10 Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Swimming can be a fun activity for every child. You can use it for swimming activities from the age of a baby up to the age of 3 years and over. Invite children to play in water at the age of 6-12 months, then after the baby is 1 year old and over, you can practice it directly in a real swimming pool. Of course, you need a float to keep your child from unwanted risks.

There are various types of swimming buoys for children, such as U type, O type,arm ring, and life vest with leg holes. Each age group uses a different type of float. Which one is most appropriate for your child? Please read our review to the end to find out!

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How to choose a good swimming float for children

The various choices of buoys certainly confuse you, right? Worry no more, we will help you explain each type of buoy in this section. Don’t forget that later we will continue the discussion by displaying recommendations for swimming floats that you can give to children according to their abilities and age levels.

1. Type U float for children aged 6 months

For children aged 6 months, maybe they will like the activity of soaking in water as well as bathing in a tub. However, children will find it difficult to swim in the pool. Then, you can train his abilities gradually.

First, use a U-type float with the right chest size. not too wide or narrow so that the child does not slide easily. Look for a float that provides a belt so that the baby’s body can be locked. However, prioritize the comfort of the child when using it, yes!

2. Arm ring for ages 18 months and over

Meanwhile, for those of you who have children aged 18 months and over, the type of buoy that is recommended for them is an arm ring. After entering the age of 1 year and over, children have begun to actively move their hands and feet.

You no longer need to give him a U-type float. With an arm float, your child can move their legs freely. The advantage of this buoy is that it is not easy to sink as long as the air pressure of the float is right.

3. Buoys with foot holes for 1 – 3 years

Another type of float that is appropriate for children aged 1–3 years is a float with leg holes. The existence of two holes for the feet to insert allows the child to practice more comfortably. He can also sit while controlling the handle in the form of a steering wheel or animal head to maintain body balance.

However, this type of buoy is not suitable for use on the beach because it can be pushed by the waves and overturned. You also need to accompany the child while swimming in the pool. Even though the value is stable, this buoy is easily overturned when the child loses his balance.

4. Type O buoy is suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

The Type O buoy is the most common type of buoy and is easily found on the market. In fact, this type of buoy is also widely used by adults who are learning to swim. Type O, or donut type, is considered the easiest to use.

Children only need to put their bodies into the buoyancy holes and they can swim calmly. Even so, children who have not been trained are not recommended to use this buoy without parental supervision. If you want to teach your child to swim from an early age, type O buoys can be used, but try to choose a chest circumference that is between 54-60 cm for ages 3-7 years.

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10 Recommendations for the Best Children’s Swimming


The use of buoys according to the age and size of the child can help children swim comfortably. After reading the guide to choosing the right buoy based on age, tomslead.com will now provide 10 recommendations for the best swimming buoys for children. Choose the most suitable one and if necessary, look for one that already has the SNI (Indonesian National Standard) logo to ensure its safety.

1. Bestway 91043 Disney Princess Swim Ring

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
Bestway 91043 Disney Princess Swim Ring

Do you have a daughter who is interested in practicing swimming? This float product from Bestway is perfect for him. Designed in the shape of a donut, this float is suitable for children aged 3-6 years. Children will look cute and adorable when wearing this buoy. The existence of a Disney Princess character image on the side of the float will certainly be liked by your daughter.

This pink float tire is made of high quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The material is thick enough to ensure that the product does not leak easily, so you can save on expenses thanks to the durability it offers. This float makes it easy for your child to use it independently without needing your help.

2. INTEX Stingray Baby Float

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
INTEX Stingray Baby Float

Swimming in an outdoor pool is certainly more fun than in an indoor pool. Children can look at the beautiful sky and around the pool where there are generally plants. However, parents often worry about the heat of the sun directly hitting the child’s body. Even though you have used sunscreen, you will be calmer when doing things like giving your child a life jacket.

The Stingray Baby Float provides a canopy to protect the child’s head and body from the direct rays of the sun. This float, designed to resemble a stingray, is suitable for children aged 1-2 years. Besides being ideal for use in outdoor swimming pools, you can also bring this buoy for children to play in the water on the beach.

3. Bestway Armband Little Fish Nemo

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
Bestway Armband Little Fish Nemo

Some children will hesitate to jump into the pool for fear of drowning, and so on. It will be difficult indeed to persuade children to want to practice swimming without coercion. Therefore, we recommend you seduce your child by giving this cute float.

This buoy that adopts the cute fish character from the movie “Finding Nemo” will melt his heart and the child will not hesitate to swim. Simply attach the two floats to the child’s hand and left arm. You need to adjust the incoming air pressure so that it fits snugly against the child’s arm but does not make it tight. This float can be used for children aged 3-6 years.

4. Baby Swimtrainer Classic

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
Baby Swimtrainer Classic

The existence of a shoulder strap on this round buoy can secure the child’s body so that it will not slip and make it sink. You will also be free from feelings of fear about the incident. The Baby Swimtrainer Classic is specifically designed for the needs of children who are learning to swim while ensuring their safety.

Although it looks complicated, in this buoy allows children to move freely. He can freely beat the water with his hands or kick the water to generate thrust without being disturbed by the buoy or safety rope. This buoy, with a weight of between 6-18 kg, is suitable for your active child.

5. INTEX Aqua Vest Swimming Buoy

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
INTEX Aqua Vest Swimming Buoy

An innovative form is carried by Intex in this buoy. By combining the concepts of arm, neck, and chest buoys, parents can calmly watch their children play in the water while practicing swimming. You also don’t need to be so serious about your child’s movement because you’re worried that the float could tip over due to overactive motion.

The Intex Aqua Vest can prevent you from worrying about a child drowning due to being separated from the buoy. The ergonomic shape makes this float suitable for use by children aged 3 and over. With a touch of color and a touch of fish character, this float can be given to your daughter or son.

6. Fisher-Price Baby & Baby Me Splash Float

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
Fisher-Price Baby & Baby Me Splash Float

Not a few parents are bored of following the movement of the child’s position while in the pool. However, if you use this buoy, you will feel the same joy as your child. Fisher-Price presents a float that can be used by both babies and parents.

This product has an elongated shape. In a small section on one side, it can be used to put a child. The existence of a steering wheel with toy balls and a backrest can make your child less easily bored. You can also enter this float on the other side, which is specially designed for the bodies of the elderly. With this float, you can build closeness with your child by making eye contact.

7. Baby Boat Sea-700

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
Baby Boat Sea-700

For those of you who have boys, you can give this life jacket as a gift that he will definitely like. The float design resembles a vehicle with a steering wheel and a bench, and this backrest will make your child look cool when wearing it. He will also be happy because he can imagine that he is driving on water.

The right and left sides that are made slightly wider make this buoy not easily overturned. On the seat, there are two foot holes to prevent children from falling into the pool. Then on the back, there is a cushion to rest the head if your child is tired and wants to relax for a while in the buoy.

8. INTEX My Baby Float

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
INTEX My Baby Float

Do you want to swim freely while accompanying your child to learn to swim for the first time? You need a product that provides double protection. The Intex My Baby Float is a buoy equipped with two rings. With a bright yellow color, this float can be worn by your son or daughter.

This buoy is also equipped with leg holes that resemble pants. You only need to lift the child and fit his body into the buoy. Your little one can move freely in the pool. The presence of a headrest that is pinned on the back side of the buoy is useful to prevent the child from falling backwards.

9. INTEX Animal Split Ring.

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
INTEX Animal Split Ring.

Children will be happier with a float that has an attractive appearance. This product from Intex will be suitable for your son and daughter. Intex offers many design options, such as the shape of ducks, frogs, penguins, and other aquatic animals. Of course, each animal character chosen has a color that matches the original.

By wearing this buoy, your child will not only swim happily. He can also learn to recognize animal names in a fun way. The presence of an animal head that protrudes upwards can be held and played by the child as if he was controlling the steering wheel of a vehicle.

10. Intime Baby Swim Neck Ring

Recommendations for the Best Children's Swimming Buoys
Intime Baby Swim Neck Ring

For babies aged 6 months and under, of course they cannot be trained to swim directly into a large pool. However, you can still train the agility of the movement of the legs and arms by using a portable pool or bathtub that is large and appropriate for their age and weight.

Use this one float to introduce children to swimming activities from an early age. This neck ring type buoy is equipped with 2 layers of air pockets, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s neck being strangled and in pain. Intime relies on PVC material to ensure comfortable use. This float is intended for babies aged 3-18 months.


So far, have you found the most suitable child’s swim float for him? The use of the right buoy will be able to increase the child’s focus during swimming practice. It is better to choose a buoy made of rough material so that the child does not easily slip into the pool. Or, alternatively, you can look for products with holes that provide a 5 cm distance from the body.

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