Review of 10 Best Cheap Mini Drone Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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There are various ways that can be done to see the view from above within a certain range, one of which is using technology by using drones. In the past, they were developed for military needs, but now there are many cheap mini drones that can be used freely by the general public.

Drone Mini Murah TerbaikMini Drone Illustration Image / Fimi Brand

Some choose drones to capture wedding moments, filmmaking, travel, and even official events such as important ceremonies. Well, several well-known brands that also contribute to providing mini drones at competitive prices include DJI, Xiro, Fimi, and several drone brands .

How to Choose a Good Mini Drone

Well, here Barbara will describe some points to consider when choosing a good cheap mini drone.

1. Know the maximum flight distance of mini drones

Although both are cheap mini drone products, the maximum flight distance of each product will definitely be different. Some can fly up to 30 meters, 100 meters, 4 kilometers, even 8 kilometers.

If you already know about this information, of course you need to adapt it to your needs. The wider the area that needs to be captured, the greater the need for a mini drone that is able to fly farther.

2. Pay attention to the size and weight of the mini drone.

Every brand makes cheap mini drones with different sizes and weights according to the desired standard. Of course, the size of the drone when folded and stretched will be different.

In addition to size, the type of material used to make the drone will usually affect the weight of the mini drone. Because the size tends to be mini, it is not surprising that the weight is also light, even like the weight of a smartphone.

3. Make sure the mini drone has a strong durability

Before flying a cheap mini drone into the air, you must make sure that the product has strong durability. That’s because there could be wind or rain that suddenly hits while the mini drone is still flying. Usually, this one point will relate to the type of material a brand chooses to make mini drone products.

4. Pay attention to the video quality that can be provided.

Basically, all cheap mini drones are equipped with good cameras, so they can provide good video quality too. However, each brand makes its products with various specifications, so it is not surprising that the quality is also different.

Some can provide very good image quality for cheap drones without having a camera. Therefore, you must carefully look at the specifications of the drone to be purchased, especially in the camera specifications section that is embedded in the drone.

5. Know the features that exist in mini drones

There are various kinds of features that are usually included in a cheap mini drone to provide comfort for users and satisfying results. Well, these features include charging support for Fast Charging, Fail-Safe Protection, LED lights, 3 Speed ​​Levels, Headless Mode, One Key Automatic Return, One Key Take-Off, One Key Landing, Altitude Hold, Wifi, Trajectory Flight, and so on.

10 Best Mini Drone Recommendations


After knowing how to choose, now is the time for you to know our selected products to add references. For more details, see the list of ten cheap mini drone recommendations from various well-known brands below.

1. DJI Mini 2

Best Cheap Mini Drone - DJI Mini 2
Fimi X8 Mini

You may already be familiar with this mini drone brand from China because the product is already popular. There are many people from various countries who use it, such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Its weight is also quite light, at only about 249 grams and it’s easy to fold, so it won’t be too heavy for you when carrying it to various places. Even so, the quality is definitely not in doubt because it has a maximum battery life of 31 minutes, is able to withstand winds of 29-38 kph, and takes off at a maximum altitude of 4,000 meters.

That way, you can take it with you to capture views along windswept coastlines or high above the forest. This cheap mini drone is also equipped with a 12MP camera, supports 4K HD video transmission up to 10 km, and zooms up to 4 times. No need to worry because this product, with many good reviews, can be used by professionals and beginners with the help of the DJI Fly application, which is equipped with soundtracks and filters.

2. Fimi X8 Mini

Best Cheap Mini Drone - Fimi X8 Mini
Fimi X8 Mini

It seems that taking photos using cellphones, DSLR cameras, or Polaroids when traveling has become a common thing. You can use this mini drone to get tight landings like a pro. When unfolded, Fimi’s product weighs about 250 grams and has a size of 200x145x56 mm, but the size of this mini drone when folded becomes 145x85x56 mm. Just like some other product recommendations, the Fimi X8 Mini also has level 5 wind resistance.

During a flight of about 30 minutes with a flight distance of up to 8 km, one of the best cheap mini drone options can produce videos with 4K HDR quality, which is certainly clear. You can also directly control it via a smartphone that has been integrated with a mini drone. If the battery runs out, just charge it using USB Type-C which supports the 9V/3A fast charging feature. Interestingly, Fimi’s mini drone is also equipped with GPS Real Time Tracking, Wind Warning, and Lowbat Alarm so that the level of security is more adequate.

3. Xiro Xplorer Mini

Best Cheap Mini Drone - Xiro Xplorer Mini
Xiro Xplorer Mini

This mini drone recommendation can help you capture happy moments with a 1400 mAh battery capacity and a 13MP camera. In fact, the Xiro Xplorer Mini, which weighs less than 450 grams, received an award from the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, so there is no doubt about its quality. To help you be creative, Xiro’s cheap mini drone is equipped with various flight recording and intelligent shooting modes.

Not only outdoors, this product can also capture indoor moments. Besides being able to record take-off points automatically, this best cheap mini drone also has a powerful flight control system to handle unexpected situations. After finishing taking the video, the results that have been synced with the smartphone can be directly shared on various social media platforms.

4. DJI Mini SE

Best Cheap Mini Drone - DJI Mini SE

Many places are usually chosen to hold weddings, such as homes, buildings, and outdoor venues. Well, you can capture it by using this cheap mini drone weighing less than 250 grams, which is even as light as the majority of smartphones. No need to worry because there is a DJI Fly application that will make it easier for you to learn how to fly a drone while knowing other features.

There are various templates provided in the application so that the captured video can be easier to upload to social media even if you are not experienced in editing. Take it easy, the position of the 12MP camera that produces 2.7K Quad HD video can remain stable because there is a motorized 3-axis gimbal. In addition to the application, you will also get a remote control to control the cheap mini drone from a distance of up to 4 km.

5. Drone GM XI

Best Cheap Mini Drone - Drone GM XI
Drone GM XI

There are many ways to earn income, one of which is renting a cheap mini drone, as well as being a pilot. Well, you can choose the black or white GM XI Drone for rent. Although relatively cheap, this product already has a 4K HD resolution camera, an 1800 mAh battery, and can be integrated with smartphones. When folded, this drone measures only 13×7.5 cm, but will be 28×28 cm when unfolded.

On the remote control, of course, there are several buttons available, such as on/off, take off/land, avoidance mode, speed gear, headless mode, control, and an indicator light. No need to worry because the movement is stable enough so that the recording results are satisfactory. In fact, the camera can be moved up to 45 degrees up or down. But before starting, make sure you have pressed the power button on the top of the body of this cheap mini drone.

6. DJI Tello

Best Cheap Mini Drone - DJI Tello
DJI Tello

One of the many angles that need to be captured when you want to capture important moments, one of them from above. Well, this can be done by using DJI’s cheap mini drone, which is also designed in black and white. You can also move a 98×92.5×41 mm drone with a 3-inch propeller using the Tello application. The small size is certainly suitable for children or adults who want to learn to pilot a drone.

With just one tap, the DJI Tello can immediately take off or land properly with just one tap. It will even land safely even if you lose your connection due to the Fail-Safe Protection feature. In addition, this mini drone, which has a 5MP camera to produce JPG format photos or MP4 format videos, is also equipped with Low Battery Protection and a Vision Positioning System. Don’t worry, this cheap mini drone weighing 80 grams can fly stably because it has DJI Flight Tech.

7. JJRC 3in1 Mini Drone H36F TERZETTO

Best Cheap Mini Drone - JJRC 3in1 Mini Drone H36F TERZETTO
JJRC 3in1 Mini Drone H36F TERZETTO

The next cheap mini drone recommendation that you must look at is the JJRC 3in1 H36F TERZETTO, which weighs 51 grams. The form of this type of mini drone is futuristic designed with additional functions so that it can go on land or in water like a toy car. You can control a mini drone that flies up to a distance of 30 meters, as well as 15 meters on land and in the water. However, it should be noted that the 3.7V 150mAh 30C Li-Po battery is only able to help the drone fly for approximately 6 minutes.

When flying at night, JJRC’s products can still be seen because they are equipped with LED lights. In addition, there is 2.4GHz technology included in this cheap mini drone for anti-interference. Not only that, the 3D-flip function and headless mode can make drone flights more enjoyable without having to worry about getting lost or falling due to collisions.

8. Dennos Drone E99 Pro 2

Best Cheap Mini Drone - Dennos Drone E99 Pro 2
Dennos Drone E99 Pro 2

One of the pieces of supporting equipment that can be used to help you take a picture or video from space is a cheap mini drone from the Dennos collection. Just like other product recommendations, this 16x26x5.5 cm drone can also be controlled with a remote control containing 3 1.5V AA batteries. Of course, the drone battery, with a capacity of 1800mAh, will make the mini drone fly to the desired area. You can use it to fly up, back and forth, diagonally fly, and turn left and right.

Although only able to fly for approximately 15 minutes, the flight distance can reach 100 meters. If the drone’s battery is exhausted, it will take you about 90 minutes for the drone to be fully charged. There are various features included in this cheap mini drone, such as LED lights, 3 speed levels, headless mode, one key automatic return, one key take-off, one key landing, altitude hold, wifi, and trajectory flight.

9. MINIBEST Attop X-Pack5

Best Cheap Mini Drone- MINIBEST Attop X-Pack5
MINIBEST Attop X-Pack5

Another cheap mini drone recommendation that can also be purchased through trusted marketplaces is the MINIBEST Attop X-Pack 5. Just like other recommended products, this drone that is easy to carry to various places can also be folded so that its size becomes smaller. There are various features that this portable product has, one of which is One Key Return to call the drone back to the place where it is synced to the controller when needed.

With a 720P HD camera and WiFi connected to the app, this drone can take pictures, record videos, and perform real-time transmissions. In addition, there is also a Headless Mode that allows you to avoid crashes. The Altitude Hold certainly allows you to concentrate on directional control without worrying about altitude.

10. BETAFPV Beta95X V3

Best Cheap Mini Drone - BETAFPV Beta95X V3

A photographer who usually uses a DSLR camera can also expand his wings by learning how cheap mini drones work. This racing drone type product with a 450mAh battery capacity can fly for at least 4.5 minutes with a flight distance of 600 meters. Even so, the catch has a high resolution because it is supported by a high-quality camera. In fact, this product can help you take aerial video footage.

The existence of a powerful motor engine can make this cheap mini drone fly at high speed. Another interesting thing to note is that the frame of this drone is made using PA 12 material, which has high abrasion resistance and can reduce noise and vibration. Not only that, the EVA foam padding on the frame is able to make the drone fly more safely. Just like some other product recommendations, this cheap mini drone also has a weight of less than 100 grams.

Steps to fly a mini drone

Of course, when you already know what brand of cheap mini drone to buy, you also need to know the steps to fly it. Well, this will be discussed in general in the following points.

  1. Turn on the remote control by pressing the power button twice in a row, the first press fast and the second press and hold until it beeps.
  2. Turn on the mini drone of your choice by pressing the power button which is usually at the top.
  3. Try to raise and lower your mini drone by sliding the lever up (Throttle Up) and down (Throttle Down).
  4. Try to rotate the mini drone’s head position using the rudder or yaw function.
  5. Start moving the mini drone right and left by using the aileron or roll function.
  6. Move the mini drone forward and backward using the elevator or pitch functions by pulling the lever on the left up or down.


The ten recommendations for cheap mini drones from various brands above are usually used to take pictures or record videos with good quality from the top angle. These products are usually controlled using a remote control, which is also integrated into the smartphone.

However, when choosing it, you need to consider various things in order to find the right product according to your needs. After that, you should also know the steps to fly it.

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