10 Recommendations for the Best Health Therapy Sandals (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Nowadays, people’s need for health support products is increasing. One product that is increasingly loved is health sandals. They have the same general shape, but the protrusions attached to the slipper pads have different designs, depending on their intended use.

If you are planning to buy health therapy sandals, be sure to choose products that are comfortable to use. The right size is the main aspect that must be considered. In addition, it is also important to consider other things when wearing health sandals. We will help you find the best health therapy sandals here. So, don’t miss it, ok?

Therapeutic Sandals for the Best Health
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How to Choose Therapeutic Sandals for Good Health

The nerves in the feet will feel the effects of pressure due to the protrusion of the health sandals. When this happens, the health effects are felt by the body. However, for some people, the level of hardness of the protrusions is high enough that it makes wearing uncomfortable. Therefore, understand how each bulge affects your body.

Usually, the bumps on health therapy sandals are made of several materials, such as plastic, rubber, natural stone, wood, and some others. If you are still a beginner, of course it is better to use a product that is not too hard, and vice versa. In this case, let’s first understand the characteristics of the protrusion material of each health sandal.

1. Choose a protrusion material whose massage strength effect is not excessive

When wearing medical therapy sandals for the first time, you may feel pain. However, if the pain is excessive, you may not reach the recommended time for use. Therefore, for those of you who are beginners, choose a bulge that is not so hard, such as a rubber material which is quite soft compared to plastic.

While other protrusion materials such as natural stone are also recommended, although the protrusions have not so good concavity and convexity. If you are used to wearing health sandals, it would be more appropriate if you use a product that has a hard bump, but not too much. You can choose the plastic material on the protrusion, it is more durable and the footing effect is quite hard on the feet.

2. Pay attention to the height of the bulge, make sure it is comfortable to wear

The most important element of a health therapy sandal is the bulge. In addition to paying attention to the level of hardness of the protrusion based on the material used, you also need to check the height of each part of the protrusion. Usually, health sandals have protrusions of different heights.

In the middle it is made higher so that it can reach the concave, while in the heel and toe or toes it is generally lower in height. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we recommend using a product that is the right height and follows the contours of your feet. That way, you will feel comfort and pain can be minimized.

3. Don’t get hung up on the design, prioritize its suitability with your feet

There are many models of health therapy sandals on the market, ranging from sandals to flip-flops. These different designs are the main attraction, you can use them without being accompanied by distrust because the shape of the sandals looks old-fashioned. Even so, still prioritize comfort when worn on your feet.

In this case, the size of the sandal must be right, it should not be too big or too small. The reason is that the protrusions on the footing have been arranged to follow the nerves in the soles of the feet. If you wear sandals that do not fit properly, the health effects will not be maximal. Worse yet, because the wrong shape of the bulge that hits the nerve can have a bad impact on your health.

4. Get additional information from people who have used it

If you have found a product that you are interested in, ask the seller for more detailed information about the health effects it causes. If necessary, look for testimonials from users who have worn your chosen health therapy sandal.

Usually, everyone who in this case is a buyer gives an honest review. So, you can make a decision to buy the product or switch to another product. See how users respond to the comfort and pain it causes, whether it’s so intense that it warrants your attention.

10 Recommendations for the Best Health Therapy Sandals

After understanding the tips for choosing them, Ainun will introduce our top ten selected health therapy sandals. You can use the following list as a reference for choosing. If in your area it is difficult to find shops that sell health sandals, you can buy them online, you know. Come on, see the recommendations!

1. Glisten Swiss B Health Sandal

Glisten Swiss Best Health Therapy Sandals B Health Sandals
Glisten Swiss B Health Sandals Produk

For those of you who are taking the first step to buy health sandals, of course you will be calmer if you choose a product with a friendly price. 
Glisten Swiss B can be your best option, manufactured in 4 sizes, you can find the size that fits your feet.

From size 25 – 29 cm available, please choose the one that fits your feet. Always use the right size so that the results can be maximized, comfort is guaranteed. The protrusion of the spongy material makes it quite soft, which is ideal for your feet which are relatively new to receiving stimulation from it.

2. Kongsui Health Sandals

Best Health Therapy Sandals Kongsui Health Sandals
Kongsui Sandals Health Products

You can wear these sandals regardless of your foot size. 
That’s right, Kongsui Sandals Health is designed in all size (27 cm). You can wear this product safely and comfortably. The existence of a motif on the outside of the sole makes it not easy to slip when passing through slippery roads.

Not only that, this product also has a ridge made of rubber and follows the contours of your feet. The selected material has passed the test process, making it durable even though it is used quite often. Each of the ridges on these sandals is made with a height that follows the shape of the foot, very comfortable!

3. Yunnan Health Slippers DR 62

Yunnan Best Health Therapy Sandals Health Sandals DR 62
Yunnan Health Slippers DR 62

If you want to buy a gift for a mother who has entered the elderly, you can give it Yunan DR 62. This one health sandal can also be used by active women because its design is not old-fashioned. 
There are protrusions made of plastic, each measuring and having a different height following the contours of the foot.

Comfort is a sure thing when you use this product. Besides being ideal for use at home, you can also occasionally wear it for activities at the office, such as during breaks. This product comes in 4 attractive color choices, you just have to adjust it to your taste preferences.

4. Kozuii Reflexology Sandals

Best Health Therapy Sandals Kozuii Reflexology Sandals
Produk Kozuii Reflexology Sandals

The protrusions on these health sandals are minimally painful because they are made of a combination of jade, tourmaline, and a mixture of other materials. 
Dominantly the protrusion follows the original shape of the natural stone so it is not so sharp. While the additional artificial material is deliberately made more prominent in certain parts.

This health sandal for foot reflexology offers a variety of sizes, starting from XS, S, and M. Because it is combined with tourmaline and jade on the protrusions, these sandals will deliver positive energy through the nerves of the feet. Minerals from jade can also improve your body fitness.

5. Imperial Doctor Sandal

Imperial Doctor's Best Health Therapy Sandals
Imperial Doctor Sandals Produk

If you are not confident enough to wear health sandals outside the house, it’s certainly not a problem. 
You can choose Imperial Doctor Sandals that you can use every day at home. There are 860 protrusions of reflection points, making these sandals effective in neutralizing the toxin deposits in your body.

On the sandal pads there are also 2 magnets that are claimed to be able to improve blood circulation. Complete with a combination of tourmaline stones at several points, these sandals allow the dilation of blood vessels so that the flow process becomes normal.

6. Galena Sandal Stone Health

Best Health Therapy Sandals Galena Health Stone Sandals
Product Galena Sandal Stone Health

This product relies on crushed natural stone for the main material of the protrusion. 
Wearing these sandals seems to make you walk on natural rocks with bare feet. Galena’s sandals provide a massage sensation like walking on natural rocks.

Because they don’t have a sharp upper edge, these sandals are comfortable enough to wear for more than 15 minutes. Galena also designed the pattern of placing the protrusions on these sandals following the provisions of acupuncture points so that they have a stimulant effect on the organs in the body.

7. Flexibelle Japanese Massage Footwear Delta

Best Health Therapy Sandals Flexibelle Japanese Massage Footwear Delta
Produk Flexibelle Japanese Massage Footwear Delta

The following products offer a soft bulge that comes from the rubber material. 
Designed with a minimalist design, you can get health benefits as well as style when wearing these sandals. Using it for various events or daily activities is also not a problem.

Flexibelle Japanese Massage Footwear Delta provides three color variants, namely black, brown, and beige, you can choose the most desirable. On the footing, the protrusions are made with sizes and grooves that follow the shape of the foot, the results are so optimal.

8. Kozuii Therapeutic Slippers

The Best Health Therapy Sandals Kozuii Therapeutic Sandals
Kozuii Therapeutic Slippers Produk

If you are looking for health sandals that can warm your body, the Kozuii Therapeutic Sandals are worth considering. 
The manufacturer designed this product in such a way that it has a magnetic effect that is claimed to be able to provide warmth to your body.

Having a slip shape, this product is still breathable because there are good ventilation holes to circulate air. While the bulge is made to suppress vital nerve points in the body, making it very good at giving a cool and healthy effect on the organs in your body.

9. Sunmas Foot Massager

The Best Health Therapy Sandals Sunmas Foot Massager
Sunmas Product Foot Massager

Sunmas Foot Massager is a health sandal that can be adjusted for operation. 
In other words, you can choose whenever the stimulant effect and massage is done. This is possible because this product is equipped with a remote control to control all operations.

You are free to convert these sandals as ordinary sandals or health sandals. When turned in reflection mode, these sandals will draw power from the battery to provide an electrical effect through the bulges that are made different sizes according to their purpose.

10. Fuji Double Action Health Sandals

Best Health Therapy Sandals Fuji Double Action Health Sandals
Fuji Products Double Action Health Sandals

If you are more interested in health sandals that can be worn daily, of course it is recommended to choose products that do not give the effect of massage too hard. 
Fuji Double Action Health Sandal is one product that is perfect for you.

Made of rubber all over, including the padding, making this product comfortable even when worn all day. In addition to minimal pain, you also don’t have to worry about slipping because of the non-slippery nature of the rubber. This product is also flexible enough so that it can follow the contours of the foot without causing problems.

Health sandals are now in demand by all people without age and gender restrictions. So, even those of you who are young are recommended to use it every few days. The massage effect given by the protrusion of the sandals will have a good impact on health. However, keep in mind the recommendations for its use so that things don’t happen beyond expectations.


In general, health sandals can be worn for a maximum of 15 minutes. The stimulation provided by each bulge is intense enough to the feet that you need to check your body’s reaction. If you feel that there is a certain impact due to intense stimulation, you should stop using it and change to sandals with softer bumps so that they don’t trigger severe pain.

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