10 Good Canvas Painting Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who like to paint, you must be familiar with canvas painting. Canvas fabric is a type of fabric that is strong, has thick fibers, and of course has its own aesthetic value. Before looking at various recommendations for painting canvases, you should also know the differences between painting canvases and ordinary canvases

For those who are experienced, surely you can understand that in painting you need to pay attention to many aspects. One of the most important things starts with recommendations for good painting canvases. The selection of materials or media for painting is no less important than the painting technique applied.

Best Painting Canvas
Illustration Canvas Painting / Winsor & Newton

As a medium for painting, canvas has several sizes. By understanding the size and type, you will not choose wrong. It doesn’t matter if painting is just a hobby or a professional. If you’re looking for canvas painting recommendations, you might be able to find the best products here.

How to Choose a Good Painting Canvas

In many ways, the matter of choosing the best is not easy. Likewise with choosing a canvas to paint. There are many things to consider, such as material, texture, size, color, and of course price. By paying attention to these important things, you won’t be confused anymore when you see the many recommendations for good painting canvases.

1. Understand the Purpose of Painting for What

It’s fine if you paint for fun or as a hobby, so don’t think too much about the purpose of the work. But by understanding the purpose, the next step will be easier. For example, painting is a hobby for yourself, so there are no restrictions on the materials used, sizes, and painting techniques.

If painting is done for work, then you can choose the highest quality tools and materials. The higher the quality of the material, of course, will affect the price. That’s why we’ve made some great canvas painting recommendations for you to reference.

2. Know the Materials of Painting Canvas

Since thousands of years ago, people have known canvas made from the fibrous hemp plant. In modern times when human civilization is more advanced, humans also use some canvas materials. Some of the canvas materials that are familiar to the public are cotton, linen, and marsoto woven. Each material has its own characteristics

  • Cotton

Cotton material has a smooth and soft texture. Cotton material is a good painting canvas recommendation for those who are just learning to paint. Indeed, the material is flexible and can stretch to the maximum. Cotton canvas will feel tight when pulled or stretched. To paint with cotton canvas, you don’t need too much paint.

  • Linen

Compared to cotton canvas, linen canvas material is not so flexible when used. But, for the strength and durability of this material is more convincing. Indeed, many experienced painters choose linen because it can support large paintings. With its natural oil content, paintings on linen canvas are relatively durable and not easily damaged.

  • Marsoto

The hallmark of marsoto canvas is the presence of spots on the surface. The material is not easily damaged or torn. Because of the uniqueness of Marsoto’s canvas, many artists use it to make various wall decorations.

3. Select the Appropriate Size

Talking about size, there are indeed various recommendations for good painting canvases for you to choose from. Make sure to adjust the needs and purposes of painting, whether for expression only or for sale. Also pay attention to where to paint because this will involve a proportional size. Some recommendations for canvas sizes are for example 10 × 10 cm, 10 × 15 cm, 20 × 20 cm, 20 × 30 cm, 30 × 40 cm, and many more.

4. Pay Attention to Other Buyer Reviews

When choosing a canvas for painting, also remember to pay attention to the brand or brands that make the product. Or at least pay attention to the trust of other buyers, if you buy online. You can try to see the existing reviews, are most of them positive. If it is positive, you can make it a good painting canvas recommendation.

10 Good Painting Canvas Recommendations

Here we go

In the following, we will present recommendations for good painting canvases. Each product will be equipped with information that supports your decision. Immediately, see the complete explanation of the best canvas painting recommendations from Ainun.

1. Kanvas Lukis Tesla Paints

Tesla Paints Best Canvas Painting
Canvas Tesla Paints

The next good Painting canvas recommendation is Tesla Paints canvas painting. 
Tesla Paints itself is actually a manufacturer of quality painting paint that provides a choice of paint at affordable prices. Apart from providing the best painting paints, they also provide a selection of painting canvases in roll form.

This fine painting canvas from Tesla Paints is of premium quality, made from 100% pure cotton canvas. This canvas can also be used for oil and acrylic paints, and is available in a variety of textures, from smooth to rough.

2. Canvas Phoenix Artist Canvas

Best Painting Canvas Phoenix Artist Canvas
Canvas Phoenix Artist Canvas

In the next sequence, recommendations for good painting canvases come from the Phoenix brand from Europe. 
This brand often presents various kinds of canvas products and canvas frames that are widely used by professional artists. One of its famous canvas products is Phoenix Artist Canvas Professional.

The smooth surface of this painting canvas is suitable for paintings with more precise results and is suitable for those of you who want to paint with a portrait technique. Made of 100% cotton canvas, this fine painting canvas is suitable for you professional painters.

3. Lemka Universal Canvas

Best Painting Canvas Lemka Universal Canvas
Kanvas Lemka Universal Canvas

For those of you who are looking for good quality painting canvas and affordable prices, Lemka Universal Canvas can be the solution. 
This canvas is produced by Lemka Shop which provides various kinds of painting equipment. There are several canvas variants provided by this Lemka Shop, including Spanram Universal Canvas Grade A Lemka.

Universal Glueka Canvas is of high quality, with very small pores so it tends to save paint. By using this fine painting canvas, your work can appear more raised with more lifted colors. The condition of the smooth surface of the canvas will also make the brush used more durable and long lasting.

4. Canvas Painting Prima Green

Prima Green's Best Painting Canvas
Canvas Prima Green

The first recommendation for a good painting canvas is Prima Green Cotton Canvas, which measures 20 × 20 cm and has a stretch bar size of 16 × 26 mm. 
The material is made of canvas fabric with a medium texture.

This painting canvas is suitable for both beginners and experts. Indeed, the price is relatively cheap, but the quality of the ingredients is guaranteed. The wood used is termite free and not damp. Prima Green’s painting canvas can be used for painting using oil and acrylic paints.

5. Kanvas Winsor & Newton Classic

Winsor & Newton Classic Best Painting Canvas
Kanvas Winsor & Newton Classic

A good painting canvas that you can choose next is Winsor & Newton Classic canvas. 
Winsor & Newton Classic canvas is relatively firm and can be stretched by hand. This product is suitable for beginners. Cotton material that supports acrylic paints and oil paints. On the surface, which has a medium texture, there is titanium dioxide gesso primer.

Winsor & Newton also provides complete products in the form of wooden locks, so they stay tight when used. The surface of the canvas is always firm if the wood is dried in a kiln, so it doesn’t warp easily.

6. Kanvas Bartega Regular Size

Best Painting Canvas Bartega Regular Size
Kanvas Bartega Regular Size

In general, painting on canvas is using oil paint and you can also use acrylic paint. 
So what happens if we as painters want to use markers? With a good painting canvas, Bartega regular size, painting activities will be more flexible.

This time, the recommended canvas for painting with markers is Bartega’s canvas. The material is cotton which can also be used for craft products. The popular size is 30 x 40 cm, with gesso coating. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this type of canvas will suit you to produce great work.

7. TRG Painting Canvas

TRG's Best Painting Canvas
TRG Painting Canvas

Before painting, you may have had difficulty selecting objects to display on the canvas. 
Especially if you want to paint small objects. If the previous recommendation for a good painting canvas was medium to large, it will be different for this one. Mini-sized TRG painting canvas that can be used as a wall or table decoration.

This fine painting canvas is quite famous among miniature painters, and is often even used as a wall decoration as well. Because of its small size, which is 10 x 10 cm, the wall will not look cramped. If you want to buy online, check the material is strong enough. Examples of strong and durable materials are polyesther marsoto and tetoron cotton.

8. Artpedia Canvas Painting

Artpedia's Best Canvas Paintings
Kanvas Artpedia

Artpedia’s canvas paintings are also a good recommendation for canvas paintings because they are available in various sizes that you can adjust to your individual needs. 
For those of you who are looking for a canvas with a flexible size like this, just choose a painting canvas from Artpedia.

This beautiful painting canvas from Artpedia is equipped with wood/spanram to make it easier for you when painting. The spanram itself is made of pine wood with a frame thickness of up to 2 cm. The canvas material used is made from a mixture of cotton and masoto. This painting canvas is of course for miniature painters, beginners, to professionals.

9. Beaux-Arts Triangle Canvas

The Best Painted Canvas of the Beaux-Art Triangle
Beaux-Art Triangle Canvas

In the previous discussion, we mostly recommended square or rectangular shaped canvases, but this time a good painting canvas that we recommend is a triangular canvas from Beaux-Arts. 
This triangular canvas is available in a variety of colors, ranging from white, Tosca green, yellow, blue, purple, rose red, and cream. This triangular canvas painting medium is suitable for use with watercolor or acrylic.

In addition to wall paintings, the paintings on the Beaux-Arts triangular canvas can be used as wall decorations. For other creations, you can also use this nice triangular-shaped canvas as an interactive learning medium for children.

10. Bandung Spanram Canvas

Bandung's Best Painting Canvas Spanram Canvas
Bandung Spanram Canvas Canvas

If you check on several e-commerce sites, spanram painting canvas is one of the best-selling. 
Even though this is a local product, this spanram canvas brand from Bandung is a good recommendation for painting canvas compared to other canvases. The material is cotton which is also equipped with gesso (the outer layer of canvas so that the pores of the cloth are closed).

Canvas paintings from Canvas Bandung are good recommendations for canvas paintings because their products have been used by many artists in Indonesia. When newly opened, the canvas layer looks neat, thick, and anti-crash. There are several sizes to choose from, for example; 10 × 10 cm, 20 × 20 cm, 20 × 30 cm, 30 × 40 cm, and others.

Tips on Maintaining Canvas Painting to Keep It Good & Durable

A painting canvas is indeed a valuable object, so it must be maintained in such a way. When it’s new and also after painting, the texture will be different. How to maintain cleanliness is also different.

1. Choose the Right Room

Not all rooms have to be painted, but you can adjust them according to your needs. Install canvas paintings in a room where conditions are relatively bright, but not directly exposed to the hot sun. If the painting is in an unstable environment, it will be damaged quickly.

2. Clean it regularly so it doesn’t get dusty

After understanding the recommendations for a good painting canvas, it’s only natural that you also know how to clean it. The first way, use a dry but soft brush to remove a thin layer of dust on the painting. Apart from that, you can also use a mini vacuum cleaner which is usually also used to clean the surface of tablecloths or use an air compressor which doesn’t run the risk of damaging the canvas surface.

3. Clean the Canvas with Sandpaper

The more often you paint, the more canvas you use. Maybe you have thought about reusing used canvases to be painted again. In this case, you will need to remove the old painting from one of them using sandpaper. Removing the painting with sandpaper is risky, but the results are relatively quick.

4. Repaint the Canvas for Reuse

Caring for the canvas can also be done by removing or closing the painting. This can be done for several reasons. Maybe it’s because of dissatisfaction or the painting fades, you want to make a new one, or you really want to save money when you want to paint again.

In this case, you can repaint the entire surface of the canvas with white paint that fills all parts, so the canvas will look like new. If you want to use oil paint, then the surface must be given a layer of gesso. For best results, apply paint and gesso a few times to get the initial painting completely and completely covered.


Canvas painting is an essential tool for every painter to create. Whether it’s just a hobby or for a profession, however, there are always recommendations for painting canvases that are good enough to use. Indeed, the best work cannot be separated from the best tools used. From the points that we have described above, we hope that you will get new inspiration to work with paintings.

If you have got a good canvas painting recommendation, then you can then share your experience with your friends. Besides focusing on the painting, don’t forget to pay attention to how to care for it. No matter what type of canvas you choose, the important thing is to choose one that fits your needs. Congratulations on choosing a painting canvas for your stock of work.

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