10 Best Raincoat Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – While riding a motorbike, you certainly won’t know when it will rain. Therefore, providing a raincoat in the trunk of the motorcycle seat will help you avoid excessively wet clothes or pants when outside. The raincoat will protect your clothes completely, especially for cyclists or motorcyclists.

If you are planning to buy a raincoat, we will give you the best raincoat recommendations. Manufacturers such as Axio , Eiger , Yama , Elmondo , and Respiro have a collection of raincoats that you can use. The many forms, models, and completeness of features may make you confused. Therefore, you can read our review this time!

Best Raincoat
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How to choose a good raincoat

In this article, we will review in detail how to choose a good raincoat and suit your needs. You will find the right product if you follow our suggestions and guidelines. Without waiting any longer, please follow our discussion, yes!

1. Prioritize raincoats with high-quality waterproof materials

Manufacturers use basic materials that are able to prevent rainwater from penetrating and hitting clothes. This material already has waterproof properties similar to plastic, aka it has water-resistant properties. In this case, the manufacturer re-divides the waterproof material which then affects the quality of each product.

If you are one of those people who spends a lot of time on the streets, then choose the best waterproof raincoat just in case it suddenly rains. This kind of raincoat will prevent rainwater from getting on your clothes and pants in the long run.

2. Choose a raincoat in the form of a separate suit

When you come to the store, you will probably find several shapes or models of raincoats. For motorcyclists, prioritize safe products. Avoid poncho jackets that look like robes, especially if there are parts that dangle so that the risk of getting caught in the gear becomes big.

It is safer to wear a raincoat in the form of a separate jacket and trouser suit. Measure the length of the jacket and choose one that is knee length. This way, the water that drips down through the jacket won’t get into the pants and wet them.

3. In order not to smell bad, choose a product that does not absorb water and dries quickly

Water trapped in a raincoat can cause the material to rot and produce an unpleasant odor. You will also feel itching when wearing a raincoat whose material does not dry quickly. Manufacturers usually apply PVC material as a base material coating because it is known to be water resistant and difficult for water to pass through. PVC material also has a high level of repellency so that when exposed to rain, the water will just pass like taro leaves.

After the rain subsides, you need to maintain the condition of the jacket that is still wet so that the inside doesn’t get damp because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Rinse the jacket with water or use a damp cloth to wipe the entire jacket. In addition, pay attention to the level of permeability of the material used so that the damp inside quickly evaporates and dries.

4. It is more practical if there is a storage bag

Every manufacturer designs raincoats to be highly portable. In fact, nowadays it is not difficult to find a raincoat with a thin material so that it is light in weight. Others also provide additional storage pockets. With a storage pocket, you can put your raincoat neatly into the trunk of the motorcycle seat or at home.

If you like neatness, then choose a raincoat that comes with a pocket. Look for products that are light and easy to fold so that you won’t have to worry about putting a suit in your pocket. This point is only optional and is a suggestion so you are not required to implement it.

10 Best Raincoat Recommendations

After seeing what important elements should be considered before deciding to buy a raincoat, then Ainun provides ten choices of the best raincoats. The brands listed on this list have been around for a long time so there is no doubt about their quality.

1. Tiger Head Raincoat Pocho Pants

Best Raincoat Tiger Head Raincoat Pocho Pants
Tiger Head Raincoat Pocho Pants

If you are looking for a raincoat that emphasizes practicality, this product from Tiger Head is worth considering. 
Manufacturers do not include buttons or zippers on the front, making the use process faster. You just need to tuck the top over your head and you’re ready to ride again.

This poncho type raincoat has various sizes, you have to adjust it so that there are no long dangling parts. Made of PVC material, the raincoat will not let rainwater penetrate and wet your clothes. The head cover is equipped with a fastening strap to hold it when blown by the wind while driving.

2. Axio Raincoat 882

Best Raincoat Axio Raincoat 882
Axio Raincoat 882

Axio is a long-standing player in the driving gear industry. 
In his raincoat collection, the 882 series is the most chosen. This raincoat has a layer that is thick enough but still light and comfortable to use. The inside that hits the clothes is made of moisture-resistant lining.

While on the outside, there is a thick waterproof taslan layer. Riders will not be completely wetted by water, the trip to the office will not be an obstacle. For the jacket, Axio includes a double sewing system so that rainwater does not penetrate into the jacket.

3. Eiger Jacket Riding Rexon Rainsuit

Best Raincoat Eiger Jacket Riding Rexon Rainsuit
Eiger Jacket Riding Rexon Rainsuit

Eiger is popular for its outdoor gear, including raincoats. 
For those of you who want to look cool while riding even though it’s raining, the Rexon Rainsuit Riding Jacket is the choice! This product, which is made from a waterproof synthetic polymer PVC coating, will keep your body warm when you go through heavy rain.

Arriving at the destination, your body remains dry. This raincoat is designed separately, there is a jacket and pants. Even though it can lock in heat, your body won’t sweat from the heat. Manufacturers use soft, light and quality materials to ensure comfort when used.

4. Sun Flower Jas Hujan

The best raincoat sun flower raincoat
Sun Flower Jas Hujan

Speaking of materials, Sun Flower relies on waterproof taslan like other quality raincoats. 
Thanks to this, this product is very resistant even if it is used to penetrate the rain during long trips. However, Sun Flower still attaches uniqueness to this raincoat. You know where the uniqueness lies?

The uniqueness of this raincoat can be found in its design. So, Sun Flower designed it so that when the raincoat was finished it could be folded into a bag. That way, even those of you who are forgetful will definitely be happy when you bring and wear this raincoat.

5. Joe Rocket Ladies RS-2 Rainsuit

Best Raincoat Joe Rocket Ladies RS-2 Rainsuit
Joe Rocket Ladies RS-2 Rainsuit

From the name alone, we’re sure you’ve guessed that this is a raincoat for women. 
Joe Rocket designed this product with a design that is no less unique than the previous product. Not having a head cover is an advantage in itself. Instead, Joe Rocket pinned a collar that could block rainwater from getting into it.

Of course, when using a helmet, you will not be disturbed by the presence of the skullcap. When it comes to materials, this product relies on nylon for the inside and a synthetic polymer that’s soft and waterproof on the outside. The presence of ventilation at the back can also prevent your body from overheating, you know!

6. Respiro Rain Suit R2

Best Raincoat Respiro Rain Suit R2
Respiro Rain Suit R2

Being able to withstand water up to 10,000 mmwc (millimeters water column) makes the Respiro Rain Suit R2 even more popular. 
Even though it is expensive, this product is still widely chosen because of its quality that is not playing games. Comfort is also the main aspect that is put forward.

In addition to using high-quality waterproof materials, Respiro also coats the outside with PES coating PU material that is resistant to air and water pressure so it is not easily torn. While on the inside you can find soft touch PES mesh material which will provide comfort because it is light and not hot.

7. Yamaha Rain Suit

Best Raincoat Yamaha Rain Suit
Yamaha Rain Suit

If you have a Yamaha branded motorbike, it will be nice if you can wear a raincoat of the same brand. 
Yamaha issued a reliable raincoat for its customers. However, owners of other branded motorcycles can still use it, really!

This product is claimed to be able to withstand water flow up to a pressure of 15,000 mm/cm 2 . This raincoat also dries quickly with a humidity level of 8,000 grams/m2 / 24 hours. For the material, Yamaha chose 100% PU coating polyester for the jacket and 100% PVC coating polyester for the pants.

8. Naturehike 3 in 1 Hiking Poncho

Naturehike's Best Raincoat 3 in 1 Hiking Poncho
Naturehike 3 in 1 Hiking Poncho

This poncho type raincoat is suitable for those of you who like to do camping activities or other outdoor activities. 
Naturehike 3 in 1 is also widely chosen by those who like cycling. This raincoat is multifunctional, so it is useful for protecting the body from exposure to rainwater during activities as mentioned above.

For those of you who like to climb mountains, this product can also be taken with you, you know! When it rains, you can still cover your body or even protect your carrier from rain splashes. Designed with a thin material, you can also take a walk along the mountain when the sky sends raindrops.

9. Jack Wolfskin CJH 06 Raincoat Poncho

Best Raincoat Jack Wolfskin CJH 06 Poncho Raincoat
Jack Wolfskin CJH 06 Poncho Raincoat

Jack Wolfskin or JWS is one of the most popular brands for its raincoats. 
CJH 06 for example, this is a raincoat poncho made of a combination of high quality parasitic taffeta milky and fully coating balloon. Both materials are very waterproof.

We recommend this product for you to use when doing activities in nature, such as when hiking, camping or climbing. At each end there is a hole that can convert a raincoat into an emergency tent. Even so, it is possible that this suit is also ideal for riding a motorbike when it rains.

10. Elmondo Nouvo Raincoat Suit Kids 302

Elmondo Nouvo's Best Raincoat Children's Suit Raincoat 302
Elmondo Nouvo Raincoat Suit Kids 302

Even though there are many raincoats called “bats” which can be used for you and your child at the same time, we recommend that you prepare your own raincoat for your child. 
This product from Elmondo will be suitable for boys or girls because it comes in a wide selection of bright colors that are suitable for children aged 4 – 7 years.

This raincoat is designed to fit a child’s body based on their age level. Not only that, this product has also been formed with high-quality waterproof materials. On the down jacket, there are two pockets on each side that can be used to store some of your child’s belongings.


For people with high mobility, providing an umbrella is not enough. When driving to come or go to work or other places, sudden rain can make all your clothes wet, you can’t continue your activities. By providing the best raincoat in your bag or motorcycle trunk, you can still come to various events even if it’s raining.

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