10 Best Towel Bars Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Even though it’s called a towel drying rack, this piece of furniture is fairly multifunctional, because it can be used to dry clothes to be worn again, dry half-dry pants, and dry other types of clothes.

The types and designs also vary, some can stand up, some are simply attached to the wall, some can even be folded and are portable . If you are looking for good quality towel drying products, find product recommendations in this article.

How to Choose Good Towel Clothes

Some clothesline towels are made large enough so that they can be used for drying clothes at once, but this makes drying towels require a large enough space. When buying clothesline for your towels, you should pay attention to some of the things discussed at Ainun below.

1. Ensure the material of manufacture

There are several materials that are often used to make clothesline towels, including iron, stainless steel , aluminum, wood, and plastic. Products made of iron are known to be sturdy, able to withstand heavy loads, and will not be eaten by termites for a long time. Iron clothes also look more modern and would be very suitable as furniture in a contemporary style house. Unfortunately, this type of clothesline is quite heavy and prone to rusting at certain intervals.

Light, economical, but the quality is not cheap, about the same as the quality of aluminum towels. Compared to iron clotheslines, aluminum clotheslines are easier to maintain and are resistant to corrosion or rusting. The drawback is that the aluminum clothesline is quite vulnerable to impacts and scratches, so you have to be very careful when moving it.

The Best Towel Line
Illustration of Clothesline Towel

One of the materials that is often used to make various brands of towel drying is stainless steel, because it has a shiny appearance that looks luxurious, is very sturdy, and durable. Maintenance of clothesline made of stainless steel is also not difficult, you only need to wipe it every 2-3 months. Another advantage of this type of clothesline is that it has insulating properties that allow it not to be easily attached to bacteria, so the price on the market becomes more expensive.

Many towel drying products add accents to certain parts of the wood to sweeten the look. To produce a strong support, several manufacturers use medium density fiberboard (MDF) as the supporting material because it has a medium density that is not easily broken. The reason for not making wood as the main material for clothesline is because it is easily porous when exposed to a wet towel continuously.

For some cheap towel lines, plastic is usually used as the main material. Even though it is water-resistant and not prone to corrosion, plastic is known to be a material that is not sturdy enough to hold large amounts of wet towels at once. Therefore, manufacturers usually use plastic as an accent on the edges of the clothesline.

2. Ensuring its design and ease of storage

After getting a towel with the material according to your needs, make sure the design is also ergonomic and easy to store. It might not be a problem to just spread out the clothesline even though there are no towels to dry in a large area, but if the area is narrow, you need a product that has a slim design or can even be folded. However, make sure the size of the clothesline after folding is also not too big, so it doesn’t make the room crowded.

3. Check the portability and stability of the clothesline

When placed in an inappropriate location in the room, clothesline towels can become a roadblock, especially if the room is not too large. Therefore, you can consider a product that is quite light and portable, so that it can be easily moved even by one person.

However, also make sure that the clothesline you choose is sturdy, strong, and stable enough to hold more than one wet towel at a time. Materials that are cheap but fragile can actually make you bother because you need to go back and forth to buy clothesline when a problem occurs. Several furniture manufacturers now also provide products that are easy to assemble and disassemble at low prices, unfortunately the components in a clothesline like this tend to come apart easily if you move them frequently.

4. Adjust the size of the clothesline with the number of towels

Dry towels should not be placed too close, because it will make the air circulation less smooth and make the towels prone to mold. The ideal distance between shelves or clothesline rods is about 7 cm to allow air circulation to run smoothly and make towels dry quickly. The farther the distance between the clothesline rods, the faster the towel drying process.

The recommended height for drying towels is at least 80 cm, whether it’s a clothesline with legs or one attached to a wall. So if you need to dry large towels, make sure the clothesline has a height of more than 80 cm so that the towels don’t touch the floor.

10 Best Towel Clothes Recommendations

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Various towel drying products can be found easily at Shopee, Tokopedia, and other large e-commerce sites . You can also buy it through large furniture stores, such as ACE Hardware, Informa, and the like. The following is a list of recommendations for drying products that can be ordered through e-commerce at various prices.

1. COOGER Towel Bar

The Best Towel Bar - COOGER Towel Bar
COOGER Towel Bar

The Cooger Towel Bar is made of lightweight, anti-rust and strong aluminum material, so it won’t fall easily even if it is used to dry a large number of towels, even up to 10 kg. 
These towels are available in black only, but have two different lengths, 50 cm and 60 cm.

To attach it to the wall, you can use a 6 mm drill or special glue so that the clothes don’t come off easily. The Cooger Towel Bar is sold at 47 thousand – 52 thousand rupiah and the packaging contains installation instructions in English, 1 package of clothesline, glue and screws.

2. NAGOYA Single Tier Towel Rack 509

The Best Towel Rack - NAGOYA Single Tier Towel Rack
Towel Rack – NAGOYA One Tier Towel Rack

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Established since 2002, Nagoya is already well-known as a manufacturer of various cleaning tools, and towels are no exception. 
The Nagoya One Tier Towel Rack is made of thick iron but is still light and 

This product is made with dimensions of 80 cm x 35 cm x 75 cm and has a minimalist design, so it won’t seem to fill up the room in your home. Nagoya One-Tier Towel Rack 509 is available in blue and can be purchased at the Nagoya official store for 87 thousand rupiah.

3. Masterhome Towel Rack TWR10

The Best Towel Rack - Masterhome Towel Rack TWR10
Masterhome Towel Rack TWR10

Masterhome Towel TWR10 is made of 
stainless steel which is sure to be sturdy and can accommodate more than three wet towels at once. This product includes clothesline that can be folded and when it is assembled, it reaches 77 cm in length, 30 cm in width and 73 cm in height.

At the bottom there is space for placing soap, shampoo, or dry towels that will be used. Masterhome Clothesline TWR10 towels can be ordered directly at Masterhome’s official store at a price of 100 thousand rupiah per pcs.

4. Information about clothesline towels

The Best Towel Clothes - Towel Clothesline Information
Information on Clothesline Towel

The various products sold by Informa are known to be of good quality, including Informa’s clothesline towels, which measure up to 81 cm in height. 
Made of the best quality iron, this product is equipped with 5 sticks that can be filled with 4-5 towels at once as well as other clothes, be it blankets, clothes, pants, cloths, and so on.

With a length of up to 60 cm per stick, all the towels that are dried here will get enough air circulation. This product can be purchased through Informa outlets or its official store at a price of 190 thousand rupiah.

5. Krisbow Stora Wall Towel Holder

The Best Clothesline - ACE Krisbow Stora Wall Hanging Towel Hanger
Clothesline Towel – ACE Krisbow Stora Wall Hanging Towel Hanger

Besides Informa, ACE Hardware also sells a variety of towel drying products, one of which is the Krisbow Stora Wall Mount Towel Hanger. 
This product has a length of 60 cm with five compartments which can be used to dry clothes temporarily.

Because it is attached to the wall and can be folded when not in use, the Krisbow Stora will not require too much space in your home. Interested in having this clothesline? You can buy it directly at the ACE Hardwar outlet or the official store at a price of 170 thousand rupiah.

6. Liveo Towel Wall Mounts LV-303

The Best Towel Line - Liveo Towel Wall Mount LV-303
Clothesline Towel – Liveo Clothesline Towel Wall LV-303

Liveo LV-303 Wall Drying Hangers uses 100% 
stainless steel as the material for its towel drying products, resulting in products that are anti-rust and can withstand loads of up to 20 kg. It consists of 6 pipes with a length of 77 cm each and provides a 35 cm long stretch, so even large towels can be dried here.

Installation of Liveo LV-303 Wall Drying Hangers can be done by drilling into the wall at four points, so that each pack of towels is equipped with tools to attach them. Liveo LV-303 Wall Drying Hangers are quite easy to find in e-commerce and the price is around 440 thousand rupiahs.

7. Oscar Living Towel Rack M-215

The Best Towel Line - Oscar Living Towel Rack M-215
Oscar Living Towel Rack M-215

Oscar Living M-215 towel rails are made of mild steel with 
powder coating 
finish so they don’t rust easily. This product consists of 5 pipes with a length of 80 cm and can accommodate a load of up to 20 kg.

The 84.5 cm high feet allow the Oscar Living M-215 clothesline to be installed outdoors, so wet towels placed on it can dry quickly. Present in a choice of white only, this clothesline is sold for 230 thousand rupiah.

8. Minimalist Towel Clothes Information

The Best Towel Clothes - Minimalist Towel Clothes Information
Minimalist Towel Clothesline Information

If previous towel drying products were made of iron, 
stainless steel, or aluminum, this Information Minimalist Towel Line is made using polypropylene material. Even so, the frame remains sturdy and can accommodate loads of up to tens of kilograms, even at the bottom of the clothesline there is space to place folded clothes or other bathroom equipment.

With a length of 65.5 cm each rod and 84.5 cm high, this towel drying line comes with a minimalist design, perfect for placing on a residential terrace or balcony. Informa Minimalist Towel Line is available in a choice of chrome colors and costs 320 thousand rupiah.

9. Fiorentino Towel Holder FR99602-60

Best Clothesline - Fiorentino Towel Hanger FR99602-60
Clothesline Towel – Fiorentino Towel Hanger FR99602-60

Available in a choice of silver and black colors, the Fiorentino FR99602-60 is made of 
stainless steel which is guaranteed to be anti-rust. This product has a very simple design, consisting of only 2 sticks each 60 cm long, so it can be installed in the bathrooms of private homes, hotels, hospitals, offices, schools and other public facilities. The price of the Fiorentino FR99602-60 is also quite cheap, around 70 thousand rupiah for silver and 100 thousand rupiah for black.

10. Orange Clothesline Folded 3 Stacking Towels

The best clothesline - Orange Official Shop 3 layers of folding towels
Orange Official Shop 3 Stacking Folding Towel Clothesline

This towel line from Orange is made from a combination of 
steel and ABS plastic materials that can be used indoors or outdoors, just adjust to your needs. Designed with a standing model with a height of 170 cm, this product will not require too much space at home.

However, because it is made of plastic material, Orange Clothesline Towel should be used for drying baby towels, baby clothes, socks, or other types of small clothes. This product is available in two color choices, white with pink and costs only 99 thousand rupiah.

Tips for washing and drying towels

Apart from providing quality clothes, it is of course also important to know how to wash and dry the right towels so that they are free from bacteria that are detrimental to skin health. According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona , he found that bathroom towels can be contaminated with up to 1,000 more coliform bacteria than newly purchased towels, so they can cause acne to infection in the body if not washed regularly. To wash and dry towels properly, you can apply some of the tips below.

  1. Separating towels from other dirty clothes because towels have softer fabric fibers that fall off easily if washed with other dirty clothes.
  2. Do not use too much detergent because the residue can accumulate on the surface of the towel making it stiff and not soft anymore, even turning white towels gray in color. Use no more than 2 tablespoons of detergent per wash.
  3. Use hot or warm water because it is more effective at killing germs stuck to towels.
  4. Use ½ cup of baking soda mixed with detergent to get rid of bad odors.
  5. Replace fabric softener with vinegar, to maintain or even restore the softness and absorbency of towels and remove any remaining detergent residue. Get rid of the vinegar smell using a mixture of water and baking soda.
  6. Dry it in the sun and give it a distance from other towels when drying it, secure it with clothespins so that the towel doesn’t fall off when drying it.

As a property that is used every day, towels should be washed regularly once a week, so that the bacteria doesn’t accumulate too much. Especially for owners of sensitive skin, who are prone to infection or allergies when wearing something that is not clean.

To speed up drying, especially during the rainy season, towels are safe enough to be put in the dryer. It is recommended to use a towel that is placed outdoors to dry the towels that have just been washed so that the dampness of the towels does not spread throughout the room.


Clothesline towels are one of the pieces of furniture that must be had in every home, be it clotheslines that have legs, portable, or clotheslines that can be attached to the wall. The materials that are often used to make clothesline for towels also vary, ranging from aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and plastic, all of which offer their own advantages. Apart from being purchased at the nearest furniture store, various clothesline can also be ordered through large e-commerce with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. To find out how to choose and tips for washing towels, everything has been discussed in this article.

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