed option from Shimano, to ride on various grades and gives a comfortable ride. Uses Tektro mechanical disc brakes. There is a cable route on the inside, thus creating a neat and stylish appearance.

Ergonomically shaped handrails conform to the shape of a palm grip for increased comfort, especially during long rides. This bike can be a very good recommendation and alternative for you as the best hybrid bike.

9. Sepeda Thrill Volare 4.0

The Best Thrill Volare 4.0 Hybrid Bike
Sepeda Hybrid Thrill Volare 4.0

Is the highest generation of Thrill. 
Thrill Volare 4.0 is designed to be slightly upright like the previous generation Thrill Volare 3.0, thus providing comfort in cycling.

This hybrid bicycle is perfect for those of you who want to ride a bicycle with daily activities, but still prioritize comfort when using a bicycle. Can be the best hybrid bicycle recommendation for you bikers who are looking for comfort when cycling. 

10.  Sepeda Thrill Volare 2.0

Best Hybrid Bike Thrill Volare 2.0
Sepeda Hybrid Thrill Volare 2.0

After Thrill Volare 1.0, Thrill released the second generation of Thrill that you deserve to make the best hybrid bike option is Thrill Hybrid Bike Volare 2.0. 
This bike is equipped with a  
Mechanic Disc Brake braking system,  which is a collaboration of the  disc brake lever and  Tektro mechanic Tourney TX. This bike has a pretty neat and slick design to the point that the  shifter  cables are tucked away into the  frame .

Well, you can feel the aggressiveness of cycling by riding this Thrill Volare 2.0. Through the Volare 2.0 bike, Thrill released a bicycle that is reliable on various terrains. This is because bicycles like the Thrill Volare 2.0 can traverse asphalt or bumpy roads. Therefore this bike is suitable for those of you who want to get a multi-functional bicycle.


The above are recommendations for the best hybrid bikes, of course to choose the hybrid bike you want, you have to consider several things including the budget, features and style you want from the bike you are going to buy. Don’t buy outside the budget, choose according to your best considerations. Don’t forget to do a detailed check if you are going to buy it online to match your dream bike. Congratulations on choosing a hybrid bike with your best choice.

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