10 Best Hand Drill Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – You may already be familiar with one of the tools usually used by carpenters, namely the hand drill. As the name implies, this drill machine is operated by hand by pressing a button on the handle.

Best Hand Drill Machine
Hand Drill Machine Illustration / Bosch

Usually this tool is preferred by beginners because it is easy to use, but that does not mean that professionals do not like it. Before knowing the ten best hand drill machine recommendations to add to your reference, you should know how to choose one first.

How to Choose a Good Hand Drill Machine

Basically there are several things that need to be considered when choosing a hand drill machine in order to get a good quality product. If you are still confused about which drill to buy, you can do the following ways to choose the best hand drill machine.

1. Adjust the type of hand drill to your needs

Like products in general, hand drills also have several types that you can choose according to your needs. The types of hand drills can be located on the size of the drill bit used, including 6.5 mm, 10 mm, 13, mm, 16 mm, 23 mm, and 32 mm.

The thing that needs to be underlined, this number is the maximum size, so when you choose a drill with a drill bit size of 23 mm, it means that the drill bits you can use range from 0–23 mm. Meanwhile, the type of drill bit that can be attached depends on the medium because the drill bit for wood will be different from the drill bit for iron.

2. Select the required size of the hand drill machine

Of course, each product has different specifications from one another, as well as the hand drill machine. Well, the difference can lie in the size of the hand drill so that you will find small or mini and large hand drills.

Of course this will also affect the weight, right? If you are still a beginner, it is better to choose a small electric hand drill because it is easier to hold and control.

3. Make sure the hand drill has a rotation speed setting

Before deciding to buy a hand drill, you should make sure that the drill has several speed settings that can be adjusted easily.

When the medium to be drilled is not too hard, it will definitely be damaged immediately if you use a hand drill at high speed and vice versa. Then, there are also several products that are equipped with a reversible feature so that rotation can be done from the right and left.

4. Pay attention to the power required by the hand drill machine

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing a hand drill is the amount of power needed to run the drill. Of course, the size of the electric power that is supplied will affect the rotational speed of the hand drill that is being used.

Apart from that, you also have to pay attention to any electronic devices that are lit at the same time, especially when you are going to use a drilling machine with quite a lot of power. If it exceeds the electric power in the house, usually all electricity will go out immediately.

5. Make sure the grip on the hand drill is comfortable

As the name implies, a hand drill machine must be driven with the help of hands to do its job. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the grip on the drill is comfortable. Well, the meaning of comfortable here is that it doesn’t feel rough, isn’t slippery, and conforms to the contours of the hand.

10 Best Hand Drill Machine Recommendations

There are several brands that provide hand drill machines to help your work. Here are ten recommendations for a good hand drill machine chosen by Ainun, and you can choose from. You just have to adjust the specifications according to your needs. Usually, the better the specifications, the less expensive the drilling machine will be.

1. Bosch GSB 550

Best Hand Drill Machine Bosch GSB 550
Bosch GSB 550 Hand Drill Machine

You may already be familiar with the Bosch brand, which provides a fairly complete range of carpentry tools, be it electric power using cables or batteries, manuals, and so on. 
Well, one of the products that you can choose is the best hand drill machine Bosch GSB 550 with its main feature that allows it to rotate forward or backward to install and remove screws. The amount of power needed to do the job is 550 watts.

This Bosch product is suitable for those of you who are professionals or just doing household chores. The speed can be adjusted as needed too, you know. You can choose between 0-2800 rpm or choose to reverse the rotation direction. You can use a suitable drill bit to drill holes in steel up to 10 mm, concrete or rock up to 13 mm, or wood up to 25 mm. In addition, the full bullet bearing construction will make this best hand drill more durable.

2. See 6412

Makita 6412 Best Hand Drill Machine
Makita 6412 Hand Drill Machine

Japan is indeed one of the developed countries that continues to innovate to create high-quality products. 
It’s no wonder that the product can be sold at a higher price too, huh. Well, one of the famous Japanese brands in Indonesian carpentry is Makita. You can buy the best hand drill machine from this brand with type 6412.

The amount of electrical power needed to run this best hand drill machine is 450 watts. Just like other products, you can set the required hand drill machine speed between 0-3,000 rpm. The maximum drill capacity when used on wood media is 25 mm and 10 mm for iron media. If for example there is damage, there is a warranty with certain conditions that can be used.

3. Maktec MT60

Maktec MT60 Best Hand Drill Machine
Maktec MT60 Hand Drill Machine

The next recommendation for the best hand drill machine that also has Variable Speed ​​and Reversible features is the Maktec MT60. 
This handy two-way hand drill has less complicated components. Well, the size is also not too big and not too small so that it is comfortable to hold. However, you can use it to drill holes in concrete, steel, and wood with a moderate speed.

However, the best hand drill machine that can be obtained at a fairly affordable price requires 350 watts of power to work. With this power, the Maktec MT60 can provide a fairly high speed of up to 3,000 rpm. Usually these tools are chosen to help with household work, workshops, and metal casting.

4. Tekiro Ryu RDR 10-3RE

Best Hand Drill Machine Tekiro Ryu RDR 10-3RE
Tekiro Ryu RDR 10-3RE Hand Drill Machine

Each drilling medium is definitely different, so the selection of a hand drill also needs to be adjusted. 
So, if you are looking for the best hand drill machine that is intended for wood and iron only, then the Tekiro Ryu RDR 10-3RE can be a suitable choice. The maximum capacity of the iron and wood drills are both 10 mm, yes. With the reversible feature, it allows you to change the drill bit rotation to the right and left.

This economical product requires 370 watts of electric power to do the job. The no-load speed that can be generated with this power is 0-3,200 rpm. Of course, this speed can also be adjusted easily, you know. If you add a stand, this best hand drill can function as a mini bench drill.

5. Doli’s BA280

Best Hand Drill Machine Doliz BA 280
Doliz BA 280 Hand Drill Machine

The next best hand drill machine comes from the Doliz brand which also provides various kinds of carpentry tools. 
One of the products that you can choose, namely Doliz BA280 with a 3 in 1 function as a drill, hammer drill, and hammer. However, you also need to prepare 800 watts of electric power to produce no-load speeds of up to 1,300 rpm. Don’t use this hand drill on media other than wood and steel, OK?

The maximum drilling capacity for steel can reach 13 mm and 30 mm for wood media. So, it’s no wonder that this product is perfect for those of you who work as carpenters. Don’t worry, because the handle of the best hand drill from Doliz is soft and non-slip, so it will be safer to hold. Of course, this machine is made using high-quality materials to have good durability.

6. Modern M-2130B

The Best Modern Hand Drill Machine M-2130B
M-2130B Modern Hand Drill Machine

The next recommendation for the best hand drill that can produce no-load speeds of up to 2,600 rpm is the Modern M-2130B. 
However, you also have to provide 550 watts of electricity so that this tool can work optimally. There are three features that you will encounter when using this hand drill, including setting the drilling speed, the drilling direction can be from the right or left, and a button to change the wall drilling mode or regular drilling.

In addition to getting a guarantee like other hand drill machine products, you will also be given some equipment. Well, the equipment includes 1 wall drilling machine accompanied by an additional handle and a wall drill bit tool in the form of a depth limiter. In addition, there is also 1 set of 5 drill bits for concrete, 1 set of drill bits for iron or wood for 9 pcs, 1 set of drill bits for grinding or osco stone 5 pcs, 1 meter, 1 screwdriver, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pencil, 1 cutter, and fisher pack.

7.Kyuho K450D

Best Hand Drill Machine Kyuho K450D
Kyuho K450D Hand Drill Machine

If you are looking for the best hand drill machine at a fairly affordable price, then the Kyuho K450D is the right choice. 
This one tool requires 450 watts of electric power to produce a no-load speed of 3,000 rpm. Kyuho K450D is not suitable for use on media other than wood and metal. If forced maybe it can, but it does not rule out it will be damaged more quickly.

Kyuho’s best hand drill machine has a drilling capacity of 25 mm for wood and 10 for iron media. When holding this drill machine, your hand will still feel comfortable because the handle is made using good quality materials. Are you interested in owning it? This product can be found easily in your trusted building shop or marketplace.

8. Dewalt DWD024

Dewalt DWD024 Best Hand Drill Machine
Dewalt DWD024 Hand Drill Machine

Basically the best hand drill machine is made to make it easier for human work to make holes or drill holes in wood, metal, or other media. 
Well, one of the hand drill machines that you should have to complete your carpentry tools is the Dewalt DWD024. You don’t need to worry about feeling tired when using a drill with a chuck size of 13 mm for a long time because the design is ergonomic.

With a power of 650 watts, you can use Dewalt’s best hand drill machine on concrete media. The resulting no-load speed can reach 2,800 rpm, while the punch speed reaches 47,600 bpm. Then, the drilling diameter for concrete is 16mm, 25mm for wood, and 13mm for iron media. In addition, this lightweight handyman’s tool is also equipped with a lock-out switch that will keep the machine running during repetitive work.

9. HL PRO 10RE

Best Hand Drill Machine HL PRO 10RE
Hand Drill Machine HL PRO 10RE

Drilling can indeed be done in various media, such as wood, iron, concrete, and so on. 
Usually on one medium drilling will also be carried out several times which are parallel. But it is possible that you will incorrectly determine the position that is parallel between one hole and another. Well, the HL PRO 10RE, which requires 400 watts of electricity, has a solution to this problem because it is equipped with a water level.

In addition, another advantage possessed by the best hand drill from HL with speeds of up to 3,000 rpm is that it has a variable speed feature to lock the drill bit rotation to keep it stable. The location of the variable speed is on the handle of this drill machine, yes. Take it easy, there is rubber on the handle of this special drill for wood and iron so it is not slippery when used.

10. Black + Decker HD555-B1

Best Black + Decker Hand Drill Machine HD555-B1
Black + Decker Hand Drill Machine HD555-B1

The last recommendation for the best hand drill machine that you should have for application to stone, wood or other metal media, namely Black + Decker HD555-B1. 
If you want this machine to run well, then you need to prepare 550 watts of power. Its ergonomic design will certainly make your hands not feel tired easily when using this drill machine to work continuously.

Of course this best hand drill machine is made with high quality materials so it is not easily damaged. But keep using and caring for this tool properly and correctly, OK? Well, the interesting thing that you can find is the lock-on button for continuous use of the hand drill machine. You can also choose hammer drill or drill driver mode on this drill machine with a 13 mm chuck.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hand Drill Machines

Every product on the market certainly has advantages and disadvantages, as well as the best hand drill machine. So, in the following, we will briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of using a hand drill to help your work.

1. The advantages of electric hand drills

Have you ever heard the term time is money? Every moment that passes is indeed very valuable because every moment that has passed most likely cannot be repeated. Given how important time is, the best electric-powered hand drills can work more effectively and efficiently than manual hand drills to get the job done faster. In addition, your energy can also be saved or diverted to do other work.

2. Lack of electric hand drill machine

In order to get the job done faster, you need to make sure that enough electric power is available to drive the best hand drill machine. Don’t let the work be hampered by the drilling machine cutting off the flowing electricity. The greater the electrical power needed, of course, makes the electric bill more swollen and vice versa.


After reading a review of ten recommendations for the best hand drill machine, what brand do you think you will buy? Be sure to pay attention to several things before making a choice, OK? Differences in the specifications of a hand drill will often affect the selling price, so you have to adjust it to your needs.

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