10 Recommendations for Children's Height Measurements Tool (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – To monitor the growth of a child’s height, parents usually need to go to the nearest health unit to use the measuring instrument. However, given the rapid growth of height in children, you certainly can’t take your child to the nearest community health center just to take height measurements.

It would be better if you had your own height measuring device, right? Nowadays, it is not difficult to get a tool to measure height. You can buy height gauges made of a variety of materials and with different features. Each product will make it easier for you to take your height measurements at home whenever you want.

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How to choose a good child’s height measuring device

On this occasion, we will review how to choose a child’s height measuring device. You will need to adjust things like build material, measuring range, and features provided. After that, we also provide recommendations for measuring children’s height as a reference. Let’s first discuss what things need to be considered when choosing a child’s height measuring device.

1. Pay attention to the material for making measuring tools

There are various materials that manufacturers use to make height measuring tools. You can find tools made of paper or cloth, wood, and plastic. The three materials have different characteristics that need to be adjusted to your needs.

  • Paper or cloth. Some people don’t want to do an installation that is too difficult to mount the gauge on the wall. If you belong to that group, you should choose a measuring device made of paper or cloth. This type of measuring device can generally be rolled up so that the measurement process will be more practical as well as when you want to store the tool.
  • wood. This type can beautify the interior of the house. For those of you who pay attention to the aesthetic value of every room in the house, we advise you to buy a height gauge made of wood. Usually, there are certain motifs that are carried by each manufacturer. You can mount this gauge permanently or not on the wall. Generally, this type of gauge is hung on the wall using hooks, nails, and the like.
  • Plastic. For those who want to save on expenses, a height measuring device made of plastic will be suitable for use. This type of gauge generally has a light weight. In addition to being lightweight, this meter has an attractive design. There are many choices of colors and shapes that are provided as a variety of choices.

2. Check the measuring range of each product

The average height of Indonesians is between 150 – 180 cm. On the child’s own height measuring device, we can find a wide selection of measuring ranges on the tool. You need to look at the measuring range of the tool you want to buy. We recommend choosing a tool that has a maximum measurement limit of up to 180 cm.

If you choose a tool with a measuring range of up to 180 cm, of course, it can not only be used by your child, but also the whole family. In fact, you can use it until your child grows into their teens. He can also more freely take measurements independently as long as there is this tool at home.

3. Consider choosing a tool that has attractive features

Regardless of the material used, manufacturers generally innovate by embedding a number of features to increase the attractiveness and purchase of people. You will find a tool that has features such as a photo frame that is also useful for marking the height of the child at the last measurement.

A height meter that has a photo frame will be perfect for those of you who want to save photos of your child’s growth over time. Later, it grows as it grows. You or your child can look back on the photos of their childhood as long as this tool is stored or the photos don’t fade and get dirty.

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Do you understand how to choose a child’s height measuring device from the reviews in the previous section? Now, tomslead.com will recommend some of the best height measurement tools for you. You can buy this tool through an online store, so it is more practical.

1. Height Gauge Tensile Meter

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Height Gauge Tensile Meter

Every parent would want to see the growth of their child’s height continuously. For those of you who are like that, we recommend this height meter product. Made of plastic material, of course, this tool has a light weight. In addition, at a low price, you can already get a height measuring device with this attractive design.

The appearance of the tool that resembles a water droplet with a hint of a smiley face and a pair of eyeballs makes it look attractive in the eyes of children. The blue color of the water seems to represent the true color of the water. This tool can be attached to the wall for measuring up to a maximum height of 170 cm.

2. Height Measuring Elephant Doll

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Height Measuring Elephant Doll

Unlike adults, children tend to like products with attractive designs. Like the measuring device in the previous point, this Height Measuring Elephant Doll is sure to be liked by your children at home. You can give it as a birthday gift or for his achievements in school or preschool.

This measuring instrument in the form of an elephant doll has a cheerful color. There are several color choices, such as pink and bright green, that can be adjusted to the gender of the child. On the elephant’s trunk, there are measuring markers that can be rolled up and adjusted in height according to the child’s height.

3. Plan Toys Jungle Height Chart

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Plan Toys Jungle Height Chart

You can monitor your child’s growth without worrying about forgetting the last height with this tool. The reason is, this one measuring tool provides a clip that can be clipped right at the measuring mark according to your height the last time you took a measurement. There are lots of cute little clips for the manufacturers’ provided.

Besides being equipped with a clip that can help you record your child’s height gain, this tool is also superior in terms of design. You can add a cheerful touch to the interior of the house after attaching this tool to the wall. There are many pictures of forest animals on the product body. Your child will surely love it, as well as the room that looks crowded and adorable.

4. OneMed Medicom Wireless Height Meter

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
OneMed Medicom Wireless Height Meter

What’s interesting about this product is that it can measure a child’s height with precision. You no longer need to estimate the child’s height when using a manual measuring device. The OneMed Medicom Wireless Height Meter can display measurement results with very precise accuracy.

To use this tool, you only need to attach the tool to the wall by adjusting the height of the child’s head. After that, wait a few moments for this tool to display the measurement results on the screen pointing downwards. This tool can also be used to measure the height of people because it can reach a measuring range of 200 cm.

5. Wooden UV Print Height Chart – Robot

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Wooden UV Print Height Chart – Robot

If you don’t want to ruin the look of your home’s interior with a measuring device attached to the wall, then this product is worth considering. Made of quality teak wood, you can attach this tool to the wall without having to attach it to nails. You also don’t need to be upset because of a hole in the wall, such as this tool being removed from the wall.

Wooden UV Print Height Chart not only makes your room look more elegant, but also loved by children. On the front of the tool is a blue robotic cutout that your little boy will surely love. The markings or elevation figures listed on the tool are made of sharp colored ink and do not fade easily. This product is definitely durable and long lasting!

6. Height Gauge Stickers and Photo Frames

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Height Gauge Stickers and Photo Frames

In this set of measuring tools, you will get wall stickers and several photo frames. It’s no wonder this product has a fairly high selling value. However, for those of you who do not prioritize comfort, of course, this product is ideal to choose from. You can mount it on the wall of the child’s room.

On this height measuring sticker, not only is there a measuring mark up to a height of 200 cm. Manufacturers also added a touch of the image of a giraffe and monkey who looked happy. The presence of several photo frames that adorn the walls of the child’s room will beautify the interior of your child’s room. Children will not feel disturbed by the existence of this product.

7. Nordic Kids Growth Chart

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Nordic Kids Growth Chart

The simple concept offered by this measuring tool will be suitable for lovers of minimalist design. Are you a person who likes products with concise, elegant, and minimalist designs? You can buy a Nordic Kids Growth Chart. This product is made from a combination of canvas and wood so that it presents a warm impression in its natural color.

In addition, this measuring device is also not equipped with a hint of any motif, detail, or image other than measuring markers. That is, this product only focuses on its function. Given the simple design, you do not have to spend a lot of money just to buy this tool. You can use this tool to measure your child or yourself.

8. Plan Toys Family Growth Chart

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Plan Toys Family Growth Chart

With this tool, you can measure your height since your child is a baby, you know! Plan Toys Family Growth Chart may be marketed with unfriendly selling values, but we guarantee you won’t regret it after buying it. How not, this tool is able to take measurements with a range from 0 – 210 cm.

With a high measuring range, you can also use it to measure home furnishings, such as cabinets, shelves, and the like. You also don’t need to install this product permanently on the wall if you don’t want it. Plan Toys designed this tool so that it can be folded and stored easily. However, if you want to hang it, no problem!

9. Folding

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool

Height Gauge This height gauge is made of soft flannel and is colorful and attractive. The variety of colors and touches of adorable Disney characters can be adjusted according to children’s preferences. You can fold this one tool and store it in a cupboard or bag. The size is not too big or too small, so you don’t have to worry about it being lost or tucked away.

To use it, you just need to unfold it and hang it on the wall of your house. That way, you don’t have to damage the interior of the room by breaking into the wall with nails just to hang this tool permanently. It is perfect for those of you who are tall in rental homes.

10. Height Measuring Wall Sticker – Elephant SK 9111

Recommendations for Children's Height Measurement Tool
Height Measuring Wall Sticker – Elephant SK 9111

Children may like house wallpapers that have beautiful patterns or have a touch of their favorite characters. But, it would be better if the wallpaper could be useful for monitoring the development of the child’s height. Therefore, we recommend that you install this Height Measuring Wall Sticker – Elephant SK 9111 in your baby’s room.

As the name suggests, this measuring device is not only useful for measuring a child’s height, but also has an attractive design with a touch of the character of an elephant squirting water in the shape of a heart. In addition, there are also other animals such as dogs, frogs, and birds holding umbrellas as if they were wet from the spray of the elephant’s trunk.


Which is the best height meter that your child likes the most? With this product reference, we hope that you are no longer confused about what kind of measuring tool to buy. You can choose products made of plastic if, for example, you don’t want to bother with installation. But, if you want to beautify your interior, of course, measuring products in the form of stickers or wooden blocks will be suitable.

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