Review of 10 Best Luggage Recommendations with Fashionable Designs (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – When traveling long distances and needing to stay overnight, suitcases become an object that is usually taken to store luggage, especially clothes. Today, suitcases have been designed with interesting functions. Various advantages and attractive models are available in the market which in fact, it makes many people confused when they want to buy it.

In this regard, in this article we will invite you to find out how to choose the best suitcase. After knowing the points of consideration in choosing a suitcase, we don’t forget to include a selection of quality luggage that you can choose based on the price and advantages of the product. Make your trip more comfortable and safe by choosing the right suitcase.

Luggage Illustration Gambar
Luggage Illustration Gambar

How to choose a suitcase with a good fashionable design

Although choosing a suitcase is not a difficult matter, if you choose the wrong one, the luggage you carry will actually be a hassle for you while you are out of town, outside the island, or even abroad. Therefore, first read this section, we have made a guide to choosing the ideal suitcase for you.

1. Check the size of the suitcase, use the formula “long stay x 10 liters” as a benchmark

Everyone has different habits. However, usually when traveling, people need goods with a capacity of about 10 liters. If you are staying more than one day, you can use the formula “length of stay x 10 liters” as a reference in choosing a suitcase. Not difficult, right?

However, it should be emphasized that the right size of the suitcase does lighten your load. However, if you plan to buy souvenirs as souvenirs, of course you need to prepare a suitcase that has additional space so that your purchased items can fit into it too.

2. Can use soft case suitcase only for domestic travel

A soft case type suitcase can be an option if you want to travel domestically. This kind of suitcase is made of soft materials such as leather or cloth with various thicknesses. Due to the characteristics of the soft and flexible material, the soft case suitcase allows it to be forced to press when the load exceeds its capacity.

In addition, soft case suitcases also have some drawbacks, such as not being safe because the material is easy to tear with a knife. Soft case suitcases also don’t seep in water, so you can’t take this kind of suitcase when it rains. Rethink your travel distance so that the selected suitcase is superior in terms of safety.

3. Use tougher and safer hard case luggage for overseas trips

Hard cases are made of carbon or plastic material. This kind of suitcase is stronger in terms of durability, and is not easily cut or slashed with a knife. If you prioritize safety when traveling, especially when traveling non-domestic, buy a hard case type suitcase so that your belongings are safer.

Another advantage that comes with carrying a hard case is that you are free from worrying when your suitcase is handled carelessly when you put it in your trunk. However, hard case suitcases are generally not resistant to scratches. The selling price of a hard case is also more expensive than a soft case type suitcase.

4. Pay attention to the number and size of wheels that affect the stability when the suitcase is carried

In general, the number of wheels on a suitcase varies, ranging from 2 to 8 wheels. If you want to carry a lot of stuff, choose a suitcase with more wheels so it’s not difficult when you want to lift it. However, a suitcase with a large number of wheels will be difficult to maneuver with small turns.

Unlike the case with slightly wheeled suitcases, which have more freedom of rotation, but are difficult to lift if the luggage is heavy enough. In addition, prioritize luggage with wheels that are large enough to make it more stable when carried. Wheels that are not noisy when dragged are also important to note. You certainly don’t want to make other people uncomfortable because of the noise of the luggage carrying the wheels noisy.

Next, Ainun will share ten of the best suitcases with fashionable designs. You can choose by considering the size, type, how to open, and don’t forget to check the price too to suit your budget. Please choose the one that best suits your needs!

1. Polo Team Hardcase 20 Inch

Polo Team Hardcase 20 Inch
Polo Team Hardcase 20 Inch

This hard case type suitcase from Polo Team in soft pink color has a size of 20 inches, very compact and enough to accommodate your various belongings. 
Of course, this suitcase can be taken into the aircraft cabin. Since it is not placed in the trunk, you can immediately remove it from the airport without waiting for a long time for the suitcase in the trunk.

This suitcase, which is made of polycarbonate-coated ABS material, has been equipped with a combination lock to keep your essentials safe and secure during travel. Sturdy material also makes this suitcase resistant to water and impact. There are 4 wheels and can rotate 360 ​​degrees to make it easier for you to drag it.

2. AirTop 2 In 1

AirTop 2 In 1
AirTop 2 In 1

AirTop is one of the most famous luggage brands in the world. 
Designed with 2 functions in 1 unit, you can use it as a suitcase or turn it into a backpack. This suitcase that can fit your various travel needs for up to four days is perfect for supporting your business trip.

Designed from a soft nylon material, this product may not be waterproof, but it is more comfortable due to the flexible nature of the material. On the side, AirTop added a mesh pocket to store drinking water bottles and other small items for easy grabbing.

3. American Tourister Curio Spinner 25 Inch

American Tourister Curio Spinner 25 Inch
American Tourister Curio Spinner 25 Inch

The American Tourister Curio Spinner is a suitcase with TSA locks. 
This feature will make it easier for officers to check your luggage stored in the suitcase. In addition, this suitcase is designed with attractive contours on its body.

Many bright color choices are provided so as to give a cheerful impression when taken on a trip. American Tourister offers a capacity of 137 liters, perfect for those of you who want to vacation for about two weeks! If you don’t want the hassle of pulling or pushing your suitcase, this product is equipped with dual wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

4. Samsonite Omni PC 20 Inch Spinner

Samsonite Omni PC 20 Inch Spinner
Samsonite Omni PC 20 Inch Spinner

This suitcase is equipped with a scratch-resistant feature on its surface through a micro-diamond texture that ensures your suitcase remains smooth until it reaches its destination. 
Don’t be afraid to leave your suitcase in the trunk anymore thanks to this scratch-resistant surface texture.

The Samsonite Omni Spinner is designed from durable and impact-resistant polycarbonate. The spinner wheels can be modified so that they are more comfortable when being dragged. The provided TSA lock also doubles the security of your belongings during the trip.

5. President Trolley Case Aero

President Trolley Case Aero
President Trolley Case Aero

If you are looking for a suitcase with lots of wheels, the President Trolley Case Aero is equipped with 4 wheels, each of which can rotate 360 ​​degrees. 
Equipped with special technology from Japan, the movement of the suitcase becomes smoother even though you do a lot of maneuvers while dragging it.

This product made by President is composed of quality SPC materials. The strong body guarantee makes it durable and impact resistant. Although tough, this suitcase has a light weight. Its stylish design will make you happy on every trip. One more thing, this suitcase has been equipped with a TPA lock and a puncture-proof zipper as well.

6. Kamiliant Mapuna Spinner

Kamiliant Mapuna Spinner
Kamiliant Mapuna Spinner

This suitcase which is made of polypropylene material is proven to be very strong and resilient from various impacts. 
You can sleep soundly without worrying about your suitcase being damaged while you are in the trunk of the plane. Kamiliant also designed this suitcase with a unique motif, inspired by the shape of the waves combined with a matte texture that is pleasing to the eye.

Its shiny body also gives this suitcase an attractive impression. If you want to bring your luggage to the airplane cabin, the Kamiliant Mapuna Spinner is available in three different sizes. However, if you are planning a long trip, choose a suitcase with a capacity of 65 liters which is sufficient for the needs of approximately 1 week.

7. Uniwalker Small 20 Inch Vintage Luggage

Uniwalker Small 20 Inch Vintage Luggage
Uniwalker Small 20 Inch Vintage Luggage

Uniwalker Vintage Luggage has a fashionable design through a touch of beautiful floral motifs that spoils the eyes. 
This vintage-inspired suitcase is made of polyurethane synthetic leather which gives an elegant impression without compromising the toughness of the body.

If you need a durable suitcase, don’t forget to consider this product. Made with a medium capacity of 20 inches, this suitcase is able to meet your needs for a stay of about 5 days.

8. TUMI International Expandable Carry On V3

TUMI International Expandable Carry On V3
TUMI International Expandable Carry On V3

This suitcase, which is widely used by professional workers on business trips, can also be used as an option. 
Not grandiose, TUMI only designed the body of the suitcase with black polycarbonate material. The elegant impression and sleek appearance are the main values ​​from the visual side of this suitcase.

You can use this suitcase for domestic and international business trips. Inside, TUMI provides a special hook that allows you to carry your suit. With a capacity of 37 liters, this suitcase will guarantee your needs for a long stay of around 4-5 days.

9. Bric’s BXL48118

Brics BXL48118
Brics BXL48118

Bric’s BXL48118 is a soft case type suitcase made of satin nylon raw material. 
A stylish impression is also present when the basic material is combined with synthetic leather. Although the size is relatively small, this suitcase is enough to accommodate several sets of your clothes for a stay of 2-3 days.

There are two additional zippered pockets to store items that you would take more often. Meanwhile, on the top and sides there are strong handles to make it easier for you to carry or drag your suitcase.

10. Navy Club Koper Softcase 24 Inch

Navy Club Koper Softcase 24 Inch
Navy Club Koper Softcase 24 Inch

Navy Club released a 24-inch suitcase with a versatile additional compartment at the front. 
You can use the bag to put tissues, medicines, or several types of accessories. Because of its large size, this suitcase can be an option for a vacation trip for approximately 1 week.

Even though it is a soft case type and uses canvas material, this suitcase is equipped with an anti-theft zipper feature, making it safer because of its double serration zipper which cannot be stabbed or broken easily.


Business trips or vacations are even more enjoyable when you bring a suitcase of the ideal size. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the design of the suitcase so that you are more confident when dragging your suitcase at the airport or traveling to your hotel room. Have a nice trip!

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