10 Best Trekking Shoes Recommendations for Beginners (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Trekking shoes are designed to be worn when doing activities in tough terrain. Mountain climbers or other outdoor activities generally wear trekking shoes every time they do activities. The structure of the shoe that is made stronger is precisely designed to help the foot remain stable, comfortable, and ensure that it is safe from the risk of injury.

Do you currently need trekking shoes to wear in climbing activities or trekking in the forest? Trekking shoes have a variety of different materials and designs so that the comfort of each shoe will be different. Come on, keep an eye on this article so you can find the right trekking shoes!

Best Trekking Shoes
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How to choose good trekking shoes for beginners

First of all, we will explain the points of consideration in choosing trekking shoes. What’s up, huh?

1. Choose trekking shoes based on the main types, namely light and standard types

Lightweight trekking shoes and standard types have their own characteristics. If you want to climb a mountain that has built access roads, such as paved or the terrain is not so heavy, lightweight trekking shoes will provide more comfort. You can wear lightweight trekking shoes all day long. It is also very comfortable to wear for daily activities or for a leisurely walk on flat city streets.

In contrast, the standard type of trekking shoe has a stiffer, stronger, and taller design so that it can tread rough terrain better. The feet are supported more stable when wearing these shoes. However, for those of you who are trying it for the first time, this type of trekking shoe needs time to adjust so that you can feel comfortable and free to use it. Unfortunately, this type of shoe is only designed specifically for traversing rough or other rough terrain, so it is not suitable for use on flat or paved road surfaces.

2. Check the cut that protects the ankle

In general, trekking shoes are divided into three types based on the height of the back of the shoe that covers the ankle, namely low cut, middle cut, and high cut. It is recommended that you choose the type of cut based on the length of the hike and your skill level in mountaineering.

The high cut shape can be chosen when you want to travel long distances because it protects the ankles as a whole, this will help keep the ankles from getting injured. For the middle cut model, it will provide a medium level of ankle protection, the feet can move more freely because there is a wider movement area. The middle cut type will be suitable for beginner climbers who are climbing the mountain for the first time.

For the low cut type, the back does not protect the ankles at all. This type can increase the risk of injury. But since the area of ​​​​leg movement that is obtained is more, then this type will be very suitable for use by mountain climbers or advanced trail running.

3. Check shoe resistance and air circulation to ensure more comfort

When choosing trekking shoes, you need to check the weight that affects the durability of the shoe. Although lightweight shoes are more comfortable for long-term use, the structure of the shoes is usually insufficient to support the footrest and can put you at risk. We recommend that you choose shoes with a structure that ensures greater durability.

In addition, pay attention to the resistance of the shoes to water. Chemical fibers are generally able to hold water better than leather or plastic shoes. Air circulation from shoes also should not escape your observation. Make sure the shoes have good breathability so they are comfortable because the shoes are not damp due to sweat.

3. Choose the most comfortable shoes when you try to use them in the store

When you come to the store to buy trekking shoes, you can try one by one the shoes you want to choose. When wearing shoes, we recommend that they are 0.5 – 1 cm larger than your usual shoe size. When trekking, you will use thick socks.

While the shoes are on, make sure your feet fit and are comfortable with the shoes. Also make sure your toes fit in the heel so that the shoe is not too tight. However, do not also choose one that is too loose because it can be a gap for the entry of soil or small rocks into the shoe when used for climbing and the like.

4. Check the flexibility of the sole of your trekking shoes

Still in the store and in the process of trying on your shoes, try checking the flexibility of the soles by standing and tiptoeing. This way you will know the level of flexibility of the shoe. Trekking shoes that are suitable for one day trekking activities are sufficient if the soles are flexible. Meanwhile, for mountain climbing with heavier terrain, the soles of the shoes must be hard and stiff.

However, again, the selection of trekking shoes must ultimately match your level of proficiency. If you are still a beginner, of course you are not recommended to follow the climb to the mountain which is quite challenging. For this reason, trekking shoes that have good sole flexibility with a middle cut model will provide comfort on your first experience.

10 Best Trekking Shoes Recommendations for Beginners

Below, Ainun will introduce the ten best trekking shoes that can be worn for beginners. Some also have designs that are ideal for advanced climbers, you know! Starting from Jack Wolfskin , Eiger , Adidas , and Consina , you will find all these brands here. Happy choosing!

1. SNTA Outdoor 470

Best Trekking Shoes SNTA Outdoor Shoes 470
SNTA Outdoor Shoes 470

The SNTA Outdoor 470 is a trekking shoe with waterproof features that are marketed at a below average price, very different from other SNTA shoes. 
In this series, the waterproof level is designed to withstand light rain.

These shoes can be the first choice for those of you who want to do trekking to the mountains for the first time or want to use trekking shoes for daily activities. Modern impression with a large collection of colors, you can choose based on your taste.

2. Consina Ascend

Best Trekking Shoes Consina Ascend
Consina Ascend shoes

The Consina brand releases the Ascend series, mid-cut trekking shoes, making them suitable for use on rough, uneven and rocky terrain. 
Therefore, these shoes are not suitable for use on flat terrain, such as concrete or asphalt roads.

Even though it is produced by a well-known brand, Consina Ascend will not break your pocket when you buy it. Having a sturdy, hard and solid structure, these shoes can be relied on for long journeys. From its cool appearance, you can also be stylish while wearing it. Interested in buying it?

3. Eiger Anaconda 2.0

Best Trekking Shoes Eiger Anaconda 2.0
Seaptu Eiger Anaconda 2.0

For fans of outdoor activities, nature is considered a second home for every human being. 
With these shoes, the feeling is even more intense! Eiger Anaconda 2.0 is designed for mountain cruising activities or rock climbing sports such as rock climbing.

Using vibram on the outsole, these shoes will protect your feet well to keep them strong and powerful while not getting tired easily. On the outsole there is also a grip so that it can grip the surface well. This trekking shoe is also quite waterproof, making it more durable!

4. Adidas Terrex AX2 Climaproof Shoes

Best Trekking Shoes Adidas Terrex AX2 Climaproof Shoes
Adidas Terrex AX2 Climaproof Shoes

Adidas always puts quality first in all of its sports products, including this one-of-a-kind trekking shoe. 
Terrex AX2 Climaproof Shoes were conceived in a sporty low cut model, ensuring wearer comfort because they get a wide range of motion.

Not only that, even though it is synthetic, this product has good air circulation. Solid tread thanks to Traxion technology embedded in the sole will make you more confident to keep going. Then, the toe of this shoe is also equipped with finger protection against impact.

5. Hi-Tec Bandera Lite

Best Trekking Shoes Hi-Tec Bandera Lite
Hi-Tec Bandera Lite Shoes

You want to explore the foot of the mountain while enjoying the fresh air that is served? 
Make sure the trekking shoes you use are Hi-Tec Bandera Lite. Made of suede material, these shoes remain comfortable even when worn all day because they provide good airflow to the feet.

With the MDT rubber outsole technology on the underside, your feet will be stable and balanced every time you step on. Strong grip will also make you satisfied every time you step foot. Combined with the ghillie lacing system, this product will feel attached to your feet!

6. Keen Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Boot (Soft Toe)

Best Trekking Shoes Keen Mens Pittsburgh 6 Boot (Soft Toe)
Keen Mens Pittsburgh 6 Boot (Soft Toe)

Although this product has a good water-holding ability, its breathability is also not ruled out, you know! 
It is very interesting because the embedded Keen.Dry technology makes this shoe have this dual ability.

As a result, it provides not only comfort, but also protection to ensure the safety of all parts of the foot when wearing it. The toe protection will keep your toes from getting hurt when bumped, making these shoes ideal for long-term exploring!

7. Jack Wolfskin Mountain Attack 5 Texapore Mid

Jack Wolfskin Mountain Attack 5 Best Trekking Shoes Texapore Mid
Jack Wolfskin Mountain Attack 5 Texapore Mid . Shoes

Are you a beginner who wants to start trekking activities with other nature lovers? 
Start your exploration with these mid cut trekking shoes. Equipped with Texapore O2+ technology, these shoes not only make your feet hot, but also don’t get wet even in light rain.

Mountain Attack 5 was specially designed by Jack Wolfskin to have a light weight. So, with these shoes, both you who are beginners and professionals will not spend more energy every time you step on even hard terrain.

8. Asics GEL-Sonoma 3

Asics GEL-Sonoma 3 Best Trekking Shoes
Asics GEL-Sonoma 3 . shoes

Asics GEL-Sonoma 3 has a tough sole design to challenge off-road terrain. 
These low cut shoes will be appropriate for light trekking. Also equipped with toe protection, your toes will be protected from the impact of rocks or other hard objects.

Foot stability is also ensured well through its Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System. With this technology, shocks on the feet can be muted so that the feet don’t get tired easily. Combined with an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) midsole, the shoe’s high reflective power allows the foot to be more agile when moving.

9. Karrimor Summit Mens Leather Walking Shoes

Best Trekking Shoes Karrimor Summit Mens Leather Walking Shoes
Karrimor Summit Mens Leather Walking Shoes

Looks elegant, this product is suitable for those of you who like a simple and mysterious impression. 
Behind the normal-looking design, the Karrimor Summit Mens Leather Walking Shoes are tough in breaking through various terrains. Comfort and strength are the main aspects of this shoe.

Formulated with suede leather plus a low cut model, these shoes will make your feet move freely. Its DynaGrip technology provides optimal grip. Karrimor complements these shoes with an insole combined with a mess tongue, the flow of air in and out is even more smooth!

10. Eiger Mid Boot Shamrock

Best Trekking Shoes Eiger Mid Boot Shamrock
Shamrock Eiger Mid Boots

Eiger is one of the brands that is induced by PT. 
Eigerindo Multi Industrial Products. This local brand has distributed its products to all regions in Indonesia, including to many European countries, you know! One of his capable trekking shoes is the Eiger Mid Boot Shamrock.

Including the mid cut category, this product is quite comfortable to use for light terrain with short distances. In addition to acting as mountaineering, these shoes can also be relied on to be stylish. Made from suede leather and polyester fabric, this product is highly recommended for beginners.


Through this article, have you found a trekking shoe that fits your needs? In addition to adjusting to your level of proficiency, shoes can also improve your appearance. So, don’t forget the design aspect too, yes, in choosing trekking shoes.

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