10 Best Running Shoes Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Shoes specifically for runners you can use for jogging, walking, or running every day. Even if you rarely run, it is still advisable to wear running shoes. The reason is that these shoes have characteristics that have been adapted to sports activities in the form of running, ranging from overall size, sole cushioning, and so on.

On this occasion, we will present information in the form of tips on choosing running shoes that you can follow. After understanding the points of consideration in choosing shoes, here you will also see recommendations for the best running shoes from well-known brands, such as Adidas, Mizuno, Asics, and Nike. Get the right shoes to go with your running activities!

Tips and How to Choose Good

What considerations should you make when choosing shoes? We’ve summarized some of the points you should consider when buying running shoes. For more details, please read this section to the end.

1. Choose shoes based on the length and circumference of your feet.

Comfort is an aspect that must be prioritized when running. For that, the use of the right running shoes must provide comfort for you. First of all, you need to measure the length of your foot so that it will fit in the shoe.

You should not buy shoes that fit perfectly on your feet. The reason is, the heel and thumb touching the inside of the shoe can cause an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, we recommend that you leave a space or gap between the heel and the back of the shoe as big as one thumb.

In addition to paying attention to the length of your feet so as not to make the shoes feel too small or wide, you also have to know the circumference of your feet. Measure the circumference of the foot using the measuring table provided by the store. The circumference of the foot itself refers to the largest part of the big toe, then leads to the outside of the outer pinky, and ends around the sole of your foot.

Each brand lists shoe sizes based on people’s foot standards in each country. Therefore, you must understand this point very well. If you don’t know what your foot length and foot circumference are as a benchmark for choosing shoes, you should come directly to the store and don’t buy them online.

2. Choose shoes that can support the foot firmly and stable

Whether for beginners or professional runners, comfortable shoes can maximize everyone’s performance. This has something to do with the shoes used. Choose shoes that can support your heels and feet well. That way, your ankle will move stably while you run and you’ll avoid the risk of injury.

Another element that is no less important is paying attention to the ability of shoes to balance your body. To find out, try on the shoes in the store and look from above. If the sole appears to be more than or wider than the upper part of the shoe, then the shoe has good stability. You can run more steadily without fear of falling because you lose your balance.

3. Choose shoe insoles based on your running level

. Runners who are proficient or used to it certainly expect long and strong endurance shoes so that the goals they are pursuing can be achieved. Unlike the case with beginners, shoes are not only highly durable, but can also provide gradual experience to the feet, so it is important to choose shoes with thick soles.

Shoes with thick and cushioned soles are perfect for beginner runners. Even though they are heavier than professional running shoes, this type of shoe will allow your feet to train their muscles to get used to it before switching to professional running shoes.

Running shoes, for those who are proficient themselves, generally have a minimal sole thickness. Their feet are used to it, so they won’t feel sore quickly even if the soles of the shoes are thin. Advanced runners prefer shoes with lighter soles because they can support faster movement. So, they can get running   which are usually based on distance traveled.

10 Best Running Shoe Recommendations


Ready to take a look at the ten best running shoe products you can buy? tomslead.com has listed it below. Find shoes that are not only cool, but also provide comfort while running. Happy Choosing!

1. League Valiant

Best Running Shoes Recommendation League Valiant
League Valiant

Looking for shoes at an affordable price and trendy? The League offers you the Valiant series! Equipped with a shoe upper material that provides “breathing room”, your feet remain comfortable during running. In other words, the feet will not sweat easily because they get good air circulation in the shoes.

In addition, League Valiant also embeds technology that supports maximum running performance. So, runners can run with extra comfort thanks to the features that ensure the stability of this shoe. If you need cool shoes at a low price, League Valiant is the choice!

2. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22
Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22

Mizuno is famous for the quality of its shoes. In his running shoe collection, there is the Wave Rider 22. This shoe is specifically for men who want to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. However, this shoe is also unisex because it provides a choice of other bright colors that can combine a feminine and energetic impression at the same time.

The eye-catching product design will attract the attention of many eyes when you wear it. Increased confidence is also supported by guaranteed comfort thanks to the X10 carbon rubber material on the outsole. As for the inside, Mizuno uses a mesh that is also able to circulate air well.

3. Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 (2E)

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 (2E)
Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 (2E)

This 310 gram Asics running shoe can be chosen for those of you who want to improve your running performance. Although the price is quite high, these shoes can be relied on in all fields. So, whether on flat, rocky, or dirt roads, the GEL-Nimbus 21 (2E) is capable of being very capable!

Shoes that can encourage your spirit to achieve running goals from Asics are presented with maximum shock absorption technology. It is this feature that then allows the shoes to withstand shocks thanks to the special gel embedded. All equipped with energized cushioning, these shoes are comfortable for you to wear on all terrains and long distances!

4. Adidas Alphabounce + Run Parley Shoes

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Adidas Alphabounce + Run Parley Shoes
Adidas Alphabounce + Run Parley Shoes

The amazing thing about these shoes is that the material is made from recycled plastic obtained from the sea or the edge of the floor. Collaborating with Parley Ocean PlasticTM, Adidas presents shoes that promote socio-ecological concepts.

By wearing these shoes, you are not only promoting healthy living but also supporting activities to protect the earth from the destruction of nature. Talking about performance, these shoes can be maneuvered with agility to your liking thanks to the wider forefoot.

5. Adidas Ultraboost 19

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Adidas Ultraboost 19
Adidas Ultraboost 19

Known for its high-quality sportswear, you’ll love these shoes. The Ultraboost 19 is a shoe that is not only cool and visually appealing. More than that, these shoes offer comfort for every runner, whether beginner or professional.

Thanks to their cool design, these shoes will also increase the wearer’s confidence. If you wear these shoes, you will not only look cool, but you will also have fun thanks to the cushioning that can provide a good bounce in the heel without having to feel the impact of excessive stomping.

6. Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit
Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit

If you can’t get away from running and are looking for shoes that can accommodate your hobbies, of course, this Nike product is worth considering. These shoes have been widely used in national and international marathon competitions, you know! The reason is none other than this shoe, whose quality has been proven by many international marathon runners!

In terms of comfort, these shoes offer very soft yet responsive cushioning, so you can save energy when traveling long distances. Another amazing thing about this Vaporly 4% Flyknit is the carbon material for the insole that seems to encourage your feet to keep moving.

7. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo
Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

If you want to participate in a national marathon, you can count on these shoes. Specifically designed to accommodate long-distance runners, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo guarantees your performance while running. With a weight of 238 grams, these shoes are light enough to cover long distances.

The unique formula embedded in the cushioning of the sole of this shoe can have a bouncing effect on the foot while you are running. The thickness of the soft and light sole will not make your feet sore quickly, even if you have to run for tens of kilometers. Your chances of winning a marathon are even bigger with these shoes!

8. New Balance 860V9

Best Running Shoes Recommendation New Balance 860V9
New Balance 860V9

For you women, is it quite difficult to get running shoes for women that are attractively designed but still economical in terms of price? If you have trouble finding it, we recommend the New Balance 860V9 to stop your search.

These shoes from New Balance are specially designed for women who like to do sports such as running every day, every few days, or just on weekends. Your feet will be stable with these shoes. So, if you are a beginner, these shoes ensure comfort and keep you from the risk of injury, such as the harmful Achilles tendon.

9. Hokaoneone Clifton 5

Best Running Shoes Recommendation Hokaoneone Clifton 5
Hokaoneone Clifton 5

The intensity of running in a race certainly makes your legs feel tight, so they need to be recovered properly. One way to overcome this is to run leisurely. We recommend the Hoka One One Clifton 5 for you to use, whether for a recovery run or jogging at the desired speed level.

The advantage of these shoes lies in the cushioning of the midsole, which is very soft. So, it’s as if your feet are running on a soft foam carpet. Comfort is certainly an added value thanks to such a midsole design. Not only that, this shoe has also been modified so that the rubber sole is only placed in certain parts. Shoes are getting lighter too!

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit

SBest Running Shoes Recommendation New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit

The biggest line that also ends our product recommendations is New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit. If you run more often on asphalt or blocky terrain, this shoe is sure to provide optimal support. The reason is, New Balance applies the best material for its high-endurance midsole when used when walking on hard terrain.

Not finished there, shoes with materials that make them lightweight will make your heels free from pain (plantar fasciitis). For this reason, these shoes will be suitable for use by anyone who wants to run for a long time.


As you can see, each brand of running shoes on the list has its own characteristics. Be it Asics, Mizuno, Adidas, Nike, New Balance or others. Therefore, you should not only focus on the model of a shoe because it emphasizes its fame.

Choose shoes that provide comfort during your run. For beginner runners, have shoes whose soles are thick and wide enough to support stable running activities. For advanced runners, it is better to use shoes with lighter and thinner soles to achieve longer running distances.

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