10 Best Sleeping Bag Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Sleeping bags are the best things to bring when exploring nature. When hiking or enjoying a night on the beach, a sleeping bag can provide warmth to the body. You can sleep better thanks to the warm temperature created by this sleeping bag.

Its very vital function when the weather is cold in the wild requires you to use the right product. Do not choose one that is too loose or too narrow. For that, we will help you find the best sleeping bag in this article. We will recommend the best products for nature explorers!

Best Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag / Hiconsumption Illustration Gambar

How to Choose a Good Sleeping Bag

In addition to prioritizing function, it is important for you to consider the size of the product. Want to use alone or together? In fact, there are some products that can be used by three people consisting of husband and wife and one child who is still under ten years old. Of course this type is suitable for those of you who are married.

However, if you want to use it alone, you need to use a product that doesn’t leave a wide gap between the body and the sleeping bag. In this case, size is an important aspect to review before buying a sleeping bag. Here we will explain in more detail how to choose a sleeping bag. Read, yes!

1. Choose a sleeping bag that suits you

There are at least three kinds of sleeping bags based on their shape, namely the shape of a mummy, an envelope, and a shape that follows the human body. Each form of this sleeping bag has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the type of mummy when you want to use a sleeping bag just to sleep – as the name suggests.

However, a mummy-type sleeping bag must be chosen the right size so that the body will be more comfortable thanks to the warmth it creates. The drawback, the mummy type does not leave room for movement or use to walk. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to be more free, choose an envelope-type sleeping bag.

There is enough room for hands and feet to move. As a consequence, this rectangular sleeping bag resembling an envelope doesn’t lock in warmth well enough. We recommend its use for areas that are not too cold.

For the last type, which resembles the shape of a human body, it is suitable for those of you who want to explore at night when the weather is cold. This jacket-like sleeping bag lets you get up and walk nursing the campsite.

2. Each sleeping bag filling material affects its heat retention

Retention is the sleeping bag’s ability to retain heat. This retention rate depends on the material used by each product. Generally, there are 2 types of sleeping bag filling materials used, namely down and chemical fiber. The down type is recommended for those of you who want to get more warmth.

The down material is light in weight so it can be compressed for added thickness and warmth. The disadvantage of this type is a longer drying time when exposed to water. Unlike the case with chemical fiber material, down material is expensive, it also takes longer to dry due to poor ventilation.

Even so, down material is the best choice for those of you who prioritize warmth. Meanwhile, chemical fiber material is a more affordable alternative. The care is also easy, you can wash it without having to wait a long time to dry it. In order to match the heat retention of the down material, at least it needs a heavier chemical fiber.

3. Choose a sleeping bag based on the season

In Indonesia there are only two seasons, namely the rainy season (cold) and the hot season. However, the average use of sleeping bags in cold areas. Even so, it is possible for you to use a sleeping bag when the temperature is high. In this case, choosing a sleeping bag based on the characteristics of the season is highly recommended.

In winter, use a sleeping bag that has a minimum operating temperature of -5 o C or less. While in summer, you can use a sleeping bag with a temperature limit of 5 – 10 o C. To be more practical, just choose a sleeping bag for many seasons that has a minimum temperature threshold of -5 – 5 o C.

4. Choose one that is easy to store and clean

There are enough or too many items to carry when hiking or other outdoor activities. Don’t let you add to your default load in the form of a large sleeping bag. Prioritize choosing sleeping for those that can be folded densely and easily. The size of 15 x 30 cm is ideal for carrying when undergoing natural activities.

In addition, also pay attention to products that are easy to clean. Sleeping bags are prone to getting dirty when used in the wild, especially those without a mat. For this reason, a machine-washable sleeping bag will make it easier for you and keep the product hygienic.

10 Best Sleeping Bags 2021

Next, Ainun will introduce the best sleeping bag products. You don’t need to hesitate to choose one of them because many people have used our recommended products below. Find the most suitable product for your needs and environmental conditions, happy choosing!

1. Naturehike NH16S016-S Sleeping Bag Family

Naturhike NH16S016-S Sleeping Bag Family
Gambar Naturhike NH16S016-S Sleeping Bag Family

You want to have a camp by the beach with your wife and children? 
It will be more complete if you bring this sleeping bag from Naturehike. Designed wide makes it able to accommodate 3-4 people in it. Very suitable for use by those of you who are married and have children!

This best sleeping bag product can be a place to hang out closer to each other in the accompanying starry night. The weight of this sleeping bag is quite light, you don’t have trouble carrying it, installing it, or folding it. There is a plaid pattern and a light brown color to enhance the warm impression of it.

2. Jack Wolfskin Childrens Grow Up Star

Jack Wolfskin Childrens Grow Up Star
Gambar Jack Wolfskin Childrens Grow Up Star

You can make a Jack Wolfskin Children’s Grow Up Star as a birthday gift for your child who is adventurous. 
This product is designed for children who are in their infancy. When the body grows longer, this sleeping bag can be adjusted in height by simply adjusting the zipper on the legs.

This sleeping bag can insulate heat well enough so that your child can sleep comfortably even in cold weather. The presence of a layered material on the feet increases heat retention twofold so that your child’s feet will be free from stiffness due to the piercing cold.

3. Sleeping Bag Hammock

Sleeping Bag Hammock
Gambar Sleeping Bag Hammock

This sleeping bag with hammock can protect your body throughout the night accompanied by a sprinkling of stars scattered in the night sky. 
You don’t need a mat when using this sleeping bag. Simply attach the two sides to two trees, this product can be used immediately.

If you don’t want to be installed as a hammock, you can also just remove the 2.5 m webbing. This product is waterproof because it is made of nylon for the outer layer. While the inside has the best soft surface texture so that your sleep is more comfortable in it.

4. Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek 0 Degree Sleeping Bag
Gambar Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

It takes careful preparation when you want to climb the mountain. 
A sleeping bag can be a great tool to help you avoid the risk of hypothermia. Bring a Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek 0 Degree Sleeping Bag, no matter how cold the temperature is, you can still take shelter in the warmth of this product.

Designed to insulate heat when the temperature is below 0 o C, this sleeping bag is in demand among climbers. The soft sleeping bag filling material also ensures comfort while you are in it. If you don’t want to shiver from the cold air that hits your body, this best sleeping bag product can’t be missed from your carry-on equipment!

5. Eiger Sleeping Bag Kid Zoo 250 US Yellow

Eiger Sleeping Bag Kid Zoo 250 US Yellow
Gambar Eiger Sleeping Bag Kid Zoo 250 US Yellow

Those of you who like to do activities in the wild are certainly no stranger to this one brand. 
Eiger is a manufacturer from Bandung that produces a lot of outdoor products. We recommend the following sleeping bags for those of you who want to invite children to explore nature.

This product is suitable for use at the camping event at the foot of the mountain by your child. This box-shaped sleeping bag creates space for the child so that it is as if he is not being locked by the sleeping bag he is wearing. The existence of a hoody also protects the child’s head.

6. Deuter Dreamlite 500L

Deuter Dreamlite 500L
Gambar Deuter Dreamlite 500L

The polydown soft polyester fiber material used by Deuter in formulating this product is the right choice for those of you who want to camp in the summer. 
The sleeping bag filling material makes this sleeping bag lighter, you won’t get sore even if you carry it a long distance.

Dreamlite 500L can also be used by those of you who have a height of up to 200 cm (European standard). Although long, this best sleeping bag product can be folded and packed up to a size of 13 x 25 cm. The lightweight filling material also has the characteristics of being easily compressed so that this product is easier to store in a folded condition.

7. Eiger Sleeping Bag Wander Rectangular

Eiger Sleeping Bag Wander Rectangular
Gambar Eiger Sleeping Bag Wander Rectangular

Eiger Wader Rectangular has a box shape, perfect for those of you who want to wear it at night temperatures that are not too cold. 
This product is usually used as a shelter on the beach at night. According to his statement, this product can be used in areas with a temperature of 0-15 
o C.

If you rarely do camping, there’s nothing wrong with buying this product. Affordable prices will not make your expenses burdened. You who are still a student will not mind buying this product!

8. Jack Wolfskin 4-In-1 Blanket

Jack Wolfskin 4-In-1 Blanket
Jack Wolfskin 4-In-1 Blanket Pictures

We recommend another sleeping bag from Jack Wolfskin for those of you who want to travel to the tropics while on vacation. 
Staying in the peak area is now no longer an obstacle because the cold weather that often makes the body shiver will be hindered by this sleeping bag.

Designed to resemble a blanket, this product can be used for 2 people with the ability to retain warm temperatures very well. This best sleeping bag product is easy to maintain because it applies MICROGUARD synthetic fiber insulation technology. At different temperatures, you can adjust the use because on one side it has a thinner size.

9. Naturehike Sleeping Bag Mountain Mobile Spun Silk

Naturehike Sleeping Bag Mountain Mobile Spun Silk
Gambar Naturehike Sleeping Bag Mountain Mobile Spun Silk

Sleep comfort is a priority offered by Naturehike through this product. 
Presented with two models, you can use it in the form of a mummy or humanoid (shaped to follow the whole body). This product can also be used in such a way.

Your hands don’t have to be covered by bags, it’s perfect for those of you who move a lot while sleeping. For changing modes, there is a zipper that can be adjusted as desired. This product can be folded up to a size of 30 x 24 cm, very compact and easy to store or carry!

10. Onsight Extreem Peak 05

Onsight Extreem Peak 05
Onsight Extreme Peak Image 05

The following body protection equipment from cold temperatures is suitable for those of you who are really on a budget. 
Less than half a million, Onsight Extreme Peak 05 you can take on the go. Manufacturers add a fleece lining on the inner surface for increased warmth.

You can fold this best sleeping bag product without any extra effort because its size is not too bulky. In addition, this sleeping bag is also presented with a mummy model. Maximize your sleep time and don’t let cold air freely enter your bag with this product!:


Sleeping bag is a product that should not be missed when you stay in the wild. Cold air passing by can make the body susceptible to fever. To avoid this, you should keep your body warm by taking cover behind a sleeping bag, either to sleep or just to warm yourself.

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