10 Best Volleyball Shoes Recommendations for Men (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In a volleyball match, victory is usually the main goal for someone to compete, so it requires qualified equipment, one of which is good volleyball shoes. Well, volleyball is a ball sports match played by 2 teams with 6 players each. In volleyball, you don’t only need to move your feet, but you also need a jump to smash and kill your opponent.

Best Men's Volleyball Shoes
Illustration of ASIC Upcourt Shoes 4 

Well, one of the characteristics of volleyball shoes is that they have a midsole design that is higher than futsal shoes so that your feet don’t feel sore when you have to do a smash jump. Then, the front of the shoe is also designed to be wider than the back, has a capable upper end to protect the forefoot when stepping onto the field after jumping, and so on. Currently there are many well-known sports equipment brands that provide the best volleyball shoes, including Mizuno, Adidas, Nike, ASICs, and many other brands.

Tips for Choosing Good Volleyball Shoes for Men

In order to find original and good quality products, of course the selection process is not fast because there are several things that need to be considered, as well as when choosing the best volleyball shoes. Check the following tips!

1. Minimize the occurrence of injuries by choosing the right shoe size

There are several factors that cause injury, one of which is the size of volleyball shoes that are too narrow or too loose. When the size is too narrow, then over time the feet will hurt. Meanwhile, a size that is too loose can increase the chance of falling during the match. Therefore, it is important to choose shoes according to the current foot size.

Usually the size of volleyball shoes is written on the packaging or product description according to EU, US, UK sizes, and so on. Well, each of these sizes usually shows the actual foot size of about 20 cm. If you are still unsure about your own foot size, you can directly measure it using a ruler and look at the shoe size table to find the right volleyball shoe size.

2. Choose the best volleyball shoe material that is comfortable for your feet

The best volleyball shoes, of course, consist of several parts made from several materials. The upper is usually made using synthetic leather supplemented with porous mesh so the feet can breathe and not sweat.

Then, the majority of shoes are equipped with cotton laces to tighten the shoes so they don’t feel loose. Meanwhile, rubber is widely chosen as a material for making midsole and sole that is anti-slip so that it does not slip easily and remains comfortable when moving on the field.

3. Make sure the weight of the shoes is light so as not to hinder the movement of the feet

The majority of the best volleyball shoes are original and specifically designed for this sport. In order to maintain comfort when competing, shoes are made of light weight but still of high quality.

Well, everyone’s comfort level is different from one another, so shoes that are considered light by someone may not be considered light by another person. So, the best way to determine this is to try it in person or look at the product description listed on the marketplace.

4. Consider choosing an original product to make it last longer

In general, there are original shoes, premium quality, and ordinary shoes. But as time goes by, which makes well-known brands popular, the price of shoes is also set at a higher price, so that only the upper middle class can buy them.

Usually this will be used by several shoe manufacturers to choose certain materials that make the shoes heavier, but can be sold at a much cheaper price.

5. Increase confidence with the preferred shoe design

Another thing that is no less important to consider is the design of the best volleyball shoes, including shoe models and colors. Each type of shoe on a brand must have a different design model and a variety of color choices.

By choosing your favorite design, you can indirectly increase your confidence when competing. Usually on the side of the shoe will be equipped with a brand logo to make it easier to recognize.

10 Best Volleyball Shoe Recommendations for Men

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In the following, we will discuss ten recommendations for the best volleyball shoes for men selected by Ainun, which can be alternative choices according to tastes and needs.

1. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Best Men's Volleyball Shoes
Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Corporation, which was founded in 1906 in Osaka, is the result of a major contribution from Rihachi Mizuno. 
Currently, Mizuno continues to produce and distribute high-quality sports equipment to various countries. Well, one of the products is Wave Lightning Z6 volleyball shoes in Mid Silver, Gold and White colors. Mizuno Wave technology in the best volleyball shoes is able to provide dynamic cushioning and stability so that the shoes feel comfortable to jump or move around.

The best volleyball shoes for Mizuno of this type are also equipped with an upper made of mesh so that air circulation is not hampered. This product with half bootie construction has a rounded heel that allows fast and smooth movement in all directions and an outrigger sole to provide extra stability. Just choose the right size because there are options 40-46. Men’s feet are generally larger than women’s feet, so it’s no wonder that men’s shoes are widely available in large sizes.

2. Asics Gel-Beyond MT 6

The Best Men's Volleyball Shoes ASICS Gel-Beyond MT 6
ASICS Gel-Beyond MT 6 Volleyball Shoes

ASICs does provide some of the best types of volleyball shoes so that consumers can be more flexible in choosing and adapting them to their needs. 
So, the next recommendation for ASICS volleyball shoes is the Gel-Beyond MT 6 type which is made with a combination of Deep Sea Teal and Glow Yellow colors. This mid-high indoor shoe is highly recommended for someone who wants a great combination of speed, stability and comfort.

This lightweight product has been one of the athletes’ favorite volleyball shoes for several years. There is mesh on the upper to maintain forefoot stability and make air circulation smoother. In addition, the best volleyball shoes owned by ASICS are also equipped with a midsole with Flytefoam Propel technology and Gel technology on the back to make it more soft.

3. Adidas Stabil Next Gen

The Best Men's Volleyball Shoes Adidas Stable Next Gen
Adidas Stable Volleyball Shoes Next Gen

One of the sports equipment brands that is popular among people in various parts of the world is Adidas, even the price of each shoe product reaches millions of rupiah. 
Not only successful branding, in fact Adidas also provides good product quality. Well, one of them is this Stable Next Gen shoe, which doesn’t only act as the best volleyball shoe. This product is also suitable for wearing when playing other sports, such as handball and badminton. It is available in the color combination Cloud White, Core Black and Solar Red.

The upper part of this product is made of textile material and the Adidas logo is depicted by forging. These best imported volleyball shoes are designed to be slim with a very comfortable midsole and EVA sole so they don’t hinder agile movements when competing on the court. Then, Adidas indoor sports shoes also have a responsive and stable boost insole.

4. Asics Sky Elite FF MT 2

The Best Men's Volleyball Shoes ASICS Sky Elite FF MT 2
Asics Sky Elite FF MT 2 Volleyball Game

The next recommendation for the best volleyball shoes is also from the ASICs brand but the type is Sky Elite FF MT 2. This product is perfect for volleyball players who like to wear shoes with dark base colors because the color design is a combination of Black and Electric Red. 
As the name implies, these shoes are designed to make it easier for volleyball players to make strong jumps and kill their opponents.

That way, the best volleyball shoes belonging to ASICS can reduce the amount of energy being drained. Well, one part that can support this is a thick midsole covered with Flytefoam Propel cushioning, Twistruss Technology, and the Dyna Wrap strap system. Not only that, the curved heel design will also allow volleyball players to seamlessly cut towards the net by creating an easier forward transition.

5. Mizuno Cyclone Speed 3

Mizuno Cyclone Speed ​​3 Best Men's Volleyball Shoes
Mizuno Cyclone Speed ​​3 Volleyball Shoes

Men’s feet are generally bigger than women’s feet, so Mizuno provides the best volleyball shoes, starting from size 39-46. 
Meanwhile, the color is a combination of Sky Captain, Nimbus Cloud, and Violet Blue, so the shoe design looks very attractive. Mizuno Cyclone Speed ​​3 has a breathable upper. In addition, the incorporation of a long ventilation system in the sole of the shoe is also able to remove heat and moisture from the feet.

Then, the insock is shaped anatomically as a cushion so that the foot feels comfortable. However, these parts can be easily removed and installed when washed. Just like other original products, Mizuno’s best volleyball shoes also have a light weight, but that doesn’t mean it makes users easily slip and lose their balance.

6. Professional Maximus MD

Best Men's Volleyball Shoes Professional Maximus MD
Sepatu Voli Professional Maximus MD

Usually the best volleyball shoes that are original and of high quality will be priced high enough so that many people from the lower middle class cannot afford to buy them. 
However, this brand is different because it provides original products specifically for volleyball at a fairly affordable price. Well, the sizes provided are 38-47 with a wide choice of color combinations, namely R. Blue/Black/N. Green, Navy/N. Green/Silver, Red/Black/White, and Black/Turquoise/Yellow.

Basically the best volleyball shoes have several parts that are made using several different materials. Many manufacturers choose PU Leather or synthetic leather and polyester mesh for the upper. Then, the Professional Maximus MD outsole is made with Phylon or EVA material so that the shoe has light cushioning.

7. Asics Gel-Task MT 2

The Best Men's Volleyball Shoes ASICS Gel-Task MT 2
ASICS Gel-Task MT 2 Volleyball Shoe

The best volleyball shoes developed in Kobe, Japan are one of the results of collaboration between ASICs and male and female athletes so the quality of the products cannot be doubted. 
Of course, it is very comfortable to use to compete because these shoes are light and feel soft. That’s because of the core gel cushioning system and flytefoam. If you use this product, then multi-directional movement can be done more easily.

ASICS, which has developed sports equipment for more than 50 years, employs a robust covering construction on the forefoot. Then, the upper is made with durable synthetic leather and mesh panels to help keep feet from sweating easily. Not only volleyball, this one product can also be used for a variety of indoor court sports. Compared to the previous ASIC products, this best volleyball shoe is only available in two color choices, namely Electric Red/Pure Silver and Reborn Blue/Pure Silver.

8. Professional Thunderstorm

Professional Thunderstorm Best Men's Volleyball Shoes
Thunderstorm Professional Volleyball Shoes

The recommendations for the best original volleyball shoes and affordable prices still come from the Professional brand but are of the Thunderstorm type. 
So that you don’t get bored and are more flexible when choosing, this one brand has prepared various color choices, namely a combination of Navy/Turquoise/N. Green, Red/Navy/White, Blue/Black/Silver, and Grey/ Black/N. Green. Then, the shoe sizes provided range from size 38 to 47 so that people with long legs can still use this product.

The presence of a mesh made of polyester in these best volleyball shoes will allow air circulation inside the shoes to run smoothly. The feet don’t sweat easily and don’t get damp so during the game the feet still feel comfortable. Then, the upper part is made using PVC Soft Glass material and an outsole made from Phylon.

9. Asics Upcourt 4

ASICS Upcourt 4 Best Men's Volleyball Shoes
Sepatu Voli Asics Upcourt 4

The next recommendation for the best volleyball shoes is still from the ASICs brand but the type is Upcourt 4. The color choices available for this type of ASIC shoes are Deep Sea Teal/Glow Yellow, Black/Gunmetal, Glacier Grey/Sunrise Red, and French Blue/White. 
These original shoes are quite affordable because they are comparable to the quality provided. The upper part is designed to be breathable so that the feet feel comfortable because they don’t sweat easily.

Synthetic leather is also still an important part of the outer layer of shoes. Meanwhile, the sole is made using a fairly hard rubber material which has a role to emphasize grip on the surface of the indoor court so it doesn’t slip easily. There is no need to hesitate to choose this product because the weight is light enough so that foot movements can be carried out smoothly during matches.

10. Professional Ballistic MD

The Best Men's Volleyball Shoes Professional Ballistic MD
Volleyball Shoes Professional Ballistic MD

Anyone can play volleyball, including men from all walks of life. 
However, it would be better if you use equipment that is specifically for playing volleyball, such as the best volleyball shoes from the Professional brand. Well, the type of product offered is Ballistic MD with various color variations. There are color combinations Navy/Red/Silver, R. Blue/Black/Yellow, Red/Black/N. Green, and Black/Turquoise/Silver.

Not only color variations, Professional also provides the best volleyball shoe sizes ranging from sizes 38 to 47. So, the materials used by these brands to make their products are more or less the same. There is a mesh made of Polyester accompanied by an upper made of PU Leather. While the outsole is made with Phylon material.

How to care for the best volleyball shoes for men so they last

Another thing that needs to be done after buying the best volleyball shoes is to take good care of them so they don’t get damaged quickly. So, here are the steps you can try.

1. Clean regularly

Cleaning the best volleyball shoes needs to be done after exercising or not. To clean it, you can use a soft brush so as not to damage the upper part. Currently there are also selling shoe cleaning products, one of which is spotless.

2. Add silica gel

Usually, every time you buy the best volleyball shoes, silica gel will also be included in the box. The function of silica gel is to minimize damage caused by moist air. Unfortunately, sometimes people throw them away because they don’t know their function. If you’ve already thrown it away, just visit the mainstay marketplace to buy silica gel which is very affordable.

3. Save it in a special place

In order not to get a lot of dust or dirt, the best volleyball shoes need to be stored in a special, closed place. For example, in carry-on boxes, closed shoe racks, or shoe pouches that are widely sold in the market. Make sure to store shoes in a clean condition so they don’t get damaged quickly.


After knowing tips on choosing shoes and reading reviews of the ten best volleyball shoe recommendations, it is hoped that you will be able to find original and good quality products. Usually, original shoes are set at a price that is not cheap and requires a decent budget. However, this price is certainly comparable to the quality of the volleyball shoe product and the prestige it has earned. So that it is not quickly damaged, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance.

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