10 Best Electric Sanding Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – To smooth the surface of wood and some types of metal, you can use an electric sanding machine. Certainly easier and less tiring than sanding with sandpaper manually. Besides being easy, using an electric sanding machine also speeds up the work process with more results.

If you are used to smoothing wooden surfaces on your own home furniture, you should buy an electric sanding machine yourself so you don’t have to pay a handyman to do it. In this article, we not only show you the ten best sanding machine products, but also give you tips on how to choose the electric sanding machine that best suits your needs.

Illustration of Electric Sanding Machine
Illustration of Electric Sanding Machine

How to choose a good electric sanding machine

Rough wood surfaces can be smoothed by sanding. By using an electric sanding machine, you can speed up the work process while increasing the smoothness of the surface of wood to various metals. However, there are not only many choices on the market, but also various types of electric sanding machines. Which one is the best fit for you? Let’s talk more, come on!

1. Tipa orbital, can be fitted with ordinary sandpaper

Orbital type sanding machines are preferred because they are easy to use. This type performs circular sanding. You can smooth or do the finishing. The advantage of the orbital type is that you can attach ordinary square-shaped sandpaper, so you can reduce the costs incurred to buy special sandpaper.

Even though its smoothing power is lower than belt or other types, orbital electric sandpaper can be used in various conditions and purposes. Because of this, many people prefer this type. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer this type so that its use can be more flexible.

2. Random orbital type, can sand with round sandpaper

The main part that works to smooth the random orbit sanding machine has a round shape. So, the sandpaper that is installed must also be round. Similar to the previous type, this sanding machine can sand circularly.

Its small sanding surface is not only ideal for smoothing flat surfaces, but can also be applied to curved surfaces. In fact, this type of tool is also suitable for waxing by attaching a sponge to the sandpaper pad, or for polishing the car’s paint surface.

3. Delta type, can smooth the narrow part

For information only, the delta type electric sanding machine is designed for the needs of polishing edges, narrow areas, or other parts on furniture or substrates that you want to smooth. This capability is made possible due to the triangular-shaped sanding pad with a sharp angled end resembling an iron.

Even though it offers advantages that other types of electric sanding machines rarely have, unfortunately this kind of product is still hard to find in Indonesia. You also need to prepare other additional costs as funds to buy sandpaper in particular.

4. Belt type, capable of smoothing with excellent results

The belt type electric sanding machine is deliberately designed with the highest smoothing ability compared to other types. This tool is able to peel off paint to smooth out very rough surfaces. As the name implies, you need to attach sandpaper to the belt or belt that resembles a tank wheel.

The advantage of this type is that it is able to give a very even and smooth finish. You can also sand faster because the belt parts are less prone to becoming clogged with dust and dirt. However, it takes skill to use this product. So, practice first before sanding your favorite furniture.

5. After selecting the type, make sure the machine is not noisy when working

In fact, an electric sanding machine will make a loud noise when used. However, you are still advised to choose a product that produces as little sound as possible or can adjust the smoothing speed level which has an impact on the noise level of the machine itself.

In addition, as much as possible, choose a product that is equipped with a dust collection feature so that you are not exposed to flying wood chips. Even so, still use a mask, goggles, or self-protection from dust powder so it doesn’t harm your body if inhaled.

10 Best Electric Sanding Machine Recommendations

Of the hundreds of products in circulation, Ainun, has selected the ten best electric sanding machines for you. Let’s choose by adjusting the type to your needs!

1. Modern Orbital Electric Sandpaper M-2540

Best Modern Electric Sandpaper Orbital M-2540
Modern Orbital Electric Sandpaper M-2540

Holding tight to this orbital electric sander from Modern is not difficult because it only weighs 900 grams. 
With such light weight, of course this product is very light and easy to control to sand the area you want even though the handle part feels a little slippery.

Marketed at a fairly affordable price, the Modern M-2540 only requires 150 watts of electricity. In other words, apart from being light, this electric sanding machine also doesn’t increase the electricity load you pay for.

2. Maktec Orbital MT 923 Electric Sandpaper

Best Electric Sandpaper Maktec Orbital MT 923
Maktec Orbital Electric Sandpaper MT 923

The component in the form of a handle on the sanding tool must be comfortable when held. 
Maktec covers the handle of this product with soft rubber, guaranteeing excellent controllability. Besides being easy to grip, the handle also fits well and is not slippery in the hand.

Besides its use to reduce cramps or pain in the hands, this product is also equipped with a sponge sleeve that can help reduce vibrations when you smooth various wooden surfaces. In addition, this product also provides high dust extraction. No need to worry anymore about the dust scattered!

3. Modern Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper M-3270

Best Modern Electric Sandpaper Random Orbital M-3270
Modern Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper M-3270

The modern M-3270 can be operated with one or two hands. 
The easy-grip handle is made of tough plastic. Interestingly, these products are embedded with a speed control feature, so you can adjust the engine speed to the desired finish.

According to the official statement, the Modern M-3270 is capable of reaching an engine rotational speed of 3,000 rpm, making it even easier to control without excessively eroding the wood surface. With specifications like this, you can turn it into a car polisher too, you know!

4. Bosch GEX 125-1A Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper

Bosch Best Electric Sandpaper Random Orbital GEX 125-1A
Bosch Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper GEX 125-1A

We recommend again orbital electric sandpaper from the well-known brand, Bosch. 
This one product is made of quality materials that guarantee the strength of the engine and framework components for long-term use. There is a rubber layer that is not only tough, but also comfortable when used.

What’s more, the Bosch GEX 125-A is equipped with a dust collection container made of plastic, of course it’s an added value that you can consider. This part of the dust collector also has a microfilter so that the ability to reduce the dust powder is getting better.

5. Makita Electric Sanding Belt 9032

Makita Best Electric Sandpaper Belt 9032
Makita Electric Belt Sandpaper 9032

If you want to buy an electric sanding machine with the ability to reach narrow corners, we hope this one product will fulfill your wishes. 
The Bosch 9032 is designed with a narrow belt that extends, allowing it to reach narrow areas of the wood you want to grind.

Using this tool is equivalent to obtaining a smooth, even surface finish throughout the piece. Coupled with the weight of the product which is only 1.6 kg, it is not a hassle even if it is held with one hand. Then, Makita has embedded a dust collector and speed controller. Functional!

6. Makita Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper BO 5041

Makita Best Electric Sandpaper Random Orbital BO 5041
Makita Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper BO 5041

The features offered by Makita BO 5041 are very complete. 
If you want to get complete functions from a sanding machine, try investing in this tool. Starting from the rubber-coated handle, the holding power produced is fairly “superb”.

That’s not all, the embedded trigger lock-on feature adds convenience, especially the velcro pad that allows you to replace sandpaper more easily. The tool pad size of 5 inches can rotate up to a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. Very fast! This product is equipped with a dust collector and consumes only 300 watts of electricity.

7. Makita Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper GV 7000

Makita Best Electric Sandpaper Random Orbital GV 7000
Makita Random Orbital Electric Sandpaper GV 7000

We introduce another electric sanding machine made by Makita, this time it is sold at a lower price than the previous product. 
This product was designed with comfort in use in mind. The lock-on button makes the product stable in sanding the area you want without the need to keep pressing the trigger button.

The soft start feature is a plus point of the Makita GV 7000 which is rarely owned by other products. The rotational speed of the engine is between 2,500 – 4,700 rpm, giving you full access to lower speed while reducing noise. Besides its impressive features, this tool is also easy to control, you know!

8. Maktec Orbital Electric Sandpaper MT 924

Best Electric Sandpaper Maktec Orbital MT 924
Maktec Orbital Electric Sandpaper MT 924

The dust collection bag of this tool is spacious enough so you can get more work done in less time. 
Maktec embeds various technologies into it, such as hook and loop which makes it easy for you to remove the pad.

Besides being easy to replace sandpaper, this product also ensures that the sandpaper does not easily come off from the pad when used. For those of you who want to do sanding with stability, the rubber grip on the handle of this tool provides support so you can hold it firmly. You can feel all the advantages it offers by investing around 1 million.

9. Modern Electric Belt Sandpaper M-2553

Modern Best Electric Belt Sandpaper M-2553
Modern Electric Belt Sandpaper M-2553

The modern M-2553 can rotate up to 380 times per minute. 
If you want to shorten work time, this one product is worth choosing. Even though it is a belt type, this tool is sold at an affordable price. This is different from other belt-type electric sanding machines.

Despite their affordability, they are ideal for smoothing rough surfaces or even peeling off paint with the best results. Even more comfortable thanks to the built-in dust collection container. If your budget is limited, but you want a product that is tough to scrape, the Modern M-2553 is the solution.

10. NRT-PRO Amplas Elektrik Orbital MEA-N920HD

Best NRT-PRO Electric Sandpaper Orbital MEA-N920HD
NRT-PRO Amplas Elektrik Orbital MEA-N920HD

This automatic sanding tool can be operated with an electric cutting power of only 180 watts. 
For those of you who are looking for electricity-saving products, don’t forget to include the NRT-PRO MEA-N920HD in your wishlist. The following orbital electric sandpapers are equipped with a dust collector to maintain user safety during the sanding process.

Another advantage, this tool can smooth the surface of wood using ordinary sandpaper. More efficient operational costs, right? What’s more, the pad is equipped with a paper holder, making your work more focused without being disturbed by sandpaper that easily dislodges.


We have explained about electric sanding machines, including the ten best recommended products. What do you think, have you found the electric sanding machine you want? Always prioritize products that suit your needs, okay!

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