10 Best Plant Sprayer Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who like to grow various plants, of course you are familiar with plant sprayers or tools for spraying plants. This plant sprayer has many uses, such as watering plants, cleaning ornamental plant leaves from dirt, to spraying pesticides on plants to avoid pests.

Best Automatic & Manual Plant Sprayer Spray
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However, the plant sprayer used is not arbitrary so as not to damage the plants. Therefore, plant lovers will look for the best plant sprayer for their favorite plants. However, the large number of plant sprayers that are sold in the market, both manual sprayers and automatic sprayers, often makes it difficult for plant lovers to make a choice. Because each of the plant sprayers has quite different shapes, functions or features.

To help with this problem, below we have provided recommendations for the best plant sprayer especially for you. But before that, you should first understand how to have the right plant sprayer .

Tips for Choosing a Good Plant Sprayer 

Knowing tips on choosing the best plant sprayer will really help you select the various options available. Not only that, these tips on choosing a sprayer will also help you find a plant sprayer that fits your needs. Therefore, let’s look at some tips on choosing a good plant sprayer below.

1. Determine the type of sprayer you want to use

The first tip that needs to be considered before deciding to buy a plant sprayer is to choose the right type. At least there are several types of plant sprayers such as those used for indoor or outdoor . Some of these types certainly have advantages and disadvantages of each and are intended according to their needs.

Plant sprayers used for indoor are generally small to medium in size so that it is easy to reach various plants in the room. While the outdoor is generally larger in size so that it can reach more plants at once.

Indoor Plant Sprayer Spray
Indoor Plant Sprayer Spray Illustration Image / unsplash.com

2. Pay attention to the capacity of the bottle

The next thing to consider before buying a plant sprayer is the capacity of the bottle. The capacity of the bottle can be adjusted according to usage and how many plants you have. If you have only a few plants, then a small capacity bottle will suffice. In addition, the small capacity bottles also make it easier for users to use them because they are not heavy.

However, if you have lots of plants, of course you need a large capacity plant sprayer bottle . The reason is, if you use a bottle with a small capacity it will only make it difficult for you because you have to fill it repeatedly. Therefore, a bottle with a large capacity is the right choice.

3. Choose one that is resistant to chemicals

In caring for plants, sometimes you have to use chemicals to kill pests on plants. These chemicals will be given to the plants using a plant sprayer . Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the resistance of the sprayer bottle to chemicals.

The reason is, it is not uncommon to find plant sprayers that are not resistant to chemicals. If you put chemicals in the sprayer that are not resistant to chemicals, then the bottles and plant sprayers you have will quickly break down and cannot be used again.

4. Pay attention to the spray section

The last thing to pay attention to when buying a plant sprayer is the nozzle. This part of the spray will determine how the water can spray out. This needs to be considered because not all plants can get the same water spray. Therefore, you should choose a plant sprayer with an adjustable nozzle.

For example, you want to spray the back of the leaves of houseplants. So, the nozzle must be set to mist or dew mode so that the leaves are not broken or damaged by high-pressure water spray. Apart from that, this mist mode is also really needed for plants that have just been transplanted or are just growing whose roots are not too strong.

10 Best Plant Sprayer Recommendations

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After knowing the tips on choosing a good plant sprayer , it’s time for you to know various plant sprayer recommendations. The various plant sprayers below are products that have been reviewed from various marketplaces and have received many sales. So, you can really consider the recommendations of Ainun below.

1. Xiaomi Yijie Water Cleaning Sprayer

Best Plant Spray Xiaomi Yijie Water Cleaning Sprayer
Xiaomi Yijie Water Cleaning Sprayer Plant Spray

There is no need to question it anymore, Xiaomi is very aggressive in releasing various products that support human work, one of which is 
a plant 
sprayer . The plant sprayer issued by Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Yijie Water Cleaning Sprayer. This product has a fairly small shape with dimensions of 25 cm x 5.3 cm so it can only hold 300 ml liters.

This product is an innovative plant sprayer that makes it very easy for humans. The reason is, this plant sprayer does not need to be pumped first so that the water can spray. Just press once, then the water will spray automatically. So, there is no more reason to be lazy to spray the plants because you have to be tired of pumping.

2. Yolo Automatic Electric Sprayer

Yolo Automatic Electric Sprayer Best Plant Spray
Yolo Automatic Electric Sprayer Plant Spray

Yolo Automatic Electric Sprayer can be the next best plant sprayer recommendation. 
This sprayer works with power from a 1200 mAh capacity battery which can be recharged using a USB cable. Every time the battery is fully charged, this plant sprayer can spray water continuously for 2 hours non-stop.

This plant sprayer from Yolo has a non-slip handle, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping while holding it because it’s slippery. Not only that, its light weight makes it easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the capacity of the bottles that can be adjusted to your needs certainly makes spraying plants much easier.

3. LushScape Electric Sprayer

Best Plant Spray LushScape Electric Sprayer
LushScape Electric Sprayer Plant Spray

A plant sprayer recommendation that should be considered next is the LushScape electric sprayer. 
The LushScape electric sprayer is an electric plant sprayer capable of spraying water continuously. Equipped with a fairly large 1800 mAh battery capacity, this plant sprayer can last a long time when used.

The bottle capacity of the LushScape electric sprayer is large enough to reach 1.5 liters of water. For the nozzle section, there are two modes that can be adjusted as needed, namely the wist or dew mode and the water column mode. Of course, for those of you who have ornamental plants, this wist mode is very necessary to clean every leaf.

4. Hiroki Pressure Sprayer

Best Plant Spray Hiroki Pressure Sprayer
Hiroki Pressure Sprayer Plant Spray

The next recommendation 
for the best plant 
sprayer is Hiroki Pressure Sprayer. This plant sprayer has a capacity of 2 liters with a height of 32 cm and a bottle diameter of 13 cm. It is small enough that it is easy to hold by hand and easy to carry around. Suitable for spraying indoor and outdoor plants that are not too many.

The way this plant sprayer works is by first pumping it several times. After that press the button at the top, then the water will spray out through the nozzle. There are two types of nozzles for the Hiroki Pressure Sprayer, namely long nozzles and short nozzles , so they can be adjusted to reach difficult places.

5. Mailtank SH264

Mailtank Best Electric Plant Spray SH264
Mailtank Plant Spray SH264

If you don’t want to get tired of pumping water, the Mailtank SH264 can be a great choice. 
This is because the Mailtank SH264 is an electric plant 
sprayer , so you only need to press one button and it will spray water immediately. That way, you don’t have to be tired of having to pump water first or having to press buttons continuously.

There are two spray modes in this one of the best plant sprayers , namely the fine mist mode and the water column. Apart from that, this best plant sprayer can also be used for chemicals such as disinfectants and alcohol. So, it can also be used to sterilize rooms from viruses and germs.

6. Yokohama 18 Liter Electric Spray Tank

Yokohama's Best Electric Plant Spray 18 Liter Electric Spray Tank
Yokohama Plant Spray 18 Liter Electric Spray Tank

If you are looking for an automatic plant sprayer with a capacity of more than 10 liters, then the Yokohama Electric Spray Tank can be the solution. 
This is because this plant sprayer from Yokohama has a very large capacity of up to 18 liters. This plant sprayer is very suitable for spraying pests in a fairly large yard.

This electric plant sprayer is equipped with an 8 AH capacity battery that can be used for 20 hours. So, it is enough to charge it once, so this plant sprayer can be used many times, even up to 22 times or a total of 288 liters. So, for those of you who have a large farm or yard, this plant sprayer is the most suitable choice.

7. Swan BE 16 Electric Sprayer

Best Plant Spray Swan BE 16 Electric Sprayer
Swan BE 16 Plant Spray Electric Sprayer

Apart from the Yokohama Electric Spray Tank, the Swan BE 16 Electric Sprayer can be another option for those of you who need a plant sprayer with a capacity of more than 10 liters. 
This is because the Swan BE 16 Electric Sprayer has a water capacity of up to 16 liters making it suitable for spraying a wide range.

In addition, the Swan BE 16 Electric Sprayer is an electric sprayer, making it easier for you to spray. You no longer need to be tired of having to pump it first so the water can spray out.

8. Canel&Co 16 Liter Sprayer Tank

Canel&Co Best Plant Spray 16 Liter Tank Sprayer
Canel&Co Plant Spray Tank Sprayer 16 Liters Manual

The recommended 
sprayer that you can consider next is the Canel&Co 16 Liter Tank Sprayer. This plant sprayer is very suitable for spraying large capacity plants such as agriculture because it can hold more than 10 liters of water. In addition, the very strong pump pressure makes spraying plants faster and more effective.

This best plant sprayer is made of high quality plastic material, so it can withstand pressure. For the spraying part, it uses a long metal material so that it is sturdier and easier to reach a large area. For the nozzle section consists of 3 types that can be adjusted to the needs.

9. ABH Retro Pumpkin Shape

ABH Retro Pumpkin Shape Best Plant Spray
ABH Retro Pumpkin Shape Plant Spray

If you really like quirky shapes, then the ABH Retro Pumpkin Shape plant 
sprayer might be the perfect choice. This sprayer has a retro style so it can not only be used as a plant sprayer , but also suitable as a room decoration decoration.

This plant sprayer has a fairly small size with dimensions of 15 cm x 8.5 cm. With this size, the water capacity that can be accommodated is only a little, namely 350 ml. In addition, the nozzle on this sprayer can only use mist mode. Therefore, this plant sprayer is perfect for cleaning dirt on the leaves of ornamental plants so they don’t get damaged.

10. Yardsmith Spray Tank

Yardsmith's Best Plant Spray Tank Spray
Yardsmith Plant Spray Tank Spray

Yardsmith Tank Spray is a 
sprayer recommendation worth considering next. The advantage of this best plant sprayer is that the nozzle can be adjusted as needed. In addition, the body sprayer , which is made of high-quality materials, makes it very sturdy so it is not easily damaged.

This plant sprayer is suitable for those of you who have a large yard and plants. This is because the Yardsmith Spray Tank has a large enough capacity of up to 5 liters with the dimensions of this plant sprayer being 20 cm x 20 cm x 50 cm. Plus, the long enough sprayer makes it easy to water hard-to-reach plants.

Tips for Caring for a Plant Sprayer Tool to Last and Stay Good

After finding a good plant sprayer , of course it would be a shame if the sprayer broke quickly, either because you feel comfortable with it or you don’t want to spend money to buy a new one. Therefore, so that the sprayer that you have does not break down quickly and can last a long time, it should be treated properly.

So how do you feel the plant sprayer properly and correctly? Here are some things you need to apply so that the sprayer you have can last a long time.

1. Use a plant sprayer according to the instructions

The first tip for a plant sprayer to last a long time is to use it according to its designation. Therefore, before using a plant sprayer , you should carefully read the instructions first. If you don’t read the instructions carefully, it is likely that the sprayer will be easily damaged because it is used not according to its purpose.

The reason is, there are some plant sprayers that cannot use certain chemicals. In addition, pay attention to the restrictions in the manual. Usually, the manual will prohibit mixing chemical solutions in a plant sprayer bottle.

2. Frequently check every part of the plant sprayer

Frequently checking each part of the plant sprayer is a maintenance step that needs to be done next. This is so that the damage can be detected as early as possible so that it can be repaired or replaced with a new one so you don’t fall asleep on the plant watering schedule.

The first thing to check is the bottle. Check whether the bottle has a leak or not. If there is a small leak, it may still be patched, but for a large leak, it may need to be replaced immediately. In addition, also check the nozzle, whether it is still functioning properly or not.

3. Wash clean after using chemicals

Do you just store the plants after using the sprayer ? If so, you should change this habit because it has a bad impact on the plant sprayer . To avoid damage to the bottle and nozzle, you need to wash your plant sprayer properly after using it with mixed chemicals.

The way to wash it is to do it twice washing. In the first wash, simply put clean water in then shake and throw away the water. In the second wash, put the clean water back in and shake it, but remove the water through the nozzle on the plant sprayer . This is useful so that the chemicals in the bottles, nozzles and hoses can be lifted to the maximum.


Thus the explanation of the 10 recommendations for plant sprayers that can be considered. Always apply the tips on choosing a plant sprayer so you can find the right plant sprayer . In addition, always pay attention to the authenticity of the product you want to buy in order to get good quality. One way that can be done is to look at various existing reviews and don’t forget to adjust the price of the sprayer with the budget that has been prepared. Welcome to choose your preferred plant sprayer.

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