10 Best Portable Gas Stove Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The portable stove is an innovative stove created for practical use. Generally , portable gas stoves are used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and the like. The way a portable stove works is the same as a gas stove in general. The only difference may lie in the size of the gas used. This portable stove has many advantages over a home gas stove.

Kompor Portable TerbaikPortable Stove Illustration The

shape of a mini stove allows users to carry this cooking utensil everywhere. Besides being practical and simple, portable stoves are also safer when used because they do not use gas cylinders, which have the risk of having a gas hose leak or a gas cylinder explode. A more economical price also makes portable stoves the choice for cooking needs outside the home.

10 Best Portable Gas Stove Recommendations


For those of you who are living in boarding houses, you can also use portable gas stoves, which are more effective and don’t take up much space. With the portable stove, you can also use it at any time for camping or hiking. Currently, there are many choices among the best portable stove brands on the market. If you want to buy a portable gas stove, you can choose one of the portable stove brands recommended by tomslead.com below.

1. Niko Portable Stove NK – 268

Best Portable Gas Stove Niko Kompor Portable NK - 268
Winn Gas 1A Portable Gas Stove

First, we will invite you to get acquainted with the versatile portable stove from Niko. The Niko NK–268 is a portable stove that is practical and safe to use. This stove is made of aluminum mixed with metal, which is easy to clean. The small size and light weight of this best portable stove allow every user to carry it everywhere.

The features of the Niko NK – 268 stove do not stop there. This stove is also equipped with a knob to adjust the gas line as needed. The main material chosen to make this portable stove can guarantee a longer stove life. That way, you don’t have to wonder whether this portable stove is durable or not.

2. Progas Portable Stove 2 In 1

Best Portable Gas Stove Progas Kompor Portable 2 In 1
Winn Gas 1A Portable Gas Stove

Have a plan to go camping with friends next month? Come on, prepare important luggage such as a portable stove. You can bring a practical portable stove from Progas 2 in 1. As the name implies, this portable stove is equipped with 2 main functions, namely for the use of canned gas or gas cylinders measuring 3 kilograms or 12 kilograms.

The functionality offered by the Progas Stove Portable 2 in 1 also allows for indoor use, such as at home or boarding houses. The dimensions of this Progas portable stove are only 32 x 25 x 7 cm. This product is also equipped with a non-stick feature from the basic ingredients of manufacture that makes it easier for users to clean the body or parts of the furnace that may be exposed to spills of sauce or coconut milk.

3. Winn Gas 1A Portable Gas Stove

Best Portable Gas Stove Winn Gas 1A Portable Gas Stove
Winn Gas 1A Portable Gas Stove

You could say that Winn Gas is one of the best-selling portable stove brands in Indonesia. With so many variants issued by Winn Gas, everyone can choose according to their tastes and needs. Of the many variants, we recommend you choose the Winn Gas 1A Portable Gas Stove. This 1A series gas stove from Winn Gas can be used for cooking activities in the mountains.

Fire that radiates evenly with a high level of strength will ensure that the stove does not burn easily. This best Winn Gas portable stove product has a stove and a body made of Teflon material, which ensures that the stove body is more durable. Not only that, the non-stick stove body is also very easy to clean with just a few rubs.

4. Cosmos CGC-121 P

Best Portable Gas Stove Cosmos CGC-121 P
Cosmos CGC-121 P

Cosmos is well known for its household products. In the range of stove products, Cosmos has a portable stove series, CGC-121 P. In this portable stove, Cosmos applies technology from Japan, which will ensure the level of safety and functions possessed by it. The features of this stove include a gas flow regulator that is automatically connected or disconnected.

Not only that, Cosmos CGC-121 P is also proven to be environmentally friendly because it releases little concentrated carbon dioxide into the air. This stove is able to produce high heat temperatures so that long cooking activities or boiling water can be completed in a shorter time. Cosmos in his statement said that the placemats of this stove are made of aluminum, which is heat-resistant, durable, and anti-slip.

5. Nikita 2 In 1 + Brass Nipple

Best Portable Gas Stove Nikita 2 In 1 + Brass Nipple
Nikita 2 In 1 + Brass Nipple

The portable stove from Nikita provides a brass nipple that can be used as a connector to the LPG cylinder hose. That’s right, this Nikita 2 in 1 + Brass Nipple can use canned gas (butane) or canister gas (LPG). The design of the portable stove, which is good and durable, is Nikita’s dominant black color. Every purchase of this stove will get a solid black color.

Nikita stoves are ideal for indoor or outdoor cooking. The fire that can be produced by the Nikita 2 in 1 portable stove is a blue fire type that can produce food faster. This product has a small size, which is only 33 x 28.5 x 8.8 cm so it will not take up much space when you want to take it in the car or burden it when carried by hand.

6. Miyako CC-100

Best Portable Gas Stove Miyako CC-100
Miyako CC-100

The Miyako CC-100 is widely chosen because it has a color that is quite different from most portable stoves on the market. The dominant red color that covers the stove body makes this stove look very attractive. Meanwhile, on the large to small fire control knobs and the furnace as well as the buffer, it is filled with black hubcaps, which makes this stove look more elegant and minimalist.

This safe portable stove is a must-have product for anyone who claims to like traveling. The compact size is one of the things that allows the Miyako CC-100 to be purchased by travel enthusiasts. For indoor cooking activities, the Miyako CC-100 stove is also ideal for use. So, whatever your cooking needs are, be sure to entrust this stove product from Miyako, OK!

7. Maspion Gas Stove EX-801 FR

Best Portable Gas Stove Maspion Gas Stove EX-801 FR
Maspion Gas Stove EX-801 FR

A company engaged in manufacturing in Indonesia, Maspion, has a mainstay portable stove product called the Maspion Gas Stove EX-801 FR. Maspion claims that this portable stove is efficient in the use of gas. Easy operation is also a feature of the Maspion EX-801 FR portable stove. This stove can be a daily household need for everyone, especially for those who have a passion for cooking.

This portable stove that uses canned gas from Maspion has a minimalist design through a combination of dominant red and black colors. Besides being ideal for household needs, the Maspion EX-801 FR is also very helpful for outdoor cooking activities, such as when traveling or camping in mountainous areas.

8. Sayota NAC 155

Best Portable Gas Stove Sayota NAC 155
Sayota NAC 155

The cold weather in the highlands often makes the stomach never stop feeling hungry. When camping, the most important need is food. If you want to cook easily when doing camping activities or the like, make sure you bring the Sayota NAC 155 portable stove. This portable gas stove from Sayota is specially designed for outdoor cooking purposes.

In this product, Sayota provides many advantages, such as a large stove size with a small stove body. This gas stove can emit an even blue flame to get cooking results faster. If you want to boil water, the Sayota NAC 155 can do it in just 5 minutes. The purchase of this portable stove product comes equipped with a bag that is easy to grip.

9. Quantum QGC-101R

Best Portable Gas Stove Quantum QGC-101R
Quantum QGC-101R

Still haven’t found a good portable stove that suits your needs? No need to worry, we still have another portable gas stove alternative for you, namely the Quantum QGC-101R. Who is not familiar with Quantum? Of course, you are also familiar with this famous stove brand in Indonesia. The Quantum portable stove QGC-101R series was created as a form of concern for users who want to feel the ease and practicality of cooking.

Whether you want to use it for cooking at home or on the go, the Quantum QGC-101R portable hob is very reliable. This stove has a dominant black color and is made of non-stick Teflon base material and is easy to clean. This Quantum portable stove is made of stainless steel material that is not easy to rust or dirty. The existence of an electric lighter on this product makes it easier for users. This stove only weighs 2 kg, with dimensions of 46 x 32 x 12 cm.

10. Kenmaster KM-180B

Best Portable Gas Stove Kenmaster KM-180B
Kenmaster KM-180B

The Kenamster KM-180B is the best portable stove equipped with a nozzle that allows anyone to use 3 kg and 12 kg gas cylinders on this stove. Meanwhile, for short-term use, such as when outdoors, you also don’t need to worry because this stove can also use canned gas. So indeed, the Kenmaster KM-180B is a 2 in 1 portable gas stove.

Although this stove is a 2 in 1 type, for outdoor use, make sure you look for a location that has minimal wind. The reason is, the Kenmaster KM-180B is not yet equipped with a wind protector on the firebox. For those of you who want to buy this practical cooking tool, you can get it only by spending less than 200 yen. Want a good and cheap portable stove? Just choose the Kenmaster KM-180B.


You should at least pay attention to a few things when choosing the best portable stove so you don’t make a mistake and regret it later. Types of portable stoves that are of good quality usually meet a number of general specification standards, such as having a minimum power of 2500 kcal/hour, mini size, thin and light stove bodies, as well as making materials and designs that are not difficult to clean.

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