10 Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Yoga is very good for your health. For those of you who are just starting to practice yoga, it is important to prepare all the necessities, including the main equipment in the form of a mat. A yoga mat is useful as a base for doing various kinds of yoga movements.

If you don’t have a yoga mats yet and are planning to buy one, you may be confused by the number of manufacturers that produce yoga mats. Therefore, this checklist will help you find a good yoga mat based on your needs based on use and the type of yoga you do.

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How to Choose a Good Yoga Mat for Beginners

As said earlier, a yoga mat should be determined based on the type of movement. The level of thickness, durability, and surface properties, to design are important aspects that must be considered when buying a yoga mat.

In addition, the type of yoga you want to do also determines the characteristics of the ideal mat. While the materials used affect performance and price, you also have to understand other things in order to get the right product. So as not to be mistaken, it’s a good idea for those of you who are beginners to apply the guide to choosing a yoga mat below.

1. Adjust the type of yoga movement you

If you read a lot of references, you will find that yoga movements are broadly divided into two, namely static yoga and dynamic yoga. Static yoga is a yoga movement that does not aim to train muscle strength, but is limited to stretching and meditation so that it provides relaxation benefits.

While dynamic yoga performs more movements that stimulate muscle strength. When compared to static yoga, dynamic yoga is more in a standing position and each movement tends to make you sweat quite a lot. Dynamic yoga can increase flexibility, increase strength, and strengthen muscles at the same time.

2. Choose a mat whose thickness is suitable for the type of yoga

. If you want to do static yoga, it is ideal to use a mattress with a thickness of 6 mm or more. A higher cushioned mat can support the comfort of any static yoga movement, which is generally done in a sleeping position or kneeling on the mat.

Meanwhile, mattresses with a thickness of 10 mm or more can also be used for static yoga. It’s just that, the thicker the mattress, the heavier the weight of the mattress, which is less likely to be taken out of the house, such as a yoga session in the studio.

However, if you want to start a dynamic yoga practice, use a mat that is no more than 6mm thick. It is more ideal to use a mattress whose thickness is between 3 mm – 6 mm. A thin yoga mat will help you achieve balance when performing a series of dynamic yoga movements, including standing or bending positions.

3. The weight of the mattress affects the location of use.

Pay attention to the weight of the mattress you want to buy. Especially when you want to use it outdoors, it is better to choose a mattress that is light enough to carry. However, if the weight of the mattress is light, the pads may be too thin, so you can’t be comfortable when doing static yoga exercises.

A mattress that weighs 1 kg can actually help you apply static yoga. This size is quite appropriate if you want to take it to the studio or to other locations that require you to bring your own mattress.

For home use, you can provide a mattress that weighs about 1.5 kg or more. You can do dynamic or static yoga with a mat that weighs around that number. Although it depends on the material, the light weight of the mattress also makes it easy for the undercoat to slip on a tile or plank floor.

4. Choose a mattress based on its basic material

. Manufacturers generally use several main materials in producing mattresses. The most commonly used are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and natural rubber. Each of these basic materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss this further below.

  • PVC material. PVC is the most common material used to make mattresses. This material has advantages in terms of a more economical price, also has a fairly rough surface, so that the bottom is not easily slipped. However, PVC mats are not waterproof, so they cannot be washed. PVC is also an environmentally unfriendly material. So, consider again if you want to choose a mattress made from PVC.
  • TPE material. TPE is more environmentally friendly than PVC. Mattresses made from TPE are also waterproof and almost odorless. In general, the weight of the TPE mattress is also light, so you can take it wherever you want. While the drawbacks of mattresses made from TPE material are low in durability and the price tends to be expensive. This mattress can also not be used at high temperatures and is easy to slip on due to its water-repellent properties.
  • Natural Rubber Material. If you need a mattress that supports the stability of the body, buy a mattress made of natural rubber. This material is environmentally friendly and highly durable. The natural rubber mat is also not easy to shift, making it perfect for those of you who want to do dynamic yoga on it. On the downside, this mattress weighs quite a bit, so it’s a bit inconvenient to carry it around.

10 Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners


Make sure you already know which type of yoga you want to do. If you are doing both alternately, it is better to choose based on the ideal thickness for both dynamic and static yoga. So below, tomslead.com has selected ten of the best yoga mats from well-known manufacturers as your reference.

1. Fiesta PVC Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Fiesta PVC Yoga Mat
Fiesta PVC Yoga Mat

Motivation to do yoga can change. You can keep yourself motivated by using this brightly colored yoga mat from Fiesta. Made of PVC material, this mat is anti-slip so it can stick well to the surface of wood or ceramic floors.

In addition to presenting attractive bright colors, there are also unique motif accents such as ice flowers and other shapes. You can practice yoga without losing your mood when you use this mat. With a size of 173 cm x 61 cm and a thickness of 6 mm, you can use this mat to do static yoga.

2. Gaiam Premium Citron Sundial Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Gaiam Premium Citron Sundial Yoga Mat
Gaiam Premium Citron Sundial Yoga Mat

Gaiam Premium Citron. The Sundial Yoga Mat has been used by yoga practitioners in many countries. As a world-class mattress, this product definitely qualifies in terms of quality. Proven by its thickness, which reaches 6 mm, your knees or buttocks will not hurt or be exposed to the cold floor.

Then, the beautiful citron sundial motif will give a calm impression, perfect if you want to use it for meditation in the morning. This product, which has a size of 173 cm x 60 cm, is suitable for use by those of you who are small or large.

3. Happyfit TPE Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Happyfit TPE Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
Happyfit TPE Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

If you want to do yoga while protecting the environment, then use an eco-friendly mat. Happy Fit put out a recyclable mattress. This mattress is made of TPE material with the addition of closed foam cells to prevent sweat from entering and being absorbed into the mattress.

With the foam cells, you can clean the mat more easily after every workout. Measuring 183 cm x 61 cm, it feels like this mattress will cover many areas of your body. At 6mm thick, you can count on it for both static and dynamic yoga.

4. Reebok Yoga Mat 4mm

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Reebok Yoga Mat 4mm
Reebok Yoga Mat 4mm

Reebok Yoga Mat 4mm is widely used by people, both beginners and professionals. The reason is, the following mattress is designed with an ideal thickness, which is 4 mm so that it can support balance when used standing up during yoga.

Another advantage lies in its ease of transport or storage. You can roll up this mattress to store it even in tight spaces. The material on the 173 cm x 61 cm mattress is anti-slip so that your movements can be more stable without fear of the mattress shifting.

5. Adidas Camo Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Adidas Camo Yoga Mat
Adidas Camo Yoga Mat

This mattress is equipped with a strap, so it has excellent portability. If you don’t want to bother carrying your mat to the studio, give this one a try. You just have to carry it wherever you want. This mattress product from Adidas comes with cheerful colors and striking motifs. It is unique compared to others.

If most mattresses have a single color, the Camo Yoga Mat is designed with a camouflage motif so that it is not easily confused with other people’s mattresses. Adidas uses 100% ethylene-vinyl acetate foam material, making this mattress foldable and soft.

6. Nike Fundamental 3mm

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Nike Fundamental 3mm
Nike Fundamental 3mm

You will not be disappointed even if you have to spend up to half a million to buy this product. Nike guarantees that this yoga mat, measuring 167.5 cm x 61 cm, provides convenience and comfort. Convenience is obtained thanks to the thickness of the mat, which is only 3 mm, making it ideal for traveling.

In addition, this mattress is also free of PVC and latex materials, making it perfect for those of you who are allergic to latex or don’t want to damage the environment. It is said that even though this mattress is thin, Nike has designed the material to be soft and cushiony due to the foam cells on the top and bottom.

7. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat
Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat has obtained certification from institutions in Europe. It’s not only the superior quality, but also the materials and manufacturing processes that are environmentally friendly and do not emit toxic emissions. Those of you who want to make yoga a lifestyle must consider this product.

Even though it is more expensive than other mattress products on this list, Manduka ensures that the product wins in many ways. The covered surface of the mat prevents sweat from seeping in while also preventing you from slipping when you sweat.

8. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Jade Yoga Harmony Mat
Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Want yoga to improve concentration and calm the mind? You can do dynamic yoga with the support of this yoga mat from Jade. Made from natural rubber without containing PVC, EVA or synthetic rubber mixtures, it not only makes it superior, but also safe for the environment.

With a thickness of almost 5 mm, the body can get solid stability thanks to its cushioning, which ensures the stability of the user. It is advisable to practice yoga at home when using this product. You have to think twice about weighing up to 2 kg if you want to take it to a studio or other yoga center.

9. Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm
Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

Yoga is an exercise that produces a lot of sweat. Sweat that accumulates on the surface of the mat and is not cleaned over time can trigger the growth of bacteria. However, Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat 5mm is an exception to this.

These mattresses are equipped with antimicrobial compounds to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria on the mattress. With a size of 180 cm x 66 cm and a weight of 2.38 kg, this mattress is quite large in size, so it is more ideal for use at home.

10. Kettler Yoga Mat 8 mm

Best Yoga Mats Recommendations for Beginners Kettler Yoga Mat 8 mm
Kettler Yoga Mat 8 mm

There are quite a few sports shops selling this one yoga mat. The Kettler Yoga Mat 8 mm comes with a variety of color choices that can be tailored to each person’s favorite. The affordable price makes it so in demand in the market.

The appearance is simple, but wrapped in attractive bright colors so that it can maintain your mood while doing yoga. Kettler applies PVC material so that it has anti-slip characteristics, making it very suitable for you to use for dynamic or static yoga.


As you can see, yoga mats are available at different prices. There are products with similar material and thickness, but the price differs only because of the strength of the brand. For those of you who are beginners, we recommend choosing a mattress that is produced by a well-known sports product manufacturer, especially one that focuses on producing exercise equipment such as yoga mats.

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