10 Best Motorcycle Glove Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Special gloves for motorbike riders are important safety devices. The use of gloves not only supports the user’s safety in the event of an accident or is touched by another motorbike, but also provides comfort, warmth and anti-slip on the handlebars of the motorbike. Motorcycle gloves can also provide protection against sunburn, which often makes the skin color burn and have stripes.

The Best Motorcycle Gloves
Illustration of Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves themselves have many types or models as well as the materials of manufacture and the needs of their use. For the model itself, there are off-road , sporty , long, or short gloves . Materials commonly used by manufacturers to make gloves include leather, mesh, neoprene , gore-tex , and others. Each type of glove and the material it is made of can be adapted to road or weather conditions.

10 Best Motorcycle Glove Recommendations

If you are looking for the best quality motorcycle gloves, then we suggest that you take a look at the following recommendations for gloves for motorbike riders. There are various famous brands such as Eiger , Orlando , Respiro , and many more. You can buy gloves according to your driving needs, whether for daily use or for long-distance travel purposes such as touring. Each glove has its own advantages and disadvantages so make sure before choosing you know what you need for it. Come on, just take a look at the list of checklist.id options below !

1. Breath RGL Master

Respiro RGL Maestro Best Gloves Images
Gloves – Respiro RGL Maestro

The safety product to protect your hands from various risks of getting injured, the first recommended for you to choose is Respiro RGL Maestro. 
These motorcycle gloves are made of premium leather which gives a dashing and cool impression when used. With a protector on the back of the hand, the Respiro RGL Maestro can prevent direct contact between the skin and friction or impact, such as an accident.

This leather motorcycle glove from Respiro has been widely used by men to accompany various travel needs. This product also offers comfort for the user by adding an adhesive that can be adjusted for tightness in the wrist sector. For those of you who are interested in buying these motorcycle gloves, Respiro RGL Maestro can be obtained at a price range of 235 thousand in black.

2. Eiger Riding Corvette

Images of the Best Eiger Riding Corvette Gloves
Gloves – Eiger Riding Corvette

If you have been familiar with the Eiger brand as a local company engaged in producing clothing and natural recreation equipment such as mountain bags and jackets, now you also need to know that Eiger also produces motorcycle gloves. 
The Eiger Riding Corvette is one of the best motorcycle gloves owned by the Eiger. As a local brand, of course we recommend that you use this Eiger driving safety device.

Eiger’s products are known to be superior in terms of performance and quality, as well as this Eiger Riding Corvette which was created specifically for motorbike riders who want extra protection. These motorcycle gloves are equipped with protective parts that can protect the knuckles from friction and impact when driving. What makes these best motorcycle gloves highly recommended is the fingertip feature where you can still operate your smartphone without having to take off your gloves.

3. Orlando Pro Biker Full Fingers

Images of the Best Orlando Pro Biker Full Fingers Motorcycle Gloves
Gloves – Orlando Pro Biker Full Fingers

Made of carbon fiber material which provides stronger resistance to friction or collision with other people’s motorcycle handlebars or even other objects. 
Orlando Pro Biker Full Fingers are imported motorcycle gloves that can be used for all adults. The reason is because these gloves have an 
all size size so that they can adjust most of the size of everyone’s hands.

By using motorcycle gloves from Orlando, your trip will feel more comfortable, especially during the day, because these gloves will provide extra protection against the skin on the back of your hands. Not only that, the soft material used on the inside of the gloves also ensures that the palms and skin of the back of your hands are smooth and free from the risk of calluses.

4. Scoyco MC-44

Picture of the Best Scoyco MC-44 Motorcycle Gloves
Gloves – Scoyco MC-44

Scoyco MC-44 is a motorcycle glove that has quite an attractive design with a combination of red on the fingers and dominant black on the back and palms. 
These motorbike gloves have been used by many motorbike riders in Indonesia because they support more comfort and safety when driving. You can use the Scoyco MC-44 to travel to and from the office or to relatives on holidays.

Scoyco MC-44 itself has a sporty design that will make you look cooler when driving using it. This product is an imported product from China which is made of comfortable mesh base material. The advantage of the Scoyco MC-44 motorcycle glove itself lies in the back of the hand which has a protector in the form of a hard pad on the outside but is soft in the event of an accident that makes the rider fall.

5. Inventzo Defender

Best Inventzo Defender Motorcycle Gloves Pictures
Gloves – Inventzo Defender

In addition to the Eiger, you can also use other local best motorcycle gloves, namely the Inventzo Defender. 
This safety support product when driving with a motorbike is made of a combination of 
spandex and lycra materials that are comfortable in the hand. Due to the choice of these materials, you can use these gloves to go home from work or just to play at a hangout place or your friend’s house.

This product is suitable for traveling far or near because in addition to providing comfort in terms of material, Inventzo Defender motorcycle gloves are also equipped with air vents that prevent sweaty hands due to not getting air flow from outside. At the tips of the index and thumb of this motorcycle glove there is also an additional touch tip that allows users to check GPS on their smartphone without having to remove the gloves.

6. Good Condition Balazs

Picture of the Best Motorcycle Gloves Good Condition Balazs
Gloves – Good Condition Balazs

For those of you who like classic newfangled items, you can choose the Good Condition Balazs motorcycle gloves. 
The reason is, these gloves are specially designed from the main material in the form of genuine leather with a classic style design so that it gives a unique and different impression from other motorbike riders. The genuine leather material used as the main material for making these motorcycle gloves has good durability.

If you want to buy this product, we will tell you a little about how to take care of it. Because they are made of leather, these best motorcycle gloves should not be washed with soap and carelessly. When dried, you just have to aerate it and don’t expose it to direct sunlight. You can get these Good Condition Balazs motorcycle gloves by spending around 250 – 300 thousand rupiah. There are several color variants such as yellow, brown, chili red, and red heart.

7. Caliber 992111999

Picture of the Best Motorcycle Gloves Calibre 992111999
Gloves – Caliber 992111999

There is no longer any reason for you to avoid using full finger motorcycle gloves because now there is Kalibre 992111999. These gloves from Kalibre are half finger gloves, which means that only half of the fingers are closed and the other half is open. 
This product can be an alternative for those of you who like to complain of stifling heat because they use full finger gloves that do not have air ventilation.

Kalibre 992111999 itself is made from a combination of mesh fabric and suede which provides more comfort to the hands when controlling the handlebars of the motorbike. The protection feature that is applied to these gloves is located on the back which will provide protection when there is a collision with another motorbike or the road. You can have these gloves for only IDR 160,000 with a choice of black, gray and blue.

8. Madbike MD-03

Picture of Madbike MD-03 Best Motorcycle Gloves
Gloves – Madbike MD-03

Priced at 300 thousand does not discourage many people from buying this product. 
The reason is, with that price, they can already get the maximum hand protection equipment which is proven to be very safe for various kinds of friction or impact from the outside. Madbike MD-03 is a smart choice for those of you who like to ride long distances.

Madbike MD-03 is also equipped with screen-friendly features so you can operate your smartphone to view maps or send short messages to friends without having to let go. The materials used by Madbike for this motorcycle glove are palm fiber and orange carbon fiber which are proven to be durable and not easily torn. These motorcycle gloves are also equipped with air circulation holes to prevent your hands from excessive sweating during hot weather.

9. FOX Race Glove

The Best FOX Race Glove Images
Gloves – FOX Race Glove

Fox Race Glove is a motorcycle glove made of neoprene. 
For those of you who don’t know, neoprene material is a synthetic rubber material obtained from a processing process called polymerization of chloroprene. This material is often used as a raw material for making products such as motorbike gloves because it has the advantage of being resistant to temperature or weather.

The material, which is also oil and water resistant when it rains, will make the gloves last longer. When using the Fox Race Glove you don’t have to worry about getting injured in the hand area because the main focus of this glove is perfect protection on the palms and backs of the hands. You can buy this product by spending around 180 thousand.

10. Eiger Daily Riding Glove Half

Best Motorcycle Gloves Images Eiger Daily Riding Glove Half
Gloves – Eiger Daily Riding Glove Half

The last product we want to recommend to you is the Eiger Daily Riding Glove Half. 
As the name suggests, this motorcycle glove has a 
half finger model so that it will provide a more comfortable sensation for short distance riding. This glove is made of a combination of spandex and onyx material which is soft when it hits the surface of the skin on the back or palms.

This product is also equipped with an anti-slip feature that will help the hand grip the motorcycle handlebars more firmly when driving. With the addition of a velcro cover , these gloves have a more stylish appearance as well as their function. These gloves also have the ideal specifications as high-security motorcycle gloves because they have reflective lines that can reflect light in low light conditions.

Conclusion of the Best Motorcycle Gloves

Each of the best motorbike gloves will only provide comfort when used according to the type and distance traveled. Therefore, prioritize buying products that suit your needs.

If you want to get convenience and comfort from using these gloves, we recommend that you choose products made of soft, elastic and comfortable materials. In addition, try to also choose products that can reflect light and have a fingertip that makes it easier for you when you want to touch the smartphone screen.

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