10 Best Sticker Cutting Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The sticker cutting machine is useful for cutting scotlet materials according to the designs desired by consumers. If you are opening a printing business, then this machine is really needed. This machine can speed up the process of making stickers, poster logos, writing and others so that they are quickly distributed to consumers. As technology develops, the function of each sticker cutting machine also varies according to the brand of each machine.

Best Sticker Cutting Machine
Sticker Cutting Machine / Printer-plotter

You will get many offers in the market and in e-commerce. But you also have to be more careful in order to get a quality product. Therefore, this article will provide some information, ranging from tips on choosing the best sticker cutting machine, a list of recommendations to how to properly care for a cutting sticker machine.

Tips for Choosing a Good Sticker Cutting Machine

So that you don’t go wrong in buying a sticker cutting machine, here are some tips that you can use as a reference for choosing the best sticker cutting machine.

1. Supported software

Technological developments at this time are also used in cutting sticker machines, namely in the form of cutting software. The existence of this software will make the work easier. The types of software that are usually used are CorelDraw, Flexi, Anycut and others.

2. Able to do auto contour cut

If you plan to run a business in the field of cutting stickers for motorcycles, cars, or other automotive products, make sure the cutting machine you choose is capable of performing the auto contour cut cutting process, so that it is capable of cutting sticker material that has been printed beforehand.

3. The accuracy of the machine cutting results

To obtain neat and satisfactory cutting results, it is best to test the machine for cutting with various patterns. This way you can determine the accuracy of the machine for cutting. The more complicated, neat and small the pattern that is cut, the better the quality of the machine will look.

4. Power Press Machine

The higher the quality of the cutting machine, the greater the compressive power it has. This pressure will affect the performance of the machine when cutting thick materials or when the knife used starts to dull so that the required pressure becomes greater than normal conditions.

10 Best Sticker Cutting Machine Recommendations

After you know some tips on choosing a sticker cutting machine from Ainun, it’s time for you to find out some of the best sticker cutting machine lists that are widely recommended by its users.

1. Harizo Cutting Sticker

The Best Cutting Sticker Machine Harizo Cutting Sticker
Harizo Cutting Sticker

You will get a sticker cutting machine with affordable prices and the best quality by buying Harizo Cutting Sticker. 
Harizo sticker cutting machine is a product made in China that has Japanese standard quality. This best sticker cutting machine is equipped with LED lights to make it easier for you to work in a room with less bright lighting. There are 4 rollers on the head with a metal mat. HARIZO sticker cutting machine already uses 16 MB of memory. For software that can be used more (Corel Draw, Flexi, Anycut, Signmaster). This sticker cutting machine is available in several variants, namely Harizo HR450 LED, Harizo HR720 LED, Harizo HR1350 LED.

The results of the Harizo sticker cutting machine are good and precise. This machine supports Windows XP/7/8 32 bit and 64 bit OS. Body futuristic and sporty machine. Has an infrared optical sensor for cutting contour print images. The machine makes no sound when operating. There is a sturdy and luxurious foot stand. There is also a basket to put the cut.

2. Jinka 1351 PRO Cutting Sticker Machine

The Best Sticker Cutting Machine Jinka 1351 PRO . Sticker Cutting Machine
Jinka 1351 PRO Sticker Sticker Cutting Machine

The next best sticker cutting machine is the Jinka 1351 Pro brand made in China. 
This product has 4M buffering memory which is useful for speeding up data duplication, as well as increasing work efficiency. It has a body with a strong aluminum alloy structure, as well as a beautiful and elegant design. Has a cutting speed of up to 800mm/second and a maximum force of up to 500g. Embedded with stepping motor technology and supported by roll feed made from selected ingredients to maximize precision and not be noisy. Easy to use for cutting vinyl, stickers, sandblasting, and more.

This product has a width of 1351 mm with a maximum cutting area width of 1205 mm. You can operate this product by using USB 2.0, RS-232C, and U disk. Has specifications for Stepping motor types, DMPL/HPGL command sets, AC90V~AC240V power supply. Compatible for Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 OS and supports the use of CorelDraw, ArtCut, and other software. Jinka’s best sticker cutting machine is equipped with a Driver Core cd, 3 Roland blades, 1 blade holder, 1 pen holder, a power cable, a COM cable, a USB cable, and wastebasket spare parts.

3. Vevor Cutting Sticker

The Best Sticker Cutting Machine Vevor Cutting Sticker
Vevor Cutting Sticker

The Vevor professional sticker cutting machine is equipped with easy-to-use Signmaster design and software that allows you to cut designs with the best results. 
Equipped with a large LCD screen and control panel buttons. Adjustable speed and style are available at the touch of a button. Digital controls make accurate and precise settings. 10-500g cutting pressure and 10-800mm/S adjustable cutting speed.

Suitable for making advertising stickers, building structure drawings or line drawings, automotive decoration, handicrafts, label making, car beauty industry, fashionable design, etc. Adopt type D motherboard and 128K-2M high speed cache memory. 2 double spring pinch rolls and aluminum sticks ensure that the design will not deviate. Supports DM/PL, HP/GL languages. Cutting capacity with maximum paper size 720mm – 1350mm, maximum cutting width 630mm to 1260mm, cutting precision +/-0.01mm, and feed precision 3m. Compatible for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64).

4. Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutting Machine

The Best Sticker Cutting Machine Vinyl Cameo 4 . Cutting Machine
Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutting Machine

The Cameo 4 Cutting Machine looks different with the LED touch panel. 
With the LED touch panel feature, this best sticker cutting machine looks elegant and exclusive. In addition, the Cameo 4 sticker cutter has a better color contrast in terms of the touchscreen, making it luxurious. Equipped with bluetooth technology to cut without using cables or plugs into your computer, making this sticker cutting machine does not require a lot of cables when used. In addition to using Bluetooth this machine is also provided a USB 2.0 High Speed ​​slot. Has dimensions of 57 Cm X 19.5 Cm X 17 Cm.

This cheap Cameo 4 sticker cutting machine also has a 2x acceleration speed so that the machine can cut when the knife has to turn or change direction when cutting a complex and detailed design. This best sticker cutting machine has a maximum cutting speed of up to 30mm/second and has 20 times more power. The maximum cutting area is 12in X 24 In (30.5cm X 61cm) with a thickness of 118.11 Mils (3mm).

5. Graphtec CE7000 – 60 Sticker Cutting Machine

Best Sticker Cutting Machine Graphtec Sticker Cutting Machine CE7000 - 60
Graphtec CE7000 Sticker Cutting Machine – 60

The best cutting sticker machine Graphtec CE7000 – 60 produced by CV Venusia Global Graphtec Indonesia. 
This machine adopts New ARMS 8.0 SENSOR XY registration marks for maximum print & cut techniques without bias. Color algorithm mark sensor for hologram/refective/silver/gold. The pressure on the knife/gram is greater than the cutting force of 4.41N (450gf). The cutting speed reaches 900 mm/s. Files that want to be cut can be sent via USB flash memory cable.

This machine is equipped with a 3.7 inch monitor screen so you can easily operate this machine. Tool plug-in for Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW, Cutting Master 4, Graphtec studio, Cesmet. Supports Ai CS6/CS5/CS4 software, Cdr X8/X7/X6/X5/X4 and windows 10/8.1/8/7 ,8 Mac OS 10.6 to 10.12 operating system. Using a 100 240 V AC power supply, 50/60 Hz. In every purchase, you will be given a steel blade (Super Steel Blade CB09UB-1Pcs), Blade Holder PHP33-CB09N, Fiber Pen Holder & Waterbase Pen, DVD-Rom Software / Driver/User Manual, Manual, Usb Cable 2.9m, Card 1 yr warranty.

6. Teneth Sticker Cutting Machine T-Series T-24L

The Best Sticker Cutting Machine Teneth T-Series T-24L Sticker Cutting Machine
Teneth Sticker Cutting Machine T-Series T-24L

The best Teneth T-Series T-24L sticker cutting machine is equipped with membrane button technology and touch screen. 
Supports Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Data remains stored in memory when power off. Supports ArtCut, SignCut Flexi, CorelDraw, CAD and Adobe Illustrator tools. There is an SD Card slot and can also be operated portable without a PC with the help of Bluetooth and wifi. The flexible roll surface ensures a smooth cutting process and doesn’t make any noise, only 60-65dB.

This best sticker cutting machine has received CE, ISO9001 certification. Cutting speed can be done up to 800 mm/s and pressure of 100-500 grams. This machine is made of metal and aluminum. The maximum paper size that can be cut is 635 mm with an accuracy of 0.025 mm.

7. Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 Sticker Cutting Machine

Best Sticker Cutting Machine Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 Sticker Cutting Machine
Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 . Sticker Cutting Machine

The price is quite high, but you no longer need to doubt the quality of the best Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 sticker cutting machine. 
For those of you who are cutting sticker entrepreneurs, this machine is highly recommended for use with its superior features. The Roland CAMM-1 GX-24 cutting sticker is equipped with advanced features that make it very easy to use even for a beginner. The Roland CAMM-1 type has been recognized worldwide as the most cost-efficient and trusted tool for the banner production industry, vehicle image decoration, shop sign displays, information/signs, neon-boxes, flocks for heat transfer screen printing, and all vinyl cutting applications.

Very easy connection to your PC as the Roland GX-24 includes Windows® drivers and the CutStudio™ graphics program. The CutStudio plug-in in AdobeIllustrator® allows you to contour-cut or cut an image that you have printed with a printer based on its contour. The perfect blue LCD panel for easy control and navigation. Sliding model control button to adjust the force of pressing the blade when cutting. The memory of this best sticker cutting machine is capable of storing 8 cutting settings at once. Two sets of guide lines (front and back) to ensure the accuracy of the media cutting. Equipped with a small rack behind the machine to place cutting knives, blade holders, and other small equipment. 

8. Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Sticker Cutting Machine

The Best Sticker Cutting Machine Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Sticker Cutting Machine
Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Cutting Sticker Machine

The best Graphtec CE6000 sticker cutting machine is a Graphtec factory cutting machine with a cutting area of ​​60 cm. 
There is New ARMS 5.0 which is registration marks for more precise print & cut techniques. The pressure on the blade / grammage is greater that is 450gf. The resulting speed is 900 mm/s( at 45° direction). Larger monitor screen to facilitate user operation. Supports Adobe Illustrator CS6/ CS5/ CS4 software, CorelDRAW X6/ X5/ X4. The CE6000-60cm is equipped with Graphtec Design Studio software (Mac & Windows compatible) and the completely new Cutting Master 3 and Plug-ins for the latest versions of CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator.

The Graphtec CE6000-60 provides a maximum cutting force of 300 grams and a maximum speed of 35 inches per second with a precision of 0.1mm per 2m. The built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features such as tangential control modes, pen speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With 25 pin RS-232C or Full Speed ​​USB 2.0, the CE6000 is compatible with the latest computer systems.

9. Mimaki CJV150-75 Print & Cut Sticker Cutting Machine

The Best Sticker Cutting Machine Mimaki Sticker Cutting Machine CJV150-75 Print & Cut
Mimaki CJV150-75 Sticker Cutting Machine Print & Cut

There is no need to doubt the reliability of the best sticker cutting machine from Japan with the Mimaki CJV150-75 print and cut brand which is very suitable for sticker and decal cutting businesses that require quality results. 
It can also be used to print PVC media such as banners, synthetic leather, cloth banners, t-shirt screen printing etc. Print and cut machine using eco solvent ink which is useful for printing eco solvent and solvent materials. The Mimaki CJV150 series machine is a multifunctional machine that can print and cut on the same machine, without having to move materials.

Does not require a larger space when compared to using a digital printing machine and a separate sticker cutting machine, because they are already on the same machine. The print results and the accuracy of the cut results are very satisfying. The printhead of the machine uses Epson DX7. This best sticker cutting machine has received an international standard certificate. 

10. Silhouette Portrait Sticker Cutting Machine 2

The best sticker cutting machine Silhouette portrait sticker cutting machine 2
Silhouette Portrait 2 sticker cutting machine

The Portrait sticker cutting machine is perfect for you beginners or the home industry. 
This mini sticker cutting machine is designed to minimize the small cutting area. Has the ability to read registration marks so that it can cut contours and is also compatible with the latest technology from Silhouette, namely PixScan. In terms of the quality of this machine, there is no doubt, this USA machine manufacturer is very popular in Indonesia. This machine can cut stickers with a cutting width of 8 inches and a maximum cutting power of 210 grams.

You will be surprised by the contents in this Silhouette Portrait 2 box, because in addition to benefiting from the features, you also get several items from the sticker cutting machine, including 1 Silhouette Portrait 2 Machine, adapter cable & USB cable, module / basic instruction guide. 8 inch cutting width. Silhouette Studio software for PC and Mac. Compatible with Bluetooth and Autoblade. The number of materials that can be cut 100+ types of materials such as sticker paper, cardstock, vinyl, polyflex/polyflock, rhinestone template materials, tissue paper, lightweight fabrics and others

How to Take Care of Cutting Sticker Machines

In order for your best cutting sticker machine to be maintained, here are some ways to take care of the cutting sticker machine that you need to pay attention to.

1. Clean the Machine

Be diligent in cleaning the cutting machine regularly, so that dirt does not interfere with machine performance. Just wipe it with a clean cloth, so the dust that sticks doesn’t get to the inside of the machine.

2. Use Stabilizer

Sticker cutting machines that are used quite often really need the use of a stabilizer. The stabilizer is used to make the incoming electricity more stable so that the engine components remain durable.

3. Avoid using lubricants

When the motor of the sticker cutting machine is not smooth or stuck, don’t try using oil as a lubricant to make the rotation smoother. We recommend that you use enough silicon spray on certain parts that can rotate.


That’s some information about cutting sticker machines, starting from tips on choosing, a list of recommendations for the best sticker cutting machines, to the right way to properly care for cutting sticker machines, I hope this information can help you. If you want to find out information about other recommendations, you can visit the page provided.

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