10 Good Wall Plamir Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Wall plaster is a white liquid with a mixture of glue, calcium and water which functions to coat the wall. Plamir is the most important material when you paint walls. Some products also have a water-repellent function so that the wall paint doesn’t peel off easily.

Best Wall Plamir Paint
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Although plamir is the most important component in painting, you can be sure that many of you may not know this plamir. Therefore, this article will present an explanation starting from tips on choosing wall plaster, a list of recommendations for good wall plaster brands to ways that you can pay attention to for wall plaster yourself.

Tips for Choosing Good Wall Plamir

In the following, some tips will be given when choosing wall plaster according to your needs.

1. Pay attention to the type of Plamir

There are two types of wall plasters that are traded in the market, namely acrylic and white cement. Both of these types certainly have advantages and functions of each. Acrylic wall plaster is produced through a combination of white pigments, acrylic emulsions have additives and preservatives.

The base is water based acrylic plamir. Even though it contains water, the texture of the plaster remains thick like butter, so it is good for sanding. Because the formula is made not waterproof, this plaster is also better if used for interior walls.

The next type is white cement plaster. Just like its name, this plamir has a white color, the color produced in this cement comes from the manganese and iron content in a more minimal quantity compared to general cement.

When talking about adhesion and quality, this plamir is of high quality with a finer plamir texture. So, generally this white cement is more widely used as a mixture. The plamir particles are smooth and clean, making this white cement plamir able to smooth the surface of the wall. Thus, the wall will be neat.

2. Other Product Functions

Wall palmir has the main function to cover the wall holes. Not only that, this good wall plaster is able to cover even small pores which makes the walls look smoother. However, you also need to consider other advantages of wall plaster such as the number of layers, drying time, and water resistance.

3. Spreadability Plamir

Generally, the spreadability of plaster applied to one wall will be different from the other walls. The spreading power of this plaster is usually influenced by the condition of the wall surface and the absorption capacity of the wall. As a guide, one kilo of plaster can be used for a single layer of walls, with a coverage of up to three to four square meters. This spreading power also depends on the absorption capacity and the condition of the wall.

10 Good Wall Plamir Brand Recommendations

After knowing the tips for choosing wall plaster, here is Ainun which provides several lists of recommendations for good wall plaster brands and can be an option.

1. Avitex Wall Plamir

Avian Avitex Best Wall Plamir
Avian Avitex Plamir Wall

Avitex Wall Plamir is a good wall with its quality, so it’s not uncommon for many people to recommend this brand for use. 
Avitex Wall Plamir is a wall plaster with high quality acrylic content. This content can be used for pores and hairline cracks while making walls smoother. Avitex Plamir Tembok has excellent adhesion and covering power. In addition, this wall plaster is environmentally friendly and does not contain heavy metals.

Good covering power makes the wall surface even smoother, this best wall plaster also has an anti-fungal content. If you want to use it, you need to make sure the darus wall has <17% humidity with the help of a protimeter and a pH <9 with the help of pH paper. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the wall surface is free from dust, grease, mold and mildew.

2. Aries Gold Wall Putty

Best Wall Putty Aries Gold Wall Putty
Plamir Wall Putty Aries Gold Wall Putty

Perfect the surface of your home’s walls that combine with wood materials! 
If your home combines concrete and wood walls, then this fine wall plaster is perfect for saving on the cost of your final painting process. With just one type of product, you are still able to coat the surface of the walls of a house made of concrete or wood. The exact composition of the pigments ensures that they are able to cover the pores of the walls perfectly. That way, the surface of the walls and wood surfaces will be smoother.

Aries Gold Wall Putty This good wall plaster is presented in a liquid form made from high quality acrylic copolymer. The color produced by this plamir is whiter and has perfect absorption. Easy to apply and dries quickly.

3. Matex Plamir Wall

Best Wall Plair Matex Wall Plair
Wall Plamir Matex Wall Plamir

Matex Putty is a good wall plaster made with acrylic copolymer emulsion resin which is useful for filling cracks, patching, and leveling porous wall surfaces. 
This Plamir Matex also does not crack quickly because of its very strong adhesion, so it is very suitable for interior and exterior use. With plamir, the surface of your wall will be smoother and more even, which will make the sanding process go well.

This beautiful wall plaster is embedded with Anti-Fading technology so you don’t have to worry about the color of your outer wall fading quickly. When applied, this wall plaster dries very quickly, it only takes 15 minutes.

4. Boyo Plamir

Boyo Plamir's Best Wall Plamir
Boyo Plamir Wall Plamir

If you are looking for wall plaster at an economical price, then Boyo Plamir is the right choice to recommend. 
This product can be applied to new or old walls, plaster, asbestos and others. Even though the price offered is quite affordable, Boyo Plamir is able to complete your needs for the Plamir function.

This plaster can make even hair pores and cracks flat again. However, the important thing to note when applying plaster is preferably if you are not smoking. Even after drying, this plaster can be sanded so that the surface will be even again.

5. Sapporo Wall Putty

Sapporo Wall Putty's Best Wall Plaster
Plamir Sapporo Wall Putty

Sapporo Wall Putty is recommended for use on both your old and new wall surfaces. 
Suitable for filling cracks, joints, leveling rough surfaces to make them even, such as on concrete, cement walls, ceilings, asbestos boards of brick structures. Sapporo Wall Putty is an excellent wall plaster, has excellent resistance to mold, good penetration and adhesive strength suitable for high alkaline areas, provides strong protection against organic and inorganic chemicals, and detergents.

Good workmanship and sanding process will ensure that there are no problems in normal use. This great wall plaster is ready to use, easy to work with, and comes preloaded with primer, but for best results a primer can still be used. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, free of grease, oil, mold and other dirt. Ph water content must be below 8% and 9.5. Clean off old, peeling paint before work.

6. Big Lion Plamir Instant

RJ Wall Putty's Best Wall Plaster
Plamir Wall Big Lion Instant Plamir

Big Lion Plamir Instant Powder, who else doesn’t know this one wall plaster product. 
Plamir big lion is very good, practical, economical, and of good quality. Plamirlah the walls of your home with Big Lion Plamir Instant. It is enough just to add water, then stir the plaster for a while, then the wall plaster is ready to be used with guaranteed quality and high quality.

This good wall plaster is equipped with PVAC glue content. With this content, the plamir process can be done properly, just add water. If you have applied the plaster, your wall will not crack easily because the Big Lion wall plaster can stick more firmly. Higher scrubbing power, smoother and more weather resistant. In addition, this plamir can quickly dry in just 30 minutes.

7. RJ Wall Putty

RJ Wall Putty's Best Wall Plaster
Plamir Tembang RJ Wall Putty

RJ London Wall Putty refers to high quality Copolymer Acrylic plamir which is very suitable for application to interior and exterior parts. 
Wall plaster suitable for widespread use, especially in construction processes and projects that require a smooth and excellent surface of building walls. RJ Wall Putty can be applied to new or old wall surfaces. This plaster is also great for filling cracks, joints, leveling rough surfaces such as walls, wooden furniture, asbestos, cottonwood boards, brick structures, and doors.

This good wall plaster contains excellent anti-fungal ingredients. A very good machining and sanding process will ensure that there are no problems in the painting process with normal use. RJ Wall Putty is ready to use right away. In addition, this plamir is also easy to apply because it already contains a primer.

8. Dulux Wall Filler

Dulux Wall Filler Best Plamir
Dulux Wall Filler Plamir

Dulux Wall Filler is an exterior plaster consisting of a special latex formula that is able to quickly cover pores and cracks in walls. 
Dulux Weathershield Exterior Putty is able to withstand tropical weather, thereby increasing the durability of exterior paint and its quality. Enough to use it on the wall area with holes or cracks. the application of good wall plaster is not recommended for use on the entire surface of the wall.

The drying time of wall plaster also varies greatly, this depends on the depth of the cracks or pores in the wall. After it’s finished applying, let it coat until one night before smoothing. Before applying this good wall plaster, make sure the surface of the walls in your home must be dry, clean, and free of all adhering dirt. What are you waiting for, buy this plaster right now, so that your cracked walls can be repaired by buying Dullux Wall Filler at the nearest market or online.

9. Giant Mortar 220 Instant

Giant Mortar 220 Instant Wall Plair
Plamir Tembok Giant Mortar 220 Instant

The next good wall plaster is the wall plaster produced by Avian. 
The Giant Mortar 220 is capable of leveling and smoothing the surface of walls simultaneously. Thus, the plaster of the Giant wall is good for use on the inside or outside of the room. The application of Giant Mortar 220 is very easy. You no longer need to add white glue because the plamir already contains glue. If necessary, you can simply add enough water to the plaster before proceeding with the application process.

Plamir results are smoother and pure white in color, can be exposed. Can be applied to wall and ceiling surfaces. Can be used for interior or exterior. Low alkalinity, so walls can be painted immediately after 7 days of age. More efficient in the use of paint because of low porosity and does not absorb paint materials.

10. TOA Acrylic Wall Putty

TOA Acrylic Wall Putty Best Wall Putty
TOA Wall Putty Acrylic Wall Putty

To create a wall surface that looks even and smooth with a thin layer of plaster, the TOA Acrylic Wall Putty product is highly recommended for use. 
TOA Acrylic Wall Putty is a good wall putty made using green technology. This means that the formula in it is safe for the environment and free of harmful ingredients. The formula is also claimed to be able to level surfaces such as lightweight aerated concrete.

You can also apply it in a very thin layer according to the directions without cracking the wall. Fine sand that sticks to the surface of the wall can be covered properly. To produce a room that looks natural, don’t miss this product! There are several variations in the size of this good wall plaster, namely 5 kg and 25 kg so that it can be adjusted to your needs.

How to Plamir Your Own Wall

The following is a way that you can do to plaster the walls independently.

1. Clear the Wall First

The very first thing you should do is clean the wall. This stage aims to glue the wall plaster perfectly. Dirt or dust sticking to the wall can reduce the adhesive power of the wall plaster. In addition, the protruding texture of dust and dirt can cause the wall surface to look perfectly uneven. So, if your walls have been painted, it would be nice if you peeled off the paint first so that the plamir-making process could run more perfectly.

2. Apply Plamir

This stage is the most core stage. Please pour the wall plaster into a container to make it easier to apply the plaster. Use a tool to pull dry paint such as a brush, with the main part of the brush made of triangular iron. Then, apply plaster starting from the top to the bottom of the wall. This is done so that the plaster walls are even and neat. Make sure that every pore on the wall is completely closed.

3. Wall Sanding

This process is carried out when the wall has been covered with plaster which has dried within 24 hours. The next step that needs to be done is the sanding process. At this stage, make sure you choose sandpaper with a finer texture so that the dry wall plaster won’t peel off as a result of using sandpaper that is too coarse. Gently rub the sandpaper against the wall, then sand all parts of the wall that have been plastered. This sanding process aims to make the final result of plaster more even and good. 

4. Check the Final Results

This stage is the last step that needs to be done when plastering the wall. This stage is done to check whether the wall surface is perfectly flat and there are no more holes. Apart from paying attention to this, you also need to make sure that the walls are smooth or wavy, which reduces the beauty of the walls that you have. If after checking the results are not perfect, then you need to repeat the wall plastering process in the parts that you think are not neat.


What do you think about some information about good wall plaster brands? There are several explanations that can add to your insight. If you are curious about information about recommendations, it is highly recommended that you visit other pages.

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