10 Best Wood Planer Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A wood planer is a work tool used to smooth the surface of wood. Each tool is capable of smoothing out uneven wood at different depths. Other specifications that are owned by wood planer machines include the width of the blade, the number of blade rotations, weight, and the electrical power used

Even though it is easy to use, it is not recommended that you use just any product. Therefore, we will describe how to choose a wood planer machine as well as introduce the ten best products issued by well-known manufacturers, such as Makita , Bosch , Maktec , AEG , and many more. Therefore, don’t miss any part of the review this time!

The Best Wood Planer Machine
Illustration of the Best Wood Planer Machine / WoodplannerHQ

How to Choose a Machine for Good Wood Planer

Wood planer machine is useful as finishing. This tool is different from a manual drawstring machine that requires special skills. Even beginners can learn to make tables, benches or other furniture independently with a touch of your creations. However, use a wood planer that is really good and suitable for your needs.

As previously explained, each wood planer or crab has various specifications. You will be more comfortable working if you use products that support your needs in carving various shapes and wood surfaces. Here are some points that you should consider before buying a wood planer machine.

1. Choose a width that exceeds the wood you want to planer

Wood planer tools have various widths and lengths. The variety of models may also make you confused about which one to choose. However, the most important thing to note is the width of the drawstring machine itself. Your work can be completed in less time and produce even results if the width of the planer adjusts the width of the wood you want to planer.

Especially for beginners, it will be difficult if you have to smooth one wood up to two times. Besides being able to make the results uneven in depth, you also need more time to process. Therefore, choose a wood planer machine that has a wider difference in width than the width of the wood you want to planer. This way, you can planch in one stroke without leaving an edge that the tool doesn’t cover because of the smaller width.

2. For the sake of convenience, choose a blade that can be replaced

Currently there are many wood planer machines whose blades can be replaced. While other types are in the form of blades that are flatter in shape and are attached to the tool so that they cannot be removed or replaced. For this type, it is necessary to sharpen the blade periodically so that the sharpness remains good.

If you want to choose a product with unified blades, we recommend this product for those of you who are proficient or have used tools for a long time. The reason is, sharpening the blade on a wood planer machine is not an easy matter. If you are a beginner or like practicality, choose a product with replaceable blades.

The characteristics of the blade also vary, so adjustments are needed when you want to replace it. We recommend that you choose products issued by well-known manufacturers. That way, when you want to replace the blade, you won’t have trouble finding a replacement blade, which is usually sold separately by the manufacturer.

3. Minimize wood chips by attaching a dust bag

Dust bag is a bag for storing dust that is commonly found in vacuum cleaners. The container principle is also adopted by wood planer machines where the bag is on one or both sides of the drainpipe. Nowadays, drawstring manufacturers that provide dust bags separately are very common. You will have no trouble buying it, either online or offline.

The bag attached to the drainpipe of the planer does more than just keep the work area from cluttering up with excessive sawdust. Far from that, having a dust bag can also prevent the risk of a fire, especially when there is a burning flame around you. Even so, it is still not recommended to plan wood in an unsafe environment, such as a fire burning in the surrounding area.

10 Best Wood Planer Recommendations

Of course, after reading the previous section, you already know what things to pay attention to when choosing a wood planer machine? In the following, you will Ainun, review the ten best wood planer machine products from leading brands and their large-scale production factories. Happy choosing!

1. Ryu Planner RPL82-3A

Recommendation of the Best Wood Planer Machine Ryu Planner RPL82-3A
Ryu Planner RPL82-3A

Capable of chipping to a depth of 1 mm, this tool guarantees smooth shavings on every wood surface. 
Motor with rotational speed of up to 15,000 rpm will speed up your work. Also supported by blades made of selected carbide materials, not only sharper, but also durable.

If you are looking for a wood planer that saves electricity and is light in weight, the Ryu Planner RPL82-3A is a must. This tool that weighs 2.5 kg is marketed at less than a million rupiah, suitable for those of you who don’t operate the tool too often. Even so, the durability of the motor and blades on this machine is quite tough!

2. AEG – PL 750

Recommended AEG Best Wood Planer Machine – PL 750
AEG – PL 750

You may need more funds to be able to buy this tool. 
However, we can guarantee you will not regret it. This wood planer machine with a width of 82 mm has the ability to shave up to a maximum depth of 2 mm, the shavings are very smooth!

AEG – PL 750 is equipped with a dust bag, helping you clean up faster after shaving thanks to less scattered sawdust. Behind the advantages, you also have to know that the electric power needed by this tool is 750 watts. So, reconsider how often you use this machine.

3.Makita KP0800K

The Best Recommended Wood Planer Machine for Makita KP0800K
Makita KP0800K

Makita designed this wood planer with replaceable blades. 
If you want to sharpen it, you can too, it’s even more economical! Meanwhile, for blade replacement, you can buy blades from the same brand.

Weighing 2.58 kg, the operation does not require more power, you can work longer to finish several planks of wood in a short time. This tool requires as much as 620 watts of electric power to operate properly. For those of you who really have a high need for wood planer, don’t hesitate to choose this product.

4. Bitec PM 1900

Best Wood Planer Recommendations for Bitec PM 1900
Bitec PM 1900

Sturdy construction will help you save on maintenance costs or even additional expenses due to damaged components. 
Moving by requiring only 450 watts of electric power, this product can be an option for those of you who want to save on your monthly electricity budget.

In addition to preventing electricity bills from swelling, this tool is also distributed with an economical selling point. Even though the price is friendly, Bitec still prioritizes the performance of this tool. Evidenced by the number of blade rotations up to 17,000 rpm (rotations per minute), the activity of smoothing the surface of wood becomes easier!

5. HiKOKI F-30A

HiKOKI F-30A Best Wood Planer Recommendations

In particular, the HiKOKI F-30A was created for the purpose of shaving wood in a short time. 
Those of you who want to get the job done faster can choose this product. Having a blade width of 92 mm, this wood planer is capable of smoothing more wood planks in just two or even one grinding stage.

Why do we say one step of smoothing is possible by this tool? The reason is, HiKOKI designed a blade construction that can reach a maximum depth of 3 mm. So, you don’t have to shave many times to get a smooth surface.

6. Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Professional

Recommended Best Wood Planer Machine Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Professional
Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Professional

Bosch presents a wood planer machine that offers comfort, convenience and perfect work results. 
Measuring 33 cm long and 14.7 cm wide, this tool is able to smooth uneven or thin wood surfaces with excellent results.

Convenience comes through its cordless design, aka cordless, you don’t feel disturbed by the cables that cross it during the shrinking process. This product works using a 18 volt battery. Even though it takes energy from the battery, this tool is equipped with a blade rotation speed setting too, you know!


Recommended Best Wood Planer Machine BLACK+DECKER KW712

With this wood planer machine, you can choose to collect sawdust as a result of disposal into a dust bag or a trash can/special container. 
The existence of a vacuum adapter on this tool allows you to have these two choices.

To be sure, the vacuum adapter in this tool really helps you when the job is over. The room can be clean of sawdust, you no longer need to sweep and collect it before throwing it in the trash. The BLACK+DECKER KW712 is also equipped with a v-groove which helps you to smooth the corners of the wood more easily.

8. DeWALT D26676

DeWALT D26676 Best Wood Planer Recommendations
DeWALT D26676

The blade rotates up to 17,000 rpm on this tool, making wood planing not only easy, but also finished earlier. 
You won’t be badly exhausted, especially in the hands, when you shave with this tool. The reason is, DeWALT designed an ergonomic handle so that it is comfortable to hold.

The size of the blade that follows industry standards makes this tool capable of smoothing hard wood surfaces more precisely, including at the corners. With a depth level of up to 1.5 mm, you don’t have to go through many stages to get satisfactory results.

9. Bosch GHO 6500 Professional

Recommended Best Wood Planer Machine Bosch GHO 6500 Professional
Bosch GHO 6500 Professional

Bosch GHO 6500 Professional is equipped with lock-on switches on both sides which makes it comfortable to use for those of you who are left-handed. 
The part of the blade that rotates up to 16,500 rpm on this tool can be kept sharp by continuing to sharpen it.

Very uneven wood surfaces can be smoothed in no more than two finishing stages thanks to the performance of chipping up to 2.6 mm deep. To prevent the workspace from filling up with sawdust, you can attach a dust bag to the drainpipe, which is sold separately.

10. Maktec MT191

Maktec MT191 Best Wood Planer Recommendations
Mactec MT191

If you are proficient in using a wood planer machine, of course it doesn’t matter if you have to smooth the wood surface up to several stages of work. 
But with this tool, you can still save time because the motor rotation speed reaches 16,000 rpm.

Supported by the ability to chip up to a depth of 2 mm, this tool can be relied upon even on wood with a very uneven surface. The weight of only 2.7 kg on this tool not only gives you comfort because it is relatively light, but the handle which is covered with soft rubber grip also keeps your hand stable when holding and operating the tool.


The work of smoothing the surface of wood is no longer a burden for you after the creation of the wood planer machine. This tool works with an automatic machine so you only need to control and regulate its movement. If you not only want to experience ease when planing wood, but also in cleaning the work area afterward, buy a planer with a removable dust bag.

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