10 Recommended Strollers for Twins (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those who have twins, of course, all the equipment provided must be in accordance with the needs of each child. For example, if you want to take your child out of the house, you cannot use a single stroller . Parents need to use a double stroller, or in other terms, a twin baby stroller and a double stroller.

This stroller for twins comes in two forms, namely side by side and tandem. If you are currently in need of this item, we will present ten recommendations for a double stroller that you can choose from. Various manufacturers, such as Graco, Tinyworld, Cosatto, Seebaby, and Oyster, provide strollers that can be used for your baby twins.

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How to Choose a Stroller for Twins

There are factors to consider when you want to buy a twin baby stroller. Not only adapting the product to the budget you have, but also considering the features that are right for the age gap of the child and the comfort offering of each product are also worth considering. For more details, tomslead.com will discuss how to choose a stroller for twins in this section.

1. Choose the side-by-side for newborns.

The stroller side-by-side or the trailer model is more suitable for those of you who have just given birth to twins. This type of seat can be adjusted to various positions. In fact, your baby can sit in a reclining position so that it still promises comfort. With the shape of the train that goes hand in hand, your child can also interact more intensely because of the side-by-side sitting position.

2. Choose the tandem type if you don’t want to take up a lot space on the road.

Twin strollers side-by-side will take up quite a lot of the road. If used in public areas, this will be quite disturbing to other road users. Therefore, a stroller was created with a tandem model alias lined up backwards.

With this type, you can put your twins on the front and back without having to eat a lot of segments on the road. Not only that, the twin baby stroller with a tandem model can also be more stable. If on the side-by-side you will feel an unbalanced load when one side is not used, then the tandem type still ensures balance so you can be more comfortable pushing it.

3. Choose a size that fits a weight of no more than 15 kg

If you are more interested in using a stroller side-by-side, then try to choose a carriage with a width of less than 90 cm. This size can access many doors, such as inter-room doors in the house, which are generally 85–95 cm wide, bathroom doors, 75–85 cm wide, and automatic ticket doors at stations, with a width of between 55–60 and 90–95 cm.

Meanwhile, for those of you who choose a double stroller , make sure the product has a length of close to 150 cm. Some are also designed with a length of about 15 cm. For convenience, we recommend that you choose a stroller with a longer length. But don’t make it too long because it can be inconvenient, for example, if you take it to the top of the building with the elevator.

The weight of the stroller also determines your comfort when pushing or carrying it. In order not to be too light and heavy, choose a stroller with a maximum weight of 15 kg. The trailer type twin stroller is generally designed to be lighter, with a weight of only 10 kg.


When planning to buy a stroller for twins, make sure to think about how the stroller can ensure the comfort of your child. Not only that, the safety provided by each product will also make you breathe easier. Therefore, tomslad.com will provide recommendations for the best stroller for your twins that offers comfort and convenience in the following units.

1. Tinyworld Twin Stroller

Strollers for Twins Tinyworld Twin Stroller
Tinyworld Twin Stroller

This stroller holds the principle of a tandem that can be used for twin babies aged at least 6 months. This product has an elegant and simple design, perfect for those of you who don’t like products that attract the attention of many people.

The twin baby stroller is equipped with a row seat that can be adjusted to suit your baby’s safety. That way, you can prevent your baby from fussing when he feels cramped due to the little space the cradle gives him. This product also has removable components, so you can wash it more easily.

2. Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Stroller-Pixelate

Strollers for Twins Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Stroller-Pixelate
Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Stroller-Pixelate

If you want to use a stroller for your twins for a long time, then there’s nothing wrong with spending more money on an investment. The Cosatto Shuffle Tandem Stroller-Pixelate can be sold for around $200 and above. Although it is expensive, this stroller is perfect for your little one because it has attractive motifs and colors.

Product designs that seem lively and unique will create a happy mood for you and your baby. In fact, the colors on the hood and seat of the twin baby stroller will stimulate children’s motor skills in recognizing colors. This train has a length of 100 cm, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing other people when taken into the elevator.

3. Joie Meet Evalite Duo

Strollers for Twins Joie Meet Evalite Duo
Joie Meet Evalite Duo

Do you need a tandem twin stroller that is light in weight and compact in design? Joie Meet Evalite Duo is here to meet your needs. This product will not take up much space because it has a very compact design. With its smaller size, you don’t need to be confused about finding a storage location in the house.

The ultra weight causes this product from Joie to only support a load of 11.04 kg in the light category! Not only that, this carriage is also easy to fold, which is ideal for those of you who want to take this product out of the house. The seats of this train can be adjusted, and the payload capacity reaches 15 kg per seat.

4. Graco Ready2Grow Stroller

Strollers for Twins Graco Ready2Grow Stroller
Graco Ready2Grow Stroller

Graco presents an alternative stroller for twins at a more affordable price, which is less than $350. For those of you who are on a limited budget, this product must be considered. The Ready2Growller from Graco is equipped with a feature that allows the seat to be adjusted to 12 positions. This train applies to a tandem model with a length of 105 cm and a weight of about 15 kg.

Although a little heavier than other products, the double stroller is still ideal for use because it can be used for babies who are big enough. seats with a maximum load of 15 kg for the rear seats and 22 kg for the front seats. The wheels of this train are also designed to make it easier for you to push it.

5. Joie Meet Aire Twin

Strollers for Twins Joie Meet Aire Twin
Joie Meet Aire Twin

Wanting to stand at the forefront as a manufacturer of baby goods, Joie not only introduced a stroller with a tandem model but also the Aire Twin, which is a side-by-side to enliven its product line. In this series, Joie has tested its products and obtained European safety standards.

In addition to offering high safety for your child, this stroller is also equipped with other features, such as an adjustable handlebar and a side-by-side .

6. Cosatto Supa Dupa

Strollers for Twins Cosatto Supa Dupa
Cosatto Supa Dupa

Have twins of different sexes and want to use a stroller that depicts their character? You can try the Cosatto Supa Incense. This product, which is marketed at a price of $400, has a unique design, which can be used for male and female twins. This is shown in the star and love motifs on each side seat. One part is pink and the other is blue.

This product is not only designed with a motif that can be adjusted to the gender of the child, but there are other features as well. For example, the head and chest pads and the storage pockets of this stroller can be removed. The Cosatto stroller is also equipped with a hood and a rain cover so that your child will be protected from rain or direct sunlight.

7. MacLaren Twin Triumph

Strollers for Twins MacLaren Twin Triumph
MacLaren Twin Triumph

Need a stroller for the best twins but your budget is not up to $300? Don’t worry, we recommend the MacLaren Twin Triumph for you. At a price tag of no more than 4 million, this stroller is suitable for those of you who are constrained by funds. Although relatively inexpensive, this MacLaren stroller is still ideal for your twins.

The compact design makes this device able to carry your baby even in narrow gaps and doors such as in the aisle in the market or supermarket. If you want to take your child for a walk, this stroller will also make it easier for you to push. The reason is that the wheels have been designed with technology that makes this train easier to move in all directions.

8. Oyster Max Stroller

Strollers for Twins Oyster Max Stroller
Oyster Max Stroller

Want to use a double stroller for newborn twins or toddlers? You can buy the Oyster Max Stroller. Besides being able to be used alone, you can give this carriage to a friend as a gift when you no longer need it. Not surprisingly, even though this train is quite expensive, its durability is also quite perfect.

The frame of the train, which is made of sturdy material, ensures that this train can accommodate loads of up to tens of kilograms. The seat also has a cot that you can use for your newborn. This product also features an adjustable foot support. The presence of a hood with a material that is able to ward off direct sunlight can also be adjusted, ensuring that the child does not overheat when taken for a walk during the day.

9. Cocolatte KS85ML Alvis Twins

Strollers for Twins Cocolatte KS85ML Alvis Twins
Cocolatte KS85ML Alvis Twins

Maybe Cocolatte KS85ML Alvis Twins is the only stroller for twins that is marketed at the cheapest price, less than 2 million rupiah. This item guarantees convenience for the user when he wants to fold after the car is not in use. This stroller can be folded perfectly just by pressing the lock lever.

For those of you who are not expert enough at adapting to new devices, we recommend trying this device. This product from Cocolatte offers you practical properties. This stroller can be used for babies aged 6 to 36 months, with a maximum weight of 15 kg. On the wheels, there is also an auto swivel where you can control the train in all directions more easily.

10. Seebaby T22 Comfy Fashionable Twins Baby Stroller

Strollers for Twins Seebaby T22 Comfy Fashionable Twins Baby Stroller
Seebaby T22 Comfy Fashionable Twins Baby Stroller

In terms of price, the Seebaby T22 Comfy Fashionable Twins Baby Stroller is not much different from the previous product. No need to spend up to $150, you can already get this beautiful item. It is said to be beautiful because Seebaby first attracted the attention of users through a unique and capable product design.

The stroller’s side-by-side  is made together, so there will be no gaps for sunlight to hit the baby’s body. The wheel design that features four-wheel flexible suspension also ensures the baby remains calm when passing through uneven terrain. Not only that, this train is also equipped with 2 built-in-pouches under the seat for you to store other children’s necessities such as milk bottles and lunch boxes.

Recommendations for the Best Stroller for Twins

Because most of the best strollers for twins above were created by foreign manufacturers, you must ensure that the product has passed the official safety standard test. In Europe, for example, there is a safety standard in the form of the EN 1888 code on strollers. You can see this information on the official website of the manufacturer or the marketplace that sells it.

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