10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Helmets are a very important accessory for motorcyclists. When driving, you must wear this head protection. In addition to reducing head collisions in an accident, the main function of a motorcycle helmet can also prevent you from being raided or fined for taking off your helmet while driving on the highway.

There are more and more manufacturers of the best motorcycle helmets today. Names such as KYT, NHK, GM, and JBX may already be familiar to the ears. Due to the increasing availability of helmets, you may be confused about choosing the best motorcycle helmet.

Therefore, we will review tips on choosing a motorcycle helmet. To make it easier for you, we have also listed the best products for your reference.

Best Full Face Helmet
Motorcycle Helmet Illustration Gambar

How to Choose a Good Motorcycle Helmet

In choosing a motorcycle helmet, you can’t just pay attention to the design and color. The type or shape of the helmet is also an important aspect that must be considered.

As much as possible you choose a helmet that provides driving comfort and safety. Here are some important points to consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

1. Full face helmet for optimal safety guarantee

This type of helmet is quite popular with motorbike riders in Indonesia and even the world. The main advantage of a full face helmet lies in guaranteeing more optimal head protection compared to other forms. Even so, this type of helmet is still less desirable by some other riders. The reason is because this helmet has a fairly heavy weight.

In addition, full face helmets also feel stuffy when worn for a long time. Especially when the weather is hot, the helmet that covers the entire head will be more congested and hot. In other words, this helmet does provide extra security but not for long-term riding comfort.

2. Half face helmet that provides comfort and safety at the same time

When compared with the full face helmet type in terms of safety, of course the half face helmet is not as good as the full face helmet type in providing head protection. However, this type of helmet tends to be chosen by most people because it guarantees comfort as well as safety. The design of the helmet that does not completely cover the top of the head, back, both sides and chin will facilitate air circulation into the helmet to relieve the feeling of stifling heat.

For those of you who want to ride comfortably but still safe, you should choose this type of helmet. However, remember that this helmet is not recommended for use on racing circuits. In addition, if you find that you sometimes want to wear a full face helmet but don’t want to buy two helmets at once, you can use a modular helmet . This type of helmet is a combination of full face and half face types.

3. Half cap helmet for riding a bicycle or motorcycle at low speed

Even if you are driving not on the highway, you should still use a helmet so that your safety is guaranteed. When driving casually on complex or non-highway roads, you can wear a half cap or shorty helmet. As the name suggests, this helmet only covers the top half of the head.

Half cap helmet is suitable for casual riding or while cycling. Similar to other types, this model helmet is also equipped with a hook strap to lock the helmet so it is not easily separated from the head. Keep your safety in mind even if you’re not driving on main roads or highways with this helmet!

4. Most importantly, the helmet meets safety standards

Indonesia has a special agency that standardizes the safety of many products, including helmets. In order for your safety guarantees to be fulfilled, you should check the back or the other side of the helmet. Helmets that meet safety standards generally have a white logo with black text that reads SNI (Indonesian National Standard).

There is no compromise in this matter, you don’t want an accident that injures your head just because a helmet that doesn’t have SNI is right? Therefore, fulfill this point. In addition to SNI, some good imported motorcycle helmet products have also complied with the regulations of the SMF (Snell Memorial Foundation) or DOT (Department of Transportation).

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Recommendations

We’ve covered how to choose a helmet based on the shape and purpose of riding in a previous review. In this section, Ainun continues the discussion by displaying the best motorcycle helmets in Indonesia that you can buy at the nearest helmet shop or online in your favorite marketplace. Choose a helmet that guarantees your safe riding, yes!

1. Helm Motor JBX Helmet Bogo Retro

Best Retro Motorcycle Helmet JBX Helmet Bogo Retro
JBX Helmet Bogo Retro Image

Lately, the best type of retro-style motorcycle helmet is increasingly in demand. 
JBX Helmet Bogo Retro is one of them. This helmet presents a classic design on the protective part of the cranium. Designed in the form of a half face, this helmet promises comfort and safety while riding.

Another uniqueness that is owned by this motorcycle helmet lies in the glass part that is inflated. While wearing this helmet, you may occasionally attract people’s attention. Its unique and classic shape makes this helmet have its own charm. Even though it has a unique design, the JBX Helmet Bogo Retro has pocketed the SNI label.

2. Helm Motor GM New Imprezza Solid

General Motors Helmet GM New Imprezza Solid - The Best Motorcycle Helmet
GM New Imprezza Solid Motorcycle Helmet Pictures

GM released a half face helmet equipped with UV protection to prevent your eyes from being dazzled by the sun. 
Driving during the day will be safer without being disturbed by the entry of excess light that hits the eyes thanks to the double visor inside the main glass. Not only that, the windshield of the best motorcycle helmet is also coated with a special anti-scratch material.

Apart from being scratch-resistant, the helmet lens is also equipped with an anti-fog feature. For those of you who want to drive to the top of a foggy area, use this helmet to clarify your vision when there is fog. This helmet is presented in many color choices. The foam on the removable helmet makes the helmet easy to clean.

3. Helm Motor ZEUS Helmet ZS-811

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Pictures ZEUS Helmet ZS-811 - The Best Motorcycle Helmet
ZEUS Helmet ZS-811 Motorcycle Helmet Pictures

If you are looking for a full face helmet with a modern and futuristic style, then choose products from the ZEUS brand! 
This helmet, which prioritizes maximum rider safety, is made of ABS material which is sturdy and impact resistant. As a well-known helmet brand, this helmet from ZEUS certainly has another added value.

For example, this best motorcycle helmet is not only strong against impact, but also lightweight even though it is a full face type. Suitable for those of you who want to drive long distances without feeling sore in the neck. Even though it is a single visor lens, the ZEUS Helmet ZS-811 has been equipped with an anti-UV coating to protect your facial skin from sun exposure. This helmet has obtained the quality standards of SNI, DOT, ECE, JIS, and NBR.

4. Helm Motor AGV K-3 SV EE205 Multi Myth

AGV K-3 SV EE205 Multi Myth Motorcycle Helmet Pictures - The Best Motorcycle Helmets
AGV K-3 SV EE205 Multi Myth

For men who want to be one level cooler than other riders, use this helmet from AGV. 
The black color that wraps with details on many sides makes this helmet look special. In addition to promoting a modern and masculine design, the AGV K-3 SV EE205 Multi Myth has pocketed DOT safety standards.

The high price won’t stop you from getting comparable pleasure, comfort and security, right? Although the selling price is high, this best motorcycle helmet is really designed to provide excellent protection. As proof, AGC uses thermoplastic as the helmet shell and dry comfort fabric on the inner foam layer.

5. Helm Motor : Arai RX-7X

Picture of Arai RX-7X Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - The Best Motorcycle Helmet
Picture of Arai RX-7X Motorcycle Helmet

The Arai RX-7X helmet is like a head shield that is durable, impact resistant, and does not get wet easily. 
Manufacturers designed this super strong motorcycle helmet with a material that is very sturdy but still lightweight. This is a helmet recommended by many professionals. The reason is, this helmet has received various types of licenses.

In addition to SNI, the Arai RX-7X is also labeled Snell M2015, JIS, and MFJ so that there is no doubt about its safety guarantee. The lenses of the best motorcycle helmets have been coated with anti-fog material that is able to clarify the rider’s vision when fog occurs. The interior of the helmet is made of soft material that can avoid the effects of damp and odor even when worn all day.

6. Helm Motor Shoei X-Fourteen

Shoei X-Fourteen Full Face Helmet Images - The Best Motorcycle Helmets
Shoei X-Fourteen Motorcycle Helmet Pictures

For those of you who have a male motorbike, we recommend this male helmet to wear. 
Not only cool in design, Shoei X-Fourteen is one of the full face helmets that guarantees extra security for every rider. In fact, this helmet is so good in terms of safety, it is not uncommon for this helmet to be used in the world’s top racing events such as MotoGP.

Shoei designs all the best motorcycle helmet parts with the help of the latest technology. The materials used have also been selected to ensure that every part of the helmet has a high level of safety, be it on the shell, visor, or aerodynamic devices. When the weather is hot, the ventilation on this helmet will remove the hot air trapped inside, you won’t be too hot even if you wear it for a long time.

7. Helm Motor HJC RPHA 11 PRO

HJC RPHA 11 PRO Motorcycle Helmet Images - The Best Motorcycle Helmets
HJC RPHA 11 PRO Motorcycle Helmet Images

The fashionable Monster pattern of the HJC RPHA 11 PRO helmet is so stunning every pair of eyes that sees it. 
Equipped with a sophisticated air ventilation system, the entire area of ​​​​the rider’s head will be avoided from itching due to hot air trapped in the interior of the helmet.

This helmet is also equipped with anti-fog lenses. As for the foam itself, HJC embeds an antibacterial material that can prevent the inside of the helmet from getting damp and smelling bad. For those of you who want to ride a motorcycle every day with a sense of security and comfort, the HJC RPHA 11 PRO is the best motorcycle helmet choice to consider.

8. Tarakusuma Indah Motorcycle Helmet INK Modular Aventure

Pictures of Beautiful Tarakusuma Motorcycle Helmets INK Modular Aventure - The Best Motorcycle Helmets
Picture of Tarakusuma Indah Motorcycle Helmet INK Modular Aventure

Modular helmets have the advantage of being flexible. 
So, for those of you who want to wear a half face or full face helmet at certain times, you can consider this product. INK Modular Aventure is a modular helmet that can be shaped according to your wishes.

Only by shifting the lever, you can turn this helmet into a half face shape. Apart from being flexible, this best motorcycle helmet also ensures a high level of security. The existence of the SNI and DOT logos listed makes INK Modular Aventure worthy of being your driving companion every day.

9. Helm Motor KYT Galaxy Slide

Picture of KYT Half Face Galaxy Slide Motorcycle Helmet - The Best Motorcycle Helmet
Picture of KYT Galaxy Slide Motorcycle Helmet

KYT has issued quite a number of helmet models for the needs of the Indonesian people in driving. 
Galaxy Side is one of the best motorcycle helmets from KYT whose lenses are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and are able to protect the skin from the bad effects of UV rays.

This half face helmet is equipped with a double visor that is easy to use without using tools. The interior in the form of foam that sticks to the ear and cheek area is designed from a soft material so that it is comfortable. The components are also removable so you can keep the helmet clean with the foam on a regular basis.

10. Helm NHK R1 Solid

Best Motorcycle Helmet Images NHK R1 Solid - Best Motorcycle Helmets
NHK R1 Solid Motorcycle Helmet Pictures

Apart from KYT, the name NHK also has long experience in producing the best motorcycle helmets. 
As a local brand, NHK prioritizes quality that matches the safety and comfort of users. R1 Solid one of them. This half face helmet is not only equipped with a double visor lens. More than that, this helmet has been designed with a ventilation system throughout.

Driving during the day won’t make your scalp itchy or sweaty because air can go in and out through the vents. The existence of anti-UV protective lenses will also protect your vision from the glare effects caused by sunlight. Still unsure about the quality of this local motorcycle helmet? Please try.


Riding a motorcycle wherever you want can minimize unwanted things as long as you wear a motorcycle helmet. Never tolerate your safety concerns when driving so always use the best motorcycle helmet.

Whether long or short distance, you still have to use a helmet because you cannot predict what risks will befall you when you take off or ignore wearing a helmet.

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