Review of 10 Best Camping Mats Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Do you like to do outdoor activities and stay overnight, or better known as camping activities? There are many things that need to be prepared, from knowledge supplies to logistical preparations. One thing that you need to take with you when camping is a mattress. The camping mat that you prepare must be comfortable to sleep on.

In this article, we will present information about choosing a good and good quality camping mat . You will also find the best camping mat products in the list that we have summarized below. Be sure to check out the section on choosing tips below before you take a look at our top ten recommended camping mattress products. Come on, let’s start with the discussion!

Camping Tent Mat Illustration Image
Camping Tent Mat Illustration Image

How to choose a good camping mat

You certainly want camping activities to be more fun. That’s the reason to prepare everything carefully, including bringing a comfortable camping mat to sleep on. In determining the product, you should consider several points. Here we tell you more!

1. Choose a mattress based on the type and basic material of manufacture

The types of camping mats in circulation are distinguished based on the material they are made of, namely foam mattresses, air mattresses, and inflator mats. These three mats have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for you? First, read the detailed description of each type of mattress.

  • Foam Mattress . This mattress is made of foam (foaming agent) such as urethane. Also called closed cell, this foam-based mattress is commonly used by hobbyists in camping activities. The advantages, foam mattresses are more affordable in terms of price and quite durable. This type of mattress is also comfortable for sleeping because it can lock heat, very suitable for use during cold weather conditions. However, this mattress is a bit uncomfortable to sleep on because of its solid shape.
  • Air Mattress . If the foam mattress can only be folded and rolled up, you can squeeze the air mattress to a smaller size. The working concept of this mattress is like a float, which is filled with air before it can be used. The larger the size of the mattress, the more air is needed. If you are interested in buying this type of mattress, prepare a bandage or other repair tool in case of damage, such as a hole that causes a leak.
  • Inflator Mat . Is a mattress that combines the components of a foam mattress (for inner filling) and an air mattress (which mixes with foam). This type of mattress is easy to carry, quite comfortable to use, and is able to withstand heat. Because of the various advantages it has, this mattress is also sold more expensive, so you need to pay attention to these aspects before buying it. You should also bring a repair kit in case a leak occurs.

2. Make sure the selected mattress size fits the size of the tent, body, and sleeping bag

Cold weather conditions at night can make your sleep less comfortable. Therefore, it is also important to prepare a sleeping bag that fits inside the tent. In addition, the mattress you have must also match the size of the tent, body, and sleeping bag.

The size of the mattress that is too large can interfere in the tent. Likewise, when the size of the mattress is too small, you cannot sleep on your back, but you have to bend your body and you have to sacrifice sleeping comfort. We provide a reference, if you want to use it yourself (single, buy a 60 cm wide mattress. However, if you are using it for two, choose a 270 – 300 cm wide mattress.

3. Also check the thickness of the mattress to make it comfortable to sleep on

If you’re camping with your family or it’s your first time camping, make your first experience more memorable. When looking for a mattress, apart from checking the width and length, you should also check the thickness of the mattress. A camping mat that is thick enough can make your sleep more sound and comfortable.

We recommend that you choose a mattress thickness of more than 4 cm. Do not choose a thinner one, because it can interfere with your sleep due to a sick body due to the rocks on the ground being unable to be dampened by the mattress. If forced, your body can hurt when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, prioritize a mattress that is thick enough to carry.

Quite easy are not the steps in choosing a mattress for camping? Now, you can see the 10 best camping mattress products, some of which may be familiar to your ears.

1. Eiger Worm Mat

Eiger Worm Mat
Eiger Worm Mat

The Eiger Cacing Mat is the camping mat for a million people! 
Everyone who likes hiking or camping is certainly familiar with this mattress brand. In fact, not only ordinary people who use it, but the TNI and POLRI also use this mattress made of thin foam and rubber in various outdoor activities.

This mattress is rollable, inexpensive, and easy to use. These advantages are what make it popular in various circles. In addition, this mattress is also quite comfortable to rely on in a flat camping place, such as a field.

2. BSWolf Automatic Inflatable Mattress

BSWolf Automatic Inflatable Mattress
BSWolf Automatic Inflatable Mattress

Want to relax in a lying position outside while enjoying the cool afternoon breeze? 
You can feel the experience with BSWolf Automatic Inflatable Mattress. There’s no need to be afraid even if it’s exposed to rain, the material is a high-quality rebound sponge that has been coated with a waterproof outer shell.

Another uniqueness, this mattress was originally a single type of mattress. However, if your friends bring a similar mattress, you can combine two types of the same mattress to become a couple mattress. With brightly colored checkered motifs, the camping atmosphere also seems happy.

3. Naturehike Egg Crate Style Anti Moisture Pads

Naturehike Egg Crate Style Anti Moisture Pads
Naturehike Egg Crate Style Anti Moisture Pads

The following mattress designs from Naturehike are unique. 
A kind of bulkhead that is in one mat allows each part to be folded and stacked together. You do not need to prepare additional space to carry this mattress.

In addition to saving storage space, this camping mat has a plaid texture that stands out on its surface. The purpose of the texture is to give a massage sensation to your tired body after a day of walking in nature.

4. Naturehike Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad

Naturehike Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad
Naturehike Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad

The following mattresses from Naturehike have a thickness of up to 9 cm, allowing you to freely close your eyes without being disturbed by rocks that torture your body. 
The soft sensation of this mattress is like sleeping on a bed at home. You can also welcome the morning with energy that is successfully recharged during sleep.

At the time of purchase, Naturehike provided the pump. So there is no need to set up an additional pump or blow this mat manually. The moisture-resistant material also makes the body free from heat because there are jagged contours on the surface of the mat that allow air to flow through.

5. Naturehike Ultralight TPU Egg Crate Inflatable Cushion

Naturehike Ultralight TPU Egg Crate Inflatable Cushion
Naturehike Ultralight TPU Egg Crate Inflatable Cushion

Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad is a camping mat produced by Naturehike which is composed of nylon base material. 
Interestingly, this mattress can be combined with a sleeping bag in the shape of a human body (mummy). This product has a thickness of 3 cm and a size of 187 x 57 cm, so it is very comfortable to wear while sleeping.

When tucked into the sleeping bag, apart from being protected from cold weather, the body will not move around because it is awake by the sleeping bag. However, for those of you who move a lot while sleeping, it is less comfortable to use this mattress. Therefore, reconsider whether you can sleep well with this mattress.

6. Thermarest NeoAir Xlite

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite
Thermarest NeoAir Xlite

Mattress offered by Thermarest is specifically intended for professional level camping lovers, especially mountain climbers at home and abroad. 
This product is ideal for use in 3 different seasons, so it is very suitable for conditions in Indonesia, which only has 2 seasons.

Not only that, this product is also designed to be ultra packable and ultralight. Thanks to this, these nylon air mattresses can be packed up to the size of a 1 liter bottle. In terms of quality, Thermarest NeoAir Xlite can withstand heat and is very soft, making its comfort unquestionable!

7. ChillaX Comfort Plus Sleeping Pad

ChillaX Comfort Plus Sleeping Pad
ChillaX Comfort Plus Sleeping Pad

ChillaX can be another, more affordable option for those of you who want quality sleep while camping. 
This product is designed to resemble hollow cells with nylon and TPU coated materials, providing sufficient cushioning to protect your body from the harshness of the ground.

The ChillaXComfort Plus Sleeping Pad won’t slide down when you sleep, or even when your body moves a lot, it stays stable in position. If you prioritize comfort while sleeping, don’t hesitate to choose this mattress.

8. Bluefield Inflatable Outdoor Camping Pad

Bluefield Inflatable Outdoor Camping Pad
Bluefield Inflatable Outdoor Camping Pad

Do you like camping activities on the coast? 
We think the Bluefield Inflatable Outdoor Camping Pad could be an ideal option. This product is composed of quality TPU material that is able to withstand scratches from sharp grass or small pebbles in the beach area.

Due to its toughness, of course this mattress can still be used for camping in the mountains, fields, or other possible areas. Then, the size that can be small when packed will fit into the bag without taking up much space.

9. Automatic Inflatable Mat Cushion

Automatic Inflatable Mat Cushion
Automatic Inflatable Mat Cushion

Automatic Inflatable Mat Cushion can be an option for those of you who want to sleep alone with a partner when camping. 
The base material is PU foam sponge with a high rebound rate, making it comfortable when in contact with the skin.

Take it easy, even though it is thin, this type of inflator mat is able to protect the body from the uneven surface of the camping ground. You can enjoy a romantic night with your partner using this mattress, especially since the top is equipped with a pillow, the more comfortable it is!

10. Consina Aluminum Mats

Consina Aluminum Mats
Consina Aluminum Mats

Consina Matras Aluminum is an ideal sleeping mat for camping in the field. 
This product is widely chosen by students who want to do camping and the like. Made from a combination of thin foam and aluminum foil, this mattress is able to provide warmth that fits the body.

Not only that, when you or a friend experience hypothermia, the following Consina mattresses can be used as emergency blankets. The aluminum foil material will help raise body temperature gradually. But one drawback, the aluminum foil layer on this mattress is easily peeled off so that the mattress can only be used for a certain period of time.


After looking at the ten best camping mats and knowing how to choose one, have you found a product that fits your needs? If you are new to camping, you can also rent a mattress in the camping area. Prices marketed vary, depending on the type of mattress and the length of use.

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