10 Best Shower Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Various shower brands have succeeded in making good quality products so that their products can be accepted and enjoyed by many people. In fact, several brands also won local and international awards for the superiority of their products.

The Best Shower Brands
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In general, showers that are considered sanitary products are installed in bathrooms, but showers are also installed in bathrooms where there are saunas, swimming pools, and beauty clinics. So, some good bathroom shower brands, including TOTO , Wasser , Germany Brilliant , American Standard , and other well-known brands.

How to Choose a Good Shower Brand

Here are some ways you can do it to find the best shower brand and suit your needs.

1. Make sure the brand has the desired type of shower

Usually, every best shower brand will make several types of products so that consumers can be more flexible when choosing. The majority of people like showers that can be held or hand showers because they are more flexible to release water from any direction.

But there are also those who choose a head shower or body shower because they prefer to turn the faucet to drain water from above the head with various choices of water flow settings. Apart from that, you can also choose side showers, jet showers, or any other type you want.

2. Know the material used to make the shower

Each shower certainly consists of several parts, so it’s not surprising that there are several materials that the best shower brands choose to make one product. Well, the most commonly used materials are stainless steel, ABS, PVC, and chrome. Wherever possible showers are designed to be durable, resistant to high water pressure, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

3. Pay attention to the product features provided by the best shower brands

The next point that should be considered when choosing the best shower product is its features. Generally, the shower will be equipped with a water pressure setting so you can adjust it to your needs.

Then, several products are also designed to save water as a form of concern for the environment. In addition, there are hot and cold water features, on and off buttons, infrared balls, equipped with water filters, and much more.

Mark Shower
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4. Choose the color of the shower according to the theme or desire

In order to increase consumer interest in a product, usually the best shower brands will make products with various colors. So, these colors include black, chrome white, rose gold and gold with glossy or matte finishes. You can adjust the shower color to the chosen room theme or the color of the items in the bathroom to make it more aesthetic.

5. Select the desired shower size

The shape of the shower will be difficult to know the size if you take into account the length times the width times the height. However, there are several shower brands that include the length of the pole, the length of the hose, the diameter of the shower head, and the sizes of other shower parts.

You can choose the size you want so that in the future you don’t feel that the hose is too short or too long. Usually the larger the diameter of the shower head will also affect the amount of water that flows from the small holes in the shower head.

10 Best Shower Brand Recommendations

Here we go

In the following, Ainun provides recommendations for the best shower brands that can be selected because their good quality has been recognized by many people. You can buy it in various trusted places, from shops providing official household equipment and supplies in several cities, trusted accounts on marketplaces, and official websites.

1. Shower Mandi TOTO

The Best Shower Shower Brand TOTO
Shower Brand TOTO

Japan is indeed known as a developed country that creates various kinds of high-tech products and of course has good quality. 
Therefore, it is not surprising that Japan also contributed from 1917 to become one of the largest toilet manufacturers in the world. The interesting thing about TOTO is trying to help preserve the environment by developing high-quality water-saving products, one of which is by becoming the best shower brand.

There are several types of showers sold by TOTO, including a head shower set and a hand shower. Of course the materials chosen to make showers also vary, one of which is stainless steel and chrome. Just like shower products in general, you can also adjust the pressure of the water that is released as you wish.

2. Shower Germany Brilliant

The Best Shower Shower Brand Germany Brilliant
Shower Merk Germany Brilliant

One of the recommendations for the best shower brands, namely Germany Brilliant whose products are spread throughout Indonesia and guaranteed from 5 to 25 years. 
This brand, which was born in 2003, is very aware that the safety and comfort of its products is really important for you. Not only that, the aesthetics of the design of each product is also considered so that you can feel satisfied when using Germany Brilliant’s shower.

There are quite a number of product series offered by the best shower brands, making it easier to choose according to your needs. There are Perfect Series, Famous Series, New Series, Lifestyle Series, Beautiful Series, Energy Series, Progressive Series, Power Series, Continental Series, Queen Series, Verisa Series, and Brilliant Series. In addition, the materials used and the prices set also vary.

3. Shower American Standard

The Best Shower Shower Brand American Standard
Shower Merk American Standard

Switching from the previous brand, the recommendation for the best shower brand that should be used as an alternative choice is American Standard. 
Its products have been used by people from all over the world. Apart from Indonesia, American Standard showers are also sold in other countries, such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. From this, it can be seen that the brand image and product quality are indeed good.

One of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware, it provides various types of showers, such as hand showers and head showers at quite affordable prices. Each product is also equipped with the HygieneClean System, which is a new safety standard in bathrooms resulting from strong flushing and rim technology as well as the latest innovations from Aqua Ceramic and ComfortClean.

4. Shower GROHE

The Best Shower GROHE Brand Shower
Shower Brand GROHE

If you are looking for the best shower brand that provides types of side showers, then GROHE can be one of the choices. 
Not only that, you can also find types of hand showers and head showers with various features. Some of their products are equipped with the DreamSpray feature resulting in an unrivaled shower. In addition, there are SpeedClean nozzles to prevent lime scale buildup.

Some of the products made by GROHE are designed to reflect the commitment of the best shower brands to protect the environment by making water-efficient products. Therefore, do not be surprised if there is a shower that is equipped with four water spray control features. You can also choose the size of the shower you want. Not only being a shower manufacturer, GROHE also provides other sanitary equipment.

5. Shower Europe Enchanting

The Best Shower Enchanting Europe Brand Shower
Shower Merk Europe Enchanting

Having a shower with a choice of hot and cold water is fun and is the desire of many people. 
Well, you can also get that if you choose the best shower brand on this one. Of course the materials used have gone through a rigorous selection and testing process so that the quality is also not in doubt. One of the materials is SUS 304 stainless steel and fine brass with triple chrome plating for anti-leakage, increased durability and corrosion resistance.

Not only materials, modern stylish product designs are also an important concern for this best shower brand. Some of their products are made in attractive colors, such as rose gold, black, and chrome white. In addition, this best shower brand completes several of its products with various functions, such as rain, massage and mix. Interestingly, there are head shower and hand shower products that can be tilted to various positions and can be adjusted in height.

6. Shower Atrium

The Best Shower Aetrio Brand Shower
Shower Brand Aetrio

This recommendation for the best shower brand is already known by the public with a minimalist modern product concept. 
That way, the shower set is not only for sanitary purposes, but also for bathroom decoration. Just like other brands, Aetrio also chooses black, chrome white, and gold to beautify the shower. The products also have good durability so they can last for quite a long time.

Of course there are several materials chosen by the best shower brands, such as ABS, PVC and brass. If other brands provide shower parts so they don’t require you to buy a set, then Aetrio is different. This brand only sells a set of European Tech-inspired showers, which allows you to use a hand shower as well as a head shower at the same time.

7. Shower Paloma

The Best Shower Paloma Brand Shower
Shower Brand Paloma

One of the best legendary shower brands that has been operating for decades is Paloma. 
Therefore, it is not surprising that its products have been used for more than 1,000 projects in various industries. No need to be confused because you can easily find Paloma products in various cities in Indonesia. If there is damage that occurs after purchase, you can submit a warranty claim as long as it complies with the terms and conditions.

This best shower brand uses a lot of PowerABS material for hard, solid, and anti-porous heads. Not only that, high-strength SUS 304 stainless steel, PVC, and brass are also Paloma’s materials of choice for other shower parts. You can also feel satisfaction when enjoying a shower that is resistant to high water pressure.

8. Shower water

The Best Shower Shower Brand Wasser
Shower Merk water

The next recommendation for the best shower brand that you can make as a reference is Wasser. 
Like several other brands, Wasser also chose Jakarta as its head office. You don’t need to worry because the price of the product is quite affordable so you can immediately install a shower in the bathroom. Of course Wasser stays up to date with trends and uses today’s advanced technology to manufacture high-quality products.

In addition, Wasser shower products are also designed to save water and produce clean water. That way, you can contribute to protecting the environment while improving the quality of life.

9. Shower Onda

The Best Shower Shower Brand Onda
Shower Brand Onda

There are various things that can be done using products from the best shower brands, such as bathing and the need to urinate and defecate. 
It can be said that products from Onda are relatively cheap, but the quality does not disappoint either. Until now, this local brand has managed to survive and continue to innovate to create a cleaner and healthier Indonesia for up to 20 years.

Not only does it have a water discharge setting, Onda also has a shower option which is equipped with an Infrared ball feature that will help release negative ions in the body. Apart from that, there are also carbon balls which will help shrink water molecules so that they are more easily absorbed by the skin. Quite different from its competitors, this one of the best shower brands makes showers in green, pink, blue, black, and other colors.

10. Shower Vone

The Best Shower Brand Vone Shower
Shower Mark Vone

Vone sanitary is a recommendation for other shower brands that you can choose to complement and beautify the appearance of your bathroom at home. 
No need to worry because every product belonging to Vone has gone through a quality control process so that it is guaranteed to be safe when used. Just like some of the other best shower brands, Vone also chooses chrome as a finishing product to make it more durable.

Some products are equipped with hot or cold water settings so that when bathing you won’t feel hot or cold. You can choose to buy only certain parts or want to buy a shower set right away. Of course the product prices set by the best shower brands are very affordable.

How to take care of the shower so that it stays good & doesn’t break quickly

So that it can be used for quite a long time, you should take care of products from the best shower brands. So, here are some ways you can do so that the shower does not break quickly.

1. Clean the shower so that no dirt clogs it

There are several things that affect the cleanliness of the inside of the product from the best shower brands, one of which is water cleanliness. If the water that flows from the water source is dirty, it is likely that the dirt will block the flow of water.

Now, once in a while you need to clean the inside of the shower by opening the flexible hose first, washing the clogged filter, piercing the shower hole using a needle or other possible object. Apart from that, you also need to clean the head shower, the bottom shower faucet sput, the control cartridge, and other parts.

2. Run the water again and make sure it is clean

If you feel that all parts have been successfully cleaned, then the next step is to ensure that clean water can flow properly. All you have to do is open the faucet that has been connected to the product from the best shower brand. Pay attention to the flowing water in terms of quality and quantity so that you can bathe safely, calmly and comfortably.

3. Call an expert when in trouble

Each of the best shower brands designs their products so they can be used well by consumers. But not infrequently there are people who have difficulty cleaning the shower alone and worry about it being damaged. If that’s the case, then the best step that can be taken is to call someone who is an expert in that field.


For some people, a shower is indeed one of the important equipment used for bathing, so it’s only natural that there are now many good bathroom shower brands.

In order to find the right product, you can pay attention to several things such as the type of shower, the material, the features it has, the color, and the size of the shower. In the next section, there are ten recommendations for the best shower brands that sell various types of products. Make sure you take good care of the shower so that it can be used for a long time.

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