10 Best Acrylic Paint Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In the world of art, there are various choices of the best paints used in painting, one of which is acrylic paint. This paint is defined as a plastic paste based on polyethylene that hardens when it dries. Thus, acrylic is loved by many people because it has ideal characteristics, namely it dries quickly so that it can do immediate overcoating .

Well, because it dries easily, you need an alcohol solution to remove colors that don’t match. Various color choices are also obtained from certain pigments mixed with acrylic polymer emulsions. The goal is to get paint colors that are different and according to the wishes of the user. So you can create high value paintings.

In addition, acrylic manufacturers often add certain substances so that the paint acquires various properties. For example, making the paint dry longer, looking thicker, thinner, and changing the appearance of the paint to become transparent and soft. Thus, you should choose the characteristics of acrylic paint according to your needs so that the end result is good and maximal. However, you must be observant in choosing the right product. How to choose a good acrylic paint?

Best Acrylic Paint
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Tips for Choosing the Best Good Acrylic Paint

For beginners, choosing the right acrylic is not an easy matter. To get the best paint according to your needs, you are advised to pay attention to several important points. The reason is, there are various brands that are spread in the Indonesian market. Thus, you have the opportunity to avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong product. Therefore, read the following tips carefully.

1. Choose Based on Grade Quality

Acrylic has 3 grade qualities , namely artist , student, and fine quality . All three have different characteristics, where artist quality looks alive with a smooth consistency and has colors that are easier to mix. This grade also has a high permanent rating , a wide color range, and a variety of pigments.

In contrast to artist quality , acrylic with student quality is a paint that is suitable for beginners. Besides being priced at a low price, this grade also has a small selection of pigments, a narrow range of pigmentation, and tends to be difficult to mix with fillers .

Meanwhile, fine quality is acrylic that has sufficient pigmentation and is priced at an affordable price. Therefore, this grade is recommended for people with a limited budget, but want to get the cheapest quality acrylic paint. You can check the grade of a paint on the packaging or visit the product’s website .

2. Check the Viscosity Level

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), viscosity is defined as the level of thickness of a paint. In general, the viscosity of acrylic is divided into two main types, namely fluid and heavy body acrylic . Fluid acrylic is a paint that has a low viscosity or tends to be liquid. This paint is suitable for detailing, dry brushing , and staining .

Meanwhile, heavy body acrylic tends to be thick like an oil paint. Its advantages allow for the mixing of new colors and being able to maintain brush strokes. So, if you are a beginner in the world of painting, then it is advisable to use heavy body acrylic . This is because the paint can be diluted using water or other medium as needed.

3. Checking the Acrylic Paint Packaging according to the Shape and Type

Are you a painter who likes to paint indoors or travel outdoors? If so, you should check the shape and type of packaging as needed. Acrylic fluids are often available in dripper or screw top bottles Thus, the paint is easy to pour and suitable for a wide range of substrates.

Meanwhile, heavy body acrylic is often available in jar or tube packaging . Jar packages tend to have a larger size and more content, while tube packages have a smaller size. So, if you like to paint outdoors while traveling to various places, then tube packaging is highly recommended.

10 Best Acrylic Paint Recommendations

Until now, there are various brands of acrylic that are scattered. Instead, choose the right paint to support painting activities, especially based on the medium used. For beginners, it is recommended to choose paint with dozens of colors, while professional painters tend to prefer artist grade paint , even though the price is quite high. Below, Ainun recommends the best acrylic paint that you can choose.

1. Faber-Castell 12 Acrylic Colors

Best Acrylic Paint Faber-Castell 12 Acrylic Colors
Faber-Castell 12 Acrylic Colors

If you come into contact with children who like to paint, then it is recommended to use acrylic 
from Faber-Castell . This good acrylic paint belongs to the student quality class with 12 basic colors. Paint has a low viscosity so it can be mixed with other colors. By buying this product, you will get a palette and brush grip , you know.

2. Titi Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs

Best Acrylic Paint Titi Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs
Titi Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs

Titi Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs is highly recommended for children because it is safe and free of harmful toxins. Apart from being safe, this product from South Korea also has good pigmentation with an attractive opaque color . The soft texture also makes it easier for beginners to work in the world of painting using the best acrylic paints.

Who would have thought that this product would be easy to find in various places, from book stores to photocopiers ? The reason is, this acrylic is priced at an affordable price in the Indonesian market. The packaging design is also in the form of a tube so that it is suitable for children who like to travel from home to classes to paint.

3. Fila Giotto Decor Acrylic Matt

Best Acrylic Paint Fila Giotto Decor Acrylic Matt
Fila Giotto Decor Acrylic Matt

Who do you think is a painter who doesn’t want a paint that can adhere perfectly to various media? 
I think almost all painters want this. Therefore, 
Fila Giotto Decor Acrylic Matt is highly recommended. This best and cheapest acrylic paint is also produced with a nontoxic and harmless formula so it is safe for children to learn.

4. Tesla Paints Acrylic

Best Acrylic Paints Tesla Paints Acrylic
Tesla Paints Acrylic

Apparently, Indonesia has local acrylic which is popular as 
Tesla Paints , you know. This paint includes student quality and is priced at a low price. However, never doubt its quality. The reason is, Tesla Paints Acrylic has super resistance. In addition, the pigmentation can last decades due to high adhesion.

Even so, Tesla Paint Acrylic is also suitable for beginners. The packaging design looks like a jar with a size of 125 ml. Big enough for the best low -priced acrylic paint , which costs less than Rp. 30,000 in the Indonesian market. However, Tesla Paints is still able to compete with the same type of acrylic in the international market.

5. Marie’s Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs

Best Acrylic Paint Marie's Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs
Marie’s Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs

One of the acrylics in the 
international standard 
student quality category is Marie’s Acrylic Colors Set 12 Pcs . This paint provides a wide selection of colors for artists with the characteristics of fast drying, beautiful, high adhesion, good air permeability, does not fade easily, and is water resistant .

6. Sakura Acrylic Color

Best Acrylic Paint Sakura Acrylic Color
Sakura Acrylic Color

If you need fine quality
 acrylic paint , then Sakura Acrylic Color is the perfect recommendation. This paint is available in 57 colors with unique transparent properties. The reason is, the pigments are produced from quality ingredients to create attractive colors. Therefore, you can use a painting technique like a technique using oil paint.

The results of this best acrylic paint are no joke. You may succeed in creating a painting with a charming transparent or glossy appearance. In addition, there will be an unlimited boost of creativity through dozens of available color choices. It doesn’t stop here, Sakura Acrylic Color includes fluid acrylic that allows mixing to form other colors.

7. Mr. Hobby Acrysion

Best Acrylic Paint Mr.  Hobby Acrysion
Mr. Hobby Acrysion

Are you a painter who likes to paint a figure? 
If so, use 
Mr. Hobby Acrysion for technique of painting plastic toys, model kits, Gundam, or other figures using a brush. This is because the detailing process will go according to plan for the figures you draw. In addition, acrylic paint can be diluted using water or thinner .

However, it is also recommended that you use an air brush to get a more even painting. So, the painter is not confined to the brush to create a work. In addition, Mr. Hobby Acrysion is a Japanese release suitable for effective painters. That is, this paint is much easier to dry for time efficiency in painting.

8. Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic Paint

Best Acrylic Paint Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic Paint
Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic Paint

Australia produces 
Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic Paint with artist grade quality . This product is available in two sets of options, namely 10 or 5 colors. Each has characteristic pigmented and bright colors. The advantage is that it is versatile. This means that it is flexible, has high resilience, and does not cause cracks when it dries.

This product is also suitable for various media, such as glass, cloth, wood, paper, canvas, and others. You can also dilute this acrylic paint with water to create a stunning watercolor technique or paint using a tube for a volume and investo effect . In essence, develop creativity for high-value paintings.

9. Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

Best Acrylic Paint Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

Not all painters like to create works on paper, canvas, glass, and other media. 
However, there are some painters who choose to work through the skin. Well, 
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint is a suitable paint for this. This is because paint is deliberately formulated with special ingredients for various skin media.

Thus, you can increase the aesthetics and selling value of a product made of leather, such as sofas, jackets, wallets, belts, shoes, bags, and others. In addition, this paint is also produced from environmentally friendly materials so it does not cause side effects.

10. Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Best Acrylic Paint Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint
Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Professionals often use acrylic paint products from 
Liquitex , you know. This is because Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint is artist quality with various advantages, such as high viscosity and rich pigments to create vibrant paintings . As a result, professional painting activities become much easier and tend to be more cost-effective.

Paintings are also more stunning with the various effects that this product can offer, you know, starting from the ability to accentuate certain textures, clear and sharp brush strokes, and create the effect of knife strokes. Another important part, this product has an approved safety seal or does not contain ingredients that are harmful to humans.


Thus a review of the 10 best acrylic paint recommendations. Instead, choose paint based on your budget and needs. These products can be obtained through local manufacturers online and offline . However, you are still advised to buy acrylic at a specialty store that provides painting supplies. The reason is, you will get cheaper prices.

Usually, quality acrylic is also marked with a high price. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy according to your budget and needs, such as whether you are a professional or a beginner, regarding the media used, to how you paint. In essence, with recommended acrylic paints, paintings will have high artistic value.

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