Review of 10 Best Electric Drill Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Electric drills are tools that are not only owned by professional carpenters. Unlike the case in the past, the use of a salt drill used a manual hand drill. But today, the use of the electric hand drill is expanding, making it ideal as a tool to help with a variety of needs. For example, for doing handicraft projects or Do It Yourself (DIY) and installing decorations on the walls of the house, an electric drill will be very helpful in the process.

It’s not difficult to get an electric drill on the market because there are many manufacturers that produce it , for example, Bosch , Kenmaster , Black & Decker electric drills, and many other brands of electric or cordless drills. However, every electric drill has different specifications, you have to adapt it to your needs. So find the right electric drill for you. We will give tips to choose the following!

Best Electric Drill Review
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How to Choose a Good Electric Drill

We will provide the best electric drill recommendations for you. But beforehand, you better know the specifications of each electric drill you want to buy. Starting from the power of the drill, the types of drill bits according to their use, to the type of electric drill itself, some are wired and some are wireless or commonly called cordless electric bosses.

So, every electric drill is designed for different purposes. For professional workers, of course, need an electric drill that has many functions. As for beginners or people who like to make crafts, use an electric drill that supports their work. We will explain how to choose the right and good electric drill for you first.

1. Drilling machine performance

In order to spin, the machine receives power from electricity. That way, the drill bit will rotate to punch holes in various media, remove small tools, or even smooth the surface of wood. Electric power from the drilling machine can be generated from a cable that is connected directly to the power supply in the form of an outlet and can also be generated from a battery that makes the drill cordless.

For more effective work, use a drill that has good strength and stability. What is meant by strong and stable is the rotation of the motor. If the powerful drill machine rotates stably during the punching, smoothing, or installation process, you will be able to get the job done faster.

2. When choosing a cordless drill, pay attention to battery life and charging time

Cordless drills are generally chosen because they make the process easier. You can also use it without having to be near a wall outlet or providing a long cable connection if you want to work far from a power source. However, the performance of the wireless electric drill is affected by the battery. You need to pay attention to this too.

The battery is the power source of the drilling machine whose strength is indicated by the amount of milliampere hour (mAh). The larger the mAh, the longer the battery is able to operate the electric drill. Battery type affects service life and storage quality. Choose a minimum type of lithium-ion battery which is more durable and has a large capacity than nickel-cadmium.

In addition, the operation of the wireless electric drill for a certain time will consume the energy resources stored in the battery. That’s when you need to recharge the battery. We recommend that you choose a wireless electric drill whose battery can be recharged for a minimum of 3-4 hours. Usually, the longer the charging time, the longer the battery can be relied on.

3. Choose a comfortable and easy to grip

An electric drill is a work tool that is operated by hand to control it. Therefore, it is important to choose a product that is not only quality, but also comfortable to use. Pay attention to the handle to grip. See also the position of the chuck to turn on or turn off the drilling machine.

The more ergonomic the shape of the drill, the more comfortable you will feel when using it. In addition, if necessary, look for a drilling machine that has a light feature to shoot horizontally at the drill bit. With the lights, you can still give careful treatment to each medium in order to give maximum results.

4. Pay attention to the drill bit if buying a set

You can purchase an electric drill without a drill bit or complete with a drill bit. There are various types of electric drill bits, you have to adjust it according to your needs. If you want to use an electric drill as a screwdriver to install or remove bolts, look for a drill bit that is capable of doing this (commonly called bolt bits).

If you want to drill on surfaces such as wood, walls, stone, plastic, and iron or even steel, look for drill bits specifically designed for drilling or punching media. Usually drill machines have drill bits measuring 11 to 13 mm. The size of the drill bit also applies to the bolt eye. So, pay attention to the size of the drill bit so that you can follow the design pattern that you have made.

Then, drill bits are now also available in the form of sanding drums. A sanding drum is an emery drill bit that you can use to smooth the surface of wood. This type of drill bit is usually used for DIY projects or home crafts made from wood.

10 Best Electric Drill Recommendations

Here, Ainun provides 10 choices of the best electric drills from various leading brands. Choose not only pay attention to the shape and model, but also the performance of the drilling machine, the size of the drill bit, and the types of drill bits that are provided in one purchase package. Happy choosing!

1. Kenmaster Cordless Drill KM-48

Kenmaster Cordless Drill KM-48
Produk Kenmaster Cordless Drill KM-48

Working with the Kenmaster KM-48 electric drill you can do anywhere because it uses no wires. 
You need a wireless electric drill that is also small? This product is the choice! Ergonomically shaped, this electric drill is designed like a die grinder to reach hard-to-reach places.

With 4.8 V of power and a 180 rpm engine, you can drill or tighten and screw more quickly. Kenmaster KM-48 is suitable for small scale, including those of you who like to make crafts. This product is sold as a set of 5 drill bits and a battery charging adapter.

2. Fisch Cordless Tools TS 601200

Fisch Cordless Tools TS 601200
Produk Fisch Cordless Tools TS 601200

Looking for a cordless power drill to unscrew bolts or screws? 
Purchase the Fisch TS 601200. This tool has been designed with an alternating drill bit. So, when a screw and bolt is wrong, you can remove it again with a drill without having to manually use a screwdriver.

Unlike our previous recommended products, the Fisch TS 601200 has a 3.6 V battery with a 600mAh nickel-cadmium battery type. This electric drill is equipped with an LED light to help you work in a fairly dark room.

3. Maktec Cordless Drill & Driver MT 066

Maktec Cordless Drill & Driver MT 066
Produk Maktec Cordless Drill & Driver MT 066

If you don’t want to be bothered by cables running across, we certainly recommend that you opt for a wireless electric drill. 
The Maktec MT 066 is a cordless power drill that can help you create multiple masterpieces. This product is highly recommended for DIY, Tamiya, die cast, or workshop projects.

It will not hurt your hands when using this tool. Maktec designed the drill with a fairly light weight and an ergonomic handle shape so that it is comfortable to grip. Equipped with a drill bit diameter of up to 10 mm, this tool is reliable in penetrating wood and metal media, even in tight corners.

4. Black & Decker Impact Drill TB555

Black & Decker Impact Drill TB555
Produk Black & Decker Impact Drill TB555

If you need an electric drill that can last up to 5 hours of use, the Black & Decker TB555 is worth considering. 
The copper coil in the engine motor of this tool is not easy to overheat. In addition, the chassis or body of the drilling machine is made of strong materials that are not easily broken.

This electric drill requires direct power from the wall outlet and requires 550 watts of power to operate. The engine on the Black & Decker TB555 is proven to be reliable and strong, you can even use it to penetrate steel and stone media. You can also set the motor rotation speed and drill depth, you know!

5. Makita Cordless Driver Drill DF331

Makita Cordless Driver Drill DF331
Produk Makita Cordless Driver Drill DF331

Makita presents an electric drill for those of you who are looking for a tool with both drill and screwdriver functions. 
The accuracy of the holes you make is even higher thanks to the rubber lining the handles. With the rubber, your hands can withstand the vibrations produced when the drill machine rotates.

In addition, you can punch holes in various media with fast and slow speed options. The Makita DF331 has been equipped with reduced shock damage so that it can reduce the risk of damaged bolt heads. You can also work in a dark place because this tool is equipped with an LED light.

6. Bosch Cordless Impact Drill GSB 120

Bosch Cordless Impact Drill GSB 120
Produk Bosch Cordless Impact Drill GSB 120

The operation of the following electric drills from Bosch is very easy. 
There is a chuck at the corner of the grip that is easy for your fingers to reach. With 12 V power, this cordless drill is capable of punching holes in any medium you want to apply action to.

In addition, the Bosch GSB 120 is also equipped with Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) so that the battery lasts longer. The battery of this device can accommodate 1500 mAh with a recharging time of about 94 minutes. If you are looking for a drill that is strong and durable, give this one a try!

7. Dewalt Rotary Drill DWD014

Dewalt Rotary Drill DWD014
Produk Dewalt Rotary Drill DWD014

The Dewalt DWD014 is capable of punching holes in a wide variety of media. 
Aluminum, iron, steel, wood, plastic, rock, walls, etc. can be easily penetrated by this electric drill. You can also do the installation, tightening, and removing screws with this tool.

This is possible because this drill is equipped with an alternating motor rotation feature. The chuck or button on this drill is coated with a textured material so it is not slippery when used. You can also press for a long time without feeling sore because the weight of the tool is relatively light.

8. Bosch Cordless Drill IXO3 3.6 V

Bosch Cordless Drill IXO3 3,6 V
Produk Bosch Cordless Drill IXO3 3,6 V

Haven’t found a comfortable wireless electric drill yet? 
We recommend you the Bosch IX03. This tool is able to work in bright or dark places thanks to the included LED Light. According to Bosch itself, this product is among the smallest in the world, making it suitable for beginners.

The reciprocating drill bit will assist you in installing or removing screws. Works with a 3.6 V battery and a 1300mAh capacity battery. This tool can rotate for up to several hours. Since it’s designed to be cordless, you can take this tool anywhere you want.

9. Ikea Screwdriver/Drill Fixa

Ikea Screwdriver Drill Fixa
Product Ikea Screwdriver Drill Fixa

Although not focused on creating power tools, Ikea still produces versatile electric screwdrivers and drills. 
Named Fixa, this electric drill from Ikea will come in handy when you’re working on a variety of furniture or doing small DIY projects.

Ikea Fixa has 15 rotation settings with screwdriver function. There are 2 sizes of drill bits, namely 3 mm and 5 mm with 10 kinds of bolts. Designed to be wireless, it runs on a battery that can be recharged up to 500 times. The battery has been protected by ECP so it is safe even when it gets hot when recharging.

10. Modern Cordless Drill M-12V

Modern Cordless Drill M-12V
Produk Modern Cordless Drill M-12V

The Modern M-12V is an electric drill with a battery that needs to be recharged for up to 5 hours. 
Although relatively long charging, this drill can then last for hours. Equipped with a level level, this tool is useful for determining the position of a flat line surface or not.

For those of you who need a drill to make furniture or just install decorations and make DIY projects, this tool is worth choosing. With an affordable price, the Modern M-12V electric drill is fairly strong to penetrate the surface of wood, iron, or other media.


Electric drills have now become a must-have item for every household. To install photos, paintings or frames, and other decorations, with an electric drill the installation will be easier. Likewise for those who like to make home crafts, a small electric drill can be used for a number of needs.

Even though choosing an electric drill isn’t that difficult, you can’t just pick it arbitrarily. The more appropriate the specifications of the product you buy with the needs of use, then you can do work more easily and create or produce something as you wish.

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