10 Best Natural False Eyelash Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Not a few women use false eyelashes to add makeup effects to the eyes to make them look more beautiful. It’s just that false eyelash products that are too thick and flat hairy make such a contrasting result. Therefore, women continue to look for false eyelash products that provide a natural finish to look proportional and good. Are you looking for it too?

False eyelashes with a natural finish look will make the appearance more perfect. If you have thin eyelashes and want to use false eyelashes with a natural looking finish, you need to listen to this article to the end. Here, we will explain how to choose false eyelashes that can make makeup look natural while recommending the best products.

How to choose good natural false eyelashes

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Some women may find it enough to wear mascara, but not others. Therefore, false eyelashes have become the mainstay of a number of women to perfect their appearance. If you plan to wear false eyelashes, choose one that displays a natural effect on eye makeup.

When choosing it, make sure you already know the shape and characteristics of the eyelids in order to get the right product. In addition, the use of eyelashes is also not easy so for those of you who are beginners, choose one that is designed for beginners. In order not to be mistaken, we will outline how to choose natural false eyelashes below.

1. Choose the strands of fur are thin and irregular in length

Natural effect means a look that is close to real eyelashes. In other words, the false eyelash product you use must be a size, length, and shape that is close to the real eyelashes. Therefore, the first thing to note is to pay attention to the type of false eyelashes that you want to use.

Look for false eyelash products that have soft strands and are not too thick. Thin false eyelashes are the main condition for creating natural makeup results in the eye area. In addition, also check the length of each strand of false eyelashes. Products that enable natural results are those that are long from one strand to another irregular in length.

2. Choose one that has a thin or transparent base

Besides being presented in black, false eyelashes are also given a touch of other colors. If you buy colored false eyelashes, then choose products with thin fur strands. Then, also choose one whose base is transparent so that it will not look conspicuous when attached to your eyelid line.

The natural eyelash look will be created when the false eyelashes you use are not too thick or stiff. On the other hand, if you have a single eyelid or single eyelid, then the characteristics of false eyelashes that are not transparent are more appropriate so that the effect produced is like the effect of using eyeliner.

3. Choose false eyelashes that each strands cross each other

Basically, false eyelashes will create a natural impression when in plain sight they look like real eyelashes. This means that the product used must have characteristics close to natural eyelashes. Therefore, false eyelashes that are able to create a natural impression are not stiff, irregular in length, and do not have gaps between each strands.

Eyelashes that are filled with a transparent base and soft and thin strands give the maximum natural impression. So, choose a product whose fur strands do not have gaps. All false eyelashes must be filled between each strand so that the effect given is more natural like not using a fake eyelash product.

10 Best Natural False Eyelash Recommendations

Have you understood what considerations mancisa has discussed in the previous section? The next thing you will do is choose the right product! Below, we also give ten of the best natural false eyelashes 2020 for those of you who crave natural beautiful eyelashes without excessive impression. So, happy choosing, yes!

1. Shidi Shangpin Natural False Eyelash

Shidi Shangpin Natural False Eyelash

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Each pack of false eyelashes contains 10 pairs that can be used every day. Each pair can be used up to 3x so it is quite economical in terms of price. This product is suitable for daily activities, such as going to campus.

Made from quality synthetic fiber material, this product is not easily damaged and comfortable to use. Each pair of false eyelashes will give a natural-looking finish. With a length of 0.8 – 1.2 mm and having a different and irregular length of fur strands, the natural impression is the main promise given by Shidi Shangpin through this product.

2. Mizzu Natural False Eyelashes

Mizzu Natural False Eyelashes

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Quite durable in use, which is up to 5x usage, you can look perfect with eyelashes that look original even though you use false eyelashes. Mizzu designed this product with real hair made in handmade so that the hair arrangement does not look stiff like it is processed by machine.

In addition, this false eyelash from Mizzu was also created with nine variants that can be adjusted to the eyelids or makeup theme that you want to highlight. Each variant of course creates a natural impression so it is suitable for those of you who don’t like to look flashy and be the center of attention.

3. Mink 3D Handmade Eyelash

Mink 3D Handmade Eyelash

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There are not many false eyelash products that are able to give a dynamic and natural impression. However, Mink 3D Handmade Eyelash appears as a cross-type model feather that is not only easy and does not take long to install, but also carries a cross-type model so that irregular strands make the final result look dynamic.

With these false eyelashes, you can look prettier with pliable eyelashes. A comfortable feeling is also presented because this product is made of quality materials with a fairly high density level. Even though it is marketed at a fairly expensive price, you will get three pairs of eyelashes on each package, each of which can be used more than once.

4. OEM Long Natural Fake Thick Eyelash

OEM Long Natural Fake Thick Eyelash

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OEMs remove false eyelashes made of high-grade materials so they are safe to wear for a long time. Easy installation is very suitable to rely on when you don’t have much time to squeeze. This product not only makes the final look natural, but gives the impression that the eyes look bigger and more attractive.

If you want to emphasize eye makeup without creating a tacky impression, fake eyelashes from OEM are the answer. Besides being easy to install, this product is also easy to remove. Only by using a cotton swab that has been given makeup cleanser, can these false eyelashes be removed easily. For those of you who are interested, OEM will provide 10 pairs of eyelashes in each box.

5. Blink Charm Sexy Volume

Blink Charm Sexy Volume 

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As one of the world’s leading eyelash manufacturers, Blink Charm always puts forward quality and variant results based on every woman’s favorite style. If you want to be creative with a sexy looking makeup look, use these false eyelashes.

Not made with a machine aka hand-made, every strand of false eyelashes becomes irregular so that the natural impression will be realized when applied to the eyelid line. In addition, Blink Charm has supplemented this product with eyelash glue. On the packaging which is beautiful and feminine, there is one pair of eyelashes that can be used up to 2 – 3 times.

6. Revlon 99503 Flirty Lashes

Revlon 99503 Flirty Lashes

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Revlon has been trusted as a cosmetic brand to support the appearance of many women. In the range of false eyelashes, we recommend the 99503 Flirty Lashes variant. This is a high quality false eyelash product that is really capable of making your eye makeup look real and natural at the same time.

The soft and thin texture of the eyelashes is so comfortable when sticking to the eyelid line. The length of the fur that is made irregular also makes it more natural from any side. With these false eyelashes, you will not be disappointed even if you have to reach into your pocket deep enough. Made of real hair and does not give the impression of stiffness, how can you possibly turn away from it?

7. Blink Charm Natural Flair

Blink Charm Natural Flair

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Made by skilled hands without using a machine, these false eyelashes from Blink Charm really guarantee maximum appearance. Each pair of false eyelashes is made from genuine hair that has been sterilized. That way, when the product is applied, you will not be bothered by the negative effects caused.

In addition, Blink Charm also designed these false eyelashes with cross-type fur models so that the natural impression looks more perfect. Although soft, thin, and light hair, Natural Flair #3 false eyelashes from Blink Charm are proven to be strong and durable, you know!

8. Elise 1769 Eyelashes

Elise 1769 Eyelashes

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Have you ever felt the annoying blocking effect in the eye area when wearing false eyelashes? This happens because the false eyelash products you use are not neatly arranged and a bit heavy to support the eyelid line. Therefore, switch to using Elise 1769 Eyelashes which has been proven to be lightweight so that it is comfortable to use.

This product is designed to follow the shape of each woman’s eyelids. The middle is made to lengthen and further shorten to the right and left sides. Although there are gaps from some of her strands, Elise makes her entire fur arranged and orderly so that it is close to the characteristics of the original eyelashes. More interestingly, these false eyelashes can last up to 1 month if treated properly.

9. Mee Doomccer Fake Eyelash Natural

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False eyelash glue is available on each packaging, you can more easily put eyelashes directly without having to buy the glue separately. In addition, this product is also easy to use, it doesn’t take long even for those of you who are classified as beginners.

Designed with a non-excessive fur length, the natural effect is the main promise kept by Mee Doomccer Fake Eyelash Natural. On the other hand, this product will also make the eyes look bigger. So, for those of you who have small eyes and want to wear false eyelashes, try this product.

10. Yegz Japanese Natural False Eyelash

Yegz Japanese Natural False Eyelash

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This product will easily blend in following your natural eyelashes. There are cracks that make you feel like you’re not using false eyelashes. Yegz was inspired by Japanese women in producing this product. As a result, eyelashes that are flexible, long, and still look natural are manifested in those who apply these false eyelashes.

Not to mention with the soft texture of the strands, there is no impression of blocking the eyes. Each strand is made long with an even thickness, this product will increase the volume in eye makeup while emphasizing makeup in the eye area.

Like eyebrow pencils, the presence of false eyelashes can also support a more perfect appearance. Especially in women who are experiencing eyelash loss problems or have thin eyelashes, then with the application of false eyelashes, the appearance is maintained.

However, still prioritize a natural look. Eyes that look striking and firm will make a person look contrasting while wearing eyelashes. Therefore, use the best eyelashes that guarantee a natural finish so that you don’t seem to be wearing false eyelashes.

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