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Best Blog Review – Air purifier is a tool that is able to purify and clean the air from all kinds of bacteria, germs, dust, odors, and others so that the inhaled air remains fresh and clean. Currently, there are many people who need an air purifier because the air is getting polluted. There are many well-known brands that offer air purifiers, one of which is Sharp. Sharp’s air purifier has been equipped with a plasmacluster so that it can eradicate all types of microbes in the air.

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There are lots of Sharp air purifier options that are offered to you according to indoor, personal, and even car use. You can use this article as a reference to choose the best product according to your needs. This article will provide you with information about air purifiers, such as tips for choosing an air purifier, recommended products from Sharp’s air purifiers that can be your choice, and how to take care of your air purifier.

Tips for Choosing a Good Air Purifier

Here are tips for choosing an air purifier to ensure that the air purifier you want to buy is of good quality and good for your family’s health.

1. Types and Functions of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have several functions that can sterilize air, including plasmacluster, HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ionizer, and UV Light Generator. HEPA can clean the air from particles up to 0.3 microns in size by as much as 99%. The plasmacluster will spread negative ions and positive ions in the air. Activated carbon to remove unpleasant odors. UV light generator to eradicate mold and germs and ionizer to remove germs and pollutants.

2. Width of Coverage

It is important to know the extent of the coverage of the air purifier to be purchased. You can see that information from its CADR value. The higher the CADR value of the air purifier, the more effective and wider the coverage area of ​​cleaning the air from the air purifier.

3. Energy Efficiency The

The following are the following tips to consider before buying an air purifier are the electrical power required. The more watts that are used, the more money is needed to clean the air. This will also affect the electricity bill that will be paid later.

4. Adjust the Budget

The next thing to consider before buying an air purifier is to adjust the budget. By adjusting the budget first, you can choose an air purifier at the right price, but the desired features have not been met. Currently, many air purifier products are offered at affordable prices.

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10 Best Sharp Air Purifier


Here is a good Sharp air purifier recommendation that Best Blog Review will discuss that you can make as an option.

1. Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30Y

Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30Y

Best Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30Y which is supported by Plasmacluster Generator technology inside so that it can release positive and negative ions into the air so that viruses, odors, allergens, fungi and so on can be eradicated . These ions will form hydrosol, which will immobilize the surface of the particle. This ion generator will produce plasmacluster ions which then convert microorganisms into Hydroxyl (OH-) which will eventually be converted into H2O so that it is no longer dangerous to inhale.

This tool also has strong suction power to filter the air in the room. With Coanda Airflow, the air purifier ions will be spread evenly throughout the room. There are three color variants of the tool that you can adjust to the feel of the room. It is very important to carry out maintenance because you will be assisted by an indicator light that shows when the HEPA filter needs to be cleaned. Use this best sharp air purifier to get fresh and healthy air to the corners of the room.

2. Sharp Air Purifier FP-J80Y

Sharp Air Purifier FP-J80Y

Air Purifier FP-J80Y is an air purifier with a very wide range and uses AIoT function, so you don’t need to use a remote when operating it. only by downloading the application from the Play Store. There is a revolutionary plasmacluster technology from Sharp which is guaranteed to be effective in killing all types of germ particles that will pollute the air. This plasma cluster will produce positive and negative ions that will purify the air.

On the outermost layer there is a pre-filter that can catch dust down to the smallest size of a pin of 240 microns and is also, of course, a washable  In the middle layer, there is a deodorizing filter that is able to absorb odors produced by cigarette smoke, animals, cooking, and others. The electrical power needed to operate this best air purifier is only 48 watts. There are more spot mode buttons than the normal number.

3. Car Air Purifier IG-NX

Sharp Car Air Purifier IG-NX

Are you an active smoker and have an unpleasant car cabin? Now you can solve all these complaints by using the car air purifier IG-NX with innovative features and extraordinary functions. This best sharp air purifier is also equipped with plasmacluster ion technology, which has been proven effective in killing viruses and fungi, so that it can make the air healthy and safe. In addition, its plasmacluster ion levels are highly concentrated to be able to moisturize the skin and reduce static electricity.

Able to eliminate all kinds of unpleasant odors circulating in the car about 3.6 m3 with turbo mode. There are 2 USB Adapter connection ports so it can be easily used in the car and can also be used to charge cell phones. This best Sharp air purifier is equipped with PM10 filters on all sides so that it can filter as much as 80% of dust particles.

4. Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher FP-JM40Y

Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher FP-JM40Y

JM40Y This product is also equipped with a Plasmacluster, which is able to maintain humidity around the room. It is equipped with a HEPA filter, which is useful for capturing microparticles. This best sharp air purifier can 100% protect you from mosquitoes without the use of chemicals. With UV light emitted, mosquitoes or insects can be trapped in the strong glue layer on the tool.

This best sharp air purifier is also safe for use by even small children. Cleaning the floor is also easier because it is free from falling mosquitoes. There is a haze mode that is turned on to work optimally in the first 10 minutes and then changes to high airflow in the first 60 minutes. The plasmacluster will circulate throughout the room, which This can reduce static electricity energy and capture particles in the form of fog.

5. Sharp Air Purifier KI-L60Y with AIoT Function Cocoro Air

Sharp Air Purifier KI-L60Y with AIoT Function Cocoro Air

Who was the first to hear the term “Cocoro Air”? This function is found in the air purifier KI-L60Y with AIoT Function Cocoro Air, which allows you to control it using only a smartphone anywhere and anytime. You can monitor electricity consumption, room conditions, and more with just a notification from your cell phone. Plasmacluster technology has been proven to be able to fight virus droplets and inactivate them so that the air is cleaner and you are more comfortable in your home.

It uses deodorizing filtration when it is used in conjunction with a HEPA filter, which will remove dust and small harmful particles from the air. HEPA filtration will capture 99.7% of allergens from the air, then pass them through filters of 0.3 microns and larger. This best Sharp air purifier is able to circulate air faster at an angle of 20º. The The shape of the design of this product is dynamic and beautiful, with a smooth surface that reflects the purity of the air and has an efficient function.

6. Sharp Personal Air Purifier IG-NM1

Sharp Personal Air Purifier IG-NM1

Just as the name suggests, Personal Air Purifier IG-NM1, this tool can also be used individually by simply hanging it. The shape is very small, measuring only 9.7 × 7.7 cm with a thickness of only 3 cm, so even though it is worn around it, it doesn’t look flashy. This best Sharp air purifier features a high density of 25,000 which is capable of producing 100,000 ions as far as 80 cm. Dispersed positive and negative ions can purify the air 3 times faster than normal.

Its light weight can provide extra protection for you, especially if you are in a public area. This Personal Air Purifier IG-NM1 has high durability by charging data using USB type-C, which can last for 4 hours non-stop. This best Sharp air purifier has been sold in several E-Commerce with a price offer that is certainly quite affordable.

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7. Sharp Car Air Purifier IG-GC2Y

Sharp Car Air Purifier IG-GC2Y

The next best Sharp air purifier that can be used in a car is the Car Air Purifier IG-GC2Y. This product has fast deodorization to remove all kinds of odors from cigarette smoke and food. In addition, you can activate the turbo mode on this best air purifier to remove odors at double speed. It is equipped with a PM10 dust filter on each side of the unit, which is useful for capturing about 80% of fine dust and pollen particles that are 10 microns in size.

This tool supports a USB connection with 2 ports that you can use at the same time to charge your cellphone. This best Sharp air purifier measures 162 mm high and 74 mm wide at the top, with a filter time of up to 19,000 hours. It weighs only 265 grams, so it’s not too heavy if you want to use it in different places.

8. Sharp Air Purifier KC-F30Y with Humidifying

Sharp Air Purifier KC-F30Y with Humidifying

The Sharp KC-F30Y Air Purifier is an air purifying product that is able to filter the surrounding air by releasing positive and negative ions into the air and then hunting down invisible elements such as viruses, fungi, and others in the corners of the room. These ions will turn into active radical compounds that will deactivate all types of particles so they are no longer dangerous. This best Sharp air purifier can reach the surrounding area up to a distance of 21 m2.

The water molecules produced by PCI will be carried to the surface of the skin and then form a layer that will keep your skin moist. This best Sharp air purifier has 3 main filters, namely a deodorizing filter, a HEPA Filter and Pre-Filter. This air purifier will work automatically to keep the humidity of the air at around 60%. Humidity at this number will avoid the eyes, dry nose, and throat and suppress the activity of harmful particles.

9. Sharp Air Purifier FP-F40Y

Sharp Air Purifier FP-F40Y

The Air Purifier FP-F40Y is a device equipped with a plasmacluster generator that will scatter positive and negative ions into the air so as to minimize the spread of viruses. These ions will form hydroxyl compounds (OH-) which will immobilize harmful particles when inhaled. The air will be fresher, and the active radicals will neutralize the hydrogen atoms. There are 3 main features of the HEPA filter, deodorizer filter, and pre-filter that will maximize how the tool works.

This best sharp air purifier can be applied to an area measuring 30 m2 by using a maximum power of 33 watts, medium power of 11.5 watts, and low power of 3.8 watts, so that it is not too wasteful of electricity. This product is also equipped with Plasmacluster High Density 7000 features with sleep and dust monitor models. Sold at an affordable price, get healthy and fresh air every day.

10. Air Purifier FU-A80Y

Sharp Air Purifier FU-A80Y

The Sharp Air Purifier FU-A80Y is the best sharp air purifier with a very unique design. This tool is important for everyday use so that the air you breathe remains healthy and is not harmful to the body and lungs. It will interfere with the respiratory tract if inhaled, such as carbon monoxide or radon. This best sharp air purifier is equipped with a dust sensor (Dust Sensor), Plasmacluster High Density G7 7000 ions in 1 m3 and a HEPA filter that will hunt down invisible elements.

The air purifier contained in this product has two modes, namely active air purifier and passive air purifier. An active air purifier using a plasmacluster generator generates large amounts of positive and negative ions. While the passive air purifier uses a HEPA filter that will suck bacteria, odors, and other contaminants throughout the room, The dust sensor will purify the air automatically if the quality of the air is already at a dirty level.

How to Take Care of an Air Purifier to Keep It Good and Durable

So that your sharp air purifier can still help to produce fresh air, the tool must be maintained regularly as well. Here are some things to consider when caring for an air purifier.

1. Clean the Water Tank

Don’t forget to clean the water tank at least every week if you use an air purifier that is equipped with humidification. Use clean water to humidify the air so that the tank and the resulting air are not dirty.

2. Routinely Clean the Filter

The filter layer on the air purifier really needs to be considered. Because this layer is the most important component that works to filter all harmful particles in the air to produce fresh air. You can wash the filter or clean it with a damp cloth. If there is stubborn dirt, you can use a brush with a mixture of lime juice and water and then dry in the sun to dry.

3. Pay attention to the area around the device.

An air purifier can work effectively to purify the air if placed in a clean area. A dirty room will make the air purifier heavier and the filter will be filled with lumps of dirt. Therefore, you should first clean the area around the installation of the air purifier so that this tool can work optimally.


Those are some tips for choosing, product recommendations, and how to clean the air purifier. Of course, when deciding which air purifier to buy, it must also be adjusted to the budget that has been prepared. Hopefully, this article can answer all your questions and can help you get the best product. If you want information about other recommendations, you can visit the available pages.

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