Review of 10 Best Daypack Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Backpacks or daypacks are a necessity for everyone in their daily lives. In addition to daily activities, daypacks are also widely used for outdoor activities, such as hiking and traveling. Are you planning to buy a new daypack? When buying a daypack, there are many things to consider. Anything, huh?

To find out, keep reading this article. We will explain how to choose the right daypack for you based on the activity. After understanding the important points to consider, you can see the best daypack recommendations at the end of this article. So, follow this review to the end!

Best Daypack / Best Backpack
Illustration of Daypack / Backpack

How to choose a good daypack

Several things need to be considered when choosing a daypack. Besides being useful for making it easier for you to carry goods, daypacks also have their own fashion value. Therefore, the design aspect is also worth considering, especially the color. However, the main thing you should consider is how to use it to suit the occasion.

1. Choose based on the activity you want to do

Daypack has been considered as one of the fashion items. Therefore, if you want to hang out with friends, choose a daypack that matches the event. While daily activities such as going to work, school, or to campus, choose a bag that is not too crowded. The size of the bag that is suitable for daily activities is not too big and does not have many additional compartments.

Differentiate the daypack that is used for daily activities with outdoor activities. When traveling or hiking, you can wear a daypack with a striking color to make it easier to recognize the group or when picking up a bag. Check to see if there are pockets inside or outside of the daypack that allow more items to fit in while traveling.

2. Customize the color and pattern to your liking

Regarding design, of course, everyone has their own taste. How about you? In general, daypacks are designed in colors such as black, red, khaki, and gray. These four colors are the most common because apart from being flexible for various activities, these colors are also considered timeless.

  • Color Black . The black daypack is perfect for everyone, regardless of gender. Interestingly, black is flexible with many clothing colors. You can wear a white top and black bottoms, the look will be even better if it is equipped with a jacket with a pretty fancy color.
  • Red color . Usually, young people like red fashion items, especially backpacks. The color red can give the impression of elation and enthusiasm. Not only that, wearing a red daypack when traveling also makes you easy to see. The color red is also a fun color, you know!
  • Khaki color . Usually college kids like to wear a khaki color daypack. Especially among men, the color khaki is synonymous with military impressions. To be more attractive, the color of the khaki daypack is more suitable to be paired with denim. The color khaki is also neutral so it is suitable for various activities, from casual to formal activities, such as meetings with business clients.
  • Color Gray . Both dark gray and light gray, each has its own target taste. If you want to wear a daypack for a formal event, buy a daypack in a gray that is not too dark. This isn’t really a specific rule, so you’re still free to choose based on your own range of grays.

3. Most importantly, check the function

Daypacks can help you carry a variety of items. However, more value will be found if you examine the functions provided. For example, for outdoor activities, a daypack equipped with a pocket on the outside of the side will make it easier for you to take a drinking water bottle without having to open the bag.

As for daily activities, such as going to school, campus, or the office, a bag with an additional compartment for a laptop can make it easier for those of you who use an laptop every day. There is also a daypack that has a pocket for a tablet. So, pay attention to the additional functions that your chosen daypack has.

10 Best Daypack Recommendations

Now we move on to the next part. Please choose one or more daypacks that you think best suit your needs. Remember again what must be checked according to the points that Ainun has reviewed in the previous section. Let’s find the right daypack for you!

1. Avtech Tavola

Avtech Tavola's Best Daypacks
Avtech Tavola

Avtech Tavola has a size of 26 cm x 18 cm x 42 cm with a capacity of 25 L. This backpack is able to contain many things you need for various activities, especially traveling. 
If you want to go out of town, and feel the need to prepare an extra daypack, this product can be folded to be stored in a suitcase with other items without taking up much space.

The Avtech Tavola is made of nylon, making it lighter and less bulky in your luggage. In addition, the following daypacks offered by Avtech are also waterproof and have bright colors, making them perfect for accompanying your travels.

2. Fjallraven Kanken Classic

Best Daypack Fjallraven Kanken Classic
Fjallraven Kanken Classic

Fjallraven Kanken Classic carries a classic Scandinavian style design that is very fashionable. 
Such a daypack design makes it suitable for use by both men and women. This daypack has a unique shape because there is a handle strap at the top to make it easier when you want to carry it.

In addition, Fjallraven Kanken Classic offers many attractive color choices that can be adjusted to taste. Made of vinylon-F, this daypack is water-resistant and easier to clean due to its dirt-resistant material. Measuring 38 x 13 x 27 cm, this bag is equipped with 2 compartments, 2 side pockets, and a capacity of 16 L.

3. Callaghan Leather Daypack

Best Daypack Callaghan Leather Daypack
Callaghan Leather Daypack

Callaghan Leather Daypack can be used as the main option for those of you who need a daypack for meetings or other formal events. 
This product is commonly used by business people because it has a simple yet elegant design and shape.

In black, this daypack is made from a mixture of genuine cowhide and synthetic leather, which has a soft texture to make it more comfortable when used. Inside the bag there are 2 compartments for laptops, jackets, books, and gadgets. While the 2 side pockets can be used to store other small items.

4. Bodypack Prodigers 3 in 1

Best Daypack Bodypack Prodigers 3 in 1
Bodypack Prodigers 3 in 1

The Prodigers 3 in 1 bodypack can fit a 14-inch laptop. 
Those of you who are used to meeting while opening a laptop or daily activities using a laptop will be helped by this daypack. It’s only available in black, of course it’s not a problem because it’s neutral to use when traveling.

If you are assigned to meet clients outside the island, of course you need this bag. The reason is, the Bodypack Prodigers 3 in 1 has many compartments that can be removed and adjusted for adjustment. Each compartment can be used separately, no matter your daypack as a sling bag or waist bag.

5. Carion Anti-Theft Backpack

Best Daypack Carion Anti-Theft Backpack
Carion Anti-Theft Backpack

Carion Anti-Theft Backpack is a daypack that will secure your belongings while traveling. 
If you have to take public transportation every day, of course you have to be careful so that your belongings are not stolen. Just choose this bag, the material is composed of many materials, making it impossible to tear with a razor blade.

The combination of 1582 PVC, Cordura, and Cordura Two Tone makes the bag resistant to cuts. To complete it, this daypack features a hidden compartment to put your other valuables on the back of the bag.

6. Deuter Giga Bike

Best Daypack Deuter Giga Bike
Deuter Giga Bike

This daypack with a size of 46 x 31 x 23 cm is capable of loading laptops up to 15 inches in size. 
You can rely on the Deuter Giga Bike to store documents or other gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones into it. Interestingly, Deuter also provides a special compartment for storing bicycle helmets.

At the front of the bag there is a detachable net, equipped with a strap to lock the helmet. This daypack can be chosen by those of you who go to the office by bicycle. Its sporty appearance is complete by the airstripes system, providing ventilation so it is not hot even though it is in contact with your back for a long time.

7. Consina Tagolu

Best Daypack Consina Tagolu
Consina Tagolu

Consina released a daypack for those who like outdoor activities such as hiking. 
Are you one of them? Bring Consina Tagolu, your hiking trip will be more fun. This product offers side pockets for loading beverage bottles.

Consina Tagolu is equipped with a hip belt and shoulder straps that make the bag position more stable when worn. Not only that, the airflow system on the back also ensures comfort. Consina designed this daypack with polyester and doby hexagons, so it is water-resistant during outdoor activities.

8. Oscar Daypack

Best Daypack Oscas Daypack
Oscar Daypack

This one daypack is worth choosing for those of you who want one product for various purposes. 
Besides being ideal as a traveling daypack, the Oscas Daypack is also comfortable to wear everyday with style. This product measuring 45 x 33 x 15 cm is able to meet your needs for 3 days while traveling.

For everyday use, Oscar has prepared a 14-inch laptop compartment. There are a variety of attractive colors to choose from and are suitable for everyday use or traveling. Want a multifunctional daypack? Oscar Daypack of choice!

9. Quechua Arpenaz 7L

Best Daypack Quechua Arpenaz 7L
Quechua Arpenaz 7L

Do you want to surprise your little one? 
This Daypack from Quechua will be a gift he will love. You can give this product to children aged 3-6 years. It is suitable for your child’s outdoor needs with its 7 liter capacity.

Quechue Arpenaz 7L is equipped with 2 compartments that can be used to store snacks and water bottles. Because for children, this daypack is designed with various bright color variants, such as red, blue, green, and orange.

10. Mudagaya Woody

Mudagaya Woody's Best Daypack
Mudagaya Woody

We recommend Mudagaya Woody to women who want to look more fashionable, but still simple for everyday use. 
This canvas daypack is not waterproof so you need to be careful when the weather is cloudy.

The neutral brown color makes this daypack suitable to match your outfit. Don’t worry, even though it only measures 32 x 32 x 10 cm, this daypack has 2 compartments, namely the main compartment which is large and can accommodate a 13-inch laptop, and another compartment that is on the front to put books or other luggage.


Of the many interesting daypack choices, have you found a product that you are interested in? Keep an eye on the model, color, size, and function offered by each daypack, OK! That way, you can be happier doing various activities, especially if your daypack looks fashionable and fashionable.

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