10 Best Table Tennis Racket Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Table tennis or ping pong ball games may not be as popular as badminton and soccer. But in Indonesia, table tennis competitions are often held in many cities. If you are one of the table tennis players, of course you understand very well the importance of mastering playing techniques. However, a table tennis bet or racket is the main focus so that you have a chance to win in every game.

Therefore, the use of a table tennis racket cannot be arbitrary. Need to adjust the shape and size so you can achieve maximum performance. Through this article, we will explain how to choose the right table tennis racket. Not to be missed, we also provide recommendations for the best table tennis products from many brands, such as Butterfly, DHS, and several others.

The best Table Tennis Racket
Illustration Picture of Table Tennis Racket

How to choose a good table tennis racket

What exactly should be considered in choosing a table tennis racket? Given the general shape of the racket, there are actually not many considerations in choosing a table tennis racket. However, it is still important to pay attention to several aspects, such as knowing the main components of the racket and its shape.

Don’t forget also how you will hold the racket because each grip has different controllability and strength. Let’s continue to follow this article so that you are no longer confused in choosing a racket. Below we also include a table tennis racket for beginners to professionals. So, please choose based on your level of play, yes!

1. First understand the parts of a table tennis racket

We are sure that you know very well how a table tennis racket looks in general. However, do you know the name and function of each part? The table tennis racket is composed of two important parts, namely the punching board which is usually covered in red rubber and the grip handle which is called the blade with a black rubber coating.

In Indonesia, you can get table tennis rackets which are sold in bundles. This kind of racket requires no further adjustments or adjustments so it is suitable for beginners. Meanwhile for professionals, they generally choose a table tennis racket or bet which is sold separately between the board and the rubber mat so that it can be adjusted to the level of play.

2. Pay attention to the way you hold the racket, each one gives a different performance

The same is true for playing badminton and court tennis, holding a table tennis racket also has its own style. But in general, table tennis rackets are held in two ways, namely shake hand (like shaking hands) and penhold (like using a pen). Please determine how you hold the bat handle on the table tennis racket.

The hand shake grip model is more often used, both for beginners and professionals. How to hold the shake hand type can produce faster power when compared to the penhold grip model. However, not a few professional athletes play table tennis by holding the penhold on the racket used.

3. Choose based on the shape of the racket head

In this table tennis bat, of the two main parts, the racket head is the most important part. Broadly speaking, a table tennis racket has two racket head shapes, namely round (more oval) and square (rectangular). If you play with a shake hand grip style, it would be more ideal to choose a racket with a round head.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to hold the racket in a penhold way, you can use a box-shaped table tennis ball bet. However, players with the penhold type can also use a round racket. Of these two head shapes, the square shape can generate more power when hitting the forehand. However, the round head of the racket can provide better control, make fast swings, and create a curved effect.

Top 10 Table Tennis Racket Recommendations

In Indonesia, you will more often find table tennis rackets with round or oval head shapes. Not without reason, rackets with round heads are considered the most ideal for many needs. So, after knowing a few points when choosing a table tennis racket, what are the table tennis racket brands? The following is a Ainun that recommends the best products. Happy choosing!

1. Butterfly TBC202 Table Tennis Racket

Best Table Tennis Racket Butterfly TBC202
Butterfly TBC202

The Butterfly TBC202 relies on two Butterfly Yuki rubbers on both sides. 
This rubber mat specially created by Butterfly is known for its ability to hit the ball accurately. For those of you who are proficient enough, of course the advantages of this racket will make it easier for you to win the game.

You can also do a good ball control effect when you use this table tennis racket. Back to discussing the Yuki rubber, with a thickness of 2.0 mm, the ball hits are getting more focused. Buying this product not only gets a bare racket, but comes with a cover to protect the racket from dust or moisture.

2. Timo Boll Butterfly Table Tennis Racket 2000

Best Table Tennis Racket Butterfly Timo Boll 2000
Butterfly Timo Boll 2000

Moving on to another table tennis racket produced by Butterfly, this time there is the Timo Boll 2000 series. This bet series is produced under the name Timo Ball, a famous table tennis player from Germany who often wins international tournaments. 
This racket can be used by beginners who want to get motivated every time they use it.

Speaking of Timo Boll 2000’s character himself, this racket provides balanced speed and spin abilities. So, all the maneuvers and punches you send can make the enemy frantic to receive balls from you. You can also do a quick drive with this racket!

3. Butterfly Stayer 3000 Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Stayer 3000 Best Table Tennis Racket
Butterfly Stayer 3000

Still discussing table tennis rackets from the same manufacturer, in this position we recommend the Stayer 3000. Butterfly designed this table tennis racket for players who do the shake hand grip type. 
On the board is coated with a rubber mat that has passed the approval of ITTF, an international table tennis institution.

This product is also specifically presented to create a good ball control effect. If you want to learn to direct the ball easily, this product can be a fun training partner. However, this racket can also be used by the middle class.

4. Stiga Titan Table Tennis Racket

Stiga Titan Best Table Tennis Racket
Stiga Titan

In terms of price, the Stiga Titan is quite different from the Butterfly racket. 
Although several levels more expensive, this table tennis racket can provide maximum control over every ball you receive. You can master the game when you use this racket.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has confirmed the quality of the rubber in this racket, so it’s no wonder that the Stiga Titan is widely used in prestigious tournaments. In addition, this product also uses WRB technology so it is very stable when held.

5. Racket Tenis Meja Stiga Pro Carbon

Stiga Pro Carbon Best Table Tennis Racket
Stiga Pro Carbon

Stiga Pro Carbon is a flagship product for those of you who want to play fast without losing control of the ball. 
We recommend this product if you are a professional who is energetic and full of energy when playing.

Designed for hard and fast tempo games, this high end product is equipped with nano composite technology so that it supports speed and top spin. Not only that, the embedded WRB technology will help maintain balance and its ACS gives you optimal ball control.

6. Killerspin Jet800 Combo Table Tennis Racket

Best Table Tennis Racket Killerspin Jet800 Combo
Killerspin Jet800 Combo

Already used by many professional athletes, the Killerspin Jet800 Combo can also be used as an option for those of you who play a lot by producing tricky shots. 
Once you get the chance, you can also change your attack pattern into extra hard punches.

This product is perfect for supporting various types of games. This racket board consists of 7 layers of light but strong quality wood. The Killerspin Jet800 Combo is sold as a set with a cover that fits two bets and three four-star balls.

7. Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket

Best Table Tennis Racket Palio Expert 2
Palio Expert 2

This is an improvised product from the first Palio Expert series. 
By cooperating with experts, the Palio Expert 2 is created, which is predicted to be even better at creating a good ball spinning effect. Still using the Palio CJ8000 rubber, the ITTF has also approved it for use in major tournaments.

Having a round head, this racket is proven to be reliable in producing good ball control. You can take a strong hit and flip it in the direction you want with accuracy. If you want to switch to the top spin type of game, you can master the game!

8. Raket Tenis Meja DHS Hurricane 301 FL

Best Table Tennis Racket DHS Hurricane 301 FL
DHS Hurricane 301 FL

DHS Hurricane 301 FL is specially designed for tough players. 
This option is ideal if you want to shower your opponent with heavy punches that may be difficult to return. The wooden board of this racket comes from selected wood.

The board layer is made of carbon material which makes the bat more elastic so that the ball bounce feels more flexible when you swing the racket. This thin but wide-faced racket for the ball base is sold without rubber, so you can install the rubber according to the playing style you want to highlight.

9. DHS A3002 Table Tennis Racket

Best Table Tennis Racket DHS A3002
DHS A3002

If you intend to buy a table tennis racket just to spend the weekend, DHS A3002 is right for you. 
This product, which is marketed at an economical price, consists of 5 layers of wood to support speed, balance, and power.

This sticky package in one product certainly makes your game performance better. With a handle that is long enough, you can get more comfort when playing it with a shake hand grip model.

10. Table Tennis Racket Cornilleau Tacteo Pack Duo

The Best Table Tennis Rackets Cornilleau Tacteo Pack Duo
Cornilleau Tacteo Pack Duo

Cornilleau Tacteo Pack Duo is suitable for those of you who want to buy two racquets in one purchase. 
In one package, Cornilleau provides 2 bets and 3 ready-to-use ping pong balls. You don’t need to buy a ball separately and invite anyone to play even if they don’t have a racket with them.

Talking about performance, there’s no doubt about it. This product, which is more than enough for novice players, has solid rubber, ball control is also very good. With an eye-catching color, this racket can also be used as a gift for your child or relative who likes table tennis.


After getting your dream table tennis racket, make sure you know a few things about rubber. The rubber on this ball bat can thin with frequent use or age from the beginning of purchase. Rubber that can bounce this ball will give poor performance when conditions are not good. If people say, the player’s “touch” can be lost when the rubber on the racket is reduced.

Then, looking at most of the table tennis rackets in the list above, it can be concluded that there are three characteristics of the ability of the bet, namely speed and power, top spin, and ball control. If you want to achieve maximum performance, use a racket that supports your desires, whether playing fast, or playing technically so that your opponent is overwhelmed by your attacks.

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