10 Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A saw is a tool for cutting wood or other hard objects. This tool is commonly used by carpenters, but many also use it for household purposes. Generally, chainsaws are operated manually, so they are more time consuming and labor intensive. To overcome this, a chainsaw appears that works automatically when cutting hard objects. Even though it has to be used with electric power, this tool is more practical than conventional saws.

The Best Portable Chainsaw
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There are various types of chainsaws that are commonly encountered. There is a type of reciprocating saw or saber saw that moves like a saw in general. Then there is the jigsaw type which cuts hard objects with an up and down motion. There is also a circular type that has a circular or disc-shaped blade. There are two types of circular types, namely those that are attached to the table, and those that are in the form of a hand saw or commonly called a grinder. Each has its own advantages, so it must be selected according to needs.

10 Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations

With so many types or types of chainsaws, you have to adjust to your needs. There are already many manufacturers that produce this one tool such as Hitachi , DCA , Bosch , and several other brands. You can choose the product that suits your needs and according to your budget. If you are still confused when choosing it, try reading the recommendations for the best chainsaw selected by Ainun, as below.

1. Portable Chainsaw Hitachi CR13V2

Hitachi CR13V2 Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations
Hitachi CR13V2 Portable Saw

Even though it is practical, not everyone can use a chainsaw, so the risk of an accident is quite high. 
Realizing this, the Hitachi CR13V2 appeared, which has a high level of security. This tool is made with UVP (user vibration protector) technology, which makes vibrations and sounds quieter. Although it is quite safe, it is highly recommended to wear gloves when using it.

This handsaw must be connected to the mains if it is to work. Its cutting ability is very good, because it is able to move the saw up to 2,800 strokes per minute and a stroke length of 29 mm. The saw is light and easy to function, so anyone can use it. The reciprocating saw is equipped with three layers of protection, so it is difficult for husks or sawdust to get inside. This makes it less dirty and more durable.

2. Portable Bosch GSA 1100 E Professional Chainsaw

The Best Portable Hacksaw Recommendations Bosch GSA 1100 E Professional
Portable Bosch GSA 1100 E Professional Saw

One of the advantages of the Bosch GSA 1100 E Professional is the speed in changing the saw blade. 
Thanks to SDS (Slotted Driver System) technology, blade changes are indeed faster. In addition, this chainsaw has a frequency of up to 2,700 spm with a stroke length of 28 mm. Such ability requires only 1100 watts of power, and is capable of cutting thick and strong items.

According to Bosch, the chainsaw is capable of cutting wood up to a depth of 230 mm. In cutting objects, this reciprocating saw is fairly fast, because the orbital motion and SPM are optimal for various materials. Even though the machine has excellent capabilities, it is very light in weight. The weight itself is approximately 3.6 kg, which makes it very easy to operate.

3. Makita JR3050T Portable Chainsaw

Recommended Makita JR3050T Best Portable Chainsaw
Portable Makita JR3050T Chainsaw

Chainsaws are often used for rough work, so they must be made of strong materials. 
Therefore, Makita JR3050T uses materials that are sturdy and durable so they can last a long time. Even though it is made of strong materials, this product does not forget the element of comfort. This one tool is still made with a soft handle to make it comfortable when used. In addition, it is also light in weight, because it only weighs 3.3 kg. In fact, this saw has 2 lockable triggers that make use easier.

In this chainsaw, dust blower system technology has been embedded , a technology to make it difficult for dust or sawdust to enter the machine. The ability of the reciprocating saw is very good. Powered by an 11.0 AMP engine, it is capable of moving the blades quickly, which is 2,800 spm. With that speed, wood to metal can be crushed by it. If you want the best chainsaw that pays attention to comfort and still has good capabilities, this product made by Makita is perfect.

4. AEG US400XE Portable Chainsaw

The Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations AEG US400XE
AEG US400XE Portable Chainsaw

Weighing only 1.7 kg, the AEG US400XE is a very easy chainsaw to use. 
compact design allows it to be applied with only one hand. Despite its compact design , this saw is capable of driving machines with a frequency of 3,500 spm and a stroke length of 13 mm. With this speed, the cutting process will feel very fast. In fact, objects that are difficult to reach will be easy to cut, whether wood or iron.

This chainsaw has Fixtec technology so that the blades can be replaced easily and quickly. In fact, not only blades made by AEG, blades from other brands such as Bosch can be placed there. When you buy it, you will get 3 blades that have different functions. Some are specifically for iron, and some are specifically for wood, so they must be adjusted according to conditions. The reciprocating saw is also equipped with a built-in LED to make the cutting process easier.

5. Portable DCA AJF30 Chainsaw

The Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations DCA AJF30
Portable DCA AJF30 saw

If you are looking for a cheap chainsaw with good quality, then choosing the DCA AJF30 is the right thing. 
The price is affordable, but still suitable for cutting wood or iron. Even wood and iron as thick as 90 mm can be cut. The chainsaw is indeed equipped with 3 saw blades, namely one for wood and two for iron. For that, you have to adjust the blade with the object to be cut.

In terms of capabilities, the reciprocating chainsaw is still good. This saw is capable of producing a frequency of 2,300 spm and a stroke length of 30 mm. Although not as good as other products, this frequency is perfect for home needs. In addition, the power consumed is also minimal, because it is only 590 watts. If you are looking for a cheap chainsaw for household needs, then the DCA AJF30 is the right fit.

6. Portable Dewalt DW304PK chainsaw

Dewalt DW304PK Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations
Dewalt DW304PK Portable Saw

For those of you who like to cut objects with certain patterns and difficult positions, using the Dewalt DW304PK is the right thing. 
The blade on this saw can be adjusted to four different positions to suit conditions. The process of changing the blade is also easy, because it does not require a special key. You only need to insert the knife blade, then it will lock automatically. The security itself is quite good, the blade remains difficult to separate.

For speed, the best chainsaw made by Dewalt is powered by a 10 AMP engine with a speed of up to 2,800 spm and a stroke length of 29 mm. The presence of a variable speed trigger allows it to adjust the ground speed, from 0 to 2,800. Its cutting ability is very good, being able to cut wood up to 200 mm thick and cut iron or pipes up to 100 mm.

7. Portable Hitachi CR18DL Chainsaw

Hitachi CR18DL Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations
Hitachi CR18DL Portable Saw

Hitachi released the chainsaw with the CR18DL series. 
Unlike other chainsaws, this one product supports batteries, so it doesn’t require electrical power via a cable. Lithium-Ion battery 18 volts is the power source used. The battery power is also good, because it has a capacity three times larger than similar products. That way, the battery has a longer life and is suitable for use when the power goes out.

You can cut 90 mm of wood quickly with it. The speed itself reaches 2,100 spm and a length of stroke of 28 mm, which is pretty good for a chainsaw with a battery. Another advantage of this saber saw is that the process of changing the blade is fast and easy. The replacement of the blade is indeed without a key, so it can be directly inserted and it will be automatically locked.

8. Portable chainsaw Bosch GSA 12 V-Li

The Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations Bosch GSA 12 V-Li
Portable Bosch GSA 12 V-Li Saw

Chainsaws equipped with batteries are indeed more practical than corded ones. 
To that end, Bosch released the GSA 12 V-Li, a compact 
saber saw that has a battery. The 12 volt battery implanted in it uses Li-Ion technology, so it has good resistance and is lighter. In fact, there is a battery charge level indicator on this tool, so you can know how much battery is left.

One of the advantages of this chainsaw is not just the battery, but its size. With a length of no more than 30 cm, he is capable of issuing a speed of 3,000 spm and a stroke length of 14.5 mm. With this length of stroke , this tool is capable of cutting wood with a depth of 65 mm. Meanwhile, the depth of the metal cut is only 50 mm. Its compact size and light weight make it very easy to use, it can even be used with one hand

9. Portable Bosch GSA 18 V-LI Professional Chainsaw

The Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations Bosch GSA 18 V-LI Professional
Portable Bosch GSA 18 V-LI Professional Saw

In order to provide maximum results, Bosch released the GSA 18 V-LI which is suitable for professionals. 
This chainsaw is equipped with various features and technologies that make it the most complete 
saber saw . The Li-Ion battery has been embedded in it so that it can function without wires. Equipped with EMP (electronic motor protection) technology, the battery is protected from overload . In addition to making the engine more powerful, this technology also makes the battery last longer.

The main advantage of this best chainsaw is its cutting ability. With speeds reaching 2,700 spm and a stroke length of 28 mm, wood and metal can be cut quickly. In fact, this saw is capable of cutting wood to a depth of 250 mm, and cutting iron up to 130 mm. Even though it has good capabilities, the vibrations produced are quite minimal, namely 20 m/s². This tool also uses SDS technology, a technology to make changing blades easier, because it is done without a key.

10. Portable Stanley Stel 365 Chainsaw

Stanley Stel 365 Best Portable Chainsaw Recommendations
Portable Stanley Stel 365 chainsaw

The Stanley Stel 365 is one of the fastest chainsaws because it has a high SPM. 
Its frequency is 3,200 spm with a stroke length of around 14.8 mm. This saw is also equipped with a 
variable speed , so the speed can be adjusted according to conditions. Even though the speed is very fast, the required electrical power is in the range of 900 watts. For those of you who want to cut objects quickly, then choosing this saw is the right thing.

Apart from superior cutting speed, this reciprocating saw is also good in terms of comfort. Its weight is not too heavy, which is only about 3.2 kg, making it easy to use. In addition, the blade is also easy to replace, it can even be replaced with another brand blade , such as Bosch or Makita. With a variety of features, the price of this chainsaw is quite affordable, so it’s worth a try.


The most commonly used chainsaw is the reciprocating saw , because it has good flexibility. You can use it to cut wood or metal, even in hard-to-reach corners.

By using it, your energy will be saved, but the work will be done faster. Those of you who are interested in buying this tool, read the recommendations for the best chainsaws above. There are chainsaws with various features, shapes, and advantages, which can be adjusted to your needs.

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